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Christopher Marlowe
Dramatis Personae
WAGNER, a student, his servant.
VADES, friends to Fautus.
"HREE SCHOARS, students under Faustus
RA#MOND, King of Hungary.
$RUNO, the rival Pope. %&
CHARES V, Emperor of Germany.
MAR"!NO, gentlemen at his court.
RO$!N, called the Clown.
UC!'ER. +&
$EE,E$U$. the Seven Deadly Sins
AE)ANDER "HE GREA", spirits.
DAR!US, King of Persia,
DEV!S and A P!PER.
CHORUS. Not mar.hin/ now in 0iel1s o0 "hras2mene,
Where Mars 1i1 mate the Cartha/inians3
Nor sportin/ in the 1allian.e o0 lo4e,
!n .o5rts o0 6in/s where state is o4ert5rn713
Nor in the pomp o0 pro51 a51a.io5s 1ee1s,
!nten1s o5r M5se to 4a5nt her hea4enl2 4erse8
Onl2 this, /entlemen,9we m5st per0orm
"he 0orm o0 'a5st5s7 0ort5nes, /oo1 or :a18
"o patient ;51/ments we appeal o5r pla51,
An1 spea6 0or 'a5st5s in his in0an.2.
Now is he :orn, his parents :ase o0 sto.6,
!n German2, within a town .all71 Rho1es8
O0 riper 2ears, to Werten:er/ he went,
Whereas his 6insmen .hie0l2 :ro5/ht him 5p.
So soon he pro0its in 1i4init2,
"he 0r5it05l plot o0 s.holarism /ra.71,
"hat shortl2 he was /ra.71 with 1o.tor7s name,
E<.ellin/ all whose sweet 1eli/ht 1isp5tes
!n hea4enl2 matters o0 theolo/23
"ill swoln with .5nnin/, o0 a sel0*.on.eit,
His waxen wings did mount above his reach
An1, meltin/, hea4ens .onspir71 his o4erthrow3
'or, 0allin/ to a 1e4ilish e<er.ise,
An1 /l5tte1 now with learnin/7s /ol1en /i0ts,
He s5r0eits 5pon .5rse1 ne.roman.23
Nothing so sweet as magic is to him
!hich he "re#ers be#ore his chie#est b$iss%
An1 this the man that in his st512 sits.
'AUS"US 1is.o4ere1 in his st512.
'AUS"US. Settle th2 st51ies, 'a5st5s, an1 :e/in
"o so5n1 the 1epth o0 that tho5 wilt pro0ess8
Ha4in/ .ommen.71, :e a 1i4ine in shew,
#et le4el at the en1 o0 e4er2 art,
An1 li4e an1 1ie in Aristotle7s wor6s.
Sweet Anal2ti.s, 7tis tho5 hast ra4ish71 me?
$ene 1isserere est 0inis lo/
!s, to 1isp5te well, lo/i.7s .hie0est en1@
A00or1s this art no /reater mira.le@
"hen rea1 no more3 tho5 hast attain71 that en18
A /reater s5:;e.t 0itteth 'a5st5s7 wit8
$i1 E.onom2 0arewell, an1 Galen .ome,
Seein/, U:i 1esinit philosoph5s, i:i in.ipit me1i.5s8
$e a ph2si.ian, 'a5st5s3 heap 5p /ol1,
An1 :e eterniA71 0or some won1ro5s .5re8
S5mm5m :on5m me1i.inae sanitas,
"he en1 o0 ph2si. is o5r :o127s health.
Wh2, 'a5st5s, hast tho5 not attain71 that en1@
!s not th2 .ommon tal6 0o5n1 aphorisms@
Are not th2 :ills h5n/ 5p as mon5ments,
Where:2 whole .ities ha4e es.ap71 the pla/5e,
An1 tho5san1 1esperate mala1ies :een eas71@
&et art thou sti$$ but Faustus and a man'
Cou$dst thou ma(e men to $ive eterna$$)
Or being dead raise them to $i#e again
"hen this pro0ession were to :e esteem71.
Ph2si., 0arewell? Where is B5stinian@
Si 5na ea1emC5e res le/at5r 15o:5s, alter rem,
alter 4alorem rei, D..
A prett2 .ase o0 paltr2 le/a.ies?
E<hoere1itare 0ili5m non potest pater, nisi, D..
S5.h is the s5:;e.t o0 the instit5te,
An1 5ni4ersal :o12 o0 the law8
"his st512 0its a mer.enar2 1r51/e,
Who aims at nothin/ :5t e<ternal trash3
"oo ser4ile an1 illi:eral 0or me.
When all is 1one, 1i4init2 is :est8
Berome7s $i:le, 'a5st5s3 4iew it well.
Stipen1i5m pe..ati mors est.
Stipen1i5m, D..
"he rewar1 o0 sin is 1eath8 that7s har1.
Si pe..asse ne/am5s, 0allim5r, et n5lla est in no:is 4eritas3
!0 we sa2 that we ha4e no sin, we 1e.ei4e o5rsel4es, an1
there7s no tr5th in 5s. Wh2, then, :eli6e we m5st sin, an1 so
.onseC5entl2 1ie8
A2, we m5st 1ie an e4erlastin/ 1eath.
What 1o.trine .all 2o5 this, Che sera, sera,
What will :e, shall :e@ Di4init2, a1ie5?
"hese metaph2si.s o0 ma/i.ians,
An1 ne.romanti. :oo6s are hea4enl23
ines, .ir.les, s.enes, letters, an1 .hara.ters3
A2, these are those that 'a5st5s most 1esires.
O what a wor$d o# "ro#it and de$ight
O# "ower o# honour o# omni"otence
!s promis71 to the st51io5s artiAan?
A$$ things that move between the *uiet "o$es
Sha$$ be at m) command% emperors an1 6in/s
Are :5t o:e2e1 in their se4eral,
Nor .an the2 raise the win1, or ren1 the .lo51s3
$5t his 1ominion that e<.ee1s in this,
Stret.heth as 0ar as 1oth the min1 o0 man3
A sound magician is a might) god%
Here Faustus tire th) brains to gain a deit)' =E>
+nter ,OOD AN,+- and +./- AN,+-'
GOOD ANGE. O Faustus $a) that damned boo( aside
And ga0e not on it $est it tem"t th) sou$
And hea" ,od1s heav) wrath u"on th) head2
Read read the Scri"tures%3that is b$as"hem)'
+./- AN,+-' ,o #orward Faustus in that #amous art
!herein a$$ Nature1s treasure is contain1d%
4e thou on earth as Jove is in the s()
-ord and commander o# these e$ements'
=E<e5nt An/els.>
'AUS"US. How am ! /l5tte1 with .on.eit o0 this?
Shall ! ma6e spirits 0et.h me what ! please,
Resol4e me o0 all am:i/5ities,
Per0orm what 1esperate enterprise ! will@
!7ll ha4e them 0l2 to !n1ia 0or /ol1,
Ransa.6 the o.ean 0or orient pearl,
An1 sear.h all .orners o0 the new*0o5n1 worl1
'or pleasant 0r5its an1 prin.el2 1eli.ates3
!7ll ha4e them rea1 me stran/e philosoph2,
An1 tell the se.rets o0 all 0orei/n 6in/s3
!7ll ha4e them wall all German2 with :rass,
An1 ma6e swi0t Rhine .ir.le 0air Werten:er/3
!7ll ha4e them 0ill the p5:li. s.hools with sil6,
Wherewith the st51ents shall :e :ra4el2 .la13
!7ll le42 sol1iers with the .oin the2 :rin/,
An1 .hase the Prin.e o0 Parma 0rom o5r lan1,
An1 rei/n sole 6in/ o0 all the pro4in.es3
#ea, stran/er en/ines 0or the :r5nt o0 war,
"han was the 0ier2 6eel at Antwerp7s :ri1/e,
!7ll ma6e m2 ser4ile spirits to in4ent. =E>
Enter 'AUS"US to .on;5re.
'AUS"US. Now that the /loom2 sha1ow o0 the earth,
on/in/ to 4iew Orion7s 1riAAlin/ loo6,
eaps 0rom th7 antarti. worl1 5nto the s62,
An1 1ims the wel6in with her pit.h2 :reath,
'a5st5s, :e/in thine in.antations,
An1 tr2 i0 1e4ils will o:e2 th2 hest,
Seein/ tho5 hast pra271 an1 sa.ri0i.71 to them.
Within this .ir.le is Beho4ah7s name,
'orwar1 an1 :a.6war1 ana/rammatiA71,
"h7 a::re4iate1 names o0 hol2 saints,
'i/5res o0 e4er2 a1;5n.t to the hea4ens,
An1 .hara.ters o0 si/ns an1 errin/ stars,
$2 whi.h the spirits are en0or.71 to rise8
"hen 0ear not, 'a5st5s, :5t :e resol5te,
An1 tr2 the 5ttermost ma/i. .an per0orm.9
Sint mihi 1ei A.herontis propitii? Valeat n5men triple< Beho4oe?
!/nei, aerii, aC5atani spirit5s, sal4ete? Orientis prin.eps
$elAe:5:, in0erni ar1entis monar.ha, et Demo/or/on, propitiam5s
4os, 5t appareat et s5r/at Mephistophilis, C5o1 t5meraris8
per Beho4am, Gehennam, et .onse.ratam aC5am C5am n5n. spar/o,
si/n5mC5e C5o1 n5n., et per 4ota nostra, ipse n5n.
s5r/at no:is 1i.at5s Mephistophilis?
Enter MEPH!S"OPH!!S.
! .har/e thee to ret5rn, an1 .han/e th2 shape3
"ho5 art too 5/l2 to atten1 on me8
Go, an1 ret5rn an ol1 ' 0riar3
That ho$) sha"e becomes a devi$ best'
=E<it MEPH!S"OPH!!S.>
! see there7s 4irt5e in m2 hea4enl2 wor1s8
Who wo5l1 not :e pro0i.ient in this art@
How pliant is this Mephistophilis,
'5ll o0 o:e1ien.e an1 h5milit2?
S5.h is the 0or.e o0 ma/i. an1 m2 spells8
No, 'a5st5s, tho5 art .on;5ror la5reat,
"hat .anst .omman1 /reat Mephistophilis8
F5in re/is Mephistophilis 0ratris ima/ine.
Re*enter MEPH!S"OPH!!S li6e a ' 0riar.
MEPH!S". Now, 'a5st5s, what wo5l1st tho5 ha4e me 1o@
'AUS"US. ! .har/e thee wait 5pon me whilst ! li4e,
"o 1o whate4er 'a5st5s shall .omman1,
$e it to ma6e the moon 1rop 0rom her sphere,
Or the o.ean to o4erwhelm the worl1.
MEPH!S". ! am a ser4ant to /reat 5.i0er,
An1 ma2 not 0ollow thee witho5t his lea4e8
No more than he .omman1s m5st we per0orm.
'AUS"US. Di1 not he .har/e thee to appear to me@
MEPH!S". No, ! .ame hither o0 mine own a..or1.
'AUS"US. Di1 not m2 .on;5rin/ spee.hes raise thee@ spea6.
MEPH!S". "hat was the .a5se, :5t 2et per a..i1ens3
'or, when we hear one ra.6 the name o0 Go1,
A:;5re the S.ript5res an1 his Sa4io5r Christ,
We 0l2, in hope to /et his /lorio5s so5l3
Nor will we .ome, 5nless he 5se s5.h means
Where:2 he is in 1an/er to :e 1amn71.
"here0ore the shortest cut #or con5uring
/s stout$) to ab5ure the Trinit)
And "ra) devout$) to the "rince o# he$$'
'AUS"US. So 'a5st5s hath
Alrea12 1one3 an1 hol1s this prin.iple,
"here is no .hie0 :5t onl2 $elAe:5:3
"o whom 'a5st5s 1oth 1e1i.ate himsel0.
This word 6damnation6 terri#ies not him
For he con#ounds he$$ in +$)sium%
His ghost be with the o$d "hi$oso"hers2
$5t, lea4in/ these 4ain tri0les o0 men7s so5ls,
"ell me what is that 5.i0er th2 lor1@
MEPH!S". Ar.h*re/ent an1 .omman1er o0 all spirits.
FAUSTUS' !as not that -uci#er an ange$ once7
8+9H/ST' &es Faustus and most dear$) $ov1d o# ,od'
FAUSTUS' How comes it then that he is "rince o# devi$s7
8+9H/ST' O b) as"iring "ride and inso$ence:
For which ,od threw him #rom the #ace o# heaven'
FAUSTUS' And what are )ou that $ive with -uci#er7
8+9H/ST' Unha"") s"irits that #e$$ with -uci#er
Cons"ir1d against our ,od with -uci#er
And are #or ever damn1d with -uci#er'
'AUS"US. Where are 2o5 1amn71@
MEPH!S". !n hell.
'AUS"US. How .omes it, then, that tho5 art o5t o0 hell@
MEPH!S". Wh2, this is he$$ nor am / out o# it 8
"hin67st tho5 that !, who saw the 0a.e o0 Go1,
An1 taste1 the eternal ;o2s o0 hea4en,
Am not tormented with ten thousand he$$s
/n being de"riv1d o# ever$asting b$iss7
O, Faustus $eave these #rivo$ous demands
!hich stri(e a terror to m) #ainting sou$2
'AUS"US. What, is /reat Mephistophilis so passionate
'or :ein/ 1epri4e1 o0 the ;o2s o0 hea4en@
earn tho5 o0 'a5st5s manl2 0ortit51e,
An1 s.orn those ;o2s tho5 ne4er shalt possess.
Go :ear these ti1in/s to /reat 5.i0er8
Seein/ 'a5st5s hath in.5rr71 eternal 1eath
$2 1esperate tho5/hts a/ainst Bo4e7s 1eit2,
Sa2, he s5rren1ers 5p to him his so5l,
So he will spare him 0o5r an1 twent2 2ears,
ettin/ him li4e in all 4ol5pt5o5sness3
Ha4in/ thee e4er to atten1 on me,
"o /i4e me whatsoe4er ! shall as6,
"o tell me whatsoe4er ! 1eman1,
"o sla2 mine enemies, an1 ai1 m2 0rien1s,
An1 alwa2s :e o:e1ient to m2 will.
Go an1 ret5rn to mi/ht2 5.i0er,
An1 meet me in m2 st512 at mi1ni/ht,
An1 then resol4e me o0 th2 master7s min1.
MEPH!S". ! will, 'a5st5s.
'AUS"US. Ha1 ! as man2 so5ls as there :e stars,
!71 /i4e them all 0or Mephistophilis.
$2 him !7ll :e /reat emperor o0 the worl1,
An1 ma6e a :ri1/e thoro5/h the mo4in/ air,
"o pass the o.ean with a :an1 o0 men3
!7ll ;oin the hills that :in1 the A0ri. shore,
An1 ma6e that .o5ntr2 .ontinent to Spain,
An1 :oth .ontri:5tor2 to m2 .rown8
"he Emperor shall not li4e :5t :2 m2 lea4e,
Nor an2 potentate o0 German2.
Now that ! ha4e o:tain71 what ! 1esir71,
!7ll li4e in spe.5lation o0 this art,
"ill Mephistophilis ret5rn a/ain. =E>
MEPH!S". Now, 'a5st5s, as6 what tho5 wilt.
'AUS"US. 'irst will ! C5estion with thee a:o5t hell.
"ell me, where is the pla.e that men .all hell@
MEPH!S". Un1er the hea4ens.
'AUS"US. A2, :5t wherea:o5t@
MEPH!S". Within the :owels o0 these elements,
Where we are tort5r71 an1 remain 0or e4er8
He$$ hath no $imits nor is circumscrib1d
/n one se$# "$ace: #or where we are is he$$
And where he$$ is there must we ever be%
An1, to .on.l51e, when all the worl1 1issol4es,
An1 e4er2 .reat5re shall :e p5ri0ie1,
All shall :e hell that are not hea4en.
'AUS"US. Come, ! thin6 hell7s a 0a:le.
MEPH!S". A2, thin6 so still, till e<perien.e .han/e th2 min1.
'AUS"US. Wh2, thin67st tho5, then, that 'a5st5s shall :e 1amn71@
MEPH!S". A2, o0 ne.essit2, 0or here7s the s.roll
Wherein tho5 hast /i4en th2 so5l to 5.i0er.
'AUS"US. A2, an1 :o12 too8 :5t what o0 that@
"hin67st tho5 that 'a5st5s is so 0on1 to ima/ine
"hat, a0ter this li0e, there is an2 pain@
"5sh, these are tri0les an1 mere ol1 wi4es7 tales.
MEPH!S". $5t, 'a5st5s, ! am an instan.e to pro4e the .ontrar2,
'or ! am 1amn71, an1 am now in hell. =E>
'AUS"US. M2 heart7s so har1en71, ! .annot repent8 .an ! name sal4ation, 0aith, or hea4en,
$5t 0ear05l e.hoes th5n1er in mine ears,
G'a5st5s, tho5 art 1amn71?G then swor1s, an1 6ni4es,
Poison, /5ns, halters, an1 en4enom71 steel
Are lai1 :e0ore me to 1espat.h m2sel03
An1 lon/ ere this ! sho5l1 ha4e slain m2sel0,
Ha1 not sweet pleas5re .onC5er71 1eep 1espair.
Ha4e not ! ma1e :lin1 Homer sin/ to me
O0 Ale<an1er7s lo4e an1 Oenon7s 1eath@
An1 hath not he, that :5ilt the walls o0 "he:es
With ra4ishin/ so5n1 o0 his melo1io5s harp,
Ma1e m5si. with m2 Mephistophilis@
Wh2 sho5l1 ! 1ie, then, or :asel2 1espair@
! am resol4713 'a5st5s shall ne7er repent.9
Come, Mephistophilis, let 5s 1isp5te a/ain,
An1 ar/5e o0 1i4ine astrolo/2.
"ell me, are there man2 hea4ens a:o4e the moon
Are all .elestial :o1ies :5t one /lo:e,
As is the s5:stan.e o0 this .entri. earth@ =E>
Enter UC!'ER, $E,E$U$, an1 MEPH!S"OPH!!S.
UC!'ER. Christ .annot sa4e th2 so5l, 0or he is ;5st8
"here7s none :5t ! ha4e interest in the same.
'AUS"US. O, who art tho5 that loo67st so terri:le@
UC!'ER. ! am 5.i0er,
An1 this is m2 .ompanion*prin.e in hell.
'AUS"US. O, 'a5st5s, the2 are .ome to 0et.h awa2 th2 so5l?
UC!'ER. We .ome to tell thee tho5 1ost in;5re 5s3
"ho5 tal67st o0 Christ, .ontrar2 to th2 promise8
"ho5 sho5l1st not thin6 o0 Go18 thin6 o0 the 1e4il,
An1 o0 his 1am too.
'AUS"US. Nor will ! hen.e0orth8 par1on me in this,
An1 'a5st5s 4ows ne4er to loo6 to hea4en,
Ne4er to name Go1, or to pra2 to him,
"o :5rn his S.ript5res, sla2 his ministers,
An1 ma6e m2 spirits p5ll his .h5r.hes 1own.
UC!'ER. Do so, an1 we will hi/hl2 /rati02 thee. 'a5st5s, we are
.ome 0rom hell to shew thee some pastime8 sit 1own, an1 tho5
shalt see all the Se4en Dea1l2 Sins appear in their proper shapes.
'AUS"US. "hat si/ht will :e as pleasin/ 5nto me,
As Para1ise was to A1am, the 0irst 1a2
O0 his .reation.
UC!'ER. "al6 not o0 Para1ise nor .reation3 :5t mar6 this show8
tal6 o0 the 1e4il, an1 nothin/ else.9Come awa2?
Enter the SEVEN DEAD# S!NS. =E>
Enter 'AUS"US with two or three SCHOARS, an1 MEPH!S"OPH!!S.
'!RS" SCHOAR. Master Do.tor 'a5st5s, sin.e o5r .on0eren.e a:o5t
0air la1ies, whi.h was the :ea5ti05lest in all the worl1, we ha4e
1etermine1 with o5rsel4es that Helen o0 Gree.e was the a1mira:lest
la12 that e4er li4e18 there0ore, Master Do.tor, i0 2o5 will 1o 5s
that 0a4o5r, as to let 5s see that peerless 1ame o0 Gree.e, whom
all the worl1 a1mires 0or ma;est2, we sho5l1 thin6 o5rsel4es m5.h
:ehol1in/ 5nto 2o5.
'AUS"US. Gentlemen,
'or that ! 6now 2o5r 0rien1ship is 5n0ei/n71,
An1 'a5st5s7 .5stom is not to 1en2
"he ;5st reC5ests o0 those that wish him well,
#o5 shall :ehol1 that peerless 1ame o0 Gree.e,
No otherwa2s 0or pomp an1 ma;est2
"han when Sir Paris .ross71 the seas with her,
An1 :ro5/ht the spoils to ri.h Dar1ania.
$e silent, then, 0or 1an/er is in wor1s.
=M5si. so5n1s, an1 HEEN passeth o4er the sta/e.> =E>
'AUS"US. !as this the #ace that $aunch1d a thousand shi"s
And burnt the to"$ess towers o# /$ium3
Sweet Helen, ma6e me immortal with a 6iss.9
=(isses her.>
Her lips s5.6 0orth m2 so5l8 see, where it 0lies?9
Come, Helen, .ome, /i4e me m2 so5l a/ain.
Here will ! 1well, 0or hea4en is in these lips,
An1 all is 1ross that is not Helena.
! will :e Paris, an1 0or lo4e o0 thee,
!nstea1 o0 "ro2, shall Werten:er/ :e sa.6713
An1 ! will .om:at with wea6 Menela5s,
An1 wear th2 .olo5rs on m2 pl5me1 .rest3
#ea, ! will wo5n1 A.hilles in the heel,
An1 then ret5rn to Helen 0or a 6iss.
O, tho5 art 0airer than the e4enin/ air
Cla1 in the :ea5t2 o0 a tho5san1 stars3
$ri/hter art tho5 than 0lamin/ B5piter
When he appear71 to hapless Semele3
More lo4el2 than the monar.h o0 the s62
!n wanton Areth5sa7s aA5r71 arms3
An1 none :5t tho5 shalt :e m2 paramo5r?
=E<e5nt.> =E>

'AUS"US. Ah, 'a5st5s,
Now hast tho5 :5t one :are ho5r to li4e,
An1 then tho5 m5st :e 1amn71 perpet5all2?
Stand sti$$ )ou ever;moving s"heres o# heaven
That time ma) cease and midnight never come:
Fair Nature1s e)e rise rise again and ma(e
9er"etua$ da): or $et this hour be but
A )ear a month a wee( a natura$ da)
That Faustus ma) re"ent and save his sou$2
O $ente $ente currite noctis e*ui2
The stars move sti$$ time runs the c$oc( wi$$ stri(e
The devi$ wi$$ come and Faustus must be damn1d'
O, !7ll leap 5p to m2 Go1?9Who p5lls me 1own@9
See, see, where Christ7s :loo1 streams in the 0irmament?
One 1rop wo5l1 sa4e m2 so5l, hal0 a 1rop8 ah, m2 Christ?9
Ah, ren1 not m2 heart 0or namin/ o0 m2 Christ?
#et will ! .all on him8 O, spare me, 5.i0er?9
Where is it now@ 7tis /one8 an1 see, where Go1
Stret.heth o5t his arm, an1 :en1s his ire05l :rows?
Mo5ntains an1 hills, .ome, .ome, an1 0all on me,
An1 hi1e me 0rom the hea42 wrath o0 Go1?
No, no?
"hen will ! hea1lon/ r5n into the earth8
Earth, /ape? O, no, it will not har:o5r me?
#o5 stars that rei/n71 at m2 nati4it2,
Whose in0l5en.e hath allotte1 1eath an1 hell,
Now 1raw 5p 'a5st5s, li6e a 0o//2 mist.
!nto the entrails o0 2on la:o5rin/ .lo51=s>,
"hat, when 2o5 4omit 0orth into the air,
M2 lim:s ma2 iss5e 0rom 2o5r smo62 mo5ths,
So that m2 so5l ma2 :5t as.en1 to hea4en?
="he .lo.6 stri6es the hal0*ho5r.>
Ah, hal0 the ho5r is past? 7twill all :e past anon
O Go1,
!0 tho5 wilt not ha4e mer.2 on m2 so5l,
#et 0or Christ7s sa6e, whose :loo1 hath ransom71 me,
!mpose some en1 to m2 in.essant pain3
-et Faustus $ive in he$$ a thousand )ears
A hundred thousand and at $ast be sav1d2
O, no en1 is limite1 to 1amne1 so5ls?
Wh2 wert tho5 not a .reat5re wantin/ so5l@
Or wh2 is this immortal that tho5 hast@
Ah, P2tha/oras7 metemps2.hosis, were that tr5e,
"his so5l sho5l1 0l2 0rom me, an1 ! :e .han/71
Unto some :r5tish :east? all :easts are happ2,
'or, when the2 1ie,
"heir so5ls are soon 1issol471 in elements3
$5t mine m5st li4e still to :e pla/571 in hell.
C5rs71 :e the parents that en/en1er71 me?
No, 'a5st5s, .5rse th2sel0, .5rse 5.i0er
"hat hath 1epri471 thee o0 the ;o2s o0 hea4en.
="he .lo.6 stri6es twel4e.>
O, it stri6es, it stri6es? Now, :o12, t5rn to air,
Or 5.i0er will :ear thee C5i.6 to hell?
="h5n1er an1 li/htnin/.>
O so5l, :e .han/71 into little water*1rops,
An1 0all into the o.ean, ne7er :e 0o5n1?
Enter DEV!S.
M2 Go1, m2 /o1, loo6 not so 0ier.e on me?
A11ers an1 serpents, let me :reathe a while?
U/l2 hell, /ape not? come not -uci#er2
/1$$ burn m) boo(s29Ah, Mephistophilis?
=E<e5nt DEV!S with 'AUS"US.>
CHORUS. Cut is the branch that might have grown #u$$ straight
An1 :5rne1 is Apollo7s la5rel*:o5/h,
"hat sometime /rew within this learne1 man.
'a5st5s is /one8 re/ar1 his hellish 0all,
Whose 0ien105l 0ort5ne ma2 e<hort the wise,
Onl2 to won1er at 5nlaw05l thin/s,
Whose 1eepness 1oth enti.e s5.h 0orwar1 wits
"o pra.ti.e more than hea4enl2 power permits.
"erminat hora 1iem3 terminat a5.tor op5s.