Naughty Chou Zheng

Written by Aviral Sood
Illustrated by Phidi Pulu

Original Story in English ‘My Car’ by Phidi Pulu,
Remixed Story: ‘Naughty Chou Zheng’ by Aviral Sood
Illustrations: Phidi Pulu
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Naughty Chou Zheng
Written by Aviral Sood
Illustrated by Phidi Pulu

This story was remixed as a part of the
‘Retell, Remix and Rejoice Contest’ conducted by Pratham Books


Once upon a time in ancient China there lived a
boy named Chou Zheng. Chou Zheng was very
naughty; he always rode his scooter at top speed
and never wore a helmet. Grandmother Chin
Shi always told him to ride carefully and wear a
helmet. But Chou Zheng never listened.
Chou Zheng was always racing with his friends at
the hill. He always won all the races.


One day Chou Zheng challenged all his friends to
a race. “Whoever will complete two rounds of
the hill first will win the race.” Everyone agreed
with his decision. “One, two, three, GO!” shouted
Chou Zheng, and all the boys started running
with their scooters.


Chou Zheng ran very fast and was going first, but
instead of going around the hill he went up the hill!
But Chou Zheng did not even notice and he kept
running very fast and reached the top of the hill.

But Chou Zheng did not stop even at the top and
he went on running and running and running and
running until he reached the moon and the stars.


Chou Zheng’s friends were very worried.
“Poor Chou Zheng,” they thought, “will he ever
come down?”


But above all of them Chou
Zheng suddenly felt that
he was falling down. He
looked down and saw the
hills and the trees getting
bigger. Then he suddenly
fell down with a loud
THUMP! Ouch! Chou Zheng
landed right in front of
Grandmother Chin Shi.


Grandmother Chin Shi then treated him and after
some Chou Zheng was well again. “I told you not to
ride a scooter so fast. And why aren’t you wearing a
helmet?” She was very angry!!


Then Chou Zheng learnt a lesson. And today he
doesn’t race at all! But Grandmother Chin Shi could
not make him stop riding a scooter, though.


But now everybody was happy. Even Chou Zheng’s
little brother, who also plays with Chou Zheng’s
scooter with him.


Name- Aviral Sood
A story intended for children on Level 3


11-aged Aviral Sood is now looking
for new books to read after exhausting all of Rowling’s, Cornelia’s,
Brown’s, Dahl’s, Blyton’s and Riordan’s that could be found in the local
library and is trying to get into the
finals of the upcoming lawn tennis
tournament. Also enjoys chess and
studies. Aiming to be an Aeronautical
engineer and part-time author.

The illustrations in this book are by Phidi
Pulu (My Car).

Chou Zheng was a very naughty boy.
Did he learn his lesson after going to the
moon? Find out in this cute little story.
Naughty Chou Zheng