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1. Use the appropriate words to complete each of the gaps in the answering machine
For calling; business hours; Friday; is closed; back; possible; I`m not able; call;
leave; message.

a !hank you """"""""""""" !#$ %roducts. I`m afraid that our office
""""""""""" and there is no&one to take your call at the moment. 'ur
""""""""""""""""" are ().*( to 1).*(+ ,onday to """"""""""""+ and we will
get """""""""" to you as soon as """""""""""""".

b !his is %hil !homas. """""""""""""" at the moment to take your """"""""""".
If you`d like to """"""""""" a """"""""""""+ please speak after the tone. I`ll
ring you """""""""""""".

-. .ere are two messages left on an answering machine. Fill in the gaps:
!ell; call; repeat; report; trying; machine; urgently; discuss; as soon as possible.

a !his is %aula /icchi of 0ele1 2upplies. I need to speak to #iana 3inter of 2ales.
4an you """""""""""" her to """"""""" me first thing tomorrow morning5 ,y
number is (61-*67)76. I`ll 8ust """""""""" my name: %aula /icchi of 0ele1
2upplies. 'h+ and could you tell her that I got her """""""""" about !urin

b %hil+ this is 9anine. I`ve been """""""""" to ring you all day but all I get is the
answering """"""". 3here have you been5 I need to speak to you """"""""""""
about the :elman contract. I`ve had a look at it and there are a couple of things
we need to """""""""""" before we send it out. 4an you ring me """""""""""5
I`ll be here till about half past seven.
I 4omplete the following sentences with words from he bo1.

/eport+ finish+ agenda+ purpose+ move on+ items+ close+ summari;e+ <uestions+ postpone+
discussion+ welcome

1. """""""""" to the meeting.
-. 3e have three""""""""" on the """"""""".
*. !he main """"""" of the meeting is to reach a decision on the =bacus pro8ect.
>. I would like to hear 9ohn`s """""" and then we can have a""""""""".
?. I hope we can """"""" by > o`clock.
@. 9ohn+ can you """"" your main points5
6. #oes anyone have any"""""""5
). Aet`s """""" to the ne1t point.
7. !here is not enough time to discuss this. 4an we """""""""" this decision to a later
1(. I think we should """"""" the meeting now+ as it is after > o`clock.

II 4hoose the right ending to make the chair`s remark below.
1. I would like to welcome """"
-. !here are three things """""
*. 4an I introduce ,ary 9ane"""
>. #oes anyone have any """""
?. Aet`s move """""
@. 2o+ that is completed """"""
6. 4an we set """""
). I think that is """"
7. !hanks """"""""

a 3ho is going to present a short report
b 4omment on ,ary`s report5
c 'n the items on the agenda
d = date for our ne1t meeting5
e For coming
f !o the ne1t point
g =ll for today
h 'n the agenda
i Bveryone to the meeting
Use the verbs to complete the gaps in these useful sentences
:ook+ order+ bring+ recommend+ follow+ eat+ have+ prefer+ start+ ask+ suit+ take

1. #o we have to """""" a table or can we 8ust turn up5
-. I have ordered a table for half past twelve. #oes that """" to Cou5
*. 3ould Cou like something to drink or shall we """"""" straight away5
>. 4an I """" the garniture de legumes5 It is one of the chef`s specialities.
?. I think I will have the aborigine salad to """" and the salmon to """"".
@. 3hich wine do you """"""" red or white5
6. I am a vegetarian. I don`t """""" meat or fish.
). Do desert for me+ thanks. I will 8ust """"" a coffee.
7. 3ould you like anything else or shall I """"" for the bill5
1(. 4ould you """""us the bill+ please5 #o you """" 0I2=5
Use the verbs to complete the sentences about the business trip

.ire+ check in+ change+ meet+ confirm+ stay+ miss+ land

1. Cou must phone the airport to """" your flight -> hours before departure.
-. %assengers for !urin should at the =A Italia desk.
If you wish to """"" a car on landing+ please speak to one of our ground staff on arrival.
>. It is best to """"" your money before you leave for the 2tates. Cou will get a much
better rate here.
#on`t worry+ ,artina. I will arrange for our driver to """""""you at the airport and take
you to our office.
@. Aook it is nearly eleven o`clock+ if we don`t get a move on we will """"""" our flight.
6. If I am in 2ingapore+ I usually """"""" at the /oyal %ark .otel.
). 3hat time does your flight """"""" in :russels5
4omplete the dialo<ue with words from the bo1
!his+ staying+ nice+ introduce+ inviting

=: .ello Ea """""""" meet you.
:: !hank you for Eb """"""" me.
=: .ow long are you Ec """" here5
:: 9ust two days.
=: 'h+ not long+ then. Aet me Ed """"""" you to my collea<ue %aul.
:: %aul+ Ee """""""" is =ngela Fa1.

II ,atch the two parts of the sentences
1. 2omeone will help you """
-. I don`t have enough """
*. I will let you know if """
>. I am worried that """
?. I won`t be arriving """
@. I am helping to be there """
6. I would like to pay """
). I would like """

a 4ash on me
b I won`t make the connection.
c :y * pm
d 3ith your luggage
e = nonsmoking room+ please.
f I manage to catch the flight.
g Until * p.m.
h :y credit card
I %ut the verbs in brackets in the correct tense
1. %lease+ be <uietF 3e """""""""""""" Etry to get some sleep.
-. !hey """""""" Ehave bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday morning.
*. 9ack """"""" Eplay s<uash every !hursday afternoon.
>. .ow long """""""" EyouGknow the 9effersons5 2ince 177-.
?. =t present+ Heorge """""" Ehelp his mother with the housework.
@. I am sure 9anet """""""""" Ehelp you clean up this mess later.
6. #on`t touch the 3allF I """"""" E8ustGpaint it.
). 4laire """"""""""" EnotGcome to my party last night.
7. ,y brother always """"""""" bring me a nice present on my birthday.
1(. """"""""""" E#adGrepair the car yet5
11. 9ohn ,iller """"""""""" Epublish three books so far.
1-. I am afraid 2usan """"""""" EnotGbe here for your engagement party.
1*. I can`t meet you today I """""""" Ehave lunch with my boss in an hour.
1>. !he tree is falling. It """"""""""" Ehit that carF
1?. !om """"""" Efly to Dew Cork on Friday. .e has already bought his ticket.
1@. 3e """""""""""" Ego on holiday to Italy last year.
16. I """"""""""" Estay at a friend`s house at the moment.
1). $ate usually """""""""" Epaint pictures of animals in her spare time.
17. .e """"""""""""" E8ustGplant some trees and flowers in the garden.
-(. I """"""""""" Evisit aunt ,ary tomorrow afternoon.
-1. .ow often """"""""" EitGsnow in your country5
--. 9ohn """"""""""" EnotGphone last night.
-*. Uncle 9ack """"""""""""" Ewash the car at the moment.
->. 2am """"""""" Ehave an accident yesterday evening.
-?. Aucy """"""""""""" Ewear a skirt and a 8acket to work every day.
-@. I am sure %eter """"""""""""" Epass his driving test tomorrow.
-6. AookF .e """"""""""" Ecome.
-). 3hile he was watching !0 she """"""""" Eplay the piano.
-7. I """"""""""" Edrive all night yesterday.
*(. AistenF .e """""""""" Esing.
II 4hoose the correct answer

1. 3e """"" a test in our history lesson yesterday.
a .ave b had c are having
-. %hilip """" yet.
a .as woken up b woke up c has not woken up
*. I """"""" your brother last week.
a 2ee b saw c am seeing
>. It is hot. I """""""" the window.
a will open b open c opened
?. %eter and 9enny """"""""" on holiday ne1t week.
a Ho b are going c have gone
@. I hope you """""""" me a copy of the photo.
a 2ends b will send c send
6. !he prime minister """"" three new hospitals so far.
a Is opening b opened c has opened
). #o you think it """""""" tomorrow5
a /ained b has rained c will rain
7. :eth """"""""" to the cinema every 2aturday.
a .as gone b is going c goes
1(. !hey """"""""" three films so far.
a .ave seen b saw c see
11. %ut on your coat or you """""""" a cold.
a :e catching b have caught c will catch
1-. I """""""" dinner with %aul this evening. #o you want to 8oin us5
a 3ill have b am having c have had
1*. Hrandmother """""""" us in our new house yet.
a #idn`t visit b hasn`t visited c doesn`t visit
1>. I usually """"" my clothes on ,onday mornings.
a 3ash b washes c have washed
1?. I """"""" a big chocolate cake for my birthday last year.
a 3ill bake b have baked c baked
1@. ,um """"" the kitchen at the moment.
a 4leaned b has cleaned c is cleaning
16. I am a teacher I """"" in a school.
a 3ork b worked c am working
1). .e """""""" goodbye and then he walked away.
a .as said b said c says
17. I """""""my work. 4an I leave now5
a Finish b have finished c amfinishing
-(. I """"""" on a new book at the moment.
a 3ork b am working c have worked
-1. 2he always """"""" her teeth twice a day.
a :rushes b has brushed c is brushing
--. I """"""" a postcard two days ago. It was from my parents.
a Het b have got c got
-*. 3e """"""" a lot of money on our new house so far.
a 2pent b have spent c are spending
->. .elen often """""" to work late.
a Is coming b comes c come
-?. !hey """""" in these neighbourhood for twenty years.
a =re living b live c have lived
-@. ,y boss can`t talk to you right now. .e """"""" a meeting.
a Is having b has c had
-6. #on`t play the music so loudF Cou """"""" the baby.
a 3ake up b woke up c will wake up
-). !hey """""" for a new house at the moment.
a .ave been looking b are looking c look
-7. 2he """"" her driving test.
a .as 8ust passed b is passing c passes
*(. I think I """"""" shopping on 2aturday afternoon.
a !o go b have been c will go
*1. :en looks tired. .e """""""" hard all day long.
a .ad been working b has been working c is working
*-. 3hen I left this morning+ it """""""""""".
a 3as raining b is raining c rains
**. :y the time I got there+ :ill """"""".
a .ad already left b left c is leaving
*>. 2arah """""" my best friend since 177?.
a 3as b is being c has been
I /eplace each word in bold with a sub8ect or ob8ect pronouns
1. Bmily likesscream cake. """"""""""""""""""""""""""
-. 9ohn is afraid of mice. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""
*. 4arolin is coming with :ill and me."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
>. !his present is for my father. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
?. ,y brother is talking to these people. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
@. ,y sister and I live near you and !om. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
6. !hese flowers belong to .elen. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
). Is this book for you and ,atthew5 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
7. Fiona likes cats. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1(. %eter is repairing the !0. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
11. Bat your breakfastF """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1-. Is Bmma reading the newspaper5 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1*. !he children are playing with the ball. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1>. #on`t touch the wiresF """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1?. ,other is talking to 2imon. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
1@. =re %eter and !im listening to the radio5 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
II Underline the correct item
1. 'h dearF I have left myGmine wallet at home.
-. 'urGours video recorder is not working.
2o grandmother is lending us herGhers for a few days.
*. ,ineGmy passport has e1pired. I need to get a new one.
>. !he 2miths` house is the third from the left and the %orsche that is parked outside is
?. 9ohn and %atrick are not at home but theirsGtheir cars are in the garage.
@. #on`t wash your hair with that shampoo. It is mineGmy.
6. Is that #anielle`s coat5 Do+ it is not. .erG.ers is the red one.
). /ita has left herGhers 8ob as a shop assistant because she wants to be a singer.
7. #on`t use my pen+ please use yourGyours instead.
1(.Is 2ue %arker yourGyours cousin5 I have known her for months but she has never told
me that.
11. Fred and 9enny help themselvesGeach other with their homework.
1-. !he boys are having fun. !hey are en8oying each otherGthemselves.
1*. !im`s line is busy and :rian` s line is busy too+
I think they are talking to themselvesGeach other.
I Fill in the gaps with atGinGon
1. I like getting up late """" the weekend.
-. I was born """" ,ay the 1>th.
*. Aet`s meet """"" *:(( and go shopping.
>. """"" Friday morning Ainda had a French lesson on.
?. !he boat leaves """""" ten minutes.
@. .e usually meets his friend"""""" the evening.
6. 4all me """""" - o`clock tomorrow.
). !ina`s birthday party was """"" 2unday night.
7. 2ee you """"""" a few weeks.
1(. 9enny likes staying at home """" rainy days.
11. ,r. 2impson is arriving """"" Friday.
1-. I like walking in the park """""" hot days.
1*. !he accident happened """""" yesterday evening.
1>. I am very busy """" the moment.
1?. !om plays tennis """"""" every 2unday.
1@. !he bus leaves """"" ten minutes.
16. !hey were """" the ;oo this morning.
I /ewrite the sentences into passive
1. !hey must prepare the food tonight.
-. 2omeone attacked 2am on 2aturday night.
*. .e will write the letter ne1t week.
>. !he maid makes beds every morning.
?. Hary had finished the pro8ect.
@. 4atherine is baking the birthday cake.
6. #id =lison inform the police5
). !he police were watching the burglars.
7. Cou must complete your homework tonight.
1(. !hey may paint their house this summer.
11. !hey teach three languages at the school.
1-. !ara was driving a car.
1*. ,rs. 9efferson was tidying the kitchen.
1>. !he boss is going to offer =ndrew a better post.
1?. Cou must wash the car today.
1@. !hey are taking himto hospital now.
16. !he cat has destroyed the flowers.
1). 2hakespeare wrote ``.amlet``.
17. 2omeone sent 2usan a red rose.
-(. !he fire had burnt down the house by the time the fire brigade arrived.

-1. 3ho invented the television5
--. !he maid polished the silver yesterday.
-*. 3e must take the dog for a walk.
->. !he ,ayor will open the new cinema tomorrow.
-?. 3e couldn`t put out the fire because of the wind.
-@. .ave you done the washing yet5
-6. =n e1plorer has found a dinosaur egg.
-). ,rs. Hates will look after the baby.
-7. !hey won`t take him after the party.
*(. #id they find the ring in the garden5
*1. Is !om drawing the picture5
*-. .as 2imon sent the invitations yet5
**. #o they make the bread in this factory5
*>. #id a dog bite him5
*?. #id ,ary rescue three cats5
I %ut the verbs in brackets into the correct tense ifclauses
1. I will help you with the shopping later if I """""""""""""" Ehave time.
-. Unless you """""""""""" Eleave now+ you will miss the train.
*. If I were you+ I """""""""" EnotGbuy a secondhand car.
>. If you """"""""""" Elook both ways before crossing the street+ you wouldn`t have
been knocked down.
?. If I """""" Ebe you+ I would phonemymothertonight.
@. If he hadn`tstopped the car+ he """""""" Ehave an accident.
6. I """"""""" Egive some money to charity if I won the competition.
). Unless we """"""" Eleave now+ we will be late.
7. Cour friend wouldn`t have phoned you if you """""" E notGmeet her in the street.
1(. If I hadn`t waken up early+ I """""""" Ebe late for work.
11. If I """""" Ehave more time+ I would tidy the garden.
1-. If I were you+ I """""""""" Eget someone to help me.
1*. If you drop an egg it """""""""""" Ebreak.
1>. If you """"""" Ehit water it boils.
1?. If you """""" Ehave toothache go to the dentist.
1@. If you """"""" Ework hard you may be promoted.