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Buy brand name computers, appliances, TVs,
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For More Information,

please contact:
Arlene Herrero
(800) 464-0452 x 103

Member Eligibility:
1. You must be an active member of the Club in good standings with at least 6 months of payroll deduction.
2. You must be an active or retired City or DWP employee.
3. You must be 18 years of age.
4. You must not have any outstanding balances on previous purchase programs.
PayCheck Direct is currently not available to LA County, State of CA, or LAUSD Club members.

Enroll today at

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014
Benefiting Your


12445 MountainGate Drive - Los Angeles, CA


9am - 10:30am Registration/Putting Contest - 11am Shotgun Start - Reception & Awards Dinner Following Golf

Special Fireghter Rate


Limited Spots!

Download form at and

mail in with payment to:
L.A. Firemens Relief Association
Development & Marketing / Attn: M. Casillas
PO Box 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Phone: (323) 259-5217


2 June 2014

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may

cover this examination. Contact your plan provider to verify.
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JUNE 2014

NO. 11

10 Steps to Improve Your Listening Skills

Great leaders know that great listening skills build trust and help to
get things done. So take this quiz and help to enhance your relationships with co-workers, family and friends. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06

2014 Annual Corbin Bowl Fundraiser

Theres always been a tradition of firefighters bowling and the

Corbin Bowl was always the place. This year was no exception
as firefighters and Corbin Bowl regulars turned out for the annual
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund fundraiser. .. . 29

Presidents Message ................................................................................05
Battalion News ..........................................................................................12
Retired Guys .............................................................................................27
Retirement Dinner Announcement ............................................................30
LAFD Golf Club
2014 Memorial Championship .................................................................31
Department in Action ................................................................................32
Money In Your Mailbox
The Early Retiree Reinsurance Program ................................................39
Station Fridge ...........................................................................................41

47th Annual Firefighter of the Year

This annual honor is bestowed upon one member each year

who has distinguished him/herself as one of outstanding
character, dedication, and loyalty to the Department by the
Los Angeles Firefighters Association. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

We Appreciate Our Volunteers

Downtown luncheon honors LAFRA volunteers ....................................45
Memorials .................................................................................................47
Mailbox .....................................................................................................48
Dollars & Sense
The best way to pay for your next remodeling project .............................51
LAFD History
The tragic Cugees restaurant fire ..........................................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees ..............................................................55

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of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.


Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

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On the cover: Structure Fire - Van Nuys

Photo by: Steve Gentry
June 2014 3

owned and published by the

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

815 Colorado Blvd, 4th Floor, Los angeles CA 90041

Future and
Current Paramedics:
YOU should be HERE.

Dave Wagner
Juan-Carlos Snchez Project
Eric Santiago Creative
David Vienna Web/Social Media
DisplayAdvertising....................................(323) 259-5200 ext. 231, 232, 260

Paramedic Education course starts January 2015 Application & entrance exam deadline is July 25th


Katherine Main, Brian Humphrey, Erik Scott

Current Paramedics:
PARAMEDIC REFRESHER/California Paramedic Transition
Course is Nov 17-20, 2014. Registration now open.


Mike Mastro, Frank Borden, David Vienna,

Jody Houser, Michael Stefano, Monte Egherman, Steve Ruda


Ryan Babroff, David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,
Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin, Laura Lichter.

Other courses for EMTs & Paramedics:

Paramedic Prep, PHTLS, ACLS, PALS, EMT Recert,
1 12-Lead EKG with STEMI, on-line EMT, and more.


Juan Albarran........................................................President
Robert Steinbacher .......................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary

UCLA Center for Prehospital Care

10990 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1450, Los Angeles 90024
310-267-5959/ e-mail:

Barry Hedberg
Chris Hart
Chris Stine
Craig White
David Lowe
David Ortiz

Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain
Roger Fowble......................Chaplain




Well get rid of those

pesky ants, spiders,
termites, fleas,
roaches, rodents and

100 OFF

any termite work*

Void if not presented before

inspection. *New customers
only. Escrows excluded.

Todd Layfer Executive Director..............................(323) 259-5243
Marlene Casillas Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Becky Valverde Human ResourcesAdministrator......(323) 259-5247
Todd Layfer Controller/Treasurer........................(323) 259-5243
Bob Dillon Operations Manager...............................(323) 259-5233
Ana Salazar Member Services Coordinator..............(323) 259-5223

50 OFF

4 June 2014

your initial pest

control service*

Not valid with any other offer.

*New customers only.
Valid with ongoing service

Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA



as gentle as a butterfly

HealthSCOPE Benefits





Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Rick A. Godinez..............Sr. Chaplain
Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

Fire-Relief ...............................................................(323) 259-5200
Relief Association Toll Free Number .........................(800) 244-3439
Relief Medical Plan ................................................. (866) 995-2372
Fax Number ..............................................................(323) 259-5290


Rick Godinez
Steve Berkery
Steve Ruda
Steve Tufts
Steven Domanski
Tim Larson


Alternative Methods Non-Chemical




David Peters
Doak Smith
Frank Hernandez
Gene Bednarchik
James E. Coburn
Jeff Cawdrey
Mark Akahoshi


THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemens
Relief Association, 815 Colorado Blvd. 4th Floor, Los Angeles, Cal or ia 90041. Annual $24 Subscription
if n
included with Association mem er hip; Non-members: $36. Single issues $3 postpaid. Back issues $6
b s
postpaid. Pe i d als post ge paid at Los Angeles, CA and at additional mailing office. POST AS ER: Send
r o ic
ad ress changes to: THE FIREMENS GRAPE INE Magazine, P.O. BOX 41903, Los An ees, CA 90041.
g l
Printed by Collective Color, Los Angeles CA. For Clas i ed and Display Ad erisng rates please call (323)
s fi
v t i
259-5200, ext. 231, 232 or 260. All editorial matter must be received by the Editor eight weeks prior to the
month of pubi aion. The opinons ex ressed heren are those of the writ rs and do not nec s ary reflect
lc t
e s il
the official views of the Los An ees City Fire De art ent or the Los An ees Firemens Relief Association.
g l
p m
g l

appy mid-year to everybody! This month marks the halfway point for 2014. As we move into the second half of
2014 I would like to remind you of the Relief Medical
plan changes coming July 1, 2014. These are listed below:

PPO Office Visit Co-pay increasing from $10 to


Non-PPO Office Visit Co-pay increasing from $20

to $30.
Injuries and illnesses will be treated the same and

subject to the same co-pays and co-insurances.

Body Scan benefit changed to once every three

At the completion of our Open Enrollment period in
April, we tentatively added 75 new people (members and family).

The good news is that ERRP funds will allow us to reimburse both mail and retail RX co-pays (generic and brand), in
addition to continuing to reimburse the PPO office visit co-pays
(Please check your EOBS or go online to register with Health
Scope Benefits and receive your co-pay via direct deposit). This
will continue till the ERRP funds are exhausted. Please check this
months Grapevine for a more informative overview of the ERRP.

These changes dont come easily . . . so as part of the
new and improved Affordable Care Act, we will need to increase
premiums as follows, 2% for active members and 7% for retirees.

Your LAFRA staff and organization received some inhouse training in the following areas: Communications
Essentials, Conflict Resolution and Customer Service.
This training was informative and very applicable to
our mission here at LAFRA. These seminars were provided by Robert Kenney Ph.D. Robert was also kind
enough to provide us with an article entitled An Active Listening Quiz that appears on page six of this
months issue. This information should be especially
useful to our new crop of recently promoted captains.

LAFRA would like to recognize all of our
newly appointed captains. Dont forget what it means
to be a part of this great organization. Stay positively
involved. There is no greater gift that you can give to
the organization than your time, talent and a hand to
help others.

I attended the retirees gathering at the Hometown Buffet in Garden Grove and the Fire Service Day

Pancake breakfast at Old Fire Station 27. Both of these events

wouldnt of happened if it were not for our active and generous
retirees. Thanks for your support.

Engineer Dana Larsen was selected as Firefighter of the
Year. LAFRA would like to congratulate Dana - he truly embodies the spirit of Firefighter of the Year.

I would like to thank everyone involved with the success of the Corbin Bowl Fundraiser. I had a chance to attend this
event for the first time. It was plainly evident that everyone was
having a great time. The Lane Kemper Softball tournament was
well attended in spite of a weather delay. It was a great reminder
as to how the efforts of a few people can grow to an event of great
positive impact and magnitude.

Please mark your calendars for Los Angeles Retired Fire
and Police Picnic on June 4th and our Hope for Firefighters event
on June 5th, 2014.
Thank you for your support.

Juan Albarran
(323) 259-5200

June 2014 5

You can hear a lot just by listening.- Yogi Berra

as your captain or B/C ever told

you that you are just not getting the
message? Is your spouse constantly
nagging you about not listening? Do your kids
tell you that you just dont understand? Sure
youre tired from working so much SOD,
burned out from studying for that three-whole
score, and at the moment have 23 text
messages that need to be answered. But listening is not just about being polite.

6 June 2014

Great leaders and coaches know that
great listening skills build trust, create credibility, lend support and help to get things done.
And very significantly, if you listen to others
they are much more likely to listen to you. So
take the following quiz and see if improving
your listening skills can help enhance your
relationships with co-workers, family and

Active Listening Skills

The overall objective of active
listening is . . . to understand . . . thats it!
Increasing the degree of understanding
between parties helps to clarify points and correct
misunderstandings. Sometimes just listening
isnt easy though, but active listening it is a skill
anyone can learn with a little effort.

Do you use the following techniques
when listening? Yes? Sometimes? No? Please

Topping Response
The phrases: Thats nothing, you
should have seen..., When that happened
to me, I..., You think that you have it bad,
well I...
This approach shifts attention from
the person who wants to be heard and leaves
him/her feeling unimportant.
Diagnosing, Psychoanalytic Response
The phrases: What you need is...,
The reason that you feel the way you do...,
You really dont mean that..., Do you know
what your problem is; I think that you...
Most people do not want to be told
how they should feel or why they should or
should not feel a certain way...people would
rather volunteer their feelings, instead of
having them exposed.
take note of your responses to help build your
active listening skills.
1) Postural and visual cues - leaning a bit
towards the person, keeping an open physical position (no crossed arms), and nodding
your head. Regular eye contact (not staring
down the other) to show that you are paying

2) Open-ended questions to encourage a greater level of sharing and a more detailed understanding. How...? Why...? Then what...?

3) Not assuming in advance that the topic is
uninteresting or unimportant. Y S N
4) Repeat what the other has said in your own
words. Restate your perception of the feelings
expressed by the other person.

5) Be aware of your feelings as a listener emotions like anger, dislike, and defensiveness
cause us to not hear what is said and sometimes
to hear things that are not said (selective attention).

6) Not allowing yourself to get over-stimulated if you begin to mentally oppose an idea be open-minded.
7) Be empathetic - try to understand the
speaker from his/her emotional viewpoint. Put
yourself in the speakers place.

8) Do not let your mind wander or daydream;
do not do too many things at once (e.g.,
answering phone, texting). Y S N
9) Wait before responding, and do not rehearse
what you will say instead of listening.

10) Do not pretend to be attentive or to
understand - if you get lost, admit it and ask for
further explanation.
Roadblocks to Effective Communication

Below is a partial list of responses that are potential roadblocks to effective

communication. It is important to note that

each of these responses often has its place in
healthy conversation, but as an initial response,
especially to someone in an emotionally
charged state, these responses can often be
interpreted as interfering with the flow of
expression. What we need to do is learn how
to effectively use each type of response at the
right time, making careful use of each one, just
as a skilled carpenter would with the tools in
his toolbox.
Evaluation Response
The phrases: Its your responsibility
to..., You are wrong..., You should know
There is a time for evaluation, but
if it is done too soon, the speaker can become
Advice-Giving Response
The phrases: Why dont you try . .
., Youll feel better when . . ., It would be
best for you to . . ., I think that you should . .
It is best to give advice at the end of a
conversation and generally only if the speaker
requests it.

Warning, Admonishing, Commanding

The phrases: You had better..., If
you dont..., You have to..., You must...
These phases often create resentment, resistance, and rebellion, unless the
information being given is necessary, such as
in an emergency situation, when the information is critical to human welfare or fire ground
Logical, Lecturing Response
The phrases: Dont you realize...,
Here is where you are wrong..., The facts
are..., Yes, but...
These responses tend to make the
other person feel inferior or defensive, when
s/he believes s/he can make a good decision on
his/her own.
Devaluation Response
The phrases: Its not so bad...,
Dont worry..., Youll get over it..., Oh,
you dont really feel that way...
Listeners should respect speakers
feelings and try not to take away or deny those
feelings to them.

A point to consider is the value in the
old adage, its impossible to stick your foot in
your mouth when its closed. Think about it!
When you begin to understand that knowledge
is not gained by flapping your gums, but by
removing your ear wax, you will have become
an active listener and taken the first step to
becoming a skilled communicator.
Robert Kenney, president of Partners Through
Training, has taught professional development
for more than 20 years. He recently conducted
a workshop on Communications Essentials
for all LAFRA staff. Mr. Kenney can reached at
(434) 426-2665 or

June 2014 7

n September 12, 2008, Task Force,

Squad and Rescue 87 responded to a
train derailment in Chatsworth. There
was a head-on collision between a Metrolink
commuter train and a Union Pacific freight
train. The freight train was engulfed in fire
and was impinging on the commuter train.
The commuter trains locomotive engine was
pushed back through a passenger car, killing
and trapping several victims. Heavy equipment
was required for extrication. The commuter
train containing trapped and dying victims was
lying precariously on its side, and was surrounded by more than one thousand gallons of
spilled diesel fuel and motor oil.

All members of 87s were assigned
to the Extrication Group, tasked with extricating trapped victims and delivering them to the
Medical group for triage, treatment and transportation. Without regard for their own personal safety, they entered the unsecured commuter
train and began the arduous task of freeing the
trapped victims. Despite the physical demands
and mental stress, they worked tirelessly for
many hours to save every possible victim.

The members worked in confined
spaces in tragic conditions. The split passenger
car was lying part-way on its side and needed
to be shored. Fire was burning in the engine of
the freight train. Many lives were saved during
this operation.

Firefighter Angel Arellano

8 June 2014

FF/PM Jeffrey Bader

Engineer Kenneth Breskin

Captain William Bugg

Firefighter Adam Chitiea

Engineer Steven Domanski

A/O Robert Garcia

Engineer Michael Gibson

FF/PM Mario Gonzalez

Captain Denise Jones

Captain Thomas Moore

Firefighter Fernando Pattison

Firefighter Peter Pulido

A/O Eddie Tapia

FF/PM Victor Villa

The conspicuous actions
taken by these members in rendering aid during life-saving situations, under circumstances which
posed calculated risk to all members involved is in keeping with the
highest traditions of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Due to their actions performed during emergency conditions requiring initiative and/or
ability worthy of recognition, the
members of Task Force, Squad and
Rescue 87 were awarded Letters of
Special Commendation.

June 2014 9

ANDORRA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT is a Registered Investment Advisor providing independent

financial advisory services to Deferred Compensation and DROP participants.

Quarterly Update

We are a trusted investment advisor

and wealth manager to our clients.
For more information about using a
financial advisor on Charles Schwabs
institutional platform, please visit:
As a Registered Investment Advisor,
Andorra utilizes Charles Schwabs
Self Directed Brokerage Option
available in the citys Deferred
Compensation plan. This allows our
clients to keep their funds within the
citys plan, while having an independent advisor oversee their assets.

As the economy is stuck in a slow growth mode, the wildcard will

be the Feds future activities and geopolitical issues. A path to reduce QE has already been laid out by Ben Bernanke and deviating
from this plan would be a black eye for the Fed. Within this context it is possible that rates will substantially rise while the economy
stays weak, but this seems very unlikely. During regular economic
conditions we would see a normalization of rates (meaning they
move higher) when we have sustained growth. But, the actual
outcome of where interest rates will move given the Feds extraordinary involvement in the financial system is very hard to predict.

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To be your advisor on Deferred
Compensation, DROP and retirement issues. We strive to grow our
clients assets by effectively reducing overall risk through strategic
asset allocation and a disciplined
investment process. We tailor our
strategy to each clients risk profile
and investment objective.

10 June 2014

Janet Yellen is the first female to hold the Chairmans position at

the Fed and is widely seen as a successor to Ben Bernanke that will
follow in his footsteps of easy monetary policy. As many expected,
she has reduced the pace of Quantitative Easing (QE) but it should
be noted that this is not incongruent with further accommodative
monetary policy. This is merely a continuation of what Bernanke
began before he left office and Yellen doesnt want the Fed to lose
credibility so she will continue reducing QE. The Fed knows that
the transition away from accommodative policy will not be easy,
so careful navigation is paramount during this transition. Bond
values have not cratered as some had predicted with a reduction
in QE, which is likely due to an expectation that the economy will
stay in a slow growth phase for an extended period. It should be
stressed that interest rates are still at very low levels.


Kurt is the founder of Andorra Investment Management, Inc. and a
graduate of USC with a B.S. in business. He has previously managed
over $600 million in clients assets for another investment advisor, is
the past elected police & fire representative board member for L.A.
Citys Deferred Compensation Plan and has served on the board of
many charitable organizations.

| Tel. 562.433.1400 |

5941 Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA 90803 Fax 562.683.2683

n April 16, 2014 the Los Angels Firefighters Association honored the 47th Firefighter of the Year, Engineer Dana P. Larsen.
This annual honor is bestowed upon one member each year who,
not by any single act, has distinguished him/herself as one of outstanding
character, dedication, and loyalty to the Department, the Fire Service,
and to the citizens of the community.

The opening ceremonies included the LAFD Color Guard and
John Keys (LAFD retired) on the Bag Pipes. It was a day of celebration and recognition to a man that has done so much for Aircraft Rescue
Firefighting (ARFF) locally at LAX and nationally as an instructor on
ARFF strategy and tactics. Dana has been involved in the design and
development of so many projects on the LAFD including ARFF
Apparatus and the current lightweight 4-way valve we use today.

Danas dedication is not only seen here at the LAFD but in
his own community and church. He is a true volunteer who gives of his
time and incredible skills to the benefit of everyone he helps. Whether as
a teacher in ARFF attended by students from around the globe or to his
students at Northridge Community School, Danas always in service to
improve and develop those that have a desire to learn.

Supported by his wife and three grown kids, Dana provided
all in attendance a perfect reflection as to why we are all so fortunate to
be members of the LAFD. As he put so honestly, Each one of us has
something to give that no one else has. We have all benefited from the
outstanding gifts Dana has provided this Department and a sincere congratulations just doesnt seem enough.

June 2014 11

Companies repair public property after this T/A at 9th and

Francisco Streets on 4/28/14. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Truck 2 members take a

break after knocking down
a structure fire at 144 N.
Chicago St on 4/25/14.
Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Trucks 10 and 66 honor fallen

LAPD Officer Chris Cortijo, at
Forest Lawn on 4/22/14.
Photo by Steve Gentry

Chief Featherstone speaks to FS 3 members and medical staff

who treated Jode Lebeda who suffered a heart attack running
the LA Marathon. LAFD photo by Jaime Moore

Task Force 3 hones their USAR skills on 4/23/14.

Photo by Adam VanGerpen

12 June 2014

What Is The...

Extinguisher Fund?

The brain child of Ted Bailie,

retired from the LAFD and LAFRA,

your stations Extinguisher Fund is a
simple way to collect donations for the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund. Ted saw the accumulation
of change that the cook dumped into
the mess fund box each shift and had a
better idea. If this change was instead
collected for the WODFF he figured it
could really add up. With an average of
50 cents per day per station, in a year
Firefighters from Engine 16 and LA Co Engine 1 work to control
fire that involved a palm tree, auto and other vegetation at Eastern
Ave and Marianna St on 4/10/14. Photos by Rick McClure, EPN

there would be . . . well, you can do the


So take your turn in the cooking

rotation and remember to drop all your

change into your stations extinguisher.
There should be one in every firehouse.
And any loose change in your pockets,
any that you find in the TV chairs, or
hoarded in the ashtray of your vehicle
can be thrown in for good measure.

The Widows, Orphans & Dis-

abled Firemens Fund is the heart of

the Relief Association. This fund provides assistance to our firefighters and
families who are faced with personal
difficulties and tragedies. Donations are
the sole means of support for this Fund.





to protect the community on a daily

basis. Thus, they and their families can
be comforted in knowing that the Fire
Department Family, supported by the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund, is there for them in times
of need.

June 2014 13

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14 June 2014

TF 5 sa
lvages w
hat they
Petco at
can from
8801 Se
Photo b
Bl. on 4/3
y Yvonn
e Griffin

Battalion 4 companies worked

a brush fire at the 405 and 105
interchange on 4/23/14.
Photo by Jon Androwski

Engine 82 members salute the funeral

procession of LAPD Officer Christopher Cortijo on April 22, 2014.
Photo credit: KTLA

June 2014 15


Entries must be received by Wednesday, September 17th, 2014.

Winner Need Not be Present to Win

Participants will receive ticket stubs by mail prior to event


First Name:


Last Name:

Card Holders Address: Home

Card Holders Phone:







Discover Credit Card No:

Exp. Date:

*CVV2 No:

Check Enclosed (Payable to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund)

16 June 2014


MAIL TO: Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

Development & Marketing Department. ATTN: J. Brandolino PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles CA 90041
(3 2 3 ) 2 5 9 - 5 2 1 5

Phils TOE RING - yes TOE RING - is proof

that Phil was not just spinning a web of his
own. Dont worry Phil well get you another

While FS 114 is one of the Departments newest and most modern firehouses,
that doesnt mean it is one of the safest. When
Pilot 3 Phil Clark said he was attacked by a
spider in his sleep nobody believed him. But
the recent sighting of a Black Widow wearing

Also out at 114s, the command
staff found that they were in need of a new
suburban. Not to be wasteful and to save the
Department the cost of a new vehicle, the very
tech savvy Captain II Ruiz took the old suburban and just had it wrapped and added a little
personal touch! Is Geek Squad synonymous
with Computer Nerd?

FF/PM Randy Dyer confused about the

term Double Double . . . means the burger
not the fries!!

On 4/5/14, TF and RA 39 handled

a T/A on Kester Ave
Photos by Rick McClure, EPN

Engine and RA 81 handled

this single vehicle collision
on Van Nuys Blvd on 4/8/14.
Photos by Rick McClure, EPN

June 2014 17

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in store with our Firefighter Loyalty Program

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6252 Romaine St. near Golds Gym

HOURS: M-F 9am8pm; Sat 9am6pm; Sun 10am6pm

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8730 Santa Monica Blvd. at Huntley

HOURS: M-F 8am9pm; Sat 8am8pm; Sun 10am6pm

(424) 288-4785

18 June 2014

On 4/28/14, TF 15 handled an auto vs

Blue Line train at Jefferson & Flower.
Photo by Martin Nate Rawner

Firefighters found four injured in a head-on collision

on Tujunga Cyn on 4/15/14.
Photo by Doc DeMulle, The Foothills Paper

June 2014 19


T H U R S D AY J U N E 5 , 2 0 1 4 - F R O M 1 1 : 3 0 A M T O 2 : 3 0 P M

DOWNTOWN L.A. On Hope Street between 3rd and Hope Place

Benefiting the

Delicious food, fun & prizes


For more information visit

June 2014

Juliet Brandolino (323) 259-5215

On 4/9/14, TF 75 and LF 87 lined Sepulveda Blvd to show support

for the procession carrying the remains of an LAPD motor officer.
Photo by Steve Gentry

98s handled a 1/4 acre vegetation fire on the

118 Fwy at the 5 Fwy on 4/30/14.
Photos by Nick Colbert and Rick McClure, EPN

On 4/23/14, companies fought a Greater Alarm structure

fire at San Fernando Misson and Woodley Ave.
Photos by Bernie Deyo, EPN

June 2014 21

Engine 77 rolls up after a greater alarm commercial on

San Fernando Road. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN

Paid Advertisement:
24s, 74s and 98s responded to a fire in a
workshop in Lakeview Terrace on 4/15/14.
Photos by Doc DeMulle, The Foothills Paper

22 June 2014

Greetings from the Battalion that
never sleeps!

Hope everybody that went to the
annual Dads and Kids Camp out had a
great time! Another year where the kids get
to run around with other kids and dads get to
talk shop with other dads. Full unadulterated
controlled chaos. My question always seems
to be, since the Moms arent around, who is
watching whom? As always, it was another
weekend of dirt, BBQs, dirt, wall-to-wall
activities, dirt, and movies on the big screen
. . . wait, movies on the big screen? Thats
new! Apparently with the help of a large
sheet draped across a trailer and a projector,
everybody was treated to Movie Night. Nice!
Another way to rough it. Glad everybody
had a great time and looking forward to next

With all of the recent negative press,
the powers that be decided that it would be
beneficial to raise the moral of the crews by
naming a Cadet of the Year. There would be
a huge ceremony in front of the whole Fire
Commission with all of the pomp and circumstance. Now, all they needed was an explorer
. . . errr . . . cadet. After much debate, they
decided on Cadet Miles Burton from Battalion

13s own Post 64 . . . or is he at 85s? . . . or

Boat 2 or 4? Anyways, since he was previously on the roster at Post 64, that seemed good
enough. The main reason he was selected was
because he had set up Earthquake and Fire
Escape drills for his school.

The date was set, the pomp was
pomped and the circumstance was, well you
know . . . at the ready. The big day had finally
arrived, and Engine 64 with both Post Advisers on-board, and the whole crew in their
dress uniforms, headed to City Hall for this
momentous moment. When they arrived they
were immediately met by Battalion 13 and
asked where the Cadet of the Year was - he
was nowhere to be found. The Fire Commission meeting started on time with the award
to be given as Agenda Item 2. Agenda Item 1
came and went and still no explorer . . . errr
. . . cadet. Moving on, they covered Agenda
Items 3 and 4 and were about to venture into
5 when the Cadet of the Year finally arrived .
. . 30 minutes late to a ceremony in his honor.
The Commission was regaled with all his accolades and 15 seconds later, he was given the

After the ceremony ended, some of
the Fire Commissioners wanted to find out a
little bit more about the young man with aspirations of becoming an LA City Firefighter.
They asked him a few questions about himself
and what he was doing and finally asked him

which LA Unified School he went to . . . and

his answer . . . home schooled!

Maybe before the powers-that-be
select the next Cadet of the Year they should
have the Personnel Dept. do the pre-screening
since they nailed it with our first class of recruits in five years. Anyways, congratulations
Cadet Miles Burton on Cadet of the Year
and from what I hear, also your first of many

Over at 57s, the cooking rotation
comes up fast - very fast - especially on the A
shift. On this particular day, the lead cook was
unfortunately on the 800. Since we learned
last month that 57s is one of the busiest stations in the city, the rule is, or maybe should
be, that if youre on the engine and the cook is
on the 800, you should either switch out onto
the 800, or go into the kitchen and get to work.
Now, since the engine firefighter wouldnt
switch, and RA857 got a run, the FF/PM on
the engine was crowned Assistant Cook (actually not crowned, he just took some initiative
to help the cook out so that it would benefit
the WHOLE crew to have lunch on time). The
Assistant Cook was busy chopping and assembling, when he noticed the engine firefighter
sitting at the kitchen table, leisurely viewing
some prime mid-day programs.

Completely stymied at this whole
scenario, the Assistant Cook kindly asks the
engine firefighter for a few seconds of his time

On 4/24/14, TF 33 firefighters performed an

extrication at Florence and Central Avenues.
Photo by Martin Nate Rawner

June 2014 23

to open five cans of beans, empty them into a

pot, put the pot on low heat and stir. Unfortunately, the Assistant Cook never clarified that
if their engine (the one that they were both
riding on) got a run, he should probably turn
the beans off . . . especially if nobody else was
in quarters to take over for the Assistant Cook
and the Head Observer. Of course, during this
process they got a run.

When they came back to quarters,
they noticed what is usually described in a
size-up as, weve got light smoke coming
from the back of a one-story commercial,
smells like food . . . Sure enough, there was
a full ventilation operation going on throughout the station. Burnt BEAN smoke down to
the floor that filled every nook and cranny.
The members had positive, negative, vertical
and horizontal ventilation in progress trying
to clear out that nasty smell. After a bit of
ribbing, the Head Observer still wouldnt take
any of the blame for over-cooking the beans
and making the station smell rancid for a few
days . . . just what I heard...

Recently, a newly promoted chief
had his first inspection coming up. The date
was set and all of the crews were cleaning
with a purpose day and night. Upon a closer
look at his calendar, the chief realized that the
date he set for inspection was also the date
that he was supposed to be at the Firefighter
of the Year ceremony (not quite as prestigious
as Cadet of the Year, but close). Apparently,
he had nominated the engineer that was to be
given this award, and unfortunately was now
in a real pickle. What to do, what to do? Well,
clearly the FF of the Year ceremony trumps
the bi-monthly inspection. Inspection can
always be moved back a shift, or even cancelled. With a triumphant stroke of gusto, he

OK, thats all Ive got! Keep taking
called every station under his command and
care of one another. Stay safe and remember
declared that inspection had been cancelled.
that 2+2 makes sense, play nice, know your
Bravos and Hip, hip hoorays could be
audience, get a cool nickname, figure out
heard throughout the battalion . . . until the
which formula to use before the media gets
next morning when he called back every staahold of it, you get out what you put in, FItion and softly whispered that inspection was
1, read the label, if youre tired sleep in, when
back on. Oh well, back to cleaning.
in need of a driver call an already overworked

The morning of inspection, every800 to do your job, watch out for irony, dont
thing is ready. The sedan pulls up and all of
fumble Tradition, take 1st relief so you can
the members are lined up, ready to snap to
go back to sleep, never Stand By, check
attention and give a solid salute. Everyone
awaits their chief to exit the sedan, but oddly a boxes for politics always beat common sense,
when you have the opportunity to do the right
SOD chief exits the vehicle . . . now the crews
thing, take the EIT spot instead!, a # makes
are very confused! Apparently inspection was
everything seem much nicer, if it rains and
on but he was off. My guess is that originally
he did the right thing, but then got advice from you dont feel like doing your job, just journalize it, when you need to go to the DMV,
a mentor who told him that we dont cancel
wear your uniform, show up late to your own
inspections . . . even though he wasnt going
ceremony, and finally, a bad idea is still a bad
to be there. I think a bad idea, even when it
idea. Keep sending your stories to wattsfire@
comes from someone you may respect, is still
a bad idea. That old saying, you never get a
second chance to make a first inspection really fits here.
E 64 at the Cadet of the Year ceremony
to all of the recent captain
promotions! All of that
hard work and studying finally paid off! Remember,
when you go into your first
command, what it took
to get where you are, and
how a very short time ago
you were sitting in that
other seat. Now is your
chance to make the right
decisions all of the time!
Good luck out there! Use
this leadership opportunity
wisely and make a change
for the good.

LF 60 shuts down a sheared hydrant

at Lankershim Bl and Camarillo St.
Photo by Mike Meadows

24 June 2014

Paid Advertisement:

Engine 89 handled a pick-up

truck fire on the N/B 170 freeway.
A propane tank exploded in the
bed just before their arrival.
Photo by Mike Meadows

Companies on the ground assisted

Fire-5 with a hoist rescue from
Chatsworth Park on 4/20/14.
Photos by Greg Doyle

June 2014 25

Greetings from the 18th hole. Hope
everyone is doing well, so lets get it on.

Lets start at the 43s. Last month
we talked about someones wash and the
underwear he likes to wear (Superman). Well
now lets talk about a guy that likes to bring
all of his dirty clothes from HOME and wash
them at the station. Dude, I mean everything
like his dirty towels, his bedding, his underwear, everything. Now when you asked him
Hey, why do you bring all of your wash from
home?And he answers, Man, I can wash my
stuff for free here. You know you cant say
anything, you just look at a guy like that, what
can you tell him?

Now for something under the heading You had to be there. Weve all heard the
joke: How many somethings does it take to
do this or that? Well, the other day at 43s
you got Capt Alexander, Engineer Mackey,
and A/O Mike Porper (working down) on
E-43. So E-43 gets an EMS for chest pain,
and of course the patient is up a flight of stairs
and you know what that means the Stair
Chair! Well they get the patient down okay
and into the back of RA43, but now the fun
begins. The Captain, Engineer, and the A/O
cant seem to collapse the stair chair. They
had that chair upside-down, sideways and
inside-out before FF Burnes could stop laughing, and you know he can laugh, and collapse
the chair and placed it back onto the rescue. I
remember a Captain once told me as a rookie
to be smarter than the equipment that youre
handling. Well in this case it was smarter than
the three of them.

Now a little something outta 94s.
FS 94 is losing a good one in FF Paul Wingate. Wingate has been transferred to be the
Crew 3 Boss. Now a lot of people didnt know
that FF Wingate has tons of brush experience,
and with his job knowledge and experience,
LA City Crew 3 is in good hands. Another
thing about FF Wingate is that he is the man
for explorer program and has made a positive
impact on many of the kids in the program.
Hell be missed.

One more from 94s. Now at many
of the newer stations being built around the
city the guys and gals have been taking ownership in the station and going a little extra to
make the station look a little better. But 94s
has FF Brant Pulliam, and hes doing the best
that he can - I think. FS 94, if you noticed, has
or had the number 94 in a metal frame with

some vegetation grown into the 94. Lawn art,

it looks real nice, well . . . it used to. Youve
heard of to much of a good thing? Well
thats what happened to the 94 in front of the
station. FF Pulliam put a little fertilizer to help
it grow, and it started to look really nice, so if
a little is good - then a lot is better! NOT! The
94 now looks like a giant dead weed. If you
asked Pulliam what happened, he gives you
that smile, shrugs his shoulders and says I
dont know.

Well a big welcome and congratulations to all the new Captains in the Battalion.
We wish you well.

Thats all for this month, so be safe
out there.

TF 94 utilized a tow truck to pull

a car off the shut of valve at
Adams and LaBrea.
Photo by Martin Nate Rawner

Send your stories and photos directly to your Battalion News writer
or to the editor at

26 June 2014

received a flyer in the mail from the Southern California Gas Company telling me of
all the ways I can save money on my gas
bill. And since I recently had a Smart gas meter installed, the flyer went on to say that I could
also track my gas usage and set up a savins
goal. If I choose my goal as 10% a year, my
gas bill could be reduced by $58 bucks a year.
Look honey, weve saved so much money we
can now afford to fly first class to anywhere!

The companys web site also dont
get into a lot of specifics, but Im guessin the
wife and I would have to take a few more cold
showers, drop the thermostat on the spa to 65
degrees and wed probably have to kick our
stove out to the curb for bulky item pickup.

I can track my gas usage all day long
and view my billin history till the sun sets, but
how else do I reduce my gas bill without usin
less gas? Heck, I could also save a bunch more
money if I didnt buy tires for my car and just
drove around on the rims. Oh sweetheart, its
goin to be a rough ride to Vegas next week!

My electric and water meters are
also Smart, but they havent performed any

ince my last article I have been appointed

to the Benevolent Committee. We review
requests for monetary assistance from
retirees. We are the last resort because our assistance can only be obtained when there are no
other viable sources available.

I want to talk about some requests
that have come from spouses of members that
have gone EOW (End of Watch) and all of
sudden they are faced with the issue of paying
bills. Bills they said they did not know needed
to be paid. They need funds to pay overdue
bills, to keep utilities from being turned off or
other payments going to collectors. I ask myself, How is this possible? A retirees adult
spouse should know what bills to pay - could
the retiree that went EOW keep everything that
secret? Maybe the surviving spouse was happy
in their sheltered life not worrying about the
bills or bank accounts. Until, of course, its too
late and they are suddenly alone. Think about
it? Is that how you want to leave your spouse
after you go EOW?

miracles for me either. Other than eliminatin a

person that use to walk around and check these
meters, Im not sure what their advantage is. I
continually get a monthly letter from my power
company tellin me Im using more power and
water than my more efficient neighbors. You
know, this whole environmental thing is really
irratatin. As an example: A number of people
in this community are pushin the city to allow
them to dig up their grass and plant the fake
stuff to save on water, but the city fathers wont
allow it. Go figure.

In addition, all my exterior walls and
attic space are insulated. I have dual paned E
glass windows throughout the house and every
stinking light bulb has been changed over to
them stupid curly bulbs that contain mercury.
So no matter what Ive done to keep pace with
the latest environmental upgrades, my city has
not yet labeled me as bein efficient. Im also
usin way too much water, but unless I want
that desert look for my front lawn, I have to
use that wet stuff to keep it green.

Yea, Ive come a long way baby, but
Im no more efficient or greener now or

savin any more money than my Neanderthal

neighbor, who still struggles to open and close
his original wood double-hung windows and
who still illuminates his house with them old
fashioned incandescent light bulbs.

I had a friend that died of cancer
and I contacted his spouse to see how she was
getting along. The spouse said she was doing
well, that my friend had discussed all the issues that would come up after his death. She
said that when my friend found out he had six
months to live, he realized he had cared for all
the monetary issues and now needed to prepare
her to care for herself and all of the household
issues. Because of my friends preparation of
his spouse, she is not
burdened with issues
of when to pay bills or
what accounts to pay
them from. Because
she was prepared, she
has been able to cope
a little better with the
loss of my friend, the
love of her life.

Do any of
us know how long
we have to live? At
our age shouldnt we

stop being so secretive regarding the household

finances and where you have your free check
money stashed? Both spouses should be aware
of what to pay and when to pay it. Dont let
your spouse be so unaware that he/she has to
come to the Association to ask for monies because you werent prepared.

Well, enough said on that issue. Until
the next newsletter, remember a retirees main
job is to stay healthy.

There comes a point
in your life when you
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who wont anymore
And who always will.
So, dont worry about
people from your
past. Theres a reason
why they didnt make
it to your future.

June 2014 27

Lake McClure, located 27 miles east of Merced, has been the Hot Spot for many years.

The Boat & Ski Club reunites for two annual trips each summer. An entire area is
reserved exclusively for family and friends of the LAFD. Each week includes a Meet
& Greet Potluck, Horseshoe and Volleyball Tournaments, Ice Cream Social, Raffles,
Bingo, Tie Dye, Karaoke, and a whole lot more.

Whether you are a Water Skier, Wake Boarded, Skurfer, Air Chairer, Tuber or just a
Sun Bather, there is FUN for Everyone!

A BIG thank you to all of our Supporters and Sponsors: Sports LTD, Knotts
Berry Farm, Interstate Batteries - Sun Valley, Tilleys Marine - Ventura, Eric Ericcsons
- Ventura, Aloha Steakhouse & Charnell Smith - Ventura, Billys Boardshop - Castaic,
Ocean Potion and Wendy Cant!

For Information & Reservations

Please support those who support our Club!


28 June 2014

please contact Gary Maga at

(661) 775-6072

The resort now offers cabins

for rent - welcoming families

who do not own their own rec-

reational vehicles. Go to http://

park-model-cabins/ for more

ccording to Dan Curry, Theres always been a tradition of firefighters

bowling and the Corbin Bowl was always the place.

This year was no exception as firefighters, family, friends and Corbin Bowl
regulars turned out on April 27th for the annual Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund fundraiser at the Tarzana bowling alley.

A lot of hard work by many dedicated people goes into making this night successful, said Keenan Porche, the LAFD ramrod of the event. But I am always amazed by
just how successful we are year after year.

In addition to Porche and Curry, the
folks at Corbin Bowl work for months in advance to bring the event together. Gary Montgomery, Rose Thomson and Judy Puyvelde,
along with G.M. Bryan Alpert not only handle

all the logistical functions, they provide

plenty of muscle too.
Getting all the sponsors lined up
can be a very time consuming job,
remarked Angel Zobel Rodriguez,
Corbin Bowls youth coordinator
who made dozens of phone calls
and sent out scores of e-mails to
drum up support.

Getting the word out to the community is always a challenge, but Rodriguezs
connection with Channel
5 helped to make that
a little easier again
this year. KTLA sent
out reporter Allie Mac
Kay for a live pre-publicity plug on the morning show that ended up
running again and again
throughout the day.

When word got out that
there was going to be free
pizza and yogurt, it was no
surprise that big red would
show up. All of 93s was able
to make an appearance and enjoyed connecting with their West
Valley constituents. Someone
might have even captured a
photo of B/C Brian Schulz
with a big smile on face and
a little strawberry yogurt on
his chin.
Other firefighters were
there for the friendly competition ok, and the free pizza
and yogurt. Alex Molina cranked out a few
strikes while Juan Albarran and Truett
Sparkman just showed up for the camaraderie. The team of firefighter
family volunteers Emily Pizinger,
Jeanne Urquiza, and Jessica & Nikki
Chavy enjoyed their time on the lanes, as
did the team of dedicated WODFF sponsors
Bob Sherwin and Gold Lee.

Besides the fun out on the lanes, there
was a silent auction and a raffle with the winners taking home bowling shoes from Linds,
a bowling ball, brunch at the Smokehouse,
gift certificates for Maggianos and Stone Fire
Grill, and a two-night stay in Las Vegas. In addition, there were golf package prizes donated
by El Caballero, Braemar, Woodland Hills and
Mountain Gate Country Clubs.

Other generous sponsors included
the NLAC USBC Bowling Association, RMB
Packaging Co., Karina Fraley Century 21 Realty, Lewis/Marenstein/Wicke/Sherwin & Lee,
Liberty Letterpress, Mission Hill Bowl, Bob
Reed Chamber Sheet Metal, Ameci Pizza, Law
Offices of Berkowitz & Cohen, Cocos Restaurant, Horwath Family, Ron Fradkoff, Shelly
Cohen, Harleys Simi Bowl, Susan & Cindy

Stearns, Yogurtland and New York Life Insurance Company.

All in all, it ended up a great night
for everyone, and especially for the WODFF
with more than $8,000 raised for the charity.

June 2014 29


CURTIS O. BLACK, Engineer, FS 66-B

FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014

FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014

Ports OCall Restaurant

1200 S Nagoya Way, San Pedro CA

900 East Oceanfront

Newport Beach CA 92661
(its a residence)

Social Hour: 6:00 PM

Dinner: 7:00 PM

$55 London Broil or Baked Chicken - includes tax, tip & gift
Call FS 49 - (310) 548-7549
RSVP by June 6, 2014

DERESA TELLER, Inspector/Paramedic, High Rise Unit

SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014
3296 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley CA 93063
Luncheon: 2:00 PM - ???
Taco Bar
NO GIFT PLEASE. Contributions are welcome for
Deresas Scottish Dancing tour in Australia/New Zealand in 2015
Call Deresa (805) 526-8920 or email
or All are welcome!


Towsley Lodge at Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon
24335 The Old Road, Newhall/Santa Clarita CA
Social Hour: 4:00 PM

Dinner: 5:00 PM

Barbecue Dinner - $50 includes food, drinks & gift

Call FS 99 - (818) 981-6379 or email:
Its an outside event so dress casual for a BBQ. RSVP by July 1, 2014

Paid Advertisements:

30 June 2014

Social Hour: 11:00 AM

Luncheon: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$35 per individual, $50 per family - includes food & gift
Call Fire Station 66 Grapevine - (323) 298-8035

JOSEPH JOHNSON, Inspector II, Legal Liaison Unit

Friendly Hills Country Club
8500 S. Villaverde Drive, Whittier CA 90605
Social Hour: 6:00 PM

Dinner: 7:00 PM

Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian - $55 includes tax, tip & gift

Mail payment to: Joseph Johnson, PO Box 1377, Chino CA 91708-1317
or call (909) 590-0699. RSVP by July 1, 2014


Castle Catering - 50 East Green Street, Pasadena CA
Social Hour: 4:30 PM

Dinner: 6:00 PM

Open Bar & Buffet Dinner - $55 per person

Send a check to: Melodie Tapia, 16215 Menahka, Apple Valley CA 92307
Call (760) 946-9186 for more info. Special hotel rates at Marriott Pasadena
through 8/15/2014. Contact: (626) 403-7600. Code: Ed Tapia LAFD Party
RSVP by August 13, 2014

ave you been wondering why there is

a check enclosed with the Explanation
of Benefits (EOB) that the LAFRA
Medical Plan mails to your home? Or have you
been tossing out the EOBs without even opening them?

Since late last year, LAFRA has been
reimbursing members for their PPO office
visit co-pays. Starting July 1, 2014, and until
the funds are exhausted, LAFRA will also use
these funds to waive all retail and mail-order
prescription co-pays for members and their
covered dependents. Unlike the office visit
co-pay in which you receive a reimbursement
check with your EOB following your doctors
visit, the prescription co-pay will be credited at
point of sale.

Please know that this does not represent a permanent plan change. Once the funds
are exhausted, your PPO office visit co-pay and
Rx co-pays will return to their current amounts.
All ERRP funds must be used before the end of
2014 or they will be forfeited.

Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

The Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) is a Federal program that was

established under the Affordable Care Act to

encourage plan sponsors to continue providing health insurance to early retirees who are
age 55 and older but are not yet eligible for
Medicare (as well as the early retirees spouse,
surviving spouse and dependents). Employers can use the savings to either reduce their
own health care costs, provide premium relief
to their workers and families, or a combination
of both. It is important to note that all LAFRA
Medical Plan members benefit from this program not just the early retirees.

Who is eligible to participate in the ERRP

...Since late last year,

LAFRA has been reimbursing members
for their PPO office
visit co-pay,...

The program is available to group health

plans (both self-funded and insured) that
provide health benefits to early retirees
and are maintained by private employers,
local governments, employee organizations or voluntary employees beneficiary
What are the ERRP program requirements?
To be eligible for the program a group
plan must have programs and procedures
in place that have generated cost savings
for chronic and high cost conditions.
Plans must keep their current dollar level
of contributions unless they intend to use
all the reimbursements to reduce plan
participants costs. And plans must have
policies and procedures in place to detect
fraud, waste and abuse.
Are there restrictions on how the reimbursements can be used?
The reimbursement dollars must be used
to offset increases in plan premiums, other
health benefit costs, or toward reducing
plan participants costs. Plans cannot use
the reimbursements as general revenue.

June 2014 31


Val Verde, CA

Photos by Rick McClure, EPN

LAFD cadets participated in a day-long

exercise at LACoFDs Del Valle Training
site on 4/26/14. The cadets, along with
explorers from other agencies including
LACoFD, Bakersfield, Fresno, Compton,
and Rialto, got instruction on fire behavior, hazmat, extrication, USAR, and brush.

32 June 2014

Valley Village

Photos by Juan Guerra,

Firefighters work a structure fire

at 12100 Chandler Blvd. in Valley
Village on April 30, 2014.

June 2014 33

North Hollywood

Photos by Juan Guerra, Steve Gentry, Greg Doyle,

Adam VanGerpen and Mike Meadows

34 June 2014

It took 137 firefighters just under an hour and a half to knockdown a Major Emergency Fire in North Hollywood on May 2, 2014. First companies on scene at 13412 Saticoy Street reported a large outside fire with exposures. As the fire grew, a one story commercial building about
150 x 100 took off. One firefighter suffered a leg injury. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

June 2014 35

Van Nuys

PPhotos by Steve Gentry

On April 10, 2014, the LAFD responded to a structure fire at 17800 Vanowen Street, with 9-1-1 calls stating there were people
trapped inside. Companies found a one-story home with a garage converted, both well involved in fire and rapidly spreading to a neighboring home. 75 firefighters fully extinguished the stubborn flames in one hour and 16 minutes.

An 18 year-old female was heroically rescued out the window by LAPD Officers and neighbors. She was brought to awaiting
Firefighter/Paramedics who treated and transported her to a local hospital in fair condition

36 June 2014


Photos by Juan Guerra,

Info by LAFD PSO

A fierce blaze destroyed several businesses in a two-story brick building in the Little Armenia area on May 6, 2014. Firefighters
were called to 1096 North Western Ave and found smoke issuing from the bricks and attic of the commercial building.

With the fire burning in multiple trapped spaces in the attic, the I.C. noted that the fire activity continued to escalate despite the
companies best efforts. He ordered personnel off the roof and went into a defensive fire attack.

A total of 153 firefighters extinguished the blaze in one hour and 38 minutes.

June 2014 37

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Our Mission Statement:

To construct a comprehensive financial plan that will
make a significant difference in our clients lives.
To help our clients achieve a better return on life.
To form a long-term relationship with our clients.
To receive NO commissions and eliminate conflicts
of interest in the financial planning process.

For a FREE Consultation!
Download a Copy of The DROP Book at

Its not just about the return on investments,

its about the return on life...
AL Hewitt, CFP, ChFC, EA
Certified Financial Planner

1120 West Avenue M-4, Palmdale

400 Camarillo Ranch Rd, Camarillo
Offices in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
38 June 2014

Firefighting is a risky job; we want you to take better care of yourself

1 Routine Physical Exam every year at 100%

5 Standard Immunization Vaccines at 100%

2 Body Scan at 100%

6 Dermatology and skin cancer check,

$10 co-pay; changes to $15 July 1, 2014

*details at

*limited to $600, every 3 years starting July 1, 2014

3 Eye Exam every year, $10 co-pay

using VSP in-network provider
4 Colonoscopy every 5 years at 100%
*after age 50

7 Well-woman Exam every year at 100%

8 Mammogram every 1-2 years at 100%
*women 40 years and older

All above benefits for In-Network providers only

Consult your personal physician before scheduling any of these exams

*Plan coverage as of 5-9-14; all benefits subject to change.

June 2014 39

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40 June 2014

June 2014 41


In Honor of our Fallen Heroes

LAFD FIRE MUSEUM (Old 27s), 1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood

$45 donation ($30 for second rider) includes registration, luncheon, raffle
ticket and ride shirt. $20 for luncheon & entertainement. Pre-registration
not required
All proceeds to benefit the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund
Registration begins at 8:00 am. Event starts at 9:00 am. Luncheon begins
at approximately 1:00 pm. Run is open to ALL RIDERS!
SAGEBRUSH CANTINA - 23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas

Paid Advertisements:

(800) 244-3439

42 June 2014

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA


LAFD Golf Club A Flight Gross Champion
Randy Souza and Net Champion Alan Black.

he LAFDs Golf Club Memorial Championship tournament was held at the

PGA West in La Quinta on April 15-17,
2014. Randy Souza beat out the competition
to be crowned the 2014 club champion. Gary
Mannan was the overall net champion and along with Randy - will represent our club in
the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions
later this year.

Tournament Director Randy Souza congratulates B Flight Gross Champion Gary Mannan
and Net Champion Buzz Clark.

Tournament Director Randy Souza congratulates C Flight Gross Champion Bill Stires and
Net Champion Doug Moore.

Former LAFD Golf Club President Gary Klasse with Club

Champion Randy Souza, Director of Golf Sales at La Quinta Molly Weissert, and La Quinta Club Pro Dave Magdzias.

Tournament Chair Randy Souza congratulates

D Flight Gross Champion Terry Depackh. Paul
Croghan is the D Flight Net Champion.

A Flight results
1st gross is Randy Souza at 244
1st net is Allen Black at 225
2nd gross is Steve Schulz at 246*
2nd net is Bob Hernandez at 229
3rd gross is Erik Williams at 246
3rd net is Keith Young at 232
4th gross is Pat McOsker at 256
4th net is Roger Camunas at 234

B Flight results
1st gross is Gary Mannan at 256
1st net is Buzz Clark at 220
2nd gross is Gordon Wilson at 259
2nd net is Bruce Bickly at 225
3rd net is Howard Rose at 234
4th gross is Dan Costa at 277
4th net is Tony Valdez at 240

D Flight results
1st gross is Terry Depacht at 283
1st net is Paul Croghan at 221
2nd gross is Greg Gibson at 293
2nd net is Larry McAndress at 222
3rd gross is Leo Leon at 294
3rd net is Alan Schroeder at 223
4th gross is Durward Duffield at 309
4th net is Jack Monroe at 236

Guest Flight results

A Flight
1st gross is Jose Lozano at 242
1st net is James Mahone at 221
2nd net is Sean Suarez at 225*
3rd net is James Grogan at 225
4th net is Leo Campos at 229
5th net is Eddie Diaz at 243

C Flight results
1st gross is Bill Stires at 272
1st net is Doug Moore at 223*
2nd gross is Andy Vidovich at 277
2nd net is Don Carter at 223
3rd gross is Mike Monroy at 278
3rd net is Mike Alba at 235
4th gross is Joe Szabados at 290
4th net is Raul Cabrera at 251

B Flight
1st gross is Al Muskat at 292
1st net is Mike Diaz at 213
2nd net is Ross Lawson at 224
3rd net is Jeff Hartman at 236
4th net is Jack Bailey at 242

June 2014 43



11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
WARNER CENTER PARK - 5800 Topanga Cyn Blvd., Woodland Hills
All are invited, once again, to the annual GRATEFUL HEARTS event,
the largest fundraising experience in the San Fernando Valley. The event
lunchtime food faire features many of the finest restaurants from the
Woodland Hills, Canoga Park and Calabasas areas. Our guests enjoy
sample tastes from these restaurants, and of course wonderful grilled
chicken and tri-tip prepared on the LAFDs Mother of All Barbecues.
So come on out and lend your support to our bravestthe men and
women of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Battalion 17 and the Los
Angeles Police Department, Topanga Station.
For more information call 818-704-1358.

Paid Advertisements:

44 June 2014

e are all busy these days and have lots of responsibilities, so

who has the time or energy to even think about giving a few
hours a week to charity? Well, Jacque Gonzalez does just that
and more! The wife of retired Engineer Rey Gonzalez and mother of
Firefighter Eric, Jacque has become a fixture at LAFRA events such as
Hope for Firefighters and the Invitational Golf Tournament. In addition,
she is a regular at the LAFRA offices, helping out with administrative
tasks and pre-event duties. For going above and beyond, Jacque was
recently honored as the LAFRA Volunteer of the Year.

Your Relief Association gathered up all of their volunteers on
April 12th and treated them to a luncheon at the historic Engine Company No. 28 restaurant on Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles.
Built in 1912, the structure served as an operating fire station until it was
closed in the 1960s. In the late 1980s, it was renovated as a restaurant
that serves dishes based on recipes from American firehouses. In 1979,
the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

LAFRA Vice President and part-time paramedic, Bob Steinbacher, acted as emcee for the get-together. He thanked the volunteers

for their dedication and hard work, acknowledging that without their
help, it would be impossible to stage the many events that benefit the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund.

Special plaques were presented to the Volunteers of the Month
for 2013 who included Rebecca Romas (daughter of Capt Steve and
Mona), Deborah Lew, Cindy Firestine, Rey Gonzalez, Michael Ha,
Griselda Trejo, Christina Winstead, Dawna Fry, Caroline Tse, Edra Bonsall and Phi Tran.

Veteran volunteers Noel and Cathy Murchet, Gerry and Jan
Layton, and Valerie Lawrence were also on hand for the festivities. And
the list of collaborators continues to grow two servers from Engine
Company 28 were so impressed by LAFRA and WODFF that they
signed up on the spot to become volunteers.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please visit

June 2014 45

46 June 2014

Vernon R. Begley, Fire Inspector.
Appointed January 2, 1963.
Retired on a disability pension May 13, 1993 from Harbor Industrial.
Passed away April 10, 2014.
Daniel L. Mattox, Firefighter III.
Appointed February 9, 1978.
Retired on a service pension October 1, 1998 from FS 38-C.
Passed away April 15, 2014.
Willis A. Friend, Battalion Chief.
Appointed January 2, 1962.
Retired on a service pension July 8, 1984 from Batt 14-B.
Passed away April 15, 2014.
Roger B, Duncan, Firefighter.
Appointed March 17, 1947.
Retired on a disability pension September 10, 1957 from FS 91-A.
Passed away April 21, 2014.
Francis L. Wommack, Captain.
Appointed February 4, 1961.
Retired on a service pension May 16, 1987 from FS 18-B.
Passed away April 28, 2014.
Ronald D. Smith, Fireboat Mate.
Appointed May 19, 1958.
Retired on a disability pension December 12, 1987 from FS 112-C.
Passed away May 3, 2014.
Wallace M. Decuir, Firefighter.
Appointed August 27, 1946.
Retired on a disability pension February 1, 1978 from FS 94-B.
Passed away May 4, 2014.

Janet Young, spouse of Robert L. Young, passed away March 31, 2014.
Juliet M Elias, surviving spouse of Richard G. Elias, passed away April 1, 2014.
Lela M. Crotinger, surviving spouse of Alvin R. Crotinger, passed away April 16, 2014.

June 2014 47

Andy Kuljis,

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

Los Angeles Firemens
Relief Association:
On April 12, 2014, you all helped to give
Clay the final tribute, scattering his ashes
in the Pacific Ocean via Boat 2. The crew
of Boat 2 were so kind and helpful to all of
us passengers. Andy Kuljis did a great job
planning all this and then unable to attend.
He sent Jim Dolan who filled Andys shoes.
Jim was so friendly and so concerned about
me and family and friends.
Chaplain Tim Werle was also so much
an inspirational and supportive help to me.
You could have never sent a chaplain that
could have been more friendly to all our
family and friends aboard. Thanks Tim.
Then there was John Keyes and his
beautiful music from his bagpipes. All I
said that day from family and friends was
this is the most awesome thing I was ever
a part of.
Please accept this check as a down
payment in memory of my spouse Clay
Stapel. He would thank you if he could for
the durable medical equipment, supplies,
etc. during the two plus years of his illness
resulting in his demise on January 22, 2014.
He was as comfortable and cared for so
well with all the help from LAFRA.
The flag that flew over 80s was an
awesome sight in that beautiful frame.
The framed certificate of the area and the
G.P.S. coordinates is incredible, marking
the location of Clays remains.
I will be grateful forever that I met Clay
Stapel at a friends house. Clay gave me
such a wonderful 36 years.
Thank you for everything,
Phyllis Stapel and family
Valencia, CA
48 June 2014

Dear Mr. Kuljis,

Thank you again for your help and
advice regarding Rons pension and Mr.
Wicke. Mr. Wicke explained the details to
me and now I understand. Im very grateful
for what I receive.
Thank you,
Marhie Leahey Pierce
El Segundo, CA
We feel so fortunate to have had the
pleasure of knowing
for all the years we
trips and family get
togethers were made
so very special by
her presence. Please
apply this donation in
her memory to the
Widows, Orphans and
Also, please accept
this donation in the
memory of Leonard
Cobb . . . fellow
firefighter and bike
Thank you,
Gary and Suzie
Whittier, CA

Please accept this donation for my Fire

Department friends: Erne Lona, William R.
Burnidge, Clarence Staple, Wayne Butcher
and Lyle W. Marvin, Jr. I have good
memories of all these guys.
Thank you,
Harry Morck
To the Widows, Orphans and Disabled
Firemens Fund;
Please accept this donation honoring
Dan Mattox. Dan was a one-of-a-kind,
very generous and accommodating person.
I had the fun experience of visiting Dan
and his wife Jody at their home where the
good times fly. Dan should be remembered
for his business making tee shirts by the
hundreds. A business that started out from
the trunk of his truck. My knowledge of
Dans knowledge and firemanship in the

harbor fire stations is nothing but very

God bless the Mattox family and other
friends who have lost a great guy.
Jack and Joan Bennett
Bluffton, SC
LA Firemens Relief,
This check is in loving memory of
Carroll Hopkins, my uncle.
He was a Los Angeles fireman who
served proudly. I will always remember
him fondly for his kindness and caring for
Franz and Rhonda Pleth
Burbank, CA
To the Widows, Orphans and Disabled
Firemens Fund
Please accept this donation honoring
Chief Willis Friend. My contact with Willis
was in Division 3 and there was nothing but
good comments about his fire management.
He was always there when you needed a
positive comment or assistance in planning,
or report writing.
May God bless his family and friends
with their loss.
Jack Bennett
Bluffton, SC
Please accept this donation to the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund in memory of my husband, Mike
Thank you,
Christine Brumbaugh
Riverside, CA

Make A Difference
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund is a one-of-kind
charity ready to help you and your loved ones in times of unexpected
It is here for you thanks to our kind donorsmore than half are
firefighters themselves.
One of the easiest ways to give is to include a charitable contribution
in your will or trust. By pledging now and paying later, it is extremely
affordable. More important, your gift will help someone in need and
make a huge difference in their lives.
We invite you to join this special group of donors, committed to
supporting your Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund, by
leaving a planned gift.
For information call

Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at

(323) 259-5217 or email me at 49

June 2014

he cowboy, the police officer, and the

firefighter are all American heroes.
The NPRA is a non-profit organization
of law enforcement officers and firefighters
dedicated to preserving the link between these
heroes and the traditional Western lifestyle.

NPRA is a family organization that brings
together members to compete in various rodeos around
California and Nevada, promoting wholesome values
in the spirit of friendly competition. Proceeds from our
rodeos are donated to charities that benefit disabled
children, such as NAHRA and Special Olympics.

Traditional rodeo events are featured in performances, along with events not seen in the PRCA. In
addition to the usual bronc and bull riding, calf roping,
team roping, and barrel racing, we showcase a number
of non-traditional events which allow family members
of all ages to join in the fun. While the crowd may
laugh at the antics of calf dressing, the competitors are
deadly serious - and theyre in it to win!

50 June 2014

So join the NPRA today!

Qualifications for membership: Full time or
retired firefighter, active or retired police officer,
active or retired reserve officer, and active or retired
military with dd214. The immediate family of any
qualified member can join as secondary members
(spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandchildren).
The spouse and children of secondary members are
also eligible to join.

Dont meet those requirements? You can
still join! We are now accepting associate member
applications. As an associate member you will be
competing in your own prize pool separate from that
of our general NPRA members. So we invite you ALL
to join in our rodeo fun!

by Mike Mastro, President/CEO

Firefighters First Credit Union

hen you own a home, theres always

something to paint, fix, buy or redo. The nice thing is, by improving your home you enjoy your home more and
increase the equity in your home at the same
time. Home equity can be the biggest asset in
many peoples portfolio and savvy homeowners know the value of working to build it up.

Home equity is defined as the value
in your home minus the mortgage balance.
Homeowners begin to build equity in their
home in many ways. Equity starts with the
down payment during the purchase and increases with the amount applied toward the
principal each month. The equity in your home
may also increase or decrease as the market
value changes. As home prices go up, so does
the equity. Home improvements can be a smart
way to gain equity in your home. Some of the
renovations to consider that bring the greatest
return on investment are projects such as: replacing your entry door, adding a wooden deck,
converting attic space into an extra bedroom,
replacing your old garage door, remodeling
your kitchen, or updating rooms. And when it
comes to financing those home improvements,
you have lots of options.
A Home Equity Loan is good if you know the
total amount of money needed to complete the
project. You can lock in a very competitive rate,
and you may be able to write off your interest
payments at tax time (consult your tax advisor
to be sure). A Home Equity Loan allows you to
borrow a set amount of your equity in one lump
sum, paid back in installments over an agreed
term. For instance, if you have $100,000 in equity in your home, your lender may allow 80%
to be borrowed. You would then take the entire
amount out as one loan and make monthly loan
payments over a set period.
A Home Equity Line of Credit is a smart way
to go if you want to keep your options open.
You can borrow enough to pay for a new kitch-

en right now, and then draw on your line later

for other expenses. You pay only on what you
borrow, with a low variable rate. This revolving
access makes a HELOC a perfect safety net for
emergencies and for large recurring expenses
like medical bills or college tuition. Because
the loan is secured against the house, the interest rate is lower than traditional loans or credit
cards. This type of loan may also be tax deductible (consult your tax advisory).

Home remodeling projects are an ongoing part of home ownership. So when your
wish list exceeds your budget, you can access
your homes equity to help get the resources
you need to make the improvements you want.
Remember, not every home improvement project requires tapping into your homes equity .
. . simple maintenance and attention to detail
can add to your curb appeal and improve your
homes value. Consider these low-cost improvement ideas:
1. Mow and edge the lawn
2. Clean all of your windows and gutters
3. Trim your bushes
Weed around your landscaping, and put
down fresh mulch
5. Put away bikes, toys, tools and other clutter
Make sure your front door is clean and
7. Put a nice pot of flowers on the front porch
8. Touch up any peeling paint on doors, siding or trim
Make sure outside lights and doorbells
10. Put a nice lamp by a front window for a
soft night-time glow

Whether you need to make some big
changes or just need a little extra money for
small improvements, Firefighters First Credit
Union can help you find the cash you need. Our
programs include: 2.99% APR* HELOC loans,

options for up to 90% Loan to Value, no annual

fee, no closing costs, and no minimum advance
requirements. We make home improvement
wishes become home improvement accomplishments.

Go online at www.firefightersfirstcu.
org, stop by one of our local offices, or call one
of our mortgage experts at (800) 231-1626, to
learn more about which loan makes most sense
for your home improvement needs. If youre
looking to get into a new home instead, ask us
about our home purchase program with as little
as 3% down.
The more business we do together as a Fire
Family, the greater the financial reward will be
for all members!
Have a safe month!

Mike Mastro
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate shown as of 5/1/14 is subject to
change without notice and is available for qualified buyers only. The
actual interest rate offered is based on your credit history, product, loan
term and the percentage of remaining equity in your home. Adequate
homeowners insurance is required. Home Equity Line of Credit has
an introductory rate valid for 6 months. The maximum APR for this
loan is 16.00%. No annual fee, no closing fees, or minimum advance
requirements. Participation in any real estate program will not be confirmed until the completed application has been submitted to the Credit
Union. All requests will be processed and must meet Firefighters Firsts
underwriting guidelines. Funding is subject to credit approval and verification of employment, equity, and all other related file documentation
necessary to qualify applicant(s). Early closure fee of $500 applies if
closed within first three years. Offer is limited to AZ, CA, CO, ID,
MT, NV, OR, UT, and WA. For additional details, please contact the
Credit Union.
Firefighters First Credit Union is an Equal Housing and Equal Opportunity Lender.
Funds on deposit at Firefighters First Credit Union are insured up to
$500,000 per account by American Share Insurance. This institution
is not federally insured, and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money.
Accounts with this institution are not insured by any state government.

June 2014 51

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - The Tragic Cugees Restaurant Fire

anuary of 1981 turned out to be a very sad

time for the LAFD and our extended family with the loss of Apparatus Operator
Tom Taylor. It is hard to believe that was 33
years ago because the incident is still etched in
the minds of those who were there and those
who were on the job at the time - of course the
Taylor family.

It was shortly after 3:30 a.m. when
the members of FS 60 in North Hollywood
were awakened by a person reporting a fire at
Cugees restaurant at Lankershim and Weddington. OCD dispatched Task Forces 60 and 102,
Engine 86, Squad 39 and Battalion 14. Upon
arrival Firefighters encountered heavy smoke
but little flame as Truck 60 raised the aerial to
the roof and the engine laid lines to the fire.

Access to the roof was complicated
by the faade which extended well above it. A
roof ladder was brought up so that the ventilation team could get down onto the roof. The
roof seemed solid as the team proceeded testing as they went to a point where Tom Taylor
began opening up with a chain saw. Tom was
starting his second cut when at 3:46 a.m. the
roof suddenly separated from the north wall
and collapsed. Captain Mike Reagan and Firefighter Burton Sander made it through thick
smoke to the roof ladder, climbed over the
parapet and hung there as firefighters rushed
to get a ladder to them. Battalion 14 Aide Ron
Leydecker and Firefighter Tom Shrout from
Engine 60 quickly climbed up the aerial ladder. Leydecker helped Firefighter Coleman
Lawson onto the aerial, while Shrout reached
for Taylor who had slid down the slope of the
collapsed roof. Straddling the rail of the aerial
ladder with his foot, Shrout reached down to
grasp Taylors outstretched hand. Their hands
touched several times, but neither man could
get a sufficient grip for Shrout to pull Taylor
out. Seconds later Taylor fell into the fire and
was killed.

Captain Reagan, his hands burned
and his turnouts smoldering from the flames
was forced to release his grip on the parapet
and fell to the sidewalk. Firefighter Sander
also fell and became entangled in the ladder
being raised to save him. As they were being
treated for their injuries, the south side of the
restaurant faade fell outward sending bricks
and debris onto the firefighters. Captain Rea-

52 June 2014

gan suffered burns to both hands and other injuries, Firefighter Sander a fractured left arm,
Firefighter Lawson smoke inhalation, and Firefighter Garry Ingham of Squad 39 a fractured

The tragic fire was an arson for fraud
caused fire and a large number of LAFD Arson
and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) investigators worked together to solve the crime
and arrest those who were found guilty of arson
and homicide.

Firefighters from all over Southern
California, police officers, family and friends
filled St. Davids Episcopal Church in North
Hollywood to overflow - nearly 1,000 people
attended the memorial services.

Next to home and family, the Fire
Department was his first love. For him it was
more than a job or a career, it was a way of
life. He gave his life while doing what he did
best, commented Department Chaplain James
Dayen during the services.

Courage is that quality that makes
the human spirit noble. Each and every day in
cities throughout our country, firefighters are
demonstrating that nobility, stated Fire Chief
John Gerard. Its the nature of our work to risk
our lives and everyone in this Department is
willing to take that risk one more time, added
the Chief.

A dramatic photo by Mike Meadows showing Reagan

and Sanders hanging on the parapet while Leydecker
helped Lawson onto the ladder. You can see Shrouts
hand reaching down for A/O Tom Taylor.

Firefighters in the street

just after the ladder fell.

Injured Firefighter being taken

to an ambulance by an LAFD
Chief and a LAPD Officer.

The LAFD members burned at this
incident were treated by famed physician Dr.
A. Richard Grossman at the Grossman Burn
Center in Sherman Oaks. I remember visiting
some of our firefighters at the Burn Center and
meeting Dr. Grossman, who provided the specialized treatment and psychological care to
help them survive and heal their wounds. Dr.
Grossman treated countless numbers of firefighters and civilian burn victims during his
many years of dedicated work.
GROSSMAN 1933 2014

Dr. A. Richard Grossman, the renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon who
four decades ago pioneered the comprehensive
care of burn patients in Sherman Oaks and established what became the nations largest private burn treatment center, died at the age of
81. On April 13th, a public tribute commemorating his lifes work was held at our Los Angeles Fire Museum & Memorial in Hollywood
and coordinated by the Grossman Burn Center
and The Los Angeles Fire Department. More
than 300 people heard presentations from Fire
Chiefs including LAFD Chief Jim Featherstone, burn survivors, and his sons Peter and
Jeffrey. The members of Fire Station 65 and
LAFDHS President Jim Finn presented his
sons with an inscribed paver that will be placed
in the Memorial Plaza honoring Dr. Grossman.

Dr. G as patients and colleagues
called him, traced his fierce dedication to burn
victims to a 1958 fire that trapped students
inside a parochial school in Chicago. He was
an emergency room doctor at the citys Cook
County Hospital. He was quoted in 1992 saying: I had to count 93 children, all suffocated
and burned to death. The catastrophe indelibly
stayed in my mind. The experience had a profound effect on Dr. Grossman and was a driving force behind his vision to create a world
class comprehensive burn treatment facility.
Dr. Grossmans philosophy was not just to ensure survival, but to restore patients to as close
to their pre-injury condition as fully possible
functionally, emotionally and cosmetically.

Dr. Grossman moved to Los Angeles
and set about to achieve that vision. In 1969, he
convinced Sherman Oaks Community Hospital to devote two beds exclusively to burn care.
By 1978, the Burn Center had expanded into
a free-standing, 30 bed specialty unit that was
considered one of the largest and most comprehensive burn centers in the world. In 1995, he
expanded the Burn Center to Anaheim. That
same year, Dr. Grossman was joined in practice
by his son, Dr. Peter H. Grossman. In 2009, the
Grossman team opened another center in Bakersfield. In 2010, Grossman Burn Centers
flag ship program moved to West Hills Hospital
& Medical Center to a state of the art facility
aptly named The A. Richard Grossman Burn
Center. Together, father and son and the out-

standing team of health

care professionals have
restored the lives of
literally thousands of
burn survivors. Dr.
Grossmans great legacy will thankfully live
on through his son Dr.
Peter Grossman.

Many of Dr.
attended the ceremony
including retired Battalion Chief Mike Reagan, a survivor of the
Cugees Restaurant Fire.


Throughout the history of the LAFD,
the Department has been a leader in innovations, developing new procedures, organizations, equipment, etc. The following is a short
list of some of those Firsts on the LAFD and
in the Fire Service:
First Ordinance as a paid Fire Department 1886 Hay Storage
Demolition Squad established to create
structural fire breaks 1920s
Use of an airplane to observe brush fires
a hose laying
tractor for
brush fires
water and
drop from
aircraft for
brush fires
to hire a full
time Chemist Early

the Junior Fire Program 1930s

Implemented a Civil Defense program
and trained volunteer fire brigades during
the 1940s World War II
Developed house to house fire prevention
inspections for family dwellings 1950
LAFD Engineer invented the Blake four
way valve
First major city rated as Class 1 in 1946
by the NFPA, then again in 1963.
(More LAFD Firsts in the next Grapevine

June 2014 53




We opened our
Museum doors almost 13 years ago
and thankfully we
still have most of
our original dedicated volunteers
making sure that
we are holding
to our mission to
preserve the history of the LAFD,
to educate people
on our history,
and to memorialize our members who made the
ultimate sacrifice. Our current volunteer average age is now past 65 years and we need more
people of all ages willing to help us keep going.
Active LAFD members and retired members
number in the thousands. We have no more
than 45 total volunteers working at our Hollywood and Harbor Fire Museums, and on the
Ralph J. Scott fireboat. And they are not all
LAFD members or family. It has been amazing
to look back and see what a few people have
accomplished, but looking forward is troubling. Can we keep going? Not without more
help. I hope we will not have to close our doors
in the future. What a shock to the thousands
of people who appreciate our museums, the
Fallen Firefighters Memorial and the work being done to preserve the historic fireboat. There
is no other Fire Department Historical Society
with such a major program in the country. Our

Calendar for June 2014

54 June 2014

great department has been around for 128 years

and will continue as long as there is a city of
Los Angeles. LAFD members have served the
city in an outstanding way for over a century
and now we need you to continue to serve as a
volunteer, to give back to your fellow members
and families and to those who appreciate our
great department and its history. You may be
asking yourself what can I do to help? We
have jobs for everyone. Too many to list all
of them but some include being a docent, archiving and research, repairs and maintenance,
restoration, construction, apparatus and equipment, education, working our events, publishing, photography, office help, public relations
and many more.

I remember when we started as an
organization in 1998 and the enthusiasm that
was there to make things happen. We had fire
station members come to the museum after
work to help get things ready to open our doors.
What happened with that commitment and desire we once had? Have things really changed
that much so that could not happen again?

Can you active and retired members
find a couple of days a year to help? Can some
of you devote even more time than that? If we
had 3,500 members volunteer one day a year
we could have 10 people at our museums and
on the fireboat 365 days a year. Just think what
we could do!!

paver purchases, donations for the restoration

of the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat and general or
specified donations to our apparatus fund as an

I cant make this appeal any clearer.
Do you want to support your history, your fellow firefighters, the history of our great department - or let what has been accomplished in
almost 16 years just fade away as a sad part of
LAFD history?

Contact us by phone (323) 464 2727,
email:, or through the internet at or even by mail. You
can even call me at (310) 251 0732 to join us.


We have 29 regular volunteers who
volunteer periodically at the Hollywood Museum, the Harbor Museum and on the Ralph J.
Scott Fireboat. The average age of our volunteers is 67 years old. The oldest is 93 and the
youngest is 31. Almost all of these great people
started when we first opened in 2001 and they
are still there working because they enjoy giving back and believe in our cause.

We need new
volunteers and financial support. Those of
you who are members
through your annual
membership dues provide the basic funds to
keep us operational.
The LAFD Historical Society has 2,500
members both active
and retired LAFD and
people outside the
LAFD. That is a good
number, but small
compared to the potential total number of active and retired LAFD
members alone. That
would be about 7,000.
We survive on donations from memberships, from Memorial

If you want to build a ship, dont drum up the

women and men to gather wood, divide the
work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to
yearn for the vast and endless sea. --Antoine
de Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands


I leave you with some quotes on volunteerism to maybe help you make a decision:

The road to success is not crowded. Because
while most are looking for ways to take, the
truly successful people are finding ways to
give. With a giving attitude, every situation is
an opportunity for success.
Volunteers are not paid; not because they are
worthless, but because they are PRICELESS!
You make a living by what you get, but you
make a life by what you give.
-- Winston Churchill

I dont know what your destiny will be, but

one thing I do know: The only ones among
you who will be really happy are those who
have sought and found how to serve.
--Albert Schweitzer

Our Annual Retired Member Luncheon will be held on Thursday, June 19th at
the Hollywood Fire Museum at Old FS 27.
All retired LAFD members and their family
members are invited. Join your friends for good
food, a raffle, some great stories from yesteryear and a tour of the Museum & Memorial.
Retired LAFD members at last years
luncheon in the Dorm at Old FS 27.
Photo by Robert Gladden


April 2, 2014
President Juan Albarran called the meeting
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to order at

seconded. There was no further discussion or

Motion carried to ratify and dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the Board of
Trustees held March 5, 2014.



Juan Albarran, President
Robert Steinbacher, Vice President
Trustee James Coburn
Trustee Steven Domanski
Trustee Jeff Cawdrey
Trustee Tyler Tomich
Trustee Chris Stine
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Chris Hart
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee Doak Smith
Trustee Steve Tufts
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee Mark Akahoshi
Trustee David Lowe Pension
Trustee Barry Hedberg Pension
Todd Layfer - Executive Director

1) Juan Albarran mentioned that he had a

chance to visit a couple of members with
health issues. He expressed to the members
that the Relief Association would be there for
their needs.

Trustee Tim Larson Pension (Excused)
Trustee Gene Bednarchik (Excused)
Trustee Francisco Hernandez (Excused)
Trustee David Ortiz (Excused)
Trustee Steve Berkery (Excused)
Trustee Craig White (Excused)
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary (Excused)
Bob Olsen, L.A. Retired Fire & Police
Lee Kebler, L.A. Retired Fire & Police
Tom Stires, Retired

INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Rick Godinez led the invocation. Mark
Akahoshi led the flag salute.
Juan Albarran entertained a motion to ratify
and dispense with the reading of the minutes
of the Board of Trustees meeting held March 5,
2014. David Lowe so moved. Barry Hedberg

2) Todd Layfer reported that Liz Denison

will be on site beginning Monday April 7th
and will attend the April 16th Administrative
Committee meeting. He stated that she will
discuss the FRITS conversion status and will
be available to answer any questions.
3) Todd Layfer again mentioned that there will
be staff training from April 21st through April
23rd and indicated that the LAFRA office will
be closed from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon each
day of training.


4) Todd Layfer reported that they have

completed the annual HIPAA training for the
LAFRA staff.

1) Bob Steinbacher confirmed the attendance

of Trustees attending the upcoming
conferences. He also asked that they check
their emails for hotel confirmations.

5) Todd Layfer reported that the Audit

Committee will meet on April 24th with the
Harrington Group Auditors to discuss the
2013 audit.



1) Steve Domanski reported that on April 3rd,

the Building Committee will have a meeting
and then meet with the contractors to discuss
their cost estimates for the 7470 building. He
also mentioned that they will talk with the
last tenant. The discussion will be about when
they plan to vacate the building.
Todd Layfer reported that they received
a return of their capital contribution from
BRAVO in the amount of $895,411.65. He
stated that this is a private equity holding that is
part of the LAFRA portfolio. Steve Domanski
mentioned that they will soon meet with Garth
Flint to reprioritize the investments.
1) Todd Layfer reported that they have been
approached by Magic Mountain to determine if
LAFRA will participate with this years event.
He reported that it was the Administrative
Committees decision to not participate in
this years event due to lack of ticket sales
and advertisement costs. He stated that they
have considered asking the Firefighters First
Credit Union to take over the event.

Jeff Cawdrey presented the following motions.

The committee recommends and I so move
to pay the usual and customary bills in
the amount of $948,816.81. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount of $948,816.81.
The committee recommends and I so move
to pay the professional fees in the amount
of $110,485.48. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the professional fees
in the amount of $110,485.48.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve up to $1,000 to send two members
to represent LAFRA at the two Boston
firefighters funerals. There was no discussion
or objections.
Motion carried to approve up to $1,000 to
send two members to represent LAFRA at the
two Boston firefighters funerals.

June 2014 55

The committee recommends and I so move to

purchase a tee sign up to $100 for the LAFD
Sertoma Club Charity Golf Tournament.
There was no discussion or objections.


Motion carried to purchase a tee sign up to

$100 for the LAFD Sertoma Club Charity
Golf Tournament.

The committee recommends and I so move

to accept the donations in the amount of
$3,282.82 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund. There was no discussion or

The committee recommends and I so move

to purchase a table of ten for the Firefighter
of the Year Luncheon at $350. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to purchase a table of ten for
the Firefighter of the Year Luncheon at $350.

James Coburn




Motion carried to accept the donations in the

amount of $3,282.82 to the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund.

David Peters presented the following motion.

The committee recommends and I so move to

approve the financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and retired
members. There was no discussion or

The committee recommends and I so move to

accept the applications to the Medical Plan.
There was no discussion and no objections.

Motion carried to approve the financial

assistance applications for surviving spouses,
active and retired members.

Motion carried to accept all applications to

the Medical Plan.




James Coburn presented the following motion.
The committee recommends and I so move to
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of
The Life & Accident Death benefit in the
amount of $12,000,
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the above Relief
James Coburn read the names of members
who recently passed and asked for a moment
of silence from the Board.
Theodore Roth
Carroll Hopkins
Stanley W. Marriott

56 June 2014

James Coburn presented the following motion.

The committee recommends and I so move
to approve the emergency advancement
applications for active and retired members.
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the emergency
advancement applications for active and
retired members.
Chris Hart reported on the Grapevine website
and mentioned that the Pechanga LAFRA
Reunion has been posted and contains all
the event information. He also mentioned
that they plan to expand on Open Enrollment
information. He stated that they are trying
to encourage members to write for Battalion
Jim Dolan mentioned that he had an issue
placing a members obituary in the L.A.
Times. He indicated that they no longer use
the L.A. Times because of the timeliness of
notifications and too many obstacles.

David Lowe mentioned that the time is coming

to submit any changes if any for the By-laws.
Rick Godinez reported that the submission
period for applications was now closed and
mentioned that there were some incomplete
submissions. He stated that the exam day will
be April 12th.
1) Dads & Kids Event April 4th 6th
2) Scholarship Program Essay April 12th
3) Firefighter of the Year April 16th
4) LAFRA Staff Training April 21st 23rd
5) SIIA Conference April 23rd 24th
6) Corbin Bowl April 27th
7) Lane Kemper Softball Tournament May 14th
8) LAFRA Reunion Pechanga
May 19th 23rd
9) Hope for Firefighters June 5th
10) Get Together Foundation Concert
July 3rd
11) World Fire Games August 15th 24th

1) Jon Holtby March 5th Braemar
Country Club
2) Jon Balich March 8th The Overland
3) Greg Gibson March 11th
Odyssey Restaurant
4) Lloyd Fukuda March 27th
San Antonio Winery
5) Keith Young March 29th LAX Marriott
6) James Herbert Johnston April 24th
Bel Air Bay Club
Juan Albarran entertained a motion to adjourn.
Doak Smith moved. David Lowe seconded.
There was no discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
Trustees meeting adjourned at 10:43 a.m.
Juan Albarran, President




YACHT. Fully loaded, immaculate
inside and out! No slideouts. 8.1L
Vortec gasoline engine. 45,500 miles.
Alison Transmission. 4000 lb. towbar
with Brake Buddy. Includes Onan
Generator. 2 A/C - Heaters. Oak
cabinetry with Corian countertops.
Fridge/Freezer, micro-wave, 3 burner
stove/oven. 2 TVs. Winterized. Twin
XL beds. Sleeps 4.$38,500.00 obo.
Contact: Larry (I Swear I Didnt Work
On it!) Jarvis - 661-212-1154
35.6, 1 1/4 BA, 4 bunks, master, 2
dinettes, big screen TV, fireplace,
4 slideouts, fridge, convection
microwave, surround sound, forced
air-heat, water heater, ceiling fan,
spot for washer/dryer, 5.5K generator
(Onan). Will sell truck if needed. (310)
SS454 pick-up from hell runs perfect. Needs some TLC. Best offer!
1979 VW Convert last year ever
made white/white/white. 780 miles
on engine. New tires on polished
porsche wheels. Best offer over
$5500. Stored inside in Palmdale.
Call Monty Majesky - retired LAFD
anytime (661) 265-6557

Eagle Point, Oregon, 2008 custom
home, 2783 sf., 3 BD 2 BA, two story.
Birch floors, island kitchen, oversized
garage (724 sf), gas fireplace. Quiet
cul-de-sac within walking distance
to restaurants, shops, fitness club
and walking trail around golf course.
$306,000. or call (541) 772-3790.
SHOP has everything - tools, books,
inventory, 2 lifts, two 20 ft containers,
tire machine - way too much to list.
Plus small 2 bedroom house all on
half acre corner lot, ready to move in
and start working. Hwy 395, Independence CA. LAFD Widow. (760) 8782269. Shown by appointment only.
Great deal at $220,000 cash.
International Living $170.000
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, South Pacific,
Lagos de la Cumbia Resort, beautiful
SFH, 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, fully
furnished vacation pool home. Access
to 20-horses stable, and tennis court.

Between SAME and SUA beaches

this home is a gem. For more details
contact: Hilda Rendon (714) 5866729
sq ft home overlooking the wind river
located in the gifford pinchot national
forest north of carson, washington.
- 2 story 3 b/r, 3 bath with storage
building. $300k call 360/696-1592 for
details & photos.
GREAT HOME in gated neighborhood on Lake Hartwell, South Carolina. Located in a gated neighborhood, has a dock in place on deep
water. Home features five bedrooms
and five bathrooms with master on
main. Kitchen has granite countertops
and stainless steel appliances. There
are two decks on that is screened in.
There is an additional 2300 square
feet in basement partially finished.
Easy walk to lake. $649,900. 105
Chapelwood Drive, Anderson, South

LOG HOME, 11601 Klamath Rv.

Rd, Yreka,CA 96097. 5 3/4 ac. 651
river frontage + adj. 10 ac. gold claim.
The finest property on the river; 18 mi
from Yreka CA, 35 mi. to Ashland OR;
In the Siskiyou Nat. forest. Property
has changed family name twice since
1949. You could be the lucky third.
Year around fishing, hunting, rafting.
We built home in 1995: 2190 SF,
meticulously hand crafted/extensive
custom work every place you look.
14-16 log walls. 2 br/2ba/+ 3/4ba.
Huge loft. 5 beds,4 desks,2 ba,
kitchen, all matching oak, made by a
master craftsman. 4 1/2 mahogany
door and window moulding, hand
carved with flowers and humming
birds; Baseboards, flowers and quail.
Unique wood floor & forest green w/
18 raspberry border carpet. Chimney
sweep controls at fire place. KitchenGranite, Jenn-air convection, lights in
cupboards. 12x48 front porch, Back
porch W/step- in Lg Hot tub. 42x48
drive- in basement with 10 hi walls
insulated on both sides & 3/4 ba. So
many more amenities & equipment
inside & out It would require two
columns. Will E-mail extensive list &
photos upon request. $420,000 . Gail
McMillan, LAFD retired.
NEW HOME IN SOUTHERN OREGON. 2014 custom home, 2,000
sf, 3 BD 2 BA one story home on
cul-de-sac. Redwood 3 1/4 sanded
finish floors, 9 ceilings, shed vault
in living and dining rooms, island
kitchen, granit counter tops, stainless
steel appliances, pantry gas fireplace,
and utility room. Beautiful views in

Medford, Oregon. $329,900. or
call (541) 772-3790.
HOME for sale. 3 large 3 BD, 2.5 BA,
living, dining, family rooms. 2 fireplaces, remodeled modern kitchen,
landscaped. Generator wired to home
system. 2-car garage. Adorable home
on Nob Hill. Diane Nottingham, agent,
Lic#01262640. (909) 841-8948/ (909)
867-2853. Close to skiing - $259,000

1 mile from central park. New
everything including kitchen appliances and granite tops. RV parking
in driveway up to 35 feet. Accept
pet with deposit. Dog run and dog
door to house. Very large, shaded
front porch and nice back yard. Call
Shawn Rudolph (818) 730-3153.
Work LAFD 98-B. House was completely remodeled in Oct/2013. 4 bed
2 bath. $2350 per month.

WILLAHAN (LAFD wife) for any real
estate needs. Donation to fire-related
organizations and/or help with some
escrow fees with every closed sale!
Specializing in Orange County, parts
of Los Angeles/Riverside Counties.
Lender information available. Century
21 Award, BRE #00966984. (949)
Termite & Pest Control - ECOLA
Ecological Solutions. Smart choices,
simple solutions. Problem solved.
Call for FREE termite estimate or
pest quotes over the phone - escrow
and inspections excluded. Fireman
wife Sue Fries - Termite Lady. (818)
BUSY BEAVER TREE AND LANDSCAPE. Tree trimming and removal,
stumpgrinding, and firewood sales.
Mixed firewood, eucalyptus and oak.
Delivery available or pick up. Licensed and insured. Dwayne Kastor,
FS 63-B - (818) 535-6368.
DEALER - DOJRS background
checks, FFL transfers, handgun
safety certificate, consignment sales,
gun registration and personal transfers. Personal firearms instructor,
tactical casualty management and
gunsmithing. All handguns and long
guns must be listed on the California
DOJ for sale roster. Call Bill Evans active LAFD (714) 330-9825 email:


Clinical Psychologist Dr. Susan Purrington specializes in anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, eating disorders, spiritual or personal growth,
marital conflict, family of origin issues.
Find a supportive and confidential
place for healing and growth. Located
in Old Towne Orange. Questions or
consultation: (949)648-7875
- Free estimates, residential, commercial. Great rates for LAFD and
LAPD. Toll free (877) 891-1414, (661)
298-3070, FAX (661) 298-3069. State
License No. 527114
us when a loved one passes, moves
to a nursing facility or downsizes. Our
professional staff can handle every
aspect of estate liquidation. We have
worked with many fire families and
are here to help. Rebecca Martin,
LAFD wife (818) 216-3637 www.
INC. A complete landscape service
A-Z. Sod irrigation / stamped concrete
/ driveways / patio cover / low voltage
lighting / artificial turf / rockscapes /
walls. FREE landscape design. Free
estimates. Serving all Southern CA.
Eric Mendoza 96-B (760) 221-1912.
Call or text. CA Lic # 807078. Bonded
& insured
& ROCK YARD. All your landscape
materials @ wholesale prices. Trees
/ plants / decorative rock / boulders /
firewood / sod / artificial turf. Delivery
available. Located in Victorville CA.
(760) 243-9500
com Your 1 stop shop!
& SERVICE. Garage doors and openers. Need to replace your broken
springs? or does your door need
repair, even replaced? We do it all
from new product to repairing old. Call
(661) 860-4563 Grassroots Garage
Doors, Inc. Lic# 950020. Son of 35
year veteran fireman.
COUNSELING. Licensed therapist
Cathy Chambliss helps couples and
individuals work through conflicts
in relationships, stress, anxiety,
affairs, communication issues, and
divorce. All counseling is confidential.
Insurance taken. Call Cathy at (310)
303-9132. Office located in Hermosa
REAL ESTATE SERVICES. Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark,
Simi Valley, Camarillo, Ventura and
the San Fernando Valley. Homes,
lots, commercial and investment
properties. Over 20 years experience.

June 2014 57

Please call me with your real estate

questions and also request your activity reports for your area. Mike Rhodes
- Prudential California Realty. Realtor
- BRE License 0177388. LAFD
retired. Cell (805) 501-6044. Email:

front view, 1 bedroom, 1 1/4 bath,

living room, sofa bed, outdoor patio
ocean front view. Morro Bay/ Hearst
Castle, Central California Area. Steps
to beach and fishing pier. Nearby public golf & tennis. Weekly or monthly.
Contact Sondra (818) 985-9066.


Dont lose thousands of dollars during
your professional career to taxes!
prepare your tax return. We specialize
in tax preparation and financial planning for firefighters. We offer a FREE
REVIEW of your last three years of
tax returns. Call us today at (800)
573-4829 or visit us at


cabin with Carson Peak view. Close
to fishing & skiing. Furnished, wood
deck, equipped kitchen, wood burning
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/phone.
Garage/ample parking. $95/night
plus cleaning fee. Email for pictures.
Jeff Easton 93-A (805) 217-5602.


replacement windows & Patio doors. I
also carry aluminum, wood and entry
door systems. Rick Brandelli, Capt.
LACoFD, FS 8-C (800) 667-6676.

BIG BEAR CABIN - All season,
restful views from decks. Two story,
sleeps 6, half mile to lake, two plus
miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood,
cable TV/DVD/VCR. Full kitchen,
completely furnished except linens.
Pets ok. $95/$105 (two day minimum). $550/$600 a week, Beep or
Donna Schaffer 1+(760) 723-1475.
BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom, 2
bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8. About 6
miles from ski slopes & lake. Fireplace/
wood, cable, full kitchen - furnished.
$100 per night M - Th. $110 per night
F-Sun. Weekly available. Sheri (909)
851-1094 or (760) 948-2844.
lakeside townhouse, 2 bedrooms,
3 baths, 2 cable TVs, HBO, DVD,
WiFi, 2 wood burning fireplaces,
laundry room, tennis court, indoor
pool, sauna, spa, boat dock. Fully
equipped, including all linens. Sleeps
6. 310-541-8311 or email:
BIG BEAR CABIN - Sugarloaf - Cozy
upgraded 2 bedroom cabin. Sleeps
8. Fireplace, deck, Wifi - internet and
cable TV. On a large lot with sled hill.
Fully furnished except linens. $125
Winter $100 summer. Details and
availability, Call/text/email Jessica
(949) 874-5294
COTTAGE - 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one
block to beach, view, fully equipped
housekeeping unit. Marci (818) 3476783 or Clarence (310) 510-2721.
BEACH CONDO. 180-degree ocean

58 June 2014


CABIN. Charming 2-story with creek,
large deck, two baths, complete kitchen, TV/VCR/DVD, fireplace, washer
& dryer. Walk to Blue Jay Village.
Sleeps 8. $90/night. NO PETS! Bruce
or Sue Froude, (805) 498-8542.
LAKE HAVASU LANDING-Waterfront, steps to the water. Boat mooring out front, off-road desert behind
house. 3 bed/3 bath, fully furnished w/
linens. Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Casino,
Grocery/Meat Market, Launch Ramp,
Marina with Boat House, Gated Community. No pets/smoking. $350 Dan
Cook 310 418 1577.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft.
Fully furnished with all amenitiesLaundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3
car boat-deep garage. 3 miles from
launch ramp. Close to downtown
shops & restaurants. View of the lake.
Quiet street in good neighborhood.
No pets. No smoking. Snowbird rates.
Call Mike (661) 510-6246
gated community. 3 bedroom, 2 1/2
bath, large loft. 3minute drive to main
marina in Oak Shores. Large flat
driveway. Fully equipped kitchen,
BBQ, washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No
cable. No pets/smoking. $185/night.
3 night minimum. Call Ben (805)
MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit
condo, sleeps 6. Convenient underground garage parking. Jacuzzis,
gym (pool/tennis in summertime),
shuttle right outside! Across from
Eagle Lodge, Winter $110 per night,
Summer $80 per night plus $65
cleaning fee and 13% tax. All linens
included. Drew or Nancy Oliphant
(661) 513-2000 or email:
MAMMOTH CONDO. 1 Bed/ 1.25
Bath sierra manors condo. In town,
on shuttle route. Sleeps 4 easily. Pets
OK. Fully furnished with new furniture/
HDTV/WIFI Woodburning fireplace.
Hot Tub, sauna, W/D in complex. Reduced rates for FFs starting @100/nt

Ryan (310) 717 8483 for more info/

MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom, 2
bath, sleeps 6. Near Canyon Lodge.
Newly remodeled recreation room
with pool and spa. Laundy facilities,
condo has been beautifully remodeled. Photos available on website.
Winter - $300 per night, Summer
- $150 per night. $150 cleaning fee.
Call for holiday terms and pricing.
Joseph Angiuli (626) 497-5083.
2 bedroom & large loft, 3 full baths,
sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to Canyon
Lodge. Fully furnished, TVs, VCR/
DVD, pool, spa, rec room, sauna, linens included. Winter $175 weekdays,
$195-weekends/holidays; summer
$125, plus cleaning. No smoking; no
pets. Craig Yoder (909) 948-3659.
MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished, WIFI,
3 TVs, pool, spa, walk to shuttle, Old
Mammoth area. Winter $115, Summer $90, plus maid $126. Includes
linens. No pets, no smoking. Call
(310) 540-4648.
ESTATES, 4BR/3BA, sleeps 10, fully
furnished, 2 TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/
linens, fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
Gondola Village and shuttle. Complex
has pool, spa, sauna, laundry. Winter
$335/night, Summer $215/night, plus
cleaning. Includes city bed tax. No
pets, no smoking. Dory Jones (310)
918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran (310)
MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2
bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool,
jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept linens.
Near shuttle/chair 15. Winter $125/
night. Weekends and Holidays $110
midweek. Summer $95/night. $495/
week. No smoking. No pets. Jim
Johnson (818) 992-7564, FS 80C.
MAMMOTH CONDO rental. Large
2bed/2bath winterset condo. Fully furnished, across from Vons, on shuttle
route, easily sleeps 8. Hot tub, heated
pool, sauna, full size in unit W/D
HDTV/WiFi throughout, woodburning
fireplace, pets OK FIREFIGHTER
DISCOUNTS, rates from $150/night
Ryan @ (310) 717-8483
MAMMOTH CONDO - Sierra Manors
Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath. Fully
furnished except linens. 2 TVs/VCR/
DVD, stereo/CD. Dishwasher, microwave, sauna, jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter
$155/night, Summer $100/night, Plus
$80 cleaning fee and City Bed Tax.
Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD Retired
(805) 499-7752.
MAMMOTH LAKES - One bedroom,
extremely charming wildflower condo.

Full amenities, close to shuttle.

Antiques, art, satellite TV, fireplace.
Sleeps 4. Winter $110, Summer $85
plus cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark
(818) 371-6722
Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed, sleeps 4.
Full kitchen, TV, VCR, DVD. Garage
parking. Walk to Canyon Lodge. Ski
back wall. 2 night minimum. Winter
$100/nite, $126 Fri, Sat & Holidays.
Summer $50/nite. Plus $95 cleaning
& linens. Jeff & Lisa Moir. LAFD Air
Ops (661) 254-5788.
to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft sleeps
4. Queen beds, full kitchen, 2 baths,
garage parking, TV, VCR, DVD.
Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat
$115/nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non
smoking complex. Joel Parker, LAFD
email: or
(213) 399-6534.
entrance to Yosemite. 2 bedrooms, 1
bath, sleeps 6. Newly built. Complete
kitchen, washer & dryer, wi-fi, satellite
TV. Seasonal rates.
Call 888-977-1006
NAPILI BAY - 50 from water. Studios
and 1 bedroom. Luxury furnishings +
full kitchen. All the amenities! Mauis
best snorkeling/beach. All island
activities & Kapalua within 4 minutes.
5-day minimum, from $150 per night
(regularly $310/night). Call Sherrie or Bill for info/reservations (805)
530-0007 or email: pmimaui@aol.
com or visit:
GONDOLA VILLAGE Fully furnished, three bedroom, two bath with
towels and linens, newly remodeled
kitchen, internet and cable TV, pool
and Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola,
shops, restaurants and ski in on
the new comeback trail. Parking at
the front door. Winter: $250/night.
Summer $150/night. Holidays $300/
night. Cleaning is included. Call Mike
Whitehouse, Retired, 805-987-6122,
or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-6457448, email:
MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS. Centrally located on beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent swimming
and snorkeling; white sandy beach.
Minutes from golf, tennis, fishing,
shopping, airport and resort areas.
Marsha Smith or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800) 367-6084. www.
- Napili Bay. Beautiful furnished condo
that sleeps 4. Lanai/balcony, full
kitchen, king bed, flat screen TVs/

DVD, ACs free WiFi (internet),

complimentary maid service, complimentary coffee every morning
and breakfast on Fridays. Special
firefighters discount - Best value in
West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ area
- Close to beach! (800) 336-2185
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD (949)
Mujeres, Cozumel - Exclusive
member service and treatment.
Visit to view
various resorts and amenities.
Price is for one week, two persons,
any day travel and includes airport
transportation, massages and
two tours. Price varies by season.
John @ (626) 757-5341 or

PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath,

one level. New re-model, fully
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/
DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry,
Garage, Gated Community, two
(Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts).
Near College of the Desert. $175
Dan Cook 310 418 1577.
Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2
bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable
TV, washer/dryer, microwave,
woodburning stove. 7 minutes to
casinos and Heavenly. Located in
Tahoe Paradise. $105 per night
plus cleaning. Call Shawn or Rose
Agnew at (661) 250-9907 or (661)

class A 40 motorhome. Sleeps 8,
bunk beds, 4 slides, 4 TVs, fully
loaded. $270/day (with active/retired firefighter/police discount), includes cleaning fee and unlimited
miles. 3-day minimum, tow dolly
available. Get more, pay less. Call
Shawn, LAFD. (888) 540-4835.
Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot
Motor Homes, with Double Slide
Outs, Fully Loaded, Free Housekeeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount
Prices Starting at $150.00 to
$180.00 per night. Serving family

& friends of LAPD , LASD, IPD,

OXPD, OX Fire, LA CO., LA City,
Ski Clubs ask for our 25% off
weekly rental rates. Visit us at or call 661714-7689 or 661-297-2398. ALSO
bedroom 2 bath with pool tables &

12 DUMP TRAILER. $85/day.
Contact Gregg Avery, FS 98-A.
(805) 320-8311

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


Special pricing on any Chevrolet car

or truck (except Stingrays and SS) for
firefighters and family
John Hollywood HeinleFleet Manager

18211 Beach Blvd

Huntington Beach CA 92648
714-624-7555 /
Please call me direct for a no
hassle experience


#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20

consecutive years!

Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda /

Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports
For special pricing contact
Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing
15505 Roscoe Blvd
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

Auto Leasing & Fleet Sales Since 1989
Fastest Growing Dealer in the Nation
1400 W Main St, Alhambra CA 91801
Eddie WangFleet & Lease Mgr
626-300-4222 l 800-423-1114
---------------------------HAMER TOYOTA, INC.
Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra
Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara
11041 Sepulveda Blvd
Mission Hills CA
Ask for Steve DensonFleet Mgr
Specializing in hassle-free car buying

Honda - Sales and Leasing
Large Selection of Used Vehicles
6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood CA
Ask for Dave Erickson
323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187

June 2014 59

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

May 2014

PATRICIA A. BREWIS in memory my of

my husband Robert M. Brewis


and Ladder Event

ANITA P. MC KEOWN for the Hook and

Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

PROCEEDS from Hook and Ladder

Enduro 2014

RICHARD G. TUCKER for the Hook

and Ladder Event

JAMES D. MARTIN for the Hook and

Ladder Event

WADE A. WHITE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

KENNY H. BRADY in gratitude for 33

years with LAFD

ROBERT M. DEAN for the Hook and

Ladder Event

MATTHEW BORTEL for the Hook and

Ladder Event

MARK B. STAFFORD for the Hook and

Ladder Event


ROBERT W. MAC INNES for the Hook

and Ladder Event

RANDALL T. LAUR for the Hook and

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KATHLEEN RUNYEN for the Hook and

Ladder Event

JOSEPH D. FIELD for the Hook and

Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

BURDETTE CREATH in gratitude for

the DME

TODD P. PORTER for the Hook and

Ladder Event


PAULINE BANK in memory of

Joe Michell

SCOTT D. MITCHELL for the Hook and

Ladder Event
CRAIG L. WHITE for the Hook and
Ladder Event
BRUCE E. GALIEN for the Hook and
Ladder Event
PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in memory of my
husband Clay Stapel
SCOTT D. MITCHELL for the Hook and
Ladder Event

SHEILA R. MCKOWAN for the Hook

and Ladder Event
and Ladder Event
ALAN P. BARRIOS for the Hook and
Ladder Event

RHONDA PLETH in memory of

Carroll Hopkins
memory of my husband
Mike Brumbaugh

MICHELLE J. LOYA for the Hook and

Ladder Event
STEVEN G. RAVITZ for the Hook and
Ladder Event
RYAN TOLSON for the Hook and
Ladder Event

ROBERT D. SHRODE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

DEAN E. LANGE in memory of Jerry

Andrew, who was responsible for me
joining the LAFD

SUSANNE CULLEN for the Hook and

Ladder Event

DAVID A. ROWLEY III for the Hook

and Ladder Event

GARY K HOWARD for the Hook and

Ladder Event

MARK B. STAFFORD for the Hook and

Ladder Event

DONALD J. PAONE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

WADE A. WHITE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

JOHN FONES for the Hook and

Ladder Event

RYAN E. WALLACE for the Hook and

Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

DANIEL LEON in memory of William A.

Burnidge & Diane L. Madjid

JEFF WATERMAN for the Hook and

Ladder Event

BRETT TAYLOR for the Hook and

Ladder Event

KEVIN S. ELLEDGE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

GREGORY J. HOLLY for the Hook and

Ladder Event

GARY S. MAGA for the Hook and

Ladder Event

HENRY A. MUNOZ for the Hook and

Ladder Event

STACEY L. GRAHAM for the Hook and

Ladder Event


Hook and Ladder Event


and Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

ANGEL A. ALVAREZ for the Hook and

Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

DAVID W. STANLEY for the Hook and

Ladder Event

JAY P. FREEMAN for the Hook and

Ladder Event


for the Hook and Ladder Event

DOUGLAS K. WEBER for the Hook and

Ladder Event


Hook and Ladder Event

GEORGE G. TRUBEY for the Hook and

Ladder Event

Hook and Ladder Event

ROY E. PRINCE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

HARRY M. MORCK in memory of Erne

Lona, William Burnidge, Clarence
Staple, Wayne Butcher & Lyle W.
Marvin, Jr.

MARK A. SEITZ for the Hook and

Ladder Event

MARK A. SEITZ for the Hook and

Ladder Event

JUDITH A. TETER for the Hook and

Ladder Event


and Ladder Event

STEVE F. SUTLIFF for the Hook and

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NO. 26

DANE M. JACKSON for the Hook and

Ladder Event

JENI ELLEDGE for the Hook and

Ladder Event

GARY S. MAGA for the Hook and

Ladder Event

FIRE STATION NO. 114 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund

LYLE R. TAYLOR for the Hook and

Ladder Event



and Ladder Event
the Hook and Ladder Event
JUSTIN M. RADEN for the Hook and
Ladder Event
JILL MOODY in memory of my father
- Jerold Andrew, my mother - Betty Lou
Andrew & my brother - Scott Andrew


and Ladder Event
BRIAN J. LABRIE for the Hook and
Ladder Event
and Ladder Event
TIM B. VAN DUSEN for the Hook and
Ladder Event
BRIAN L. DAMERON for the Hook and
Ladder Event
JOHN D. TOHILL for the Hook and
Ladder Event
GREGORY M. PETERS for the Hook
and Ladder Event
GEOFFREY D. LITE for the Hook and
Ladder Event

60 June 2014

JOSEPH F. FOLEY for the Hook and

Ladder Event
FAITH M. HALL for the Hook and
Ladder Event
CRAIG L. WHITE for the Hook and
Ladder Event
and Ladder Event
MICHAEL V. RADEN for the Hook and
Ladder Event
KIM KIEDROWSKI for the Hook and
Ladder Event
Hook and Ladder Event

GEORGE G. TRUBEY for the Hook and

Ladder Event
SCOTT TAYLOR for the Hook and
Ladder Event
and Ladder Event

ENRIQUE C. DUQUE for the Hook and

Ladder Event


Left to right - H. H. Scarbrough, John J. Voll, Lieutenant Eddie Ricks, L. T. Szymanski (driver)
Originally known as the Sawtelle Fire Department, Engine Company No. 1. Shown here after annexation
to the City of Los Angeles, Engine Company No. 37 was located at 517 Santa Monica Boulevard.
Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection, courtesy of

June 2014 61

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

815 Colorado Blvd FL 4
Los Angeles CA 90041-1745