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Post No: A108 123

Position Title: Science Portfolio Advisor

Current Post Holder:

Reporting To: Science Portfolio Manager

Location: The Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road

Key Objectives:

1. To contribute to the development and implementation of strategic funding activities and
initiatives, working with key stakeholders as appropriate.

2. To work with Grants Management and others as required to assess, deliver and
manage funding schemes and initiatives.

Main duties:

The Science Portfolio Advisor will normally be part of a small team working flexibly on a
variety of tasks according to the agreed work plan for his/her department, including:

1. Involvement in strategic project work, as required. This will include:

• Keeping abreast of the relevant scientific field(s);
• Developing and implementing new initiatives;
• Liaising with internal and external stakeholders;
• The assessment, development and implementation of business strategies and
project management plans for new strategic partnerships or activities;
• Matrix working within and across Divisions to achieve strategic funding objectives;
• Monitoring project progress and outcomes.

2. Contributing to the assessment, delivery, and management of funding programmes,

• Matrix working with Grants Management and other departments to ensure
effective delivery of grant and fellowship applications;
• Liaising closely with Grants Management to ensure appropriate referee selection
and quality of information provided to Funding/Interview Committees;
• Working with Grants Management in preparing and providing feedback to grant
and fellowship applicants;
• Keeping abreast of the relevant funding policies;
• Ensuring familiarity with grant applications and key awards in area of
• Contributing to the evaluation of funding activities as required.

Contributing to committee activity. 6. briefings. Organizational relationships: Reporting to the Science Portfolio Manager or Head of Department. Organising and participating in ad hoc meetings. Preparing/drafting papers. including existing and potential Wellcome Trust grant holders and Fellows. Continual close liaison and collaboration with Grants Management staff and working with other Trust staff as appropriate January 2009 . providing and soliciting advice where required. 9. and mentoring. drafting minutes and acting as Committee Secretary as required. 7. 5. and site visits.3. 4. Participating in “cross-cutting” activity within and between Divisions as required. Developing and maintaining relationships with relevant academic and other communities. reports and other documentation as required. Undertaking any other duties that may be required from time to time. although working very closely with other staff in Science Funding on projects and cross-cutting activities as required. 8. preparing minutes/notes as required. including attendance at meetings. as required. Providing cover for others. including Frontiers Meetings.