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Guide to Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants

for Students in the Arts

This guide is intended for students in the performing, cinematic and related arts who are
currently pursuing degrees at NYUs Tisch School of the Arts. The guide includes U.S.
government, international, corporate, and private funding agencies that support graduate and
undergraduate study and research. Information is included for oth U.S. citi!ens and foreign
The "uide to Scholarships, #ellowships and "rants for students is structured to give you a rief
description of each funding source, its purpose in offering the award, award amounts, application
re$uirements, restrictions, deadlines, and contact information. The %ffice of Student Affairs has
made every possile effort to ensure that the information included in this guide is up&to&date.
'owever, given the precarious nature of financial support for artists and the arts, you should
contact any funding source of which you may e eligile prior to applying in order to verify
award information, deadlines, and protocols.
This guide does not present an e(haustive list of financial aid opportunities. %ur aim is to get
you started in the right direction. This guide offers a road overview of the many )inds of
sources of funding availale* you should continue your search for funding eyond the
opportunities listed in this guide. At the conclusion of this listing you will find a listing of
financial aid reference materials.
Where Do I e!in"
It is important to rememer that there is no formula for raising money.
+elow is an outline of a suggested approach for fundraising,
"rantsmanship egins with a process of self&definition. +efore you can consider as)ing an
outside organi!ation for assistance, you must consider your personal and family ac)ground, any
special awards, honors, or distinctions you have received, as well as your future goals and
o-ectives in your field of study.
+e clear, specific, and creative. At the very least, you should see) to define yourself as roadly
as possile in order to appeal to the largest pool of potential funders. Some things to consider,
.thnicity, "ender, "eographical /ocation, Academic Achievement, 0ersonal Interests, 0ulic
Service, Artistic Talent, Science and Technologies, 1ilitary Service and .ducational
#he $uer% &etter
%nce you have compiled a list of potential funders, you should plan on sending $uery letters.
These letters do not need to e elaorate, ut the letters should re$uest the following information,
application 2if applicale3, guidelines and relevant deadlines.
'reparin! the 'roposal
As you receive responses from potential funders, you should pay close attention to the mission
statement and guidelines of each organi!ation & there are often important hints contained therein.
#urther, you may want to consult the foundation profile in the #oundation Inde( to see where the
organi!ations money was spent in the previous fiscal year.
This information will help you to tailor your presentation for each organi!ation. It is important
to rememer that while you initially sought to define yourself in the roadest possile fashion* at
this stage it is essential that you are specific in descriing yourself as a viale candidate for
funding. It is in your est interest to appeal at once to the overall mission of the organi!ation and
to present yourself as uni$uely talented and worthy of support.
()tainin! ac*!round Infor+ation
%nce you have decided on an approach to your potential funders, you should egin to gather
supporting documentation in three main areas, concept, program and e(penses. This data&
gathering procedure ma)es the actual writing much easier. 0lus, it will help you thin) seriously
and critically aout your own wor) and goals.
4oncept, It is important that you have a good sense of how your studies or pro-ect fit into your
personal goals and long term plans. The particular need that the proposal is addressing must also
e documented. These concepts must e well&articulated in the proposal. #unders want to )now
that an award will e put to good use, and they need to e convinced that the case for funding is
compelling. You should collect ac)ground data on the need to e addressed so that your points
are well&documented.
0rogram, The program information you compile should include, 253 .vidence of personal
achievement and commitment, 263 The reputation of the institution 2Tisch7NYU3, 283 The
timetale for your studies or pro-ect, 293 The anticipated outcomes and how est to evaluate the
.(penses, At this stage you will need to s)etch out the road outlines of the udget to e sure
that the costs are in reasonale proportion to the outcomes you anticipate.
#hin!s ,ou Should Include in ,our 'roposal
.(ecutive Summary, An umrella statement of your case and a summary of the entire proposal*
who you are* why your are applying to this particular funder* your goals and o-ectives* your
awards, achievements and distinctions to date.
0ro-ect :escription, ;hat the funds will e used for* the nature and philosophy of your pro-ect
or studies* why this )ind of training or pro-ect is necessary* why it is special, innovative, etc*
how it is essential for your ultimate goals* what is the enefit to others.
Statement of Need, This should include the amount you are re$uesting and why* an outline of
your difficulty in otaining funds.
+udget, An itemi!ed rea)down of the costs of your education or pro-ect.
%rgani!ation Information, +ac)ground on your department, Tisch, and NYU* achievements of
alumni from your program.
4onclusion, Summary of the proposals main points.
Your proposal should not necessarily e ro)en down into these individual categories. It is
important is that your proposal is complete, informative, and easy to read. #ind out if the funder
re$uires specific forms or information as part of an application. 1a)e sure you meet any
Follow--p and .esults
"rant review procedures vary widely, and the decision&ma)ing process can ta)e anywhere from
a few wee)s to si( months. :uring the review process, the funder may as) for additional
information either directly from you or from outside consultants or professional references.
Invarialy, this is a difficult time for a grant see)er. You need to e patient ut persistent.
If your hard wor) results in a grant, ta)e a few moments to ac)nowledge the funders support
with a than) you letter. You also need to find out whether the funder has specific forms,
procedures, and deadlines for reporting the progress of your pro-ect. 4larify your responsiilities
as a grantee at the outset, particularly with respect to financial reporting, will prevent
misunderstandings and more serious prolems later.
<e-ection is not necessarily the end of the process. If youre unsure why your proposal was
re-ected, as). :id the funder need additional information= ;ould they e interested in
considering the proposal at a future date= <ememer, theres always ne(t year.
S/0(&A.S0I'S G.A1#S 2 F3&&(WS0I'S
Acade+% of 4otion 'ictures Arts and Sciences Student Fil+ Awards
Award levels for filmma)ing are "old 2>?,@@@3, Silver 2>8,@@@3, and +ron!e 2>6,@@@3. The
purpose of the competition is to support and encourage filmma)ers without previous e(perience
who are enrolled in accredited colleges and universities. Awards are given in four categories,
documentary, animation, alternative, and narrative. #ilm must e made at an accredited U.S.
school. #unds may e used for any purpose. Applicants must e full time students at an
accredited school. #ilm must have een made in a teacher7student relationship within the
curricular structure of that institution. 9@ minutes ma(. No minimum. No entry fee.
4ontact, 1r. <ichard 1iller
Academy of 1otion 0ictures Arts and Sciences
AB9B ;ilshire +lvd.
+everly 'ills, 4A B@655
285@369C&8@@@ e(t 5585
Adolph 5an 'elt Scholarship
Students must e at least one&fourth Native American ancestry and sumit proof of trial
enrollment. The Association on American Indian Affairs offers Adolph Ean 0elt Scholarships in
the amount of >5,?@@ to students in any curriculum. :isursement in the amount of >C?@ is made
directly to the college fall and spring semesters pending satisfactory progress. Spring
disursement re$uires a copy of the fall semesterFs grades and a spring semester class schedule.
This scholarship does not automatically renew. Students are eligile to apply on a yearly asis.
All items listed on the application chec) sheet must e included. Incomplete applications will not
e considered.
4ontact, /isa ;y!lic, :irector of Scholarship 0rograms
Association of American Indian Affairs
BGG 'ungerford :rive, Suite 56+
<oc)ville, 1: 6@A?@
69@ 859&C5??
Ale6ander 47 #an!er Scholarship
0rovide assistance to -uniors, seniors and graduate students who are interested in preparing a
career in roadcasting. Students must e enrolled full time at a college or university where at
least one department is an institutional memer of the +roadcast .ducation Association.
Students can e studying any area of roadcasting. There should e compelling evidence that the
applicant possesses high integrity and a well&articulated sense of personal and professional
responsiility. Award amount is >?,@@@. See wesite for re$uirements.
4ontact, +roadcast .ducation Association 2+.A3
5CC5 N Street, N;
;ashington, :4 6@@8G&6AB5 or call 6@6.96B.8B8?
Alpha 8appa Alpha 4ini-Grants
%ffers merit and need ased scholarships to undergraduates, sophomore year and eyond, as well
as graduate students, that demonstrate community service and involvement. Amounts vary.
4ontact, Alpha Iappa Alpha
Attention, .ducational Advancement #oundation
?G?G South Stony Island
4hicago, I/ G@G8C
A+elia 8e+p 4e+orial Scholarship
The average award range is >G@@&>5,@@@. The purpose is to provide assistance to laywomen of
color who are at least 65 years of age, have e(perienced an interruption of at least 6 years in their
education since high school, are memers of the .vangelical /utheran 4hurch of America
2./4A3 congregates, and wish to pursue post&secondary education on the undergraduate,
graduate, professional, or vocational school level.
The applicant must,
e a citi!en of the United States of America.
hold memership in the .vangelical /utheran 4hurch in America.
e at least 65 years old.
have e(perienced an interruption in education of two or more years since completion of
high school.
4ontact, ;omen of the ./4A Scholarship 0rogram
Attention, Ealora Starr 2Scholarships3
ACG? ;est 'iggins <oad
4hicago, I/ G@G85
2CC83 8A@&6C9C
A+erican Association of -ni9ersit% Wo+en
6 award programs,
5. American #ellowships, :issertation fellowships are awarded for the final year of doctoral
wor). The awards are for a twelve month period eginning July 5. Award amount is
>6@,@@@. #unds may not e used for tuition.
6. International #ellowships, #ellowships are awarded for one year of full&time graduate
study. 4iti!ens of all countries other than the U.S. may apply. Stipend is >5A,@@@ and
4ontact, AAU; .ducational #oundation
c7o A4T, Inc.
5@5 Act :rive
Iowa 4ity, IA ?6698
85B 88C&5C5G .(t. G@
A+erican /olle!e Festi9al
5. 1ichael Ianin 0laywriting Awards 0rogram, 0laywriting awards from >?@@ to >6,?@@ is
arranged y 1ichael Ianin. 1a-or awards go to graduate or undergraduate students
whose plays are produced as part of A4T#. A college or university must have produced
plays. 1any other awards, fellowships, and professional assignments are included.
6. Irene <yan Acting Scholarships, Undergraduate and graduate level student actors in
regional or national productions of A4T# are eligile for these scholarships of >?@@ and
an all&e(pense paid trip to the National #estival in :.4.
4ontact, American 4ollege Theatre #estival
J#I 4enter for the 0erforming Arts
6C@@ # Street N;
;ashington, :4 6@?GG
Susan Shaffer, 26@63 95G&AAG@
A+erican Indian Scholarships, Inc7
AI"4 provides several programs to aid American Indian7Alas)a Native students in pursuit of
higher education. Native Americans must e memers of federally recogni!ed tries or Alas)an
native groups, and at least one&fourth Native American ancestry. Awards range ased on need.
"raduate #ellowship is offered for 6 academic years* 1#A for 8 years* :octoral for 9 years.
4ontact, American Indian "raduate 4enter
8C@5 San 1ateo +lvd., N.
Alu$uer$ue, N1 AC55@
?@? AA5&9?A9
A+erican :oetrope Screenpla% /ontest
Sumit full&length narrative screenplay. "rand pri!e >?@@@. .ntry must e sumitted online as
well as entry fees.
4ontact, contestsD!
Artists oo* .esidenc% Grants
These residency grants are designed to enale female artists to produce a limited edition oo)
wor) at ;S;. ;or)ing intensively in our studios for si( to eight wee)s, artists print and ind
their own oo)s. ;S; technical assistance includes training on new e$uipment, introduction to
new materials, and assistance with production.
The grant includes a stipend of >6,@@@ to >8,@@@ for si( to eight wee)s, materials up to >C?@,
access to all studios, travel costs 2within the 4ontinental US3, and housing. 0ro-ects are chosen
y a -ury of outside artists and curators.
Application must include,
The application form, http,77www.wswor)shop.org70:#s7;S;.Art+)<es.pdf
:escription of the pro-ect not to e(ceed 5@@ words
A structural dummy to demonstrate how the oo) will e ound 2It does not have to e a
complete representation of the finished piece. 'owever, please include 5&6 spreads that
are fully s)etched out. Your dummy should e actual&si!e. ;e anticipate that, if funded,
you will refine your ideas efore your residency.3
The media7studios you will need to produce the oo), as well as a materials udget
Ten images of recent wor) with an image script, which should include title, media,
dimension, and date. 2Sumit images of wor) other than the proposed oo). Images
should reflect the direction of your wor) in your primary medium.3 0lease si!e your
images no larger than 569@ pi(els&hori!ontal, at a resolution of C6 ppi and format them as
<"+ J0"s. /A+./ T'. 4: ;IT' Y%U< #U// NA1..
4ontact, ;omens Studio ;or)shop
0.%.+. 9AB
<osendale, NY 569C6
A9? G?A&B588
Asian /ultural /ouncil
Individual grants up to >5@,@@@ awarded to Asian individuals see)ing grant assistance to conduct
research, study, receive speciali!ed training, underta)e oservation tours, or pursue non&
commercial creative activity in the United States or among the countries of Asia in the visual and
performing arts are eligile to apply for fellowship support from the 4ouncil. Americans see)ing
support to underta)e activities in Asia are also eligile to apply.
4ontact, Asian 4ultural 4ouncil
G ;est 9A
St. 56
New Yor), NY 5@@8G
Austin #e6as Screenpla% /o+petition and Fil+ /o+petition
#or screenwriters who do not earn a living writing for film or TE. 4ash pri!es are awarded for
comedy, adult7mature, sci&fi, sitcom, and drama. See wesite for complete rules.
<ules and <egulations, http,77www.austinfilmfestival.com7new7screenplayHrules
4ontact, Austin #ilm #estival
5A@5 Salina St.
Austin, TK CAC@6
e9erl% 0ills #heater Guild
;ulie 0arris 'la%wri!hts Awards
The +everly 'ills Theatre "uild annually sponsors the Julie 'arris 0laywright Awards
4ompetition to discover new theatrical wor)s and to encourage estalished or emerging writers
to create $uality wor)s for the theatre. The Julie 'arris 0laywright Awards 4ompetition offers
the following pri!es,
#I<ST 0<IL., >8,?@@ && The Janet and 1a(well Salter 0laywright Award.
S.4%N: 0<IL., >6,?@@ && The +everly 'ills Theatre "uild 0laywright Award.
T'I<: 0<IL., >5,?@@ && The :r. 'enry and /ilian Nesurn 0laywright Award.
.ntries must e accompanied y the application form,
The playwright may re$uest an application form from the competition office. Send a self&
addressed, stamped, M5@&usiness si!ed envelope 2SAS.3 to,
4ontact, 4andace 4oster, 4ompetition 4oordinator
+'T"&&Julie 'arris 0laywright Awards
0.%. +o( 59A
+everly 'ills, 4A B@658
/areerFitter7co+ Scholarship
The Scholarship is availale to students who are enrolled or planning to
participate in a college, university, or graduate school program during the upcoming term with a
minimum 6.? "0A. Students must e a U.S. citi!en or permanent resident. You must sumit an
essay of no more than 5?@ words on the following topics, ;hat is the perfect career for you, and
why= Earying amounts of awards.
4ontact, www.careerfitter.com7scholarship7inde(.htm
/arole Fieldin! Student Grant
Supports wor) y undergraduate and graduate students in film and video. .ach year, more than
>9@@@ is competitively awarded for production proposals in five categories. Up to >5@@@ is
awarded for research pro-ects. Applicant must e sponsored y a faculty memer who is an
active memer of the University #ilm and Eideo Association. Applicant must sumit a one&page
pro-ect description, one&page resume, statement y sponsoring U#EA memer, and udget.
0roduction applicants must sumit a 8@ minute narrative, G@ minute documentary, and an
e(perimental7animation7multimedia treatment or script, and7or storyoard 2not to e(ceed A.? K
55 inches3. <esearch applicants must sumit a description of methodology and a statement
indicating the relationship of proposed study to previous research in the field.
4ontact, Andrea 1eyer
/olle!e 'hoto!rapher of the ,ear
To recogni!e and reward the outstanding photographic wor) of college students. Student
currently wor)ing on an undergraduate degree are eligile to sumit wor) completed during the
previous year. Single picture categories are, sport news, general news, feature sport action,
pictorial, illustration, personal vision. 1ultiple picture categories are, picture story, sports
portfolio, documentary, portfolio and online multimedia photo story or essay.
4ontact, 4ollege 0hotographer of the Year
University of 1issouri&4olumia
1issouri School of Journalism
5@5+ /ee 'ills 'all
4olumia, 1% G?655
?C8 A66&65BA
/olle!iate In9entors /o+petition
You must sumit an original idea, process, or technology that will e -udged on originality and
inventiveness, as well as on its potential value to society 2socially, environmentally, and
economically3, and on its range or scope of use. Up to >5?@@@, G Awards.
;esite, http,77invent.org7collegiate7overview.html
/8SF Scholarship /o+petition
You must register to participate in scholarship $ui!!es that test your )nowledge of topics ranging
from general Ocommon )nowledgeP to specific academic su-ects, oo)s, wesites, and even
movies. >6?@@.
;esite, http,77www.c)sf.org7inde(.cfm=0ageNScholarships
D&G 5iral 5ideo Scholarship /ontest
To enter, you must create and sumit a pulic service announcement video on the topic of
driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Three awards, up to >6@@@.
;esite, http,77dlglawfirm.com7viral&video&scholarship&contest7
3lie Wiesel 'ri<e in 3thics
To recogni!e and reward outstanding essays on a topic related to ethics. .ligile to compete are
full time -uniors and seniors at accredited colleges and universities in the United States and
4anada. .ssays must e reviewed y a faculty sponsor and three copies of the essay must e
sumitted. .ssays must e 8,@@@ and 9,@@@ words in length and on a theme of the students
choice. <eaders loo) for adherence to design format, carefully proofread essays, well thought
out essays that do not stray from the topic and elo$uence of writing style. #irst pri!e is >?,@@@,
second pri!e is >6,?@@ and third pri!e is >5,?@@. Two 'onorale mentions are awarded, >?@@
4ontact, .lie ;iesel 0ri!e in .thics .ssay 4ontest
.lie ;iesel #oundation for 'umanity
??? 1adison Ave, 6@
New Yor), NY 5@@66
#a(, 656.9B@.G@@G
Fastwe) Scholarships
Earious scholarships, deadlines year round. See wesite for details.
4ontact, http,77www.fastwe.com7
Fra+line Fil+ and 5ideo /o+pletion Fund
"rants ranging from >?@@@&>5@,@@@ are provided fund lesian, gay, ise(ual, and transgender
artists who are in the last stages of production of a documentary, educational, animated, or
e(perimental pro-ect aout or of interest to lesians, gay men, ise(uals, and transgender people
and their communities. Applicants must e involved in the completion or post&production wor),
including sutitling or conversion of video to film 2or vice versa3. In particular, women and
people of color are encouraged to apply. A >5@ processing fee is re$uired.
4ontact, #rameline
Attention, #ilm and Eideo 4ompletion #und
59G B Street, Suite 8@@
San #rancisco, 4A B95@8
95? C@8&AG?@
Gates 4illeniu+ Scholars 'ro!ra+
This program is meant to reduce the financial arriers of African&American, 'ispanic&American,
Native American7Alas)an Native and Asian 0acific American students with high academic and
leadership promise that are at a significant economic disadvantage. A 8.8 "0A is re$uired, along
with a demonstrated financial need.
4ontact, "ates 1illennium Scholars
0.%.+. 5@?@@
#airfa(, EA 66@85&A@99
Gil+an International Scholarship
The "ilman Scholarship aims to support students who have een traditionally underrepresented
in study aroad, including ut not limited to, students with high financial need, community
college students, students in underrepresented fields such as the sciences and engineering,
students with diverse ethnic ac)grounds, students with disailities, and students of
nontraditional age. The program see)s to assist students from a diverse range and type of pulic
and private institutions from all ?@ states. Award recipients are chosen y a competitive selection
process and must use the award to defray eligile student aroad costs. These costs include
program tuition, room and oard, oo)s, local transportation, insurance and international airfare.
Awards of up to >?,@@@ are made for U.S. citi!en undergraduates to study aroad. Award
amounts will vary depending on the length of study and student need with the average award
eing >9,@@@. <ecipients are also eligile to receive >8@@@ 4ritical Need /anguage Supplement
for selected languages. Students who are receiving federal 0ell "rant funding at 6 year or 9 year
undergraduate colleges or universities or studying for at least four wee)s aroad are eligile to
apply. Summer programs alone are not eligile. This congressionally funded program is
sponsored y the +ureau of .ducational and 4ultural Affairs of the U.S. :epartment of State and
is administered y the Institute of International .ducation.
If you have any $uestions regarding your program start dates, please contact the "ilman
Scholarship 0rogram 2according to your last name3.
A & I
0hone, A86&8GB&89A9
/& L
0hone, A86&8GB&89A?
4ontact, #or information, visit www.iie.org7gilman
Golden 8e% 5isual and 'erfor+in! Arts Achie9e+ent Award
To recogni!e and reward memer of the "olden Iey 'onor Society who sumit slides of their
wor) in ten categories, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, computer&generated
art7graphic design7illustration, mi(ed media, instrumental performance, vocal performance,
acting and dance. All entries must e original wor) and sumitted on slides, photographs, or
:E:. Award amount is >5@@@.
4ontact, "olden Iey National 'onor Society
5@9@ 4rown 0ointe 0ar)way
Suite B@@
Atlanta, "eorgia 8@88A
5 A@@ 8CC&69@5
Graduate 'ro!ra+s Foundation Scholarship
The "raduate 0rograms #oundation Scholarship is availale to current graduate students and
those that have graduated within the last five years. Quarterly deadlines in 1arch, June,
Septemer, and :ecemer.
4ontact, http,77www.graduateprograms.com7scholarship
0enr% and /hi%o 8uwahara /reati9e Arts Award
This award is to encourage creative pro-ects y student memers of the Japanese American
4iti!ens /eague 2JA4/3. The award ranges from >5,@@@ to >?,@@@. The program is open to
JA4/ memers who are interested in pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in the
creative arts. 0rofessional artists may not apply. Selection is ased on academic record,
e(tracurricular activities, and community involvement. 0reference is given to students who are
interested tin creative pro-ects that reflect Japanese American e(perience and culture.
4ontact, JA4/ NAT S4' 0<%"<A1
c7o 4hicago JA4/ 4AA0T
?95? N. 4lar) St.
4hicago, I/ G@G9@
95? B65&?66?
IFDA 3ducational Foundation Student Scholarships
0rovide assistance to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in design. 0rogram is open to full
time students in fields related to design. Applicants must sumit a 6@@&9@@ word essay on their
future plans and goals and why they elieve they deserve the scholarship. Selection is ased on
the essay* the applicants achievements, awards* letters of recommendation from a designer
educator, a mentor of practitioner in the field. Amount of the award ranges from >5,@@@ &
4ontact, Sue ;illiams
:irector of Scholarships R "rants
Illustrators of the Future /ontest - &7 .on 0u))ard
%pen to artists from all nations. %ne entry is considered, three lac) and white or color wor)s
illustrating a science fiction or fantasy story with no recurring theme. Your entry may not have
een previously pulished. There are four $uarterly deadlines each year. You may send an entry
at any time* however, you can only have one entry per $uarter. Your entry will e entered in the
current $uarter. Send photocopies only. Individual artists retain copyrights. Three pri!es per
$uarter from >?@@&>5,@@@ and yearly grand pri!e of >?,@@@ are offered.
4ontact, /. <on 'uard Illustrators of the #uture 4ontest
0.%.+. 85B@
/os Angeles, 4A B@@CA
Indonesian /ultural Foundation, Inc7
The foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study in the U.S. to citi!ens of
Indonesia with genuine financial need and a superior academic record.
4ontact, American&Indonesian 4ultural R .ducational #oundation
8A@ /e(ington Avenue, Suite 99@@, New Yor), NY 5@5GA
Info/o++ 'ost =Secondar% 3ducation Scholarships
Scholarships for dependents of memer organi!ations. >5?@@ awarded to high school seniors or
college students who are employees or dependents of employees of Info 4omm. 1ust ma-or in
audio7visual su-ects. Students with other ma-ors may e considered if their career goals relate to
audio7visual industry.
4ontact, C@8 6C8&C6@@ or A@@ G?B&C9GB
;ac* 8ent /oo*e Foundation
The #oundationFs "raduate Arts Award is for up to >?@,@@@ per year for up to three years to
college seniors and recent graduates with financial need who will pursue a graduate or
professional degree in the visual arts, performing arts, or creative writing. To e eligile,
candidates must e nominated y the faculty representative at their undergraduate institution.
4ontact, Jac) Ient 4oo)e #oundation
9986? ;oodridge 0ar)way
/ansdowne, Eirginia 6@5CG
;ane /ha+)ers 'la%writin! Award
'eld annually, a general award and free registration to attend the ;omen and Theatre
4onference 2late July3, and a rehearsed reading of the winning piece at the conference is given to
recogni!e and reward outstanding plays and performance te(ts that were created y women and
have a ma-ority of parts for women performers. Individuals must e nominated for this award.
A separate competition is availale for currently enrolled students.
4ontact, Jane 4hamers Award
c7o 0riscilla 0ag
:epartment of Theater, #ine Arts 4enter 556
University of 1assachusetts Amherst
5?5 0residents :rive
Amherst, 1A @5@@8&B885
;anie 4oore Green Grant
0rovided +y, North American Nature 0hotography Association 2NAN0A3
The Janie 1oore "reen "rant is availale to students who are enrolled in or have applied to a
college or university speciali!ing in the study of photography. To e considered, you must
sumit three to five duplicate transparencies or prints demonstrating your photographic s)ills and
a short essay e(plaining what inspired you to pursue photography. >5@@@ award.
4ontact, http,77www.nanpafoundation.org7greenHgrant.html
;apan Foundation
The foundation offers the O0erforming Arts JapanP program* performance art that presents
Japanese culture to America. Touring grants and collaoration grants availale.
The Japanese #oundation New Yor) "rant aims to support pro-ects that will further the
understanding of Japanese arts and culture.
4ontact, Japan #oundation
5?6 ;est ?C Street 5C
New Yor), NY 5@@5B
656 9AB&@6BB
;apanese A+erican /iti<ens &ea!ue
#ellowships are awarded to help defray the cost of undergraduate and graduate education.
Earious awards. 1ust e an active JA4/ memer at individual7student7youth level.
4ontact* Japanese American 4iti!ens /eague
JA4/ National Scholarship 0rogram
c7o 4hicago JA4/ 4hapter
?95? North 4lar) Street
4hicago, I/ G@G9@
95? B65&?66?
;essie Fan%o 'a%ne Grant
This grant is meant to provide financial assistance to undergraduate or alumnae memers of the
Alpha 4hi %mega. This program is open to -unior, senior, and graduate memers of Alpha 4hi
%mega. The priority is to communications ma-ors with emphasis on -ournalism and pulic
relation and to include international programs. Selection is ased on chapter involvement and
campus service.
4ontact, Alpha 4hi %mega #oundation
Attention, #oundation Services 4oordinator
?B8B 4astle 4ree) 0ar)way North :rive
Indianapolis, In 9G6?@
85C ?CB&?@?@
;oseph 3hrenreich Scholarships
Earious scholarships availale. To e eligile, students must have completed 5 year at a
recogni!ed 9 year college or university having courses in photo-ournalism. They must e full
time students with at least half a year of undergraduate studies remaining, have satisfactory
scholastic grades, e ale to demonstrate financial need, and intend to pursue a career in
photo-ournalism. Nominations and applications may e made y students, interested instructors,
or memers of the National 0ress 0hotographers Association. Nominees and applicants need not
e -ournalism ma-ors, ut they must show aptitude and potential in ma)ing or use of photographs
in communication. Applications must e accompanied y representative e(amples of the
applicants wor). #or student photographers, a minimum of si( A(5@ prints are re$uired. #or
students wor)ing in picture editing, at least 8 e(amples of recent wor) should e included. This
program is not limited to minority students ut their applications are given special attention.
>6@@@ award, C total.
4ontact, :r. James ;. +rown
;osephine De 8ar+an Fellowship
0rovide assistance to outstanding college seniors or students in their last year of 0h.:. program.
0rogram is open to students in any discipline who will e entering their senior undergraduate
year or terminal year of a 0h.:. program in the fall of the ne(t academic year. #oreign students
may apply if they are already enrolled in a university in the United States. Applicants must e
ale to demonstrate e(ceptional aility and seriousness of purpose. Special consideration will e
given to applicants in the humanities and those who have completed their $ualifying
e(aminations for the doctoral degree. Amount of the award is >6@,@@@ per year for graduate
students and >5@,@@@ for undergraduate seniors. 0ayale in two installments to recipients
school. No funds may e used for travel.
4ontact, Joseph :eIarmen #ellowship Trust
Attention, Judy 1c4lain Secretary
0.%.+. 88AB
San :imas, 4A B5CC8
B@B ?B6&@G@C
8enned% /enter A+erican /olle!e #heater Festi9al #en 4inute 'la% Festi9al Award
To recogni!e and reward outstanding 5@ minute plays y student playwrights. %pen to students
at any accredited -unior or senior college in the US or in a country contiguous to the continental
U.S. They are eligile to compete in a regional 5@ minute play festival. Undergrad students
must e carrying G semester hours, graduate students must e enrolled in at least 8 semester
hours, and continuing part&time students must e enrolled in a regular degree or certificate
program. The national pri!e is >5,@@@. :ramatic 0ulishing 4ompany may pulish winners
4ontact, John #. Iennedy 4enter for the 0erforming Arts
.ducation :epartment
Attention, Iennedy 4enter American 4ollege Theater #estival
6C@@ # Street, N;
;ashington, :4 6@?GG
6@6 95G&AA?C
&a!rant Foundation Scholarships
The awarded scholarships provide financial assistance to minority high school seniors, college
students who are interested in ma-oring in communications, usiness, or related fields.
Applicants must e African&American, Asian or 0acific Islander, 'ispanic, or Native American.
A 6.C? "0A is re$uired. Applicants must e ma-oring or planning to ma-or in communications
or usiness 2including pulic relations, -ournalism, mass communication, mar)eting and
advertising3. Awardees must attend career development wor)shop in 1ay. Interested students
must complete an application form, sumit a resume, attach an official transcript, sumit a
paragraph on how they will finance their education, sumit a list of college and community
activities, a list of awards and honors, and write a 5 page essay descriing their career goals,
accomplishments and why they should e selected. 1ust e full time student at an accredited
school. Need one letter of recommendation from a professor or internship advisor.
4ontact, /agrant #oundation
G6G ;ilshire +lvd., Suite C@@
/os Angeles, 4A B@@5C
868 9GB&AGA@
&eopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship
Earious of awards e$ualing a ma(imum amount of >A?@@. Applicants must e of e(cellent
character and demonstrate sustantial scholastic aility and financial need. U.S. citi!enship or
permanent resident status re$uired. Age limit for graduate students is forty years of age. Age
limit for undergraduate students is thirty years of age. Applicant must e in the U.S. at the time
of application with a minimum 8.6 "0A on a 9.@ scale. 0ersonal interview is re$uired. A
statement y the student of his7her education to date, year in school, the length of the course of
study, vocational goal, and financial need, age, citi!enship, interview availaility in NY and
current name and address must e included. "raduate applicants should include a resume and an
outline of the perspective program. 'igh school seniors are ineligile.
4ontact, /eopold Schepp #oundation
??5 ?
Avenue Suite 8@@@
New Yor), NY 5@5CG
&es)ian Writers Fund
The Astraea National /esian Action #oundation is the first nationwide lesian foundation. The
/esian ;riters #und is open to emerging lesian writers of poetry and fiction and gives varying
amounts. Applicants must have pulished at least 5 piece of their writing 2in any genre3 in a
newspaper, maga!ine, -ournal, or anthology ut no more than 5 oo). Sumissions may consist
of up to 8@ pages of fiction 2a novel or collection of short stories3 or at least 5@ pages, or no more
than 5? pages of poetry. All wor) must incorporate some lesian content.
4ontact, Astraea National /esian Action #oundation
55G .ast 5G Street, C
New Yor), NY 5@@@8
656 ?6B&A@65 K66
4alice Do+estic Grants 'ro!ra+ for -npu)lished Writers
"rants of >5,?@@ as well as attendance to each years convention are awarded to provide funding
to unpulished writers in the malice domestic genre. 4haracteristics of the genre include murder
or another serious crime at the heart of the story, emphasis on the solution rather than the details
of the crime, no gratuitous se( or violence, an amateur detective as the central character, etc.
Applications from minority candidates are especially encouraged to apply.
4ontact, 'arriet Sac)ler "rants 4hair
1alice :omestic, /td.
0.%.+o( A@@C
"aithersurg, 1: 6@ABA&A@@C
4ildred and Al)ert 'anows*i 'la%writin! Award
The purpose of this award is to encourage and stimulate artistic growth among educational and
professional playwrights. Applicant must have written an original full length play which has not
een previously produced or pulished. 1usicals and one act plays are ineligile. There are no
other restrictions as to genre or theme. Award amount is >6,@@@.
4ontact, #orest <oerts Theatre
Northern 1ichigan University
Attention, 0laywriting Award Information
59@5 0res$ue Isle Avenue
1ar$uette, 1I 9BA??
4one% for Wo+en Fund Grants
4omprehensive list of grants for women writers, visual artists, performing artists, filmma)ers,
photographers and other fields.
4ontact, Susan 0liner, .(ecutive :irector
1oney for ;omen7+arara :eming 1emorial #und, Inc.
0.%.+. 8@B
;ilton, N' @8@AG
/enter for Asian A+erican 4edia
This grant ranging from >6@,@@@ to >?@,@@@ is awarded to producers who are interested in
developing and finishing pulic television programs on Asian Americans issues. ? to 5@ grants
are awarded each year. This program is funded y the 4orporation of 0ulic Television.
1ultiple awards for production and completion.
4ontact, National Asian American Telecommunications Association
Attention, 1edia #unds
59? Ninth Street, Suite 8?@
San #rancisco, 4A B95@8
1ational Association of lac* ;ournalists
0rovide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students who are memers of the
National Association of +lac) Journalists 2NA+J3 who are ma-oring in a field related to
-ournalism. Students must e attending an accredited college or university and ma-oring,
roadcast 2radio or television3, print, photography, or -ournalism. They must sumit ? samples
of their pulished or roadcast wor), an official transcript, contact information from 8 references
2letters not necessary@, a rSsumS and ?@@&A@@ word essay descriing their accomplishments as a
student -ournalist, their career goals, and their interest in the field. Amount of award is up to
>6?,@@@. All scholarship winners must ecome memers of the association efore the grants are
4ontact, Irving ;ashington, 0rogram 1anager
8@5&9@?&?C?6@ or http,
1ational Association of 0ispanic ;ournalists
Earious awards. 4hec) wesite for current opportunities.
4ontact, National Association of 'ispanic Journalists
Attention, Scholarships
National 0ress +uilding
?6B 59 Street N; Suite 5@@@
;ashington, :4 6@@9?
6@6 GG6&C598
1ational 0ispanic Foundation for the Arts Scholarship
This program is designed to provide financial assistance to 'ispanic Americans who are enrolled
full time in disciplines that include, ut are not limited to acting, costume design, film, lighting
design and theater. Applicants must e U.S. citi!ens of 'ispanic origin residing in any of the ?@
states or U.S. territories and have a cumulative "0A of 8.@ or etter. They must e ale to
demonstrate financial need. 0reference is given to students who can demonstrate special talent in
careers related to the entertainment arts and industry. 1ultiple scholarships.
4ontact, National 'ispanic #oundation for the Arts
5@5@ ;isconsin Avenue, N;
Suite G?@
;ashington, :4 6@@@C
1ational (pera Association Scholarship
To provide career development assistance to outstanding opera singers. %pera singers who are
etween the ages of 5A and 69 may enter. 1emership in the National %pera Association is
re$uired. Applicants sumit a 4: or cassette tape with 6 arias and -udges select the finalists on
the asis of those recordings. #inalists are then invited to auditions where they identify 9 arias
with appropriate recitatives and present 6 of them, 5 chosen y the singer and 5 y the -udges.
4ontact, National %pera Association
Attention, Eocal 4ompetition
0.%.+. G@AGB or 69@8 <ussell /ong +lvd.
4anyon, TK CB@5G
A@G G?5&6A?C
1ew 3n!land #heatre /onference
;ohn Gassner 4e+orial 'la%writin! Award
Two pri!es, first pri!e is >5,@@@, and second place >?@@, for new full length plays. The plays
must e unpulished, unproduced e(cept for staged readings or wor)shop productions and not
under consideration for pulication or professional production. %pen to all playwrights in the
U.S. 0laywrights may sumit more than one entry.
4ontact, The New .ngland Theatre 4onference
John "assner 1emorial 0laywriting Award
65? Ino 'ill :rive
'amden, 4T @G?5A
G5C A?5&A?8?
1icholl Fellowships in Screen Writin!
Appro(imately five fellowships of >8?,@@@ each will e availale. #ellowship recipients will e
e(pected during the fellowship year to complete at least one original screenplay B@&58@ pages in
length, written in standard screenplay form. 1emers and employees of the Academy of 1otion
0ictures Arts and Sciences and their immediate family are ineligile.
:etails, B@&58@ pages in length, written in standard screenplay format, a completed application,
and a non&refundale fee of >8?.@@ 2early ird3, >?6.@@ 2late3.
4ontact, Nicholl #ellowships in Screenwriting at the Academy #oundation
5858 North Eine Street
'ollywood, 4A B@@6A
85@ 69C&8@@@
1orthwest ;ournalists of /olor Scholarship Awards
.ligiility is limited to minority students from ;ashington State. Interested students must e
planning to have a career in roadcast, photo, or print -ournalism. Applicants may e high school
seniors or college undergraduates from ;ashington State ut, may e attending or planning to
attend a school anywhere in the country. Students are not re$uired to ma-or in -ournalism ut,
must have a strong interest in the field.
(r!ani<ation of A+erican States Fellowships
#ellowships are availale for study in memer countries of %AS with the e(ception of the
country of which the candidate is a citi!en or in which he 7she maintains a permanent residence.
There are two )inds of fellowships* advanced study, or training and research. The applicant
must have advanced training in his7her field, )now the language of the country, e in good
health, e accepted at an institution, and plan to return to his7her country. Applicants must sumit
a detailed plan of study or research. Stipend is enough to cover travel e(penses, registration,
tuition, fees, study materials and susistence allowance.
4ontact, "eneral Secretariat of the %rgani!ation of American States
:epartment of #ellowships and Training
Trainee Selection :ivision
;ashington, :4 6@@@G
'31 A+erican /enter = Writer>s Fund
This program provides emergency funds for professional writers. Up to >6@@@ given depending
upon need. Applications are accepted year&round. 1ust e pulished.
4ontact, Jasmine :avey
26563 889&5GG@, e(t. 56G
'737(7 Sisterhood = '3( International 'eace Scholarship Fund
This support for study is designed to help women students from other countries carry out
graduate wor) in the U.S. or 4anada. Upon graduation the student will return to her country
within G@ days. The ma(imum award for one year of full&time study is >5@,@@@. Applicants may
e from any field of study. The award is renewale, only one time, and the candidate must
reapply. 4iti!ens of all countries e(cept the United States and 4anada are eligile. 4andidates
must have a non&academic sponsor who is a citi!en of the U.S. or 4anada. Students may
download eligiility form from 0.% wesite.
4ontact, 0...%. Sisterhood T International 0eace Scholarship #und
0...%. .(ecutive %ffice
8C@@ "rand Avenue
:es 1oines, IA ?@856
?5? 6??&85?8
'rofessional De9elop+ent Fellowships for Artists and Art 0istorians
This >?,@@@ stipend is meant to provide financial assistance and wor) e(perience to artists or art
historians from culturally diverse ac)grounds that are completing graduate degrees. Applicants
must e US citi!ens or permanent residents and ale to demonstrate financial need. They must
e(pect to receive the 1#A or 0h: in the year following application.
4ontact, 4ollege Art Association of America
Attention, #ellowship 0rogram
?@ +roadway, 65
New Yor), NY 5@@@9
656 GB5&5@?5(6@5
.alph W7 Shrader Scholarships
These three varied scholarship stipends of >8,@@@ are awarded yearly to provide assistance to
master degree students in fields related to communications and electronics. This program is
open to any student pursuing a masters degree as a full time student in electronics, chemical
systems, communications engineering, physics, math, computer science, technical management
or information technology. 1ust e a U.S. citi!en attending an accredited college or university in
the United States. At least 5 of these scholarships is set aside for a woman or minority candidate.
Additional awards on wesite for undergraduates.
4ontact, Armed #orces 4ommunications and .lectronics Association
Attention, Norma 4orrales, .ducational #oundation
99@@ #air /a)es 4ourt
#airfa(, EA 66@88
C@8 G85&G59B
A@@ 88G&9?A8(G59B
.a%+ond Da9is Scholarship
0rovide financial assistance for students interested in continuing their studies in photographic or
imaging science or technology. 0rogram is opened to full time undergraduate and graduate
students who have completed 6 academic years at an accredited institution. "rants are made for
academic study or research in photographic or imaging science or engineering. "raduate
students must provide an astract of their plan for advanced study, research, and thesis. All
applicants must outline their career o-ectives and indicate how the academic wor) they propose
to underta)e will further their o-ectives. Amount of award is >5,@@@ and up given to one or
more recipients.
4ontact, Society for Imaging Science and Technology
C@@8 Iilworth /ane
Springfield, EA 665?5
C@8 G96&B@B@
.adio #ele9ision Di!ital 1ews Association ?.#D1A@
Earying awards to provide assistance to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who
are ma-oring in roadcast or electronic -ournalism. ;inners are also invited to attend the
.(cellence in Journalism conference.
4ontact, Iatie Switchen)o
6@6 9GC&?65A
S/IAAS/A' Student /o+position /o++ission
This program is open to memers of the society who are either,
53 Students in college or university composition degree programs or
63 studying privately with a recogni!ed professional composer ut not enrolled in a degree
Applicants must sumit oth a score and a cassette tape or a 4: of a single wor) for any
comination of instruments, voices, and electronics. They may e any age or nationality.
Amount of award is >5,6?@ first place, second place >C?@. You must e a memer of the S4I to
enter an application for the scholarship. The student rate is >6C.?@ per year. If your institution
has a S4I student chapter, then dues are >5C.?@. 0lease visit wesite or contact their office for
updated information.
4ontact, Society of 4omposers, Inc.
Iari Juusela
Sla+dance Fil+ Festi9al Screenpla% /o+petition
Awards given to top three wor)s in each category 2#eature, Short7;eisode, 'orror, Teleplay3
and the grand pri!e winner receives >?,@@@. #inalists will find e(posure to ma-or literary
agencies and film studios who re$uest the top scripts. The top three also get all&inclusive festival
passes for all Slamdance screenings, parties and events in 0ar) 4ity, Utah, and screenwriting
software. .ntry fees re$uired.
4ontact, Slamdance Screenplay 4ompetition
?G89 1elrose Ave
/os Angeles, 4A B@@8A
Sta% Fit in /olle!e /ontest
The scholarship award aims to help students avoid the dreaded freshman 5?. Additionally, up to
the first 5@ applicants of each deadline month will receive one free product of their choice from
Stay #it In 4ollege. 1onthly deadlines, >C@@ awards.
;esite, http,77www.stayfitincollege.org7scholarship&awards.html
#al)ot>s Wo+en>s Scholarship Fund
The Talots ;omens Scholarship #und was estalished y Talots 4haritale #oundation,
estalished y clothing retailer Talots. A scholarship program that awards up to 5C >5@,@@@
scholarships and one >8@,@@@ scholarship to women see)ing a achelors degree or associates
degree later in life. Applicants must e women currently residing in the US or 4anada who
earned a high school diploma or ".: at least 5@ years ago, e see)ing a degree from an
accredited two or four year college, university , or vocational&technical school, and have at least
two full time semesters or twenty four credits remaining to complete their undergraduate degree.
4ontact, Talot ;omens Scholarship #und
Scholarship 1anagement Services
5 Scholarship ;ay
0.%.+. 6BC
St. 0eter, 1N ?G@A6
?@C B85&5GA6
#ara*nath Das Foundation
The foundation provides grants and loans for Indian students, scholars and writers, including
undergraduates and doctoral candidates. 1ust e Indian passport holder and have completed at
least 5 year of graduate study.
4ontact, South Asian Institute, 4olumia University
Ino( 'all, <oom 65G, G@G ;est 566nd Street
New Yor), NY 5@@6C
656 A?9&8G5G
-S Depart+ent of 3ducation
Numerous grants of an average of >5?,@@@, including the cost of tuition, are availale to students
in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
4ontact, :irector, U.S. :epartment of .ducation
"rants %ffice
9@@ 1aryland Avenue S;, <%+&8
1ail Stop 886C
;ashington, :4 6@6@6
6@6 C@A&??59
Wa!ner /olle!e = Stanle% Dra+a Award
The purpose of this award is to encourage e(cellence in playwriting. 4andidates may e of any
nationality. Applicant must have written a full length play, a musical, or a series of two or three
thematically connected one&act plays. The wor)s must not have een professionally produced or
received pulication. The amount of the award is >6,@@@.
4ontact, http,77wagner.edu7theatre7stanley&drama7
Disne%AA/ Writin! 'ro!ra+
This program is open to all writers with a goal to see) out and employ culturally and ethnically
diverse writers, interested in developing their craft at ;alt :isney Studios. Applicants must
sumit a writing sample* for the feature films division* it should e a live action motion picture
screenplay 2appro(imately 56@ pages3 or a full length 6&8 act play* for the television division* it
should e a live action, full length half&hour television script ased on a current television series.
#ellows receive >?@,@@@ salary over a year while living at :isney.
4ontact, ;alt :isney Studios
Attention, #ellowship 0rogram :irector
?@@ South +uena Eista Street
+uran), 4A B5?65
Wo+en in Fil+ Foundation = Fil+ Finishin! Fund
The foundation offers several grants and awards up to >5?,@@@ to women in the film industry. In
order to apply for a ### grant, a filmma)er must have completed at least B@U of principal
photography and a have a rough cut at the time of application. Award amounts vary. 0lease note
that student pro-ects are not eligile to receive #ilm #inishing #unds.
4ontact, ;omen in #ilm #oundation #inishing #und
AA?C ;est %lympic +lvd. Suite 6@5
+everly 'ills, 4A B@655
85@ G?C&?599
World Studio Foundation Scholarships
This program is open to disadvantaged or minority college students who are currently enrolled
and ma-oring in 5 of the following areas, film, video, animation, music, photography, fine arts,
illustration, new media and graphic design. Awards range from >?@@ to >?,@@@.
4ontact, ;orldstudio AI"A Scholarships
5G9 #ifth Avenue
New Yor), NY 5@@5@
Internet &in*sB
NYU #inancial Aid www.nyu.edu7financial.aid
"I"S www.nyu.edu7gsas7fininfo7gigs
#oundation 4enter www.fdncenter.org7map
#ast ;e www.studentservices.com7fastwe
US :ept. of .ducation
NYS 'igher .ducation
(ther Scholarship We)sitesB