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Colorado Springs, CO 80908 Res: 719.487.9143

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Coordinate and synchronize efforts with operations, administrative, and logistical staff.

More than 15 years of comprehensive experience in directing operations through strategic planning and effective
management of staff and budgets. Accustomed to and effective in high-profile roles, making high-stakes decisions,
and overcoming complex challenges. Team builder, capable of implementing best practices and motivating staff to
peak performance. Possess skills and abilities that are well suited to variety of industries.


Strategic Business Planning & Leadership Project Management Policy Development Process Improvement
Training & Development Team Leadership & Motivation


Mission Systems delivers innovative, cost-effective service solutions for some of the world's most demanding
challenges in facilities management, logistics and communications networks; HQ in Reston, VA with 7K+ employees.
Ombudsperson Americas and Europe (Inspector General)
Informed Senior Staff on state of the Companys Program efficiency, discipline, morale, and adherence to the Code
of Conduct and regulations. Conducted over eighty investigations into allegations and wrongdoings providing
findings to the Ethics and Compliance Review Board. Produced case analyses and recommendations on general
employee issues. Trained and mentored employees and program leaders in performance of their duties.
Investigated over eighty cases of allegations and wrongdoings involving employees from Senior Leadership to
employees in the US, Europe and the Middle East, providing written investigative reports, recommendations and
briefings to the Ethics and Compliance Review Board.
Company adopted recommendations from investigations, which improved employee relations, program efficiency
and adherence to the Company Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations in order to comply with Program and
Department of Defense Directives.
Authored and published the Companys first Employee Climate Assessment Program by conducting complex
employee and leader interviews and data assessments.

$15.6B provider of programs and expertise through consultants and contractors to stabilize and restructure
emerging democracies and post-conflict nations; HQ in Alexandria, VA with 5K+ employees in 40 offices.
Strategic Planner / Project Manager
Draft strategic plans supporting U.S. Forces-Iraq, Iraq Training and Advisory Mission-Army as

primary liaison for
integrating Kurdistans Regional Guard Brigades (~90K men) into the Iraqi Army, with overall purpose of reducing
Arab and Kurd tensions. Serve as the representative for a Brigadier General. Prepare and present plans and
briefings for Senior Executive and General Officer level joint staff and orchestrate efforts with Iraqi Army
Directorates throughout Northern Iraq. Orchestrate efforts between U.S. Embassy-Baghdad, USF-I, U.S. Combat
Divisions, Senior Officers of the Kurdish Ministry of Peshmerga and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense ensuring programs
and projects are progressing and synchronized. Maintain continuity of program and records for entire project to
enable transition to U.S. Department of State in 2011. Subject Matter Expert collaborating with senior officers in
drafting plans and procedures for mission success. Create requirements and justifications for $400M project budget
and ensure requirements are staffed.
Reinforced positive, beneficial relationships between U.S. Forces HQ, Iraqi, and Kurdish Ministry staffs by
effectively engaging with personnel from all countries; ensured military mission requirements fit national security
goals, and ordered proper military equipment, as well as orchestrated training plan development.

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Initiated, planned and led meetings with Iraqi and Kurdish government officials detailing prior diplomatic
agreements between the governments to motivate stakeholders and reduce friction points.
Enabled Senior Officers to complete complex operations and directives with limited personnel by utilizing
institutional knowledge of cultural awareness and operational planning.
Provided key insight into future unit missions and superiors written orders, regional reports, and multi-level
graphic presentations by demonstrating superior reporting, analysis, and planning.

A Battle Command Training Program for the U.S. Armys senior leader training program; provider of computer
driven exercises that simulate command-and-control decision-making under realistic conditions.
(PMESII) Systems Analyst Joint Master Scenario Events Lists (JMSEL) Manager
Accountable, as a trainer and JMSEL Manager, for simulation exercises for units deploying to Operation Iraqi
Freedom, utilizing mission rehearsal scenarios. Created environment replicating PMESII aspects of contemporary
operations in complex asymmetric battlefields. Conducted exercises for operational source intelligence integration,
synchronized and de-conflicted scenarios, and resolved exercise design issues. Tracked scenario injections of
exercises and recorded outcomes. Instrumental in resolving exercise issues, rule, and workaround execution during
training events. Authored military orders, intelligence and operations summaries, and exercise supporting
documents. Applied real-world experience and expertise from prior personal deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan to
ensure realistic exercise scenarios for effective decision-making under battle conditions.
Represented Northrop Grumman at Division Operations Center as a Subject Matter Expert supplying vital input on
security matters in Iraq involving civilians and contractor operations; information enabled the U.S. Divisions to
rehearse missions before deploying into the Iraqi Theater of Operations.
Traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas to train U.S. Army Divisions and provide challenging combat
environments, preparing them for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Deputy Director Lieutenant Colonel
Personal advisor to Afghan Minister of Defense, consulting and advising regarding defense reform programs for
capacity development, building enduring institutional, systemic, and cultural reforms in Afghanistan, as well as
updates on highly sensitive political and military issues. Coordinated initial Joint U.S.-Afghan Defense Council
between the Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan, Afghan Minister of Defense, and Afghan General Staff.
Supported combat zone implementation of U.S. and Coalition policies ensuring coherence of purpose between multi-
national senior leadership. Provided planning support for 1
Afghan Presidential Inauguration, as well as strategic
guidance for structure and mission of newly formed Afghan National Police Program. Supervised joint strategic
projects designed to build combat capacity within Afghan National Army. Chaired working groups providing
information and decision briefings setting the course of Afghan Army and Ministerial development. Directed 4
Lieutenant Colonels and 2 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and created $1B+budget for new Afghan Police
program; resourced and justified through the U.S. Secretary of Defense and approved by the U.S. President.
Functioned as Director during his absence, and frequently briefed General Officers and U.S. Embassy Officials on
current situations, and served as liaison between the Office of Military Cooperation-Afghanistan, the Afghan
Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior.
Staffed, requested and administered a $1B budget in support of start-up Afghan Police training, Afghan National
Army, and operations.
Career Note: Prior experience includes Managing Broker and Co-Owner of CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN REALTY in
Colorado Springs.


Masters Level Education in Operational and Logistics Planning, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College,
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Bachelor of Arts in History and Business, Texas Tech University
U.S. Army Inspectors General Course