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Singing of Songs was first mentioned in the Bible when Moses and the people of

Israel after God led them through the sea. Ex. 15:1

The greatest musician known in the Bible; David was a man full of praise, worship

and adoration. No wonder, his kingship was the greatest in the history of Israel.

During his kingship, Israel had peace. From his infancy, he did great things with

music, for example playing music for bad spirits to leave King Saul. He also danced

marvellously before the Ark of God just in praise of his creator.

David’s son, King Solomon also took after the father and knew the importance of

music. As a result, he placed music very high and therefore employed music in all his

activities. He ensured that music is the medium of worship in the temple. When the

temple he built was being dedicated, he inaugurated a choir to provide music for the

dedication of the Temple. The music sang that day caused the glory of God to fall in

the temple.

During the time of David and Solomon, instruments were used extensively. Many

people think that since no mentioned was made about the use of instruments in the

New Testament it is not good to use instruments in praising God.

The Holy Spirit works in a dynamic way that is why the gentiles also received the

Holy Spirit otherwise, the Holy Spirit may be ascribed only to the Jews. In the same

way, when instruments are not mentioned in the New Testament, it does not behoved

that it must not be used. In Amos 9: 11 God said He will restore the period of David

back. The temple of David was full of music and instruments which pleased God and

caused Him to act swiftly immediately. Music as we will see in this book performs a

lot of miracles and can be used extensively. Even in the book of revelation. Angels

are still using musical instrument to worship God and to cause Gods power to move.


Music indeed is indispensable to the spiritual upliftment of everybody. It relieves

people from psychological, emotional and spiritual problems. It is found in any kind

of worship. A look at the culture of the Israelites revealed that music plays a very

important role in their worship. They actually recognised the importance of music and

hence used it extensively to please God. It is an integral part of Israel’s worship and

celebration. Singing in fact is the expression of love and thanks. It helps in expressing

our heartfelt appreciations. Music indeed relieves from all kinds of depressions,

depending on the words used it. It heals our sorrows, sicknesses etc. It also nourishes

our souls and put us in tune with our creator. It is a medium through which we

communicate our appreciations to God. It is also a medium through which God’s

spirit work in order to heal sorrowful and depressed spirits [hearts], and even destroys

the strongholds of Satan.

Music can not be done away with. The importance of music was exhibited by Moses

and Israelites in Exodus 15:1, “Then sang unto Moses and the children of Israel this

song unto the lord and space saying, will sing unto the lord, for he hath triumphed

gloriously, the horse and his rider hath the thrown into the sea”. After the crossing of

the red sea by the Israelites, indeed they saw how wonderful, how great, how

powerful, how unbeatable, unchangeable and magnificent their Lord God was. They

realised how helpful he has been to them. They saw that there is no one on earth that

can perform such great miracle, hence the only thing they are bound to do is just to

sing to his praise and glory. They realised he is the only one who deserves praise and

adoration. In verse 2 of the exodus 15, they realised that the Lord God was their

STRENGTH. He was their salvation when they were in trouble and slavery. They

realised God does not want anything from them hence all they need to do was to exalt

that powerful God who is a Man of war. He fights and loses no battle.

In our present era of Christian life, music must be regarded as a means of expressing

our appreciation to our creator. It is not good always to pray and ask things from God,

you must praise him for what he has been doing for you. With the present economic

hardships being experienced by everybody, our good Lord has been sustaining us. He

has protected us from wars which are being fought around the whole world, keeping

us in good strength by protecting us from all health problems e.g. HIV/AIDS, cancer

Diabetes, T.B. etc.

What at all do we need to give to God? He needs NOTHING from us. The only thing

we can give our Creator and Provider is our heart full of appreciation, praises,

worship adoration and exaltation. It is, only these, coupled with care for others that

can make us to be closer to God. When we worship our Lord in holiness, in love and

willingly, He is so good to give us all that we want [read Ps. 23]. Here, David realised

the essence of music and concluded that he will dwell in the house of the Lord.

Looking at the Israelites, anytime there is a problem, (for example hunger, war,

famine etc) and they were saved from these catastrophes, they always sing to the

praise of their Creator.

In our present days, we also face a lot similar problems and hardships; some even may

be regarded as minor problems than that of the Israelites. In all these problems,

instead of looking up to God for solution, we always backbite, criticize, ignore God

and rely on human beings thinking that they can help us with their powers. After

several trial and errors, when we do not succeed, we then think that there is a God

who can help us. We have now made God a second hand helper. Our problems are

always heard first by our acquaintances and friends instead of our Creator.

After God being merciful and comes in to solve the problem, we never appreciate

what He does for us. We only enjoy with friends who play no part in finding the

solution to our problems. Instead of us to praise God for what he has done for us, we

then go back to our unfaithful life and neglects God completely until there is another

problem. The forerunners actually understand the use of music or singing and used it

creditably to praise their creator.

Here are some instances that music played very important role in the life of some

people in the Bible.


Looking into the Bible, there are a lot of instances where great men and women sang

to show their appreciation to their creator for delivering them from problems. No

wonder, these people are unforgettable in the history of Israel. Read the following

texts and see how these great people used songs to show their appreciations,

Exodus15:1-3, Numbers 21: 16-18, I Sam 2:1.

In all these verses and a lot more, it was realised that all the people mentioned showed

their appreciations to God through singing because he has done something great for

them. Why don’t you worship and praise God for all that He has done for you. In the

first book of Chronicles, David showed how important singing is in the worship of the

Lord. He therefore instituted a group of people from amongst the Levites to sing to

the praise of God. Read 1Chronicles 16: 4 – 5. From verse 7 onward, we saw the type

of song that David composed to show his appreciation to God for remembering him

and the Israelites and doing good things unto them. In so doing, other people also

were informed and they have also seen that, there is a good God who can do

everything for them and that; they must also turn to Him so as to receive the same

blessing from Him. This is why we say, music plays multiple roles in the Church and

must be given a serious attention.

In this globalise economy; a lot of problems are being encountered, rendering a lot of

people unemployed, poverty ridden, ill etc. Even in all these, God has been supplying

you with everything you need. Those days you have nothing to eat, you have no

money to buy food clothing etc, He [God] has supplied all these things. Whilst you

were sick, when you had that accident, that time you were attacked by armed robbers,

etc, did you know how you were able to survive? Did you realise that your survival

was from God? Indeed if you realised these, why don’t you go on your knees and

render your heartfelt appreciation unto God? Why won’t you sing Praises to God for

what He has done for you? Everyday, you need to praise his name for all the miracles

He has done in you life. Do you know how you have also come to this world? If you

realised there is someone who brought you to this world and looked after you up to

this day, why don’t you appreciate that person. It is good you show your appreciation

to friends but, it must first go to your Creator and Provider or Supplier. In the actual

fact, that friend was not the one who helped you. He was just a medium that God uses

to bless you so render your appreciation to God first before to any other person He


There is a wonderful philosophy in praising God. The more you pour praises to Him,

the more blessings He also pours on you. Recognise all that God does in your life and

accordingly praise his name everyday. David knows what he derives from praising

God; no wonder God blessed him more than everybody on earth.

Begin to praise God for all that he has done for you now and see the benefits.


In 1Samuel 16: 14 -17, 23 we saw that, Saul was tormented by an evil spirit after

God’s spirit departed from him. Saul has now become a stronghold of the devil. He

was troubled. There was nothing that he can do to free himself. In verse 23, “And it

came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp

and played with his hand, so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit

departed from him”.

From the above scenario, when the stronghold of the devil i.e. Saul heard the song

played by an anointed man of God, the evil spirit fled from him. All strongholds of

the devil can be crushed down when a music or song void of all forms of backbiting,

unholiness, unreasonable criticisms, anger, pride, insults, blackmailing etc. Music or

songs or praises are therefore weapons or ammunitions that can be used to defend

ourselves. In any warfare, praises can cause a lot of havocs to our opponents.

Remember we are fighting against the spirits of this world and as human as we are,

we can’t fight spirits. However, when we sing praises unto God, he would be moved

to fight on our behalf. He would send his Angels to fight for us. Read 2 Chronicles,

20: 20-30.

In our various churches, the devil is tormenting a lot of people. I believe praises sang

in holiness, uncontaminated, and with open mind, can crush all these witches, wizards

and other forms of spirits and principality from the church and break all strongholds

of the devil. The same way the walls of Jericho were destroyed, the strongholds can

also be broken.


When Paul and Silas were imprisoned, [Read acts 16] they prayed and sang praises

unto God. Their praises indeed caused a lot of havoc. There was an earthquake which

shook the foundations of the prison and opened the gates of the prisons. All bands or

shekels on the prisoners were loose. Praises to God actually prompts God to quickly

act in our favour. There is a very great power in singing praises. All gates locked on

Christians will be broken if praises are sang unto God.


In the olden days, God uses prophesy extensively to talk to his people. In most cases,

before prophet could prophesy, they are induced by music. Read 2 Kings 3:15. In this

text, when the minstrel played, the songs induced Elisha to prophesy hope in the midst

of difficulty. This prophesy of Elisha relieved God’s people from a severe draught. In

1 Sam 10: 56, another scenario was created about music and prophecy. After that,

thou shall come to the hill of God, where is the garrison of the philistines, and it shall

come to pass, when thou art come thither to the city, that thou shall meet a company

of prophets coming down from the high place with prophesy, And the spirit of the

Lord will come upon thee, and thou shall prophesy with them, and shall be turned into

another man. In the present dispensation, prophesies are no longer intense like in the

Old Testament. This is because the Holy Spirit has been given to all who accepted

Jesus Christ. However, the singing of songs can help receive messages through the

Holy Spirit. Also, prophets who still exist can prophesy unto you through songs.

These songs must be songs devoid of all forms of unholiness, pride, etc. When you

devote yourselves to God, your songs may induce Pastors and Preachers to give

messages of hope unto you. These songs may even serve as a prophecy unto the

people and bring them deliverance. People may be amazed and ask amongst

themselves the same question they asked when Saul prophesied.

The choir must amend their ways and concentrate on how to help raise the spiritual

standard of people rather than thinking bad about neighbours, judging them of things

they have not even done, criticising neighbours etc. A choir must eschew hypocrisy

and concentrate on invoking the Holy Spirit to deliver people through singing. Your

singing may induce prophets, pastors and other preachers.


Singing, no doubt is a prayer. Through singing, you are communicating with your

creator with the words of the music and worshipping Him at the same time, i.e.

expressing how great He is, how miraculous He is and how caring He is. Also through

singing, you are praising God and thanking Him for all that He has done for you.

Through singing, which is a form of prayer, you can present your request to your

Creator and He can bless you. Response to this type of prayer is always immediately

and marvellously. Think of how Paul and Silas were delivered from the prisons whilst

they were singing read Acts 16: 25-27. When the Israelites were planning to fight

with the people of Jericho, God wanted them to perform music just to enable them

present their request unto him. No doubt, whilst making the music, the walls of

Jericho were brought down miraculously. Read Joshua 6.


In 2 Chronicles 5:12-14 it was revealed that during the dedication of the temple built

by King Solomon, the glory of god came down as a result of the music which was

provided. However the glory indeed was experienced due to the fact that, the singers

were one, united and was with one mind and with one accord. They knew the purpose

for which they were selected. They were aware that it was their duty to sing. In order

to sing for God’s glory to be experienced, there is the need for singers, choristers,

instrumentalists or all musician in our churches to be united, eschewed backbiting,

slumbering, gossiping and any form of hypocritical life, so that there would be

unification of the mind and spirit to be in tune with God’s mind so that His glory can

fall on us to bring deliverance, healing and breakthrough to His people. There is

indeed power in singing. The glory of God has not fallen into a chapel or temple until

there was ministration of the music when Solomon was dedicating the Temple.


Music as earlier on mentioned, is a form of prayer. Before going to pray, when praises

and worship songs are rendered, man’s spirit is usually raised in such a way that the

whole being becomes uplifted so high that prayer life becomes easy, exciting, and

communication becomes fluently. There is no tiredness and laziness. David showed

that he was one man who was full of praises and adoration to God. No doubt his songs

still remained as soul uplifting and inspiring songs and are sang everyday, and also

recited as a form of prayer. Even occultists use his songs extensively because of the

sort of power it evokes. Indeed, Christians have for a long time undermined the

importance of music and are making it impossible for God to move. Almost all great

men in the Bible at one time or the other saw the importance of music and used it

extensively to set their spirits and mind in tune with God so as to receive from him.

Great men such as Moses, Joshua, Elisha, David, Solomon, Silas etc regarded music

as an indispensable part of their life because it puts them in tune with god.


In 2 Chronicles 20: 20-30, music was used as a powerful weapon against the enemies.

Indeed, it is more powerful than any missiles, guns, spears, cutlasses, bombs,

explosive etc. It is indeed stupid [in our eyes], for someone to go into war with singers

in the forefront of the war singing praises and adoration to God. Imagine how

miraculously God fought for the Israelites in the above text. It is unbelievable that an

army should just sing and win a war. In deed, this was what our ubiquitous God did

and caused the enemies to fight between themselves.

If you find yourself as a chorister, then count yourself blessed as the powerhouse of

the church or Christians. You are the source from where God will send missiles,

bombs and explosives. However, to serve this purpose, you need to rededicate your

self unto your creator, be committed to the task of singing and sing with unshakable

faith. Above all, eschew all characters that can cause God to be displeased with you.

The camp of the enemy can be destroyed by them selves through your singing and all

chains and sorrowful hearts will be set free. Healing and deliverance may be received

through praises unto God.

In the book of Acts, Chapter 6 when Stephen was given the duty of serving tables, he

became full of the spirit because he was delightful about the work and did it

diligently. As a result he was used by the Lord to do a lot of miracles.

As choristers, in my candid view, you can also be used like Stephen when you are

delighted with the work of God and devote your time for the ministry. No matter the

situation in which you find yourself, you will be a conqueror. The devil may be

against you but they may fight amongst themselves. However, when God starts using

you discard out of your life, pride. Read Proverb 18: 12. You must also not allow the

devil to let material things attract you in order to let you fall. The love for money

should not be your priority. Be warned or else the devil will take control. Read the

following texts and meditate upon them before neglecting the most rewarding work of

God. Matt 6: 24, Prov. 19: 1, 1 Timothy 6: 6-11.James 6, Luke 18: 24 -27. Do not

chase money. Chase the work of God and he will provide you with what he thinks you

need at the right time. When you do this, you may not have a haughty character and

live a life full of pride.



We have just discussed some of the benefits or importance of music. It is appropriate

for us to know the type of people that need to be in a choir and the qualifications they

have to possess.

Indeed it is not everybody that can sing to cause God’s glory to fall. Those who can

do these are chosen ones by God. To be able to sing to the adoration of God, you need

certain characteristics or qualification.


According to the Old Testament teachings, a member of a choir i.e. musicians are

selected. Read 1Chronicles 25: 1, 7-31 and see the criteria of the selection. It is

realised from here that it is not everybody that can sing to God to cause miracles of

God to happen. A chorister is therefore a selected person or the chosen one to sing in

a group of people who were also chosen to prophesy with harps, with psalteries and

with cymbals, see 1Chronicle 25; 1. In these present days, the selection to belong to a

choir is through the conviction of the Holy Spirit but not through any human

institution. A Holy Spirit convicted person would be someone who will submit

himself or herself to instruction by the Holy Spirit or leaders who must also submit

themselves to the dictates of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, when selected by the Holy Spirit,

I doubt the possibility of you showing arrogance, insubordination, slumbering

disunity and disloyalty. A selected member of the choir must show devotion and

sincerity. In the 2 Chronicles 5; 11- 14, when the singers sang the glory of God fell in

the temple. In these present days, our bodies are the temple of God and when

choristers sing the glory of God must fall on the people, delivering them from all

misfortunes, sicknesses, devil possessions, draught etc.

In view of this huge task, all choristers need to be selected and trained for this

specific and holy task so that their duties can be done without blame. Remember that

one person cannot do all the work that is why Jesus is the true vine and we are all

branches on him. We all have different duties; hence a chorister is a distinct person.

Read how Paul beseech us in 1Corinthians 12.


Any one selected in to the choir must be blameless so that our sacrifice to the Lord

will be effective. As a selected member of the choir, your behaviour should not

threaten the upliftment of the choir. Your lifestyle, your way of talking, and your

attitude should reflect Christ and be an example to be emulated by all Christians and

non-Christians. You must make up your mind that you will not quarrel, talk about

people, do any frivolous thing to tarnish the image of the Choir selected by God. Your

actions, when found as putting the choir in disrepute will discourage other people and

will, even block the glory of God from falling on the people to bring healing and

deliverance unto them.


A chorister must exhibit a high sense and status of holiness. This is because if you are

unholy, you cannot experience the glory of God. You may also block the deliverance

of other people. Your unholy life will be a stumbling block for the Holy Spirit to

touch others or your unholy can cause the glory of God not to descend into the temple

[the body of a believer]. Unholiness also causes spiritual death. As a Christian and

above all, a selected member of a choir, you must know the extent to which you will

use your tongue. You cannot use your to produce good things and bad things for

example quarrelling, insulting people, backbiting, slumbering etc. The tongue must be

used in saying soothing words and singing songs to the depressed, pronouncing

healing and deliverance to the sick and those in bondage etc. In holiness, the choir is

bound to be used by God in changing things, performing wonders, and causing the

hands of God to touch everybody so that pastors may not even have to lay hands on

people before they receive their healings and deliverance. In 2 chronicles 23; 6, and

1Chronicles 23: 28-32 the scripture specify the work of the Levites and for that matter

choristers, and further stated categorically that, they must be in holiness. Remember

that the priestly ministry and the singing [or music] ministry are set by God himself to

work closely in looking after his people, encouraging them and to help them not to go

astray. In performing this duty, you need to show high sense and standard of holiness

to help in achieving God’s plans for mankind.


Music and priestly duties are duties which need training in the Old Testament,

prophets were trained, priests were trained and choristers were also trained. A

chorister must be subjected to a special training so that he or she can possess the

necessary skills needed for the work he or she was selected for. This training indeed is

very important to put you in the right mood and position to perform your duties

perfectly. Jesus Christ, whilst on earth, trained his disciples perfectly and gave them

the Holy Spirit to direct them.

In view of this, a priest, pastor, or a chorister must also have special training in their

various fields in order not to cause havoc to the church of Christ. A chorister must not

sing destruction unto the people hence the need to be taught how to be holy, stop

backbiting, pride, and the type of song that can encourage people and set them free

from all bondages and sin. The training can also help them to be in tune with God but

not be in off- tune with God.

Also, imagine choirs singing discord. Everybody becomes depressed and the song

usually doesn’t have any impact on the people. However, when the song is well sung,

the spirit of the people will now be set to be in tuned with God as the people enjoy the

melody and every aspect of the song. Choristers therefore need to submit themselves

to training to enable them perform creditably so that those broken hearts in the chapel

can have their hearts mended.


A choir without a vision is like a madman who thinks of nothing and has no aim.

Whatever comes into his mind is what he would do immediately.

Remember the main vision of a choir is to sing so that the glory of God falls on

people so as to receive their healings, deliverance and breakthroughs.

Another vision of the choir must be to sing as a means of evangelism in order to turn

people’s heart to God.

In addition, you must have a vision that you must sing to bring God closer to the

congregation i.e. the Holy Spirit must move within the congregation to destroy all

intruding spirits and pronounce hope to those who are faithless.


Indeed, a singer must be someone who loves everybody. No matter the situation you

find someone, whether sick, bruised, poor, rich, depressed, deaf, blind etc, you are

commanded to love all. Exhibit no form of discrimination. Read Acts 4:32.

Remember, when Jesus Christ came to this would he loved the sinners and even

proclaim that he was sent because of the sinners.

Do not isolate yourself from sinners. If you do not approach them how can they also

know God? However, you must know the extent to which you approach them so that

they may not mislead you in to their folks. Your unity, as a choir, the way you love

one another can entice those who are non-Christians to follow you, however, when

you as a Christian, especially choir members can continue backbiting, insulting,

causing conflicts, quarrelling, cheating, etc before non Christians, know that you are

the one sacking people from worshipping God. With love, attendance to choir

practice, bible study meeting, prayer meetings, revival programmes, retreats would be

marvellous because everybody long to see other at these meetings and play, praise

God and worship him and express love to each other through different activities. Love

is very importance. It is only when the choir is bound in love that wonders can be

performed. Read 1 John 4: 7-21. In verse 18, we saw that there is no fear in love, but

perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not

been made perfect in love. A selected, blameless, holy and trained choir with vision

must be infected with pure love. The lack of love would put the choir in a deformed

situation. A situation in which, the glory of God cannot be experienced. A situation in

which healing and deliverance can not be felt within the congregation. A situation in

which all believers would experience a total breakthrough. You need to love each

other to let the full blessing of God be experience within the congregation. When this

love is manifested, the choir will be found as the light of the church and the salt of the

church that when it is thrown away, there will be total darkness over the church and

the Church becomes tasteless. When the church becomes tasteless and in full

darkness, people may leave and each for the truth, light and the salt. In the 1 John 4:7-

21, we would realise from the text that, god is love and anyone who wants to be

dedicated to the work must also love each other and eschew all forms of hasted. There

are other verses in the Bible that stressed the importance of love amongst Christians.

Read also James 2; 8, Romans 12; 9-10. Apart from love for our neighbours, and

above everything, there should be love for God. We need to love God with all our

heart and our minds as commanded by Jesus Christ. It is only when we have love for

God that we can be ready to dedicate ourselves to God’s work and help achieve His

aim of bringing the whole world to Him.


One thing that Christians these days look for is worldly things or materials things. No

wonder, there are some of the Preachers whose main concern is mostly on prosperity.

Prosperity it self is not bad, it is a blessing from God.

Note carefully in the Bible and check well whether the people God bless with riches

fought and cheated people before getting their riches. Consider the life history of

David, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Job, Solomon etc. they dedicated their life to God to

use anyhow i.e. they sacrifice themselves to the wellbeing of other, and above all love

mankind and God. It is humility that made them successful.

Your priority should not be material or worldly riches. You must consider

worshipping God as the first and the foremost thing so that God himself would bless


Read James5: 1-6. Also in Matthew 6: 19-34, Jesus admonished the world against

seeking after too much riches. Seek after things of heaven, seek after things you could

do to inherit the kingdom of God.

This text actually is not asking you to be lazy that you must not work. However, it is

asking you to consider things of God first; worshipping God first, devoting your time

and riches to God first and He will bless you. Your personal efforts to be rich can

even land you in prisons or even death. As a Christian and above all, a chorister, you

must delight in the work of God. Jesus Christ after fasting forty days and forty nights,

was tempted by Satan. Satan used material things to force Jesus to submit unto him

[Satan]. However, Jesus knowing the purpose for which He came into this world

never submitted Himself. We must emulate this example of Jesus Christ, and know

our aim of choosing to be a Christian and above all, a chorister.

Jesus Christ was glorified when He defeated Satan by giving the first position to

the work of God. You can also be glorified, and blessed when you give the first

position to God. .

Beware of seeking always after the worldly things. Remember the parable of the rich

man and Lazarus. Also, remember the rich farmer, who after harvesting, planned to

enjoy himself but died because he refused to give first position to God and planned to

exalt himself because he is now rich. Know that whatever you store up, you will

spend most of your time watching over it thinking that thieves would steal it, termites

will destroy them, etc. with all these devotion to our material things we may neglect

the Creator, the one who blessed you with life and all the riches. In 1 timothy, 6:10

Paul said the love of money is the root of all evil.

It is common these days that everybody thinks of looking for money first before going

to worship God. We are never satisfied with what we have. We concentrate on

possessing everything. Wait and ask yourself these questions.

What did I bring to this world? What would I send to my creator? Does He demand

anything from me? If I have my own building under how many roofing sheets can I

sleep at a time? After my death or when the world ends where I would send my

riches? If you are sincere with yourself, then you better think of worshipping God,

giving Him the first position in your life so that what ever you desire he gives you.

God does not want you to work and give Him something to eat or wear. The only

thing He wants from you is that, love Him, love one another, be dedicated to

worshipping Him, praise Him and seek Him diligently from you heart.

The riches that you even have, do you consider giving some to the poor man, the deaf,

the blind, those sick people in the hospitals etc. Think about yourself well and

rededicate your self to God.


One factor that forces choirs to collapse is pride. Bible says in proverb 16:5a that

every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord. Choristers need to

eschew pride from themselves and listen to their leaders. Don’t pride yourself as older

than them, more educated than them, holier than them, richer than them etc. Your

leader, no matter how poor, ragged, young or handicapped he or she is must be given

the due respect.

Choir members usually see their choirmasters as young, poor, semi-literate etc and do

not regard them in anything. Choir executive also pride themselves higher than their

choir members and their choirmaster that there is always conflict amongst them. All

these things are due to pride. Choirmasters also pride themselves so much that, they

usually think without them the choir cannot sing and try to molest the choir members.

Until we eschew pride from the choirs, the choirs can never grow.

Our singing would displease God and the glory of God cannot fall into the chapel of

god. Read also the following texts and see the effect of pride; 1John 2: 15-16,

Matthew 7: 1-5, Luke 18:11-12 and Mark 10: 17-27.


This is a characteristic of the Sadducees and the Pharisees. They profess themselves

as holier than any other person. They profess outward holiness and neglect inward

holiness. This is also due to pride. They usually think that outward holiness can help

them inherit the kingdom of God. They criticise a lot and regard everybody as a

sinner. This behaviour indeed has become a characteristic of the present day church

and choirs. Most of us look mean upon others thinking that we are holier than the

other, we have money than the other, are more educated than the other and they

cannot teach me, ah, what they know? We profess ourselves as if we know all that is

required. In mark 7: 1- 23, Jesus enumerated how showing ourselves outwardly

would not be the right thing to do. We should not make ourselves judges over others

and gossip against our neighbours. Our actions can cause others to fall. We rather

have to admonish our selves and put each other on course rather than going to gossip

amongst ourselves, and even condemning people. Some of us our sins are even worst

than those we are condemning but because nobody saw us doing it so we pride

ourselves as holier than others. If you think you have no sin that you can be a judge

over other and condemn them you are indeed mistaking. Paul in Romans 3: 10 says

there is non righteous, no not one and in verse 23, we were told for all have sinned

and fall short of the glory of God.

My advice to us all is that, we advise each other when found to be going wayward.

We must not turn ourselves rumour monger and fabricate issues to blackmail others.

Be careful, when you tarnish some ones image, your sins may be worst because that

person can even cause suicide, so beware, rather approach the person, talk to him or

her soothingly and advice him or her so that he would not perish in the sin.



Management of human beings is one of the most difficult tasks on earth especially in

an institution where people voluntary chose to render a service in which they are paid

nothing physically. Management of such an institution where the person cannot be

penalised for absenteeism, lateness etc is indeed very difficult. These institutions need

a leader who is patient, calm, convincing and knowledgeable to bring the people

along to a common goal. To successfully manage a choir in this present harsh socio

economic situation; you need to depend solely on the Holy Spirit and need to consider

certain leadership factors that are necessary to help you achieve your aim. The

greatest leader, Jesus Christ who lived on this earth showed certain leadership

qualities that must be emulated by His followers.


The main vision of Jesus Christ was to bring all people back to God. This made Him

to sacrifice His whole life for this duty. He was to help God achieve His aim of

creating this world. After the first sin, man lost contact and that closeness with his

creator. As a result, Jesus Christ came to redeem us to that closeness again. This is the

main vision of Jesus Christ.

As a choir, the vision is to sing to bring the glory of God nearer and closer to the

people thereby allowing God’s spirit to free all those in bondage, depressed, ill,

possessed by the devil etc.

As a leader of a group with the above vision, you have a very great task. You need to

ensure that this great vision is achieved at all cost. When it is not achieved, then your

leadership is a poor one. When your vision as a leader is not the same as above, them

you are bound to lead the people astray. A choir should not be a uniformed conscious

and money making group, a group of backbiters, a group of gossips. Your vision, i.e.

to sing to liberate people must be achieved.

As a leader, you must ensure that God’s choir entrusted to your hand eschew all the

bad behaviours mentioned above. This must be your vision so that more people would

be set free from bondages and be delivered. If you don’t have a vision for the choir,

you can be moved or a tossed anyhow like a boat on a sea without a captain. Also

your vision must be Holy Spirit controlled.


A good leader or manager must depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance. In John 15;

6, we learnt that “but when the helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the

father, the spirit of truth who proceeds from the father, he will testify of me”. Here

Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit that he will send will be a helper. You therefore need

to depend on him as He takes message from the father unto you. He must be depended

upon to show you what to do. The Holy Spirit manifest himself in different ways and

as a Christian you need to identify all these ways and know how He talks to you, and

helps you in solving your management and leadership problems. Also in Paul’s letter

to the Romans, (Romans 8: 1 -6) he admonished them not to walk in the flesh but

according to the spirit. He further stated in verse 5 that for those who live according

to the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh, but those who live according to the

spirit, set there minds on the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit and flesh are

categorically stated in the book of Galatians chapter 5: 16- 21. In leading choir

members entrusted unto you by God make sure you exhibit features of a Holy spirit

filled person as stated in Galatians 5:22- 26.


A leader must be able to effectively communicate his mind well to enable people

understand him perfectly. A leader who cannot communicate effectively may destroy

the choir. Look at the way Jesus Christ always communicate with his disciples. He

always talk to them in a way that they must think deep about what He says for them to

derive a useful meaning and change their lives. Communication is an effective way

the growth of the choir can be ensured. When you communicate and people refuse to

do what you said, then it means that you either communicate wrongly and

ineffectively or the people you are communicating with have hard hearts and are not

ready to listen to you, or they are fading up with too many words. You must exhaust

all forms of communication channel so that they can understand themselves so as to

change. Because Jesus realised that the people He has come to deliver have hard

hearts and cannot be changed easily, he usually speaks in parable and use

demonstrations sometimes to effectively talk to the people to understand. Above all,

the Holy Spirit always led in a better communication. On the day of Pentecost, Peter

was led by the Holy Spirit to preach to the masses that gathered. The Holy Spirit

made it possible that the people became convicted and repented. Your actions as a

leader must be Holy Spirit motivated to enable people turn to God the same way they

did when Peter preached to them on the day of Pentecost. Communication is not only

talking to the people to understand what you say. It involves a lot. You will be a

proper and good leader when sometimes you communicate with actions. Involve

yourself in the activities of the group to motivate them. Imagine you are at Choir

practice whilst the president of the choir does not want to get involved in the learning

but playing with other members of the Choir whilst other people are seriously

learning. As a leader, you have decided to communicate an action of indiscipline in

the Choir. Don’t wonder when the members of the Choir start exhibit these actions of

indiscipline in the choir. You have sown that attitude in them. In fact what you

possess that is what you will give hence if you are indiscipline, you will give out the

indiscipline to your Church members since that is what you will communicate to the

group. When you are someone who always brings confusion, you will sow confusions

in to the members of the Choir. As a leader, do well to exhibit characters that can be

emulated by the members of the group.


Commitment and Dedication indeed are strong words in leadership. As a leader, you

must be committed to your leadership roles. When you neglect commitment and

dedication, as your role, there will be disorganization. Without the spirit of

commitment, you can never achieve you objectives. A choir can never sing to liberate

people from bondages when they are not committed to the singing and prayer. The

Choir can be a well organized group when the leaders are committed to their

leadership role and when the group is committed to learning of songs, singing of the

songs, prayer and reading of the word of God.

When Stephen became committed to the serving of the people, God actually used him

to transform a lot of people. Jesus Christ committed Himself to the extent of dying for

our sins, so that we can also have life and have it in abundance. We as Christians have

to emulate Christ. It is through this emulation that Christ can fulfil his promises

through us. As a choir, when you are committed to the work of God, God can work

through you to give healing, deliverance and all forms of miracles to the people.

Imagine how Jesus Christ sacrificed His whole life for your sake. Why can’t you also

dedicate your life to his work in order to bring more people unto Him? If Jesus did not

do it, you cannot also sit down and say I am a born again. Dedicate yourself to your

call as a Christian, as a choir member, as a choir leader or master to enable God to be

pleased with you.



How can a vibrant Choir, lead to the growth of the Church? Jesus Christ, before

leaving this earth promised that he would build his church that the gates of hell cannot

prevail. Remember, you and I are the church of Christ. For the gate of hell not to

prevail over the church, that is you and I; it is our behaviour that would catalyse the

breakage or repair of the church. The church is the human beings, not any physical

structure. If your life does not reflect Christ, then, the gate of hell will prevail over

you the church of Christ. You must be Christ-like. The growth of any church depends

on several factors. The growth, when it starts from the various cell or ministries in the

church can, widely spread in the whole church. One of the strongest ministries that

can cause the growth of the church in this new millennium is the music ministry.

Tracing the importance of music from the Old Testament period as we have seen

previously, we can realise that the Israelites saw the importance of music and hence

its adoption even in the temple of God to enable them set their spirits in tune with the


Music is something that develops the inner man and causes people to actually realise

their misgivings. Music is something that makes people actually think deeper into

their lives and try to make amends. Personally, I cry when I am singing songs of

worship and actually think of the words of the music. It makes me think properly in

order to rededicate myself unto God.


The choir or the music ministry in general, is very important in the growth of the

Church. Music invokes the spirit of God and the glory of God to fall on the people to

break all forms of yoke on them. Read the following texts and see how music and for

that matter the choir helped in the spiritual upliftment of the people of God and even

the priest. 2 Chronicle 5: 11- 42, 1 Chronicle 16: 1-43, Acts 2: 46-47.

Surely, music can let the church grow. Even the disciples, whenever God performed

miracles in their lives, they continue to glorify and praise God for the great works he

has done for them. The praise that they gave to God signifies their gratitude to God

for helping them through their tribulations.

Nowadays, Christians are suffering because we are greedy, unfaithful, and ungrateful.

We do not appreciate what God does for us. A critical look at the Apostles, and other

people of God mentioned in the Bible always show their appreciative life to God from

the inner part of their hearts through praising God. Our Choirs have a greater role to

play to let God’s purpose be fulfilled in us. The choir need to sing as a way of

interceding on behalf of the Church thereby showing our appreciation to God.

When the Choir sings, I believe a lot of people can get their deliverance. In the II

Chronicles chapter 5: 13-14 it was through the singing of the songs and praises

coupled with unity that caused God’s glory in the form of clouds to cover the whole

temple of God.

Can you also sing to invoke the Holy Spirit of God to convict people of their sins so

as to ask God to forgive them their sins, and above all let the glory of God be felt in

the Church? If you cannot do this, then you are lacking. You need to make yourself

holy to allow God to use your songs as a point of contact through which He can let

His Spirit flow like a fountain in the Church that everybody can receive his blessings.

The Choir for a long time has lost her image and as a result made all the Churches

dead that the devil now reigns in our chapels. “Rise up oh ye anointed singers and

sing in holiness to allow God to move and bless his congregation”. Do not try to be

a stabling block between God and His people. Your singing is the medium through

which God can pronounce healing, deliverance blessing etc through the priest or the

pastor unto the people. Try to rededicate yourselves now and repent so that God can

cause the growth of the church through your singing. As choir members, you must

know that you are leaders just like the Levites that sang during the dedication of the

Temple built by Solomon. God talked through Malachi [in Malachi 2: 1-9] that if the

priests did not give glory to His name, He would punish them. As Levites, you need

to live like Christ who has become the Chief Levite in this era of the New Testament.

We need to turn away from every iniquity. Read Malachi 2: 4 -7. You need to speak

or sing peace and equity to the people of God. If you cannot sing peace and your

lifestyle is very aggressive and full of iniquity, you need not be maintained in the

choir. God does not want people who are full of hatred, iniquity, backbiting,

slandering etc in the Choir. If your life reflects all these abominations, you will sing

these characters into the people and your behaviour and iniquity will lead to the fall of

the Church. You must change your lifestyle to suit that of the Chief Levite, Christ,

and so that you can bring peace of God in the Church. In the verse 7, of Malachi you

are pronounced as the messenger of the Lord of hosts. Your life must reflect Christ so

that people can see it and know that you are the light or salt of this world and they

will look unto you to see in their darkness or they may put you in their food of life to

have a better taste. Your life as Choir member must show that without you, there will

be no taste in whatever activity the Church is undertaking. Your pieces of advice will

always be sought after. Take care and change for the better. As a choir, you need to

live a life that people will emulate and depend on God.

As a Chorister, people see you more than any other ordinary member of the church.

You are seen as people next to the pastor. People do not recognize the deacons, and

elders like the way they recognize you and the pastors, be very careful that you don’t

fall in to sin. When you fall into sin, you will sing sin unto the people and the whole

Church will die in sin. Your singing will NEVER bring the glory of God but the

WRATH of God, so watch your ways.

In the Bible, God visited His people through singing and delivered them. Read 2

Chronicle 5, Acts 16: 25 – 40. Imagine how Paul and Silas through their prayer and

singing became the medium through which God visited the prison by shaking the

foundation of the prisons and making the prison keeper to surrender himself to Jesus

Christ. The devil will surrender, the witches, wizards, juju men, occultists, psychics

etc will all surrender when you do the right thing before God before singing.

Indeed singing is a powerful tool of worship. In the book of Revelation, John told us

that when he saw heaven and Jesus Christ seated in the right hand of God, there were

angels worshipping them. God deserves your worship every second. Do not be tired

there is a blessing in it.

When you don’t receive any financial blessing through this, don’t think God is not

blessing you in any way. Financial blessing is just a minute part of blessing packages

that God has for you. Jesus said you must rather rejoice that your name is written in

heaven. John admonishes us that we are not of this world.. These financial gains will

only draw us back from God because; we may neglect God and concentrate mostly on

our riches more than God.

Loose yourself to God to use you and bless the church and you will realize the

financial blessings that God will give you through those who were delivered because

of your singing or preaching and the deliverance they received. The choir has a very

sensitive part to play in the church. It is therefore better for the choirs of today to

change their behaviour and turn to God or else they may face the wrath of God for

neglecting His duty and His people. In fact, the position and the role of the choir in

the growth of the church can not be overemphasized. It is clear both from the Bible

and our individual encounters at the church so don’t be weary.


To the congregation, or the churches, you must not neglect the choristers. Their work

demands a lot of devotion and sacrifice. Try and give part of your riches unto the

choir. In the Old Testament days, God commanded the Israelites to send their tithes to

the house of God. These tithes are used to feed the Levites. As church members, do

not forget to give to ensure that the Church and the Choir grow. The choir need

encouragement both financially and in other aspects of life. Continue praying for the

choir, the choir even need more prayers than the pastors. Our churches these days are

found to be having problems with their finances. Partly, this may be attributed to the

fact that the tithe paid by the church members are not given to the Levites [i.e. choir,

pastor, and other church workers such as sweepers, prayer warriors etc.] the money is

being used on development projects such as building of pastors residences, chapel

buying of cars etc.

Separate appeals for money must be lunched to do these developmental projects. This

is why anniversaries and church activities are necessary in order to cater for these

things. As the money is not properly used, church members may also not be properly

blessed by God.

In Malachi 3: 7- 15, especially in verse 10, the bible mentioned that “Bring ye all the

tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now

herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and

pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it”.

In the house of the Lord are the Levites who have to eat all that has been brought.

When you make the Levites to go hungry, how can they help to do the sacrifices that

are supposed to be made for the other tribes? They can also not perform other duties.

They can’t continue to be hungry and be going about doing their duties. In manner,

when tithes are brought to the house of the Lord it must be used to pay the church

workers e.g. Pastors, Evangelists, Chapel sweepers, choir members, deacons etc. In

most Churches today, Choirs are not regarded as Church workers and hence are not

catered for in any way.

The church must do her part and the good Lord will bless everybody in the Church

and this will help the church to fully grow. God does not want anything from any

church members in order to eat. He wants the tithes to be brought so that those who

work in the chapel or temple i.e. those who devote themselves can also have

something to eat. He gives us so much but, He needs nothing from us. It is only

through catering for the poor that we can receive financial breakthrough in the church.

No pastor, prophet, or evangelist can pray for you to have your financial

breakthrough. There is an easy way for you. This easy way is to follow the blessing

pact in the book of Malachi 3: 7 -15. If you refuse to give to those working in the

house of God, there is no way you can expect God to bless you.

TITHE is the blessing pacts so do not play with your tithing. To ensure you are

blessed, you also need to ensure that your tithe is used in the way God commanded it

to be used. If it is used on purchasing Treasury bill, run Lorry or transport businesses

or investment in other forms of businesses, your blessings are being blocked. The

church is not a business venture that we need to save money for our next of kin. Even

if the Church wishes to invest in any business at all, the tithe must not be used for that

purpose. Instead of the money being used on the poor in the society, the orphans, the

widows, etc much of the money is being used to buy Treasury bill neglecting the most

important things like looking after the widows, orphans and the poor. It is only in

business venture that we must seek interest on the money we are using for the

business. Money derived from church collection must be used to develop the

members who have no other helper and cannot do anything and in addition other

people who are not members of our churches but are handicapped.

God will never praise anybody who saves enough money for the church.

However, he would bless the church that cares for the humanity. Jesus Christ

commanded that love one another.

You cannot profess to love God whilst you neglect the handicaps in the society.

They are the measuring instruments that God will use to measure your love for him.

You may buy buses to bring people to the church; however some of these intensions

may be evil.

Some buy these buses to bring more people to the church and with the intension of

extorting money from these innocent members and even trying to convince them to

sell all that they have and bring the money to the man of God

Jesus Christ warned against all these i.e the false prophets. In view of the

consciousness of too much prosperity, we have all turned the greatest commandment

down and concentrates on cheating people to get more money and contributing huge

amounts at church.

Woe unto you, when you cheat the poor in the society and use as contribution to God.

God hates these hypocrites and would never bless you.

Well, you may make yourself popular in the church and attract other people unto

yourself to do business with you through giving huge money and thereby advertising

your business. Imagine the deaf, blinds, mentally retarded children, orphans, widows

etc who has nobody to cater for them. Jesus said when you do any little thing unto

these people, you will definitely be blessed. Your reward will be greater. Desist from

cheating. As a Christian, your attitude of cheating may send people away from God.

Your attitude must be to bring the people to God. My advice therefore is that, the

church must try to cater for the deafs, and dumbs, blinds, other handicapped people,

the chapel sweepers, the choir, the Pastors, Evangelists, Prayer force members and

other workers in the church. A worker deserves his salary.

So do not expect too much from only the church members you must also contribute as

a church to the welfare of the handicapped members in the society and you will be

blessed. Read Matt 25: 31-46.