Muskaan Mittal, 10 yrs.

Once there was a boy called Amar who
went out to play with his roller.
He practically made his roller go all
around the mountains but that was till
Uppissdowwn happened.
hen Uppissdowwn happened, Amar was
rolling his roller down the mountains.
!uddenly, he "ound himsel" rolling on the
other side o" the world up the #orth $ole.
Amar was "riends with a boy called %ohn
who knew a nosy, mean girl called
One day, %ohn was going through his lo"t
when he "ound a gold coin. !uddenly, he
saw Matilda running o"" screaming gold
coin. He hurriedly le"t the gold coin on his
bed and went a"ter Matilda to warn her not
to tell anyone else about it.
hen he came back, the gold coin was
not on his bed. His "irst thought was that
Matilda had stolen it, but then he reali&ed
that e'en Matilda could not be that mean.
(t was when he peeked under his bed that
he "ound the gold coin) it must ha'e "irst
rolled o"" his bed, and then under.
*ittle did %ohn reali&e that his coin had +ust
e,perienced Uppissdowwn day.
Amar and %ohn also knew a boy called
!amarth, who had a dog called Mustard.
Mustard was always running away and
!amarth o"ten had trouble "inding him.
One day, !amarth was happily sharing
potatoes with Mustard. Uppissdowwn
chose that moment to happen.
!uddenly he "elt the whole world around
him lurch and he "ound himsel" yards
away "rom Mustard. hen they saw each
other, they started running towards each
other so "ast that Mustard nearly "ell into
the hole which they had dug "or the

All o" this happened because the moon,
stars and sun all had come down to play
with children-
hen this happens, the whole Earth starts
to tilt this way and that way at ./.0 times
the usual rate--
1ou2'e "ound out HA3 Uppissdowwn
day is, but why not "ind out HO O43E#
it happens and H1, by turning a "ew
pages o" Uppissdowwn orldoe5the
se6uel o" Uppissdowwn 7ay8--99---

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