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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

Partner and Volunteer

The revised guidelines and policies adopted by the GBM on 3
August 2012; In Picture, Mr. Gianmarco Pulcini from Italy- former volunteer

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: +91 (0) 866 249 7 55 9
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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012


Our Vision: Together towards a better world for everyone to live in. A world that is formed
of collaborative communities where human resources shared between the plenty and the
scarcity; where life is protected and shared; where life is allowed to reach its fullness in all its
richness and dignity.
NewBeginnings works towards the inclusive development of our society in collaboration with
International community for a greater and compassionate society. For a greater understanding
and our fight against poverty, NewBeginnings provides our partner ngos human resources our
international volunteers to work and understand your organization and its importance for the
development of the society.
We take this time to thank all our existing partners both Sending Organisations and Field
Partner Organisations (FPO) for your excellent support to us over the years. Thank you once
again for your great support and your partnerships. We will continue to fulfill the aspirations of
the partner organisations as we proceed further. Looking back our simple beginning in 2009
with just three volunteers, we have grown to a greater extend within short time and we are
hosting around 35-50 volunteers annually now. This is all because of your support and your
collaboration with us; more than that the trust you have on us. NewBeginnings remains grateful
to our wonderful Sending Organisations for your trust and continuous partnership.

The recent Annual Body Meeting has come up with a few suggestions to our existing
Volunteers Manual and we are happy to come out with this new revised guide for our
wonderful volunteers. We exist for you! NewBeginnings remains continuously to your most
sought after volunteer hosting organization in India for you. We will, in every way possible,
provide you a learning and remarkable experience as our volunteers. You will enjoy the friendly
environments that we experience in India blended with traditional and cultural values while
working together for a better world the vision of NCT.

Thanking you my friends

Vijayawada, August 3, 2012
NCT, Team

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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

General Tips for successful Volunteering:
Optimistic Viewpoint: A pleasant, open attitude can prepare volunteers for the unforeseen
challenges and opportunities encountered while volunteering in an unknown land

Meeting New People: As you are left with on your own on a foreign land, you will have the
opportunity to meet and interact with other individuals of not of your background. Try to
explore their unique perspective and show dignity and decorum in dealing with cultural issues.

Dont Expect Too Much & Dont be Judgmental: It is true one person alone can not do
everything, but one person can do something. You might encounter and experience the
instability and chaos of the non-profit world and might lead to frustration for volunteers. But,
consider the impact they make in this world with their contribution

Feel Confident to Make Suggestions: Volunteers are encouraged to make suggestions or
observations while at the volunteer site. New ideas and viewpoints often lead to better results

Dress Appropriately: Volunteers are encouraged to dress in an appropriate manner suitable to
the culture and custom practiced locally. If your service site involves manual labour and/or
construction areas, please dress in appropriate clothing such as long pants, close-toed shoes,
and gloves. NewBeginnings highly recommends women volunteers to wear Punjabi dresses or
chudidhar dresses which will be more comfortable and culturally more accepted

Report Unsafe Behavior: While serving as a volunteer, report any behaviour or environments
which seem unsafe to your safety and your continuous stay in the particular FPO. The
Organisation is strictly against any kind of racial attack (verbally/ physically), ragging, or sexual
assault of any kind and anything of this type even if it is only your perception/ assumption of
the situation - should be immediately brought to the notice of the NCT as well as to the FPO. We
at NewBeginnings consider providing safety as the at most responsibility required of us.

Safety: Safety and privacy has been a top priority in our choice of selecting project partners/host
families in our network. You can always reach us at +91 (0)866 249 7559; In addition to this,
each volunteer will be provided with a personal mobile phone. You are always near to us, under
any circumstances. (misuse of the mobile phone connection calls for immediate cancellation of
your volunteering/ or serious action against you). We will keep you informed of latest laws or
issues related to your safety concerns.

Have FUN!: Volunteering can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences. Kindly
bear in mind that when you reach the project, you are required to fill up the Foreigners Arrival
Registration Form, along with3 passport sized photos to be dispatched to the local FRRO office.
This is mandatory and required of all foreign nationals arriving in the country.

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NewBeginnings provides specific instructions to the volunteers and the FPOs with regard to the
work, safety of the volunteers and the kind of responsibilities of FPOs in providing specific work
environments, and evaluations as per the MOU with NCT Vijayawada and FPO.
A. Work Environment
1. The Volunteer is provided board and lodge
2. The Volunteer is housed mostly within the premises of the FPO
3. The FPO where a volunteer has been placed should provide work that will enable the
volunteer(s) to learn as per her/his (their) requirements. The FPO will arrange
transportation to the volunteers between the housing and the project site.
4. No Volunteer is placed in any remote Village and left on her/his own on any
circumstances. When a Volunteer has to serve in any remote area, she/he should be
accompanied by a staff from the FPO and will be travelling up and down being escorted
by the staff. If in any case, this is not possible, the Volunteer should inform NCT without
any delay.
5. No volunteer should be left alone in work place
6. When you work with the team, kindly follow the instruction of the coordinator or the
team leader. Your suggestions are welcome, but it is the team leader who takes the
decision, dont feel offended if your suggestions are not taken into for work.
7. You may not get the things that you might have asked for as part of your work in time
and sometime, you will never get. Be patience and ask repeatedly till you get them.
Never take for granted that people take note of your request at the first request itself.
This is what going to happen here and this will surely help you practice patience. If
things never turn out to be as you requested, kindly take up the issue with the
concerned director.
8. You need to fit yourself to this work environment. You will experience scarcity of tools,
professionalism on the part of staff, etc, and you are requested to make use of the
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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

available resources to its maximum. Being negative or too much of criticism never help
you or the organization you are placed in
9. Participate in all components and events that make up your training programmes as
part of your volunteering
10. Personal Safety: For your safety and the safety of others, volunteers must be in full
view of other witnesses and/or other staff members when working one-on-one with an
adult or child. Volunteers should not be in a closed room alone with another individual
at any time of the hours. Never encourage any outsiders, especially any child to enter
into the volunteers room/ flat allotted to you by the FPO.
11. Personal Integrity: Please keep in mind of your personal integrity while volunteering in
the local community. At all times, you are a representative of your personal self as well
as NCT and the Sending Organisation, if you are part of such.
12. In case of any difficulty you face or the kind of field provided is not that of your
expectations, kindly bring to the notice of the director/ staff in-charge to volunteers in
the working organization and also to NCT
B. Cultural Environment
1. It is highly expected of every volunteer to respect and accept the local culture and the
custom practiced in his/her volunteering environment and is expected to maintain
decency and decorum in dealing with outsiders. The manual on guidance for volunteers
has to be followed strictly. Any volunteer who repeatedly breaks the norms or behaves
such a way that disturbs the local social cultural and custom consciousness will be sent
back to his/her country.
2. Use of alcohol is restricted only to your living room. Though sale of drinks is legalized in
most of the Indian states, drinking in public is strictly prohibited. We strongly restrict
you getting into a bar for your drinking while you are in India.
3. Smoking in public places has been statutorily prohibited recently by the Indian
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4. Maintain a decent distance when
you meet female staff or any known
women. A close movement of men
and women in public places is not
acceptable to this culture. Your
friendliness will in all probability be
understood wrongly and land you in
5. If you encounter anyone misbehaving with you / mocking at you/ ragging you/ any racial
attack on you, kindly bring to the notice of your Volunteer In-charge at FPO and also to
NCT immediately.
6. As much as possible, never encourage anyone get friendly with you. It is strictly
prohibited that people whether young or old making a friendly visit to you in your work
place and especially on odd hours.
7. Avoid meeting or spending time even with small and young girl or children in private.
8. We dont hug/ kiss anyone as a sign of greeting in public places on the back of palm or
on cheek as you might have experienced in the Western Countries. People greet you
Namaste or Good morning (now a days, it is becoming common, but be prepared for
the other form of greeting) with hands folded as if in worship. You may find hand shake
in good number of places, but be sure to offer your hand only the other has stretched
out. We strongly advise you to stick to the Namaste greeting anywhere in India this
will give you a warm atmosphere with new friends you meet.
9. Winking is treated as indecent and offensive. Please avoid this even with known friends,
or kids.
10. Always use your right hand to give or take anything from anyone. Using left hand for
giving or receiving is treated as a sign of disrespect and sometime offensive. Never ever
touch anything especially religious items or food items with your left hand. It is
considered highly disrespectful.
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11. Head is considered to be the sacred part of human body. Dont touch someones head,
not even to pat the head of a child.
12. Shoes and feet are considered to be unclean. Make sure, you dont touch anyone with
your shoes or feet, even if it is a friendly touch. It would be treated as an act of insulting
and people normally feel offended. If your foot has accidently/unintentionally touched
someone, please ask for apology. You can notice that Indians make a simple gesture of
apology if they accidently touch someone with their feet.
13. Do you find people staring at you?? happy, people have taken notice of you.
Staring at stranger is considered indecent in some other countries, but does not have
that importance in India. As a foreigner, you would obviously be the centre of attraction.
14. We Indians normally call the other by the first name. This gives us a sense of related to
the other. We dont use surname for calling a person. If someone calls you with your
surname, be happy. People try to feel friendly with you.
15. Dont get irritated if people go an asking questions which sometime very personal and
or very unimportant. Such questions are common from an Indian perspective. This is the
way a common man/woman tries to get interaction with a stranger. (you can be sure
that even if an Indian is in an unfamiliar place within India, he /she will also face the
same questions). An average Indian would certainly treat a foreigner as his guest and
come forward to do any help he can.
16. For men: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to men the way they dress. But
clothes those show above your knees are considered indecent. Shorts are acceptable
only during exercise. Please avoid using them in public places/ places of religious
houses, working with women/women staff, if such situation comes, or even during your
work time.
For women: Please bear in mind that you are in a country, which is very traditional even
today, and full of mysticism. Indians especially at the rural areas, have rather strict dress
code for women. Women must always keep their upper arms, chest, back and legs
covered with decent dress. Clothes showing your upper arms or skin tight pants are
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better avoided. Once you are used to the place, you will understand the people and you
will also come to know the kind of local culture and accordingly you can go ahead with
your dress code. Needless to say about bikinis, halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps,
shorts, mini-skirts and such stuff should be used only when you are in your rooms.
Dressing sexy will either be taken as offence or attract wrong kind of attention and
create problems.
As we said above, we wish you buying two or three pairs of Indian dress fittings such as
Chudidar, Midi, etc; or you can also use cargo pants, jeans, skirts that fall under the knee
or lower; and short or long sleeve shirts and blouses that falls at least below your upper
arms. As soon as you are with us, you can take any of our staff to buy a few Indian
clothes for you.
C. Behaviour at Temples and other religious places:
1. It is very important to dress appropriately (please ask your local mentor or colleague, if you
have any doubt on your dress code, before you go to any religious place). Legs and upper
arms must be covered, especially if you are visiting a Hindu Temple
2. Always remove your shoes/ footwear before you enter a temple, mosque or any other place
(please note that you will find a water tub/tap near the entrance of temple for washing your
feet before you enter into the Temple. Please do it, if you find such tap/water tub).
3. Do not touch any holy object with your left hand. It will be taken as highly offensive and you
might be asked /forced to leave the premises.
4. In temple and other holy places, you will have to sit in cross-legged on the floor. Pointing
ones feet or pointing your index finger towards the alter, teacher or elders/any unknown
person (young and old alike) is regarded disrespectful.
5. Follow the Instructions written on notice boards. In some religious worship places, you may
have to cover your head during the prayer service
6. If you find a warning/notice at the wall of any holy places: Foreigners / Christians are not
to enter into the Temple, please dont venture into it.
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D. Pick up and Travel arrangements
1. NCT will pick up the volunteers if necessary from the nearest airport on his/her arrival to
2. All the legal formalities will be completed by NCT and in case of renewal of visa or
passport, the Volunteer should inform the NCT Staff well in advance. Any lapses in this
matter, NCT will not take responsibility and such matters will be immediately informed
to the Sending Organisation
3. NCT will place you in the respective chosen FPO after your initial re-orientation seminars
4. Other than the work place transportations, you need to look after any personal
5. NCT will be happy to arrange for your return tickets on completion of your service with
us on request

E. Emergency and Safety
1. The Volunteer has to report to NCT immediately anything she/he finds that is not
suitable to his/her continuous stay
2. On your arrival, we request you to inform us of your health, in case of any previous
major surgery or any serious health issue you had. This will help us to take good care of
you. Provide us with emergency telephone number, a brief description of your health,
3. The food is normally spicy in India, however, make clear to the FPO your taste of food
and requirements.
4. Never go out alone late evening especially if you are a girl
5. Never find yourself in a solitary place or where the street light is dim
6. On your arrival, as part of personal safety, NCT will train you in basic martial arts (it is
not compulsory to the volunteer, if he/she does not like it)
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7. Better avoid travelling alone in an auto (a three-wheeler mini vehicle), especially if you
are a girl. (Never take things lightly, in case of after shopping, if you think the time is
getting evening and you have no vehicle with you, please just call the local mentor or
NCT, we will come and pick you up wherever you are. We love to do this, your safety is
prime important to us than anything else)

F. Expectation of NewBeginnings
1. Travel on your own to any other place should be done either before or after your
placement with us. Since, the FPO normally doesnt have any replacements for you and
it would be difficult for them in your abrupt absence
2. Be part of all the activities of the FPO such as meeting and maintain the team work
3. Dont give money to anyone on the field or to any staff; If you really want to help
someone whom you think is deserving, such observation should be brought to the
notice of NCT or/and FPO. You will come across people asking for monetary support,
please, never use the words I will help you / or I will try. The word TRY literarily is
taken as if you are promising to the person that you will surely help him/her)
4. Dont encourage children or staff to enter into your personal or common volunteer flat/
room for any reason
5. Always observe the local people and learn the code of dressing and behavior.
6. Since many FPOs have already worked with good many volunteers, the staff and the
local people might identify you with someone else (a former volunteer) and talk about
former volunteers to you. Remember, the same way, they will talk about you to the
future volunteers when you are left and gone back to your home. Dont get hurt!!!
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7. Dont give chance to anyone to get
attached to you especially if you are
placed to work with children.
Remember, you will be going back to
your home after your placement here
in India and the dependent-child
might feel terribly let down and lonely.
8. A great amount of flexibility and
reliability is expected from you. We look for volunteers who are willing to work and do
their assigned duties independently.

G. Participants Profile
1. The participants should have completed at least 18 years of his/her age when the
placement is actually takes place
2. Men and women are eligible
3. The Option is open to anyone from any country with valid passport and visa permission
4. Team-player, open minded, healthy, open to learn, enthusiastic person and who is
willing to take extra mile and who is interested in new culture and custom of developing
countries, prepared to work hard
5. Person with graduation or secondary school or with vocational skills or similar
6. The Volunteer is responsible for his/her Insurance coverage. Neither NCT nor the FPO is
responsible for any non-compliance regarding this. You should hold a legal and valid
VISA and PASSPORT and any other International Documents that may be required of you
7. Latest information on VISA Regulations for international Nationals is available at the
Indian Embassy website for your country.
8. All Non-India passport holders require a valid visa to enter India. Please, take due care
on this. We dont want your stay to be complicated.
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H. Programe duration, places, and cost
1. Programes are available round the year across India. Volunteer can choose your choice of
work field, and place. It gives complete flexibility for your stay and work. We have volunteer
work programme in India which include: volunteering in an orphanage, street children
rehabilitation home, girl children rehabilitation homes, women empowerment/support
programmes, HIV/Health Programmes, teaching in schools, or to children in rehabilitation
homes, day care centres, research organisations, sports volunteering, working with
indigenous people/communities, health internship, slum development projects, etc. You
may opt for any number of weeks as volunteer with NCT, however, we advise you the
minimum stay could be 2 weeks.
2. Except Jammu and Kashmir, we place volunteers across India (subject to availability of
vacancy). Kindly be specific in choosing your options (at least two options) such as
volunteering in cities/ towns, or in villages or on hilly areas with indigenous people. (There
are many a hosting Organisations/Volunteers receiving organisations in Northern part of
India, hence we would like to have the volunteers to work in central or South Indian NGOs.
However, we respect your choice of placements).

3. Programme cost (This is only for volunteers of short stay and coming on their own as
tourists/student volunteers without a Sending Organisation): The in-country fee covers
your accommodation, 3 meals a day, airport pick-up, orientation program, placement
arrangement, and supervision/monitoring. The other cost you need to meet are your flights,
visa expenses, vaccinations, Excursion, telephone calls/ mobile recharge coupons charges,
Internet (if it is possible in the working area), Insurance cover, and departure tax and your
personal expenses.
The Programme Fee: The Programme fee includes, administrative charges, training fees,
accommodation charges, food expenses, transportation of volunteers from NCT to partner
organisations, daily transport to work and monitoring and communications.
I. Alumni Discount: NCT gives all its alumni members a 10% discount in programme fee
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J. Cancellations/Postponement: In case, if the volunteer finds it difficult to join us on the date of
project commencement, such applicant can postpone or cancel your placement with us as per
the terms and conditions below:
a. You will be placed in an alternative project in the case when NCT cannot place you on
the project you applied for
b. In case of not able to place you in the alternative project (which will never happen), you
will get the total refund of your registration and programme fee after deduction of 10%
in registration fee, if your application is cancelled before we could allot any project
placement to you. (please note that we cannot take any responsibility for any costs
incurred or inconvenience caused due to the cancellation of a project)
c. No amount will be refunded if you reject to participate in a project you have applied and
agreed for.
d. However in the following conditions, the volunteer can either postpone or get his/her
applications cancelled
i. When he/she is faced with unfortunate situations like death or serious illness of
his/her loved ones/immediate relatives
ii. If he /she has met with any unforeseen incident that would prevent him/her
from /able to participate in the programme.
In any of the above two cases, the applicant will receive a refund of 80% of the
registration fee. However, the claim should be validated with necessary
However, even after your non-acceptance or cancellation, you will continue to
enjoy the status of registered member for a period of 12 months from the date
of receiving your registration fee.

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K. Drugs, Alcohol, Driving, and Independent Travel
1. All volunteers are strictly prohibited to the use of any kind of drugs except those
prescribed for medical purpose. Explicit violation of this rule, will result in the
immediate dismissal from the programme and immediate return to the home country
2. NCT will provide complete legal representation, if any volunteer is found allegedly
involved and cooperate with the law enforcing authorities.
3. All the factual information will be collected and shared with the Sending Organizations
4. The volunteers are strictly asked to follow the law of the country (India) where they are
placed for volunteering. It is sure that some kinds of law that is allowed in any other
countries is not applicable in India and hence a strict observance of law is demanded
5. Even, if the volunteer is not detained by the law enforcing authorities on account of
having any drugs or found driving without valid license, NCT will consult the Sending
Organisation and accordingly the decision will be implemented. However, we would like
to make it clear that Volunteers who seem to be addicted to drugs/ alcohol will be send
back immediately in consultation with the volunteer or with the Sending Organisation.
6. NCT does not approve your driving unless you have a valid motor vehicle driving license.
Prudence is always expected to be at command. NCT will not take any responsibility on
damages caused to the vehicle of the FPO or any staff by the volunteer.
7. When the FPO allows the volunteer to drive a motor vehicle as the situation may
demand, the Partner Organisation is responsible for the safety of the volunteer and
brief him/her of the traffic rules and parking slots available on the main roads. It is the
partner organisation who is responsible for the volunteer as well as to the vehicle.
8. Moderate use of alcohol is accepted but within the premises of the partner organization
or in your room. Be aware of the cultural implications. We highly recommend that you
take alcohol only when you are in your room and avoid getting into any bar on your
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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

9. If the Volunteer plans for independent travel
(during the volunteering period or after the completion
of the placement) to any other place within the country
(India), Kindly keep NCT informed of your whereabouts.
It will help us to track down in case of any emergency.
However, NCT strongly expects the volunteers not to
take up any such independent travel during the
assignment period.

L. Strategy and support of partnership
1. The FPO should develop adequate support strategy, training, monitoring and evaluation
2. The FPO is expected to provide adequate training to the volunteers enabling them
suitable to the work in the field.
3. In case of any misunderstanding with the volunteers or between volunteers and the
organization staff, the volunteers in-charge / director could intervene and find out
workable and acceptable solutions. However, when the intervention of NCT becomes
inevitable, the FPO should bring to the notice of NCT without any further delay
4. As the situation progresses, development information should be shared with NCT on a
monthly basis. It is the responsibility of the staff/director in-charge for volunteers in
The Volunteers are not substitute to the paid staff of the organization.
5. The FPO should provide job description to the volunteers and explain to them the
organizational culture
6. The FPO is expected to conduct an orientation day to the volunteers on the
organizations mission and programmes
7. The FPO should appoint a competent staff to guide the volunteer(s) in their work.
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8. The FPO is expected to provide a Certificate of Appreciation or Letter of
Recommendation to the volunteers on the completion of their volunteer service at the
M. Language Training
1. NCT will train the volunteers in the local language working language for a period of
two months. However, this will be done along with your service to the FPO in the field.
2. NCT does not charge any fee from the volunteers for the training, if the volunteers are
sent by a Sending Organisation from overseas. Such fee might be born by the Sending
3. There is no explicit rule on the learning hours, however, NCT recommends 100 hours of
learning to each volunteer

N. Visits by parents or friends
1. Though NCT is not against the visit of parents, we strictly dont encourage any such visits
and not certainly your friends visit during your stay as volunteer in any of our FPO.
2. Be aware that your absence in the field will be an obstacle / hindrance to the FPO in
performing their daily routine programmes. There is no substitute for your work in the
project site during your stay, when a programme is entrusted to you.
3. On any unavoidable reason, pre-visit permission for your parents is a must from NCT

O. Temporary Visit to the Home Country (only for those who do long term volunteering)
1. The volunteer can make a temporary visit to his/her home country, if any emergency
demands, with an intention of returning to the same FPO to work as volunteer,
provided, such volunteer should get permission from the Sending Organisation and from
his/her parents/ guardian
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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

2. However, if the stay exceeds more than three weeks, NCT may choose to place the
volunteer with any other FPO. Such move will be shared with the Sending Organisation,
if the volunteer is part of an organization
3. The travel expenses is not in any way met by NCT or the FPO
4. Kindly be aware of your VISA restrictions. NCT or any of its partner organizations (local
as well as overseas) is not responsible for any lapses with regard to this.

P. Conflict Management
1. In case of any conflict that the volunteer fasces with the FPO/ Hosting Family, kindly
bring to the notice of the staff / director who is in-charge to the Volunteers. In case of
any misunderstanding with the staff / director in-charge to the Volunteers, take up the
issue with the head of the Organisation. In any case, keep NCT informed.
2. Never wait for any issue to take its strong root resulting in hatred or quarrel. Make
sure, you inform the NCT team immediately.
3. Any conflict because of your public behavior, such as not stick to the dress code, or
consumptions of drinks (alcohol) will need to be addressed and you are expected to
cooperate with the FPO.
4. Be assured, NCT is here to be your side in every way possible. We will be at your reach
for you to contact us and solve any issues cordially.
5. In case of any conflict with the law you may have, we will cooperate with the law
enforcing officers and inform your sending organization/ parents about this and in
consultation with your parents, we will provide you legal assistance. But, only you are
responsible for all legal expenses. We strongly recommend that you guard your
behavior especially the way you conduct yourself outsiders and on the field matters a
lot. Remember, you are in a country where tradition, religions and culture takes
predominance and you dont behave such a way that hurts others.
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6. With regard to your religious practice, you are free to practice your religious practice as
any of us do. But keep in mind, religious sentiments are at time high in some places and
so display prudence. But you can be sure, no one is going to ask you to involve in any of
their religious practice. You have the right to politely refuse the offer, if anyone asks
you to join their religious meetings, if you are not interested. As a matter of policy, we
dont normally encourage volunteers to involve in missionary works, unless your visa
clarifies it and in such case, you will be placed with partner ngos who are involved in
missionary activities.
7. Volunteers of missionary nature will be briefed of the realities in India and how they
should conduct in India.

Q. Project Change
1. NCT wont recommend any project change before the completion of the in-progress
placement with the current project. However, to avoid an early return, if the volunteer
is governed by a Sending Organisation and its norms permits, such change is possible
2. If the volunteer is found to be not adhering to the prescribed norms of NCT or its FPO,
such Volunteer might be asked to terminate his/her service with us. In such case, if a
Sending Organisation is involved, it will be informed of the decision.
3. However, a project change is possible, in the following cases:
1. If the FPO fails in providing adequate learning experience to the Volunteers,
2. If the FPO is closing down its operation, or
3. If the FPO, for any reason, is black listed by the Government of India, or
4. The political situation is getting worse in the area where the FPO is located,
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Copy Rights @ NewBeginnings Charitable Trust, Vijayawada, 2012

5. The health of the Volunteer is getting affected due to the over all
geographical/weather conditions available in the operational location of the
FPO, or
6. If it poses any threat to the well-being of the volunteer, or
7. If the volunteer has to go home on account of his health or any unforeseen
unpleasant events
R. Project Evaluation
1. NCT conducts evaluations on your field experience every two months (applicable for
those who opt for six months or one year programmes
2. NCT will have a final evaluation on completion of your volunteering with the FPO(s)
applicable for all the volunteers
3. The information will be shared with Sending Organisation, if you are sent by, as well as

S. Gift for Host families: NCT does not expect and encourage such practice. We feel that sharing
of your culture, experiences and yourself in whatever way possible (like helping the kids to do
their home works, helping them in readings) can be the best gift. However, if you really want to
bring a gift to your host family, consider a book of photographs of your city, your family
members & friends, etc, chocolates, or sweets.

T. Gifts to Organisations: NCT does not encourage such practices in our volunteering programme.
However, it is left to you to decide. Your volunteering experience in no way is going to be
disturbed whether or not you help the partner organization. You will not be asked to make any
donations of any kind for any purpose. This has been informed to all the parties are aware of
this policy.

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U. The following are for Internship Candidates only: As an Intern in NCT,
you will be unpaid as we lack resources to support you, unless the partner organization(s) wants
to support you in any way. However, we will support you completely and make sure that your
experience with us makes you a trained professional in your life. All the assignments that are
necessary to your work will be provided to you. The time for the Internship could be between 6-
12 weeks, but it could also be shorter or longer.
The focus areas of internship could be in health care, womens issues, education, culture, child
development, sustainable development, work experience, research or dissertation, and
income generation. However we would be happy to help you with any areas other than these
mentioned here to make your internship experience both rewarding and satisfying.

Programme Fee for Internship: You need to support your travel, stay and our fee. Academic
credit also possible, however the internship should be approved for credit by your
college/university and a faculty sponsor.

Wish you a happy stay with us!
Adopted during the GBM at:
Vijayawada, on 3
August 2012