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Untold Story of

the Formation
of the Universe
Report by Mustafa Barakat,
Khaleej Times Newspaper, March 11 and March 25, 2004.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Part A
People of different faiths and cultures agree on one aspect of
life – Life After death. However, all the cosmological
assumptions given by the Arab scholars – who speak of the
Atom World (Alam Al Tharr) – and the scientific and
cosmological community, do not lead to this fact.

In order to unravel the true story of the creation, formation

and evolution by our universe, we must begin by observing
our own identity and by trying to understand how the current
version of our solar system came into existence in its present
position in the cosmos.

Eighty-two year old Arab Cosmologist Saad Gabr Al Tamimi,

former Chairman of Space Research Centre, Quebec, Canada
and the author of encyclopedia of the untold story of the
formation of the universe, spoke to Khaleej Times in an
exclusive interview.

“In order to understand the one and only true story of the
creation and formation of our solar system we have to
understand our location and address in the cosmos today,” said
Mr. Gabr.

“Today we are living on the spinning planet earth – the third

planet orbiting our spinning sun. Our solar system is one of
the most recent solar systems of a galaxy of solar systems
known as the Milky Way. It should be noted that the Milky Way
comprises at least 4 billion solar systems similar to ours.”

“Or solar system is a universe of 2 major spinning cosmic

bodies, a spinning sun and eleven spinning planets rotating
around it. The word ‘universe’ means only a unit of indivisible
multi-verses of any type,” Mr. Gabr said.

“The eleven planets orbit the sun in two concentric groups: the
inner one is four planets orbiting the sun within a belt of
stones (Asteroid Belt) and they – the four planets and the sun
– represent the ground levels of our solar system tower.”

According to Mr. Gabr, “The asteroids belt (a belt of stones, not

small planets) separates the ground from the sky levels of the
tower. Our solar system is now traveling in the stream
between two arms of the galaxy towards its Dooms Day, as
shown in the illustration.”

“The question is where we came from and what is our

destination? This question has not been raised or answered by
Arab scholars or the scientific community till date. The answer
to this question itself will help us realize this untold true story,”
he said.

Are we Martians?
Says Mr. Gabr: “The cosmological community is sending
spacecraft to Mars in an attempt to gather information about
life there. They may believe that we (humans and jinn) have
descended from Mars to the earth.”

“I have no doubt that it is highly likely that we (the jinn and

human community) living today on our spinning terrestrial
planet earth) are the offspring generations of our grandfathers
(Adam the human and Iblis the Jinn) who were originated next
to none, not born but created and formed Iblis from the hot
ashes and Adam from the cold ashes or the surface of the
terrestrial planet Mars. People of all faiths when they bury
their dead bid farewell to them saying: “Ashes to ashes, dust
to dust.” It may be necessary to pinpoint that: (1) water is he
liquid ash of burning hydrogen and not anything else; (2) the
analysis of the atmosphere of planet Mars shows it contains
water vapor and other gases, which indicates that water must
exist on Mars and that the biology of Adam was the biology of
plant; and Eve is the fruit if Adam is the plant. This fact is
further supported by the signs of water found on Mars by
NASA’s Rover”.

Cosmological Community’s Mistakes

Mr. Gabr who has filed his works with the Ministry of Culture in
Egypt and the UAE Ministry of Information and Culture, for
intellectual copyright protection – refers to the recent
statement given by Adam Riess of the Space Telescope
Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, the group that manages
the Hubble Telescope.

Mr. Reiss said: “For years, astronomers believed that, after the
big bang, the universe was expanding at a relatively steady

“But those notions were shaken in 1998 with the sighting of

dozens of supernovae that were being propelled through the
cosmos at an accelerating rate. But images from the
supernovae 1997 FF unveiled at a NASA briefing suggest the
universe showed its growth prior to entering its current era of
accelerating expansion.”

He said, “The scientists now believe that gravity worked to

slow the expansion until the distances became so great that a
mysterious repulsive force of ‘dark energy’ out-muscled the
pull of gravity. This supernova is very exciting to us. It’s a
bona fide record smasher in terms of its age.”

In 1998, two astronomers’ teams shocked the scientific

community by showing that the so-called Type 1A supernovae
appeared to be separating from one another at an accelerating
rate. That same year, astronomer Ronald Gilliland of STScI
announced Supernova 1007 FF in a star survey of tiny part of
the sky known as the Hubble Deep Field.

Albert Einstein first predicted, and then retracted as a mistake,

the existence of the repulsive anti-gravity causing the
accelerating growth of the universe. Explaining dark energy
remains the most important problem in Physics and
Astronomy, Turner says. “Our main achievement so far has
been to give it a name.” Physicists still don’t have a theory
that explains the dark energy force that drives the stars apart.

A theory known as ‘quintessence,’ gaining currency among

Physicists in recent years, says there are more than three
dimensions in the universe and that somehow mass is pulled
into those spaces.

“Gravitational repulsion is very weird stuff,” Turner says.

Regardless of this, facts increasingly support the idea of a
universe expanding at an accelerating rate. “In three years
since the original supernova announcement, the data has only
strengthened our case.” says Nugent’s colleague, Saul
Perlmutter, who led one of the two 1998 ‘accelerating universe’
supernova teams.

Divine Modular Construction System (DMCS)

Mr. Gabr adds: “The formation of the commonly-called
Universe is based on a divine expanding modular construction
system (DMCS) the modules of which are: (1) galaxies, each
of which is a universe of solar systems, (2) solar systems like
ours, which is a universe of 11 planets and the sun, none of
them a supernova, and (3) the Hydrogen atom, which is a
universe of electrical and mechanical energies.”

Where we stand?
Where do we stand? Mr. Gabr answers this question by saying:
“The contemporary cosmologists are unable to understand the
reality of some of the cosmological features they come across
and tackle issues irrelevant to our current life or the life-after.
With the grace of God, I am offering the world, understandable
logical scientific signs and explorations, together with
supporting unique graphic films and atlas.

They conform to the belief of the people and Arab scholars and
are in harmony with cosmologic observable facts. “The study
and analysis of the current version of our solar system
conclusively prove that it could not have been produced by
virtue of the assumed big bang. It is created and formed
according to a Master Plan for the divine control of the
spinning and rotational forces acting on the divine positive and
negative ions (electric charges).”

“The origin and formation of the universe was neither random

nor accidental. Every single detail is planned according to that
divine Master Plan. No ‘small or big bang’.

Part B

Declaration of the complete unified theory of

Arab Cosmologist Saad Gabr Al Tamimi points out: “The
contemporary scientists, cosmologists and Arab scholars are in
vain striving to discover a complete unified theory of physics in
harmony with the cosmological observable facts and their
beliefs of the life-after.

Scientists and cosmologists, including Stephen Hawking’s the

author of the Brief History of Time, the book that sold
9,000,000 copies and still selling after 10 years, on page 8 in
the foreword says that if such complete unified theory would
exist, “this would be a revolution in our view of the unification
of the laws of science, but it would not change the most
important point: that the universe is governed by a set of
rational laws that we can discover and understand.”

Here, in fact they confirm that they believe that the universe is
governed by a set of rational laws they are trying to discover
without success. But they refuse to admit that there is a
governor who is the creator of the universe and its governing
laws. Thus, they admit that they are offering assumptions
contradictory to their beliefs.

To their arrogance, whatever discovered by them is directly

attributed to their own science, but whatever they fail to
understand is attributed to what they call ‘nature’ or ‘physics’.
This is confirmed by Hawking himself, who states on page 9:
“However, within a few years we should know whether we can
believe that we live in a universe that is completely self-
contained and without beginning or end.” Mr. Gabr says:
“There is no need for the world to wait for them to discover or
understand since I, with the grace of God, am offering the
world today the much-waited-for revolutionary complete
unified theory of unification of the laws of science, which links
the past, present and the future of our solar system (the
universe of 12 major spinning cosmic bodies, a spinning sun
and eleven spinning planets rotating around it) and proves
that the creation and formation of universe is governed by a
divine Master-plan.”

Mr. Gabr added: “My untold story of the creation and formation
of the universe is an exercise of management of information.
Scientists and cosmologists failed to comprehend this untold
story simply because they had no means to guide them to link
the past with the present and future.

“The present observable facts clearly reflect the history (past,

present and the future) of the universe including the true
history of time. However, the contemporary scientists’
cosmologists and Arab scholars failed to deduce the complete
scientific unified theory they are striving for. It was possible for
me to deduce and offer such complete unified theory (the
Master-plan) through the management of information
gathered from the observable facts in the light of the relevant
guidance quoted in the Holy Quran. I am neither a genius or
more intelligent than contemporary scientists or cosmologists,
but my only advantage is that I have studied the same
observable facts, their references and textbooks as well as the
Holy Quran. Yet, by way of thorough comparison I did find the
missing link between the observable facts and the true story
only in the light of the guidance of the Holy Quran. I express
my appreciation to the efforts exerted by all the scientists,
cosmologists and Arab Scholars, without exception, but I also
express my sympathy for their future to deduce the facts I did,
simply because they ignored Quran and its guidance as one of
their references. According to the applied studies of the
cosmologic observable facts of our solar system and galaxies,
it is now possible to provide the appropriate information about
the significance of time. Having turned a blind eye on the
guidance of the Holy Quran, neither scientists or cosmologists
nor Arab Scholars were able to realize the significance of time.
However, in order to visualize the significance of time, it is
necessary to realize the nature of the medium in which all the
galaxies of solar systems and other cosmic bodies are cruising
today,” said Mr. Gabr.

What time (Zaman/Waqt) truly is!

Mr. Gabr says: “Time is the elliptical or circular distance
covered by a spinning cosmic body orbiting around another in
Addahr. Therefore, in our solar system there must be more
than one time, simply because our solar system is a universe
of 11 spinning planets rotating around our sun in their
respective concentric orbits. Each of these 11 planets has its
own time. For example, the units of time of Mars are different
from the units of time of the planet Earth.

What Addahr (space/Al Fadaa) truly is!

He adds: “All cosmic bodies we observe in the sky are either
shining bodies (stars/suns radiating lights) or lit opaque bodies
(planets and other bodies reflecting suns’ lights). The medium
in which all cosmic bodies are cruising today is the Addahr,
which scientists and cosmologists call ‘space’ while the Arab
scholars call ‘Fadaa’. In fact Addahr is the most critical element
in the creation and formation of our universe. Neither the
nature nor the key role of this medium (Addahr) was ever
explained expressed nor considered in any of the cosmologic

Units of our Time

The true basic units of our time are:

One Year

“The basic unit of our time is the year. The year is the length
of the distance covered in one complete orbit around our sun
by our planet earth while spinning around its own centre. The
direction of spinning is perpendicular to direction of rotation.

The year has no relation to either spinning or rotation to either

the spinning or rotational speed of the planet, because it is
merely the length of the orbit. Therefore, the year of the earth
is naturally longer than that of Venus and shorter than that of

Our day (Yawm)

Mr. Gabr says: “Our day is a fractional unit of our year; it is

the distance covered by our spinning planet earth in its orbit
during only one spine. Our day is a distance in Addahr covered
by our planet earth during only one spin while orbiting our
sun. In other words, the day is the distance covered not the
spin itself.

“We all know that our year is approximately 365 days, and this
means that during one year our planet earth around its centre
365 times in one complete orbit. Consequently, the day of our
planet earth is not equal to that of Venus or Mars. In some
cases, one day on one planet is longer than its own year.

Relativity of Time

The units of time of our planet earth are taken as a reference

to compare units of time of other planets in our solar system.
The year (one orbit) and the day (one spin/distance along the
orbit corresponding to one spin) are taken as the relative units
of time of other planets.

This is further illustrated in the following table. The table not

only shows the relative value of the day of a planet to the
value of its year, but also shows the relative values of the days
and years of other various planets compared to those of our
planet earth:

Planet Length of its day compared to earth’s one day Number

of days in its year compared to earth’s days
Mercury 58.65 day of earth’s day 86.97 days of earth’s day
Venus 243 days of earth’s day 224 days earth’s days
i.e. one day of Venus is longer than its year.
Earth 23.9 hours 365 days approximately
Mars 24.63 hours 686.98 days earth’s days
i.e. one day of Mars is almost equal to that of the earth, but its
year is almost the double of our year due to its larger diameter
and longer orbit.
Hours, minutes and seconds

Mr. Gabr says: “To explain the above, it is necessary to

mention that some of scientific community has applied another
system for the calculation of time. They considered the day as
one spin not the distance covered along the orbit, namely 360
degrees and then took 15 degrees as a unit called ‘hour’.

They said hour is divided into 60 factional units called minutes;

and the minute is similarly divided into 60 fractional units
called seconds.”

Common mistake
Mr. Gabr points out that our day, as explained above, is the
distance covered by our planet earth in its orbit around our
sun during one spin.

During a half of this distance one half of the surface of our

planet earth is lit by the sun (Nahar) and the other half is dark

“Therefore the night is half of the day and the other is Nahar.
Mistakenly, the lit half of the day (Nahar) is arbitrary called a
‘day’ in both the English and Arabic languages, where is actual
fact it is not a day; it is half of the day.

“Scientifically speaking the Nahar is not necessarily to be

precisely half of the day, it varies from season to season,” he

Direction of Rotation and Spinning

“It may be necessary to pinpoint that (1) all the directions of
spinning of planets in our solar system are perpendicular to
direction of their respective rotation. (2) The direction of
rotation of Venus is opposite to that of the rest of the other
planets of our solar system. (3) The direction of rotation of
Venus is clockwise, while the direction of the rotation of the
other planets is anti-clockwise. (4) Direction of spinning,
always, perpendicular to the direction of rotation whatever it
may be,” he said.
False groundless misleading assumptions
Mr. Gabr says” “Scientists, cosmologists and Arab Scholars are
now offering false and contradictory assumptions on the
creation and formation of the universe and accordingly they
provided false assumptions on the realities of time and its
history, brief or not. They never tackled the issue of the
significance of the relative units of time, according to the
cosmological observable facts.

“They never referred to or provided a complete unified

scientific theory (Master-plan) linking the present, the past
and the future of our universe of galaxies of solar systems of
spinning planets rotating around the sun in concentric elliptical
or circular orbits, nor did they provide any information about
what has happened since their assumed big bang until our
current position in our galaxy.

Above all, they never referred how we will reach the life-after.
They never explained the significance of time or its units not
the beginning of time. The fatal blunder was that was that
they used the unit of time of our planet (second), which is
relative only to the rotation of our spinning planet around the
sun. Above all, they related this time to nothing they
expressed or illustrated.

Since time is the critical part of the complete unified theory of

the creation and formation of galaxies of solar systems of
spinning planets around spinning suns (Master-plan), therefore
the promoters of the big bang are either concealing the actual
facts or they do not understand them and provide
unsubstantiated fairy tales in the cloak of scientific theories.

Currently, some of them refer to the supernovas and Mr.

Hawking – as an example – refers to the black holes, while
none of these issues related neither to the creation and
formation of our universe of galaxies of solar systems nor to
our life after death.

Dream of world of scientists

Accordingly the following two quotations about time taken
from Stephen Hawking’s the Brief History of Time, pages 121-
122 are meaningless”

“At the big bang itself the universe is thought to have had zero
size, and so to have been infinitely hot. But as the universe
expanded, the temperature of the radiation decreased. One
second after the big bang, it would have been fallen to about
ten thousand million degrees.” – “About one hundred seconds
after the big bang, the temperature would have fallen to one
thousand million degrees.”

The beginning of time

Since time is closely associated with the spinning and
rotational movements and speeds of the various cosmic bodies
(planets and/or moons) in their concentric orbits, therefore,
time began with the divine spinning and rotational forces
acting on the Ratque of Hydrogen atoms. No time existed at
the assumed big bang. Otherwise, Mr. Hawking and the other
supporters of the time and the seconds they refer to in their

Based on the foregoing, the said two quotations are not only
senseless but also groundless. Consequently, these quotations
together with the brief history of time expressed in Hawking’s
book should be ignored.

1. Whereas the realities and significance of time are critical to
the revolutionary complete theory of physics (Divine Master-
plan) for the creation and formation of the universe, it is
necessary to establish the correct definitions of time and its
2. I was able to link the realities and significance of time as
the critical element of the Divine Master-plan through: (a)
observing the movements, shapes, sizes, elevations and
behaviors of the various cosmic bodies. (b) Recording the said
movements, shapes, sizes, elevations and behaviors
considering the difference between the creation (designs and
bill of quantity) and formation (making); (c) Analysis and
management of gathered information and data.
3. All the reference and textbooks relating to time and/or the
creation and formation of the universe, excluding the Holy
Quran, are contradictory to the observable, recording and
analysis of the cosmologic observable facts. Above all, none of
these textbooks has referred to or provided any logical
scientific explanation to the events of the Dooms Day or the
4. Through the scientific guidance and the teachings of the
management of information in the Holy Quran, I animated the
realities of time and to establish the scientific factors to
visualize the events of the creation and formation of the
galaxies of solar systems of spinning planets orbiting specific
types of suns.
5. All the prevailing false, groundless, misleading assumptions
are attributed to only one factor turning a blind eye on the
guidance and teachings of the Holy Quran.
6. The western scientists, cosmologists and researchers are
calling the prevailing false, groundless, misleading
assumptions ‘modern science’.
7. A large number of the Arab Scholars are, in good faith and
without due verification, alleging that these assumptions are
supported by the Holy Quran, under the slogan ‘Signs of
Science in Holy Quran’. (Al I’jaz Al Elmi fil Quran).
8. All the efforts exerted by the scientists, cosmologists and
Arab scholars are highly appreciated.
9. My only advantage is that I followed the scientific guidance
and teachings of management if information in the Holy
10. I recommend the contemporary scientists, cosmologists
and Arab Scholars to include the Arabic version of the Holy
Quran as one of their references, whether or not they believe
in holiness of the book.
11. “(82) Do they not consider the Quran thoughtfully and
follow its teachings? Had it been from other than Allah, they
would surely have found therein many a contradiction.” Surah
4, Al Nisaa.