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I am persuing Financial Freedom & have developed a gr8 project on this subject that can actually
change the course of the future of HUMANITY! All those who are willing to bring in a revolution
are invited! Cowards please excuse!!!

If you are a seeker of Wealth, Prosperity & Positive Value Addition to your Life than join hands
with me! I know its difficult to believe what I am saying ... that too in today's times of deceit &
corruption!!! But who I am is not the outcome of the Qualifications sold in so called Schools &
Colleges of India ... I am rather the outcome of Education I received till date & let me tell you the
truth - "... There is gr8 difference between Qualification & Education!" Qualification is all about
complicated things in life & thus the more one wants to upgrade Qualifications ... the more one
has to go deeper into the complications of the related subjects ... & the bad news is that we end
up having a very complicated life!!! On the contrary, Real Education is all about simplifying the
complications of life! So ... more a person has real education ... more you would find that person
living a simpler life & more you would find their company soothing & comforting! What a paradox
that the highly qualified high profile dignitaries of this world fail to see this open universal reality &
the consequence is what we all see in News Channels & read in News Papers about the
comprehensive downfall in all areas of Human Life!!!

It is because of this pseudo satisfaction we derive from running after so called Qualifications, that
CORRUPTION ... stuck up in the RAT RACE ... getting SUCKED UP AS RAT stuck up badly in
RACE !!!

I've BEEN FORTUNATE ENOUGH to have recd. my Life education from my Guru (my
coach/mentor) Sh. K.S. Ramgopal (Lawyer by profession) during my Graduation in Pharmacy at
Ramanagaram (B'lore) & thereafter my continuous investment in my Personality Development
through the interventions that have shaped me-

Training Participations-

1) Serdia Pharmaceuticals (I) Pvt. Ltd’s Sponsored 22 days Induction Training Program in
Mumbai in 1997

2) The Landmark Forum (3 ½ Days) Paid Training Program (Rs.4400/-) Lead by Landmark
Forum Leader from India Mr. Gopal Rao in July/Aug-2001

3) Forum In Action Seminar Series (10 evening Sessions spread over 3 months Aug-Oct, 2001)
Cost Included in the Tution Fee paid for The Landmark Forum.

4) The Advance Course (4 ½ Days) Paid Training Program (Rs.8800/-) led by The Landmark
Forum Leader from United States – Mr. Jinendra Jain in Feb-2002.

5) Self Expression & Leadership Program (3 ½ Months) Paid Training Program (Rs.3500/-) in

6) Introduction Leader’s Program (6 ½ Months) Paid Training Program (Rs.3500/-) in 2002 but
could not complete at that time because I had to drop out due to a barrier which has always
come in my way of progress!

7) India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.'s Basic Training Workshop on Pacemaker Implantation Technical
Support Module in 2003. Company Sponsored (3 Days). Went as a participant but actually
played the role of Practical Trainer!
8) Causing The Miraculous (One evening) Paid Training Program (Rs.1500/-) led by Mr. Gopal
Rao in 2003.

9) Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.'s 24 Days Full Time Fundamental Career School (FCS)
& 6 Months Basic Career School (BCS) in 2004

10) The Landmark Forum (Review) in 2005 (Rs.2500/-) Lead by Landmark Forum Leader from
India Mr. B.S. Sodhi (ex CFO of Microsoft India)

11) The Landmark Assisting Program - Aug 2001 to Nov 2005 - Devoted myself & my time
regularly in unpaid assisting to ensure outstanding experience for the participants of Various
Landmark Educational Programs which involved COMMITMENT OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

12) Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.'s Train The Trainer Program (T.T.T.) for 5 Days in
April/May-2006"after playing the role of a Branch Training Manager for 6 Months!!!" The
result was that at last it was me who was giving Training to the New Trainers!!! Won Two
Technical Team Competitions on my own!

13) Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd.'s two Train The Trainer Programs (T.T.T.) of 3 Days each
(1st in Nov-2006 & 2nd in Apr/May-2007). My performance was by far the best among all the
participants in both the T.T.T.'s as in the 1st one, I was the only Trainer out of about 24 from all
over the country whose demo session went without any technical corrective advice either from
Content point of view or from Delivery angle (which is very important as the Training Head was a
perfectionist on both the fronts & was more particular about Derivation/Discovery/ Facilitation
method of Training Delivery)! In the 2nd T.T.T. in fact it was other participants who complimented
me on my smooth & natural approach of demonstration where others who were in the system for
longer than me, struggled!

Personality Development / Self Help / Motivational Books-


2) Freedom at Midnight (Dominique Lapeire) – borrowed from a friend to read

3) Who Moved My Cheese –Dr.Spencer Johnson – Rs.200/-

4) You Can Win (Shiv Khera)

5) Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) – Rs. 245/-

6) Cashflow Quadrant (Robert Kiyosaki) - Rs.285/-

7) Guide to Investing (Robert Kiyosaki) – Rs.750/-

8) The Business School (Robert Kiyosaki) – Rs195/-

9) The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) – Rs.225/-

10)The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma) – Rs.185/-

11)Questions Are The Answers (Allan Pease) – Rs. 125/-


1) The Matrix

2) The Matrix Reloaded

3) The Matrix Revolutions

4) Chicken Run (Original DVD – Rs.499/-)

5) The Secret (Original DVD – Rs.699/-)

6) Gods Must Be Crazy (Original DVD – Rs.499/-)

7) Karate Kid (Original VCD – Rs.199/-)

8) Chak De India

9) Taare Zameen Par (Original DVD – Rs.499/-_

10) Transformation – The Life & Legacy of Werner Erhard – Rs.1550/-

The List would continue to grow but what is critically important here is to bring this education into
practice ... start living it ... & that's what my forte is! As many people sarcastically
comment "This is good for the discussion sake but PRACTICALLY this is not possible!!!" But ...
But ... But ... here I am ... in real flesh & blood ... live example/testimony of Living this
education started in 1994 under my Guru Sh. K.S. Ramagopal at Ramanagaram & after I
came back to Delhi, I started investing in this REAL LIFE EDUCATION for my PERSONAL
DEVELOPMENT since 2001 (as mentioned above)! So ... take my advise ... be my partner ...
I'll take you to the realms of your unforeseen potential ... removing all those barriers which
you have placed around you unknowingly ... rekindling the flame of your passion of
converting your dreams into reality! THE CHOICE IS ALL YOURS!!!

Where I grew up
Chandigarh, Udhampur, New Delhi, Sri Ganga Nagar, New Delhi, Ramanagaram (B'lore),
New Delhi, Gurgaon

Places I've lived

Chandigarh, Udhampur, New Delhi, Sri Ganga Nagar, New Delhi, Ramanagaram (B'lore),
New Delhi, Gurgaon

Companies I've worked for

Natco Pharma Ltd. (Octan division), Serdia Pharmaceuticals, India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.,
Grace Manufactrueing & Trading Company, Max New York Life Insurance, Bajaj Allianz
Life Insurance, Birla Sun Life Insurance, Boettcher India Pvt. Ltd.

Schools I've attended

Carmel Convent School (Udhampur),; St. Marks Public School (Janak Puri-New Delhi),;
BSF School (Sri Ganga Nagar),; Kulachi Hansraj Model School (Ashok Vihar-New
Delhi),; Goodley Public School (Shalimar Bagh-New Delhi); M.M.U. College of Pharmacy

Vikas Sharma
Trainer/Facilitator/Content Developer/Mentor/Coach/Entrepreneur/Networker

Your Gateway to a New Future

Hand Phone - +91-9911802333

Land Line - +91-124-4289074

The Teacher/Trainer who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but
rather leads you to the threshold of your mind- Kahlil Gibran

“A man only learns by two things: One is reading, and the other is association with smarter
people” - by Will Rogers

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