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Lean for the Operating Room

2 day LeanAcademy
, Increase throughput
, Increase revenue
, Increase quality
, Reduce provider & patient waiting
, Reduce variability
find solutions that work
for your team

in cooperation with & provided by

2 day – Lean OR training & workshop
Without a doubt, Lean for Health Care has proven its effectiveness in many healthcare organizations. Over the past three years,
the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education and Stryker have partnered in Europe to deliver world class Lean
teaching and implementation. This unique approach is changing the way healthcare is delivered. With the new offering, Lean in
the OR in the United States, The University of Tennessee CEE and Stryker combine their areas of expertise to deliver a first class
executive educational opportunity that will provide profound knowledge of Lean OR processes. This program will offer a new way of
identifying solutions to challenges with which organizations are faced daily.

OR challenges originate from various sources. (e.g. physicians, nursing staff, technicians) and

Building effective and sustainable solutions routinely in-outbound units (e.g. ER, ICU, sterilization, patient
require the knowledge and participation of more ward, planning, management and controlling). This
than one professional group. Thus, this offering synergy creates Core teams which will begin building
is meant to include staff from all groups in the OR Lean OR solutions after 2 days of coursework.

Lean for operation rooms centers DAY 1* DAY 2*

around execution. Consequently, this Lean in the OR, history and Lean Tools 3 – Standard work
course alternates between teaching, overview
breakout groups, and OR simulation Lean OR simulation part 1 – Inital Lean Tools 4 – Rapid change
and solution solving sessions. It set-up, identification of issues over and fast track

combines UT’s first class executive Lean Tools 1 – Understanding Lean Tools 5 – Error proofing
education with Stryker’s the current state, Value Stream and problem solving
understanding of the OR needs and Mapping
requirements. The result is a powerful Lean Tools 2 – Setting up the Lean OR simulation part 3 –
and proven mix to enable your workplace and visualizing patient application of advanced lean
& material flow tools
cross-functional teams to immediately
change your OR processes upon Lean OR simulation part 2 – Collection & evaluation of
application of basic lean tools solutions to implement
completion of the training.
Brainstorming ideas to 30 days planning & feedback
* Draft agenda with reservations to change

Training has limited value without the PRIORIZATION 30 DAYS AUDIT

ability to execute a plan. Accordingly, L Number 1 2 ... 30
the participants from each hospital Finding Walking Waiting Defects
Priority LL MM ... HM
will work on a specific 30 day action

To do Spaghetti Workload ... Error

plan during class. balancing proofing
Assigned to HS ES ... SE
Exec. sponsor CNO CEO ... CMO
Then, once a plan is in place, % Complete ...
On time ...
hospitals are provided with an online
H Comments – – ... Urgent
audit by Stryker to ensure follow-up at High Medium No/Low L = Low complexity L = No/Low cost
COST M = Medium complexity M = Medium cost
the end of 30 days. H = High complexity H = High cost

Online auditing of 30 day action plan

provided by Stryker Lean HealthCare Solutions team

You can expect: Further information:

• Basic Lean OR training The University of Tennessee,
@ a glance

• 3 phases of an OR simulation Center of Executive Education

• Identifying solutions specific to Rhonda W. Barton
OR functions 603 Haslam Business Building
• Team building across professional groups Knoxville, TN, 37996
• 30 day action plan phone: 865/974-1626
• 30 day online audit mailto: