Naman and the Dinosaur Eggs

Ten year old Naman was very fond of dinosaurs. He had heard a lot about them and had even
heard that a dinosaur egg could be as big as a dog! He was also fond of the moon and was
fascinated by the fact that the planet Jupiter had 63 moons!

One day, when Naman was walking with his dog Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum suddenly started to
“Hey Dum-Dum, why are you barking? Did you find something?” Naman asked.
“Woof....woof!!” Dum-Dum replied wagging his tail excitedly. He then started digging. He dug
and dug and dug and dug until finally he found something..... Dinosaur eggs!

Naman collected the eggs and put them in a basket. He then picked up the basket carefully,
took it home and put it inside his toy box.

Next morning, Naman woke up and ran excitedly to his toy box. ‘Would the eggs have
hatched?’ he wondered. But when he opened the box, he found that the eggs were missing!
Naman looked for the basket of eggs all around his house.

He looked for it on the shelf above the toy box, he looked for it under the bed and he looked for
it in the attic. But he could not find it anywhere.
As he walked along the street feeling very sad, he saw a wise old woman sitting on a bench.

“Why are you looking so upset little boy?” asked the wise old woman.
“I have lost my dinosaur eggs. Can you help me find them?” Naman asked her.
The old woman gave him a long stick with a roller on one end. “Take this,” she said, “this
magical roller is an egg detector. It will help you find your dinosaur eggs.”

Naman was very happy. When he put the roller to the ground, it started rolling everywhere,
pulling Naman along with it.

It rolled all around the earth and then at last it pulled Naman towards a thick bush and stopped
rolling. Naman fell inside the bush. There he found his basket of dinosaur eggs.

‘How did it get here?’ Naman wondered. But he was so tired, he did not bother about the
mystery anymore. He returned home feeling very happy.