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Which of the following aspects are essential to ensure quality of purchased items?= Defining
right quality for the job , Vendor performance evaluation , Making sure that suppliers understand
the requirements
The ________ breakdowns usually cost more, partly due to damage done to the adjustment
components and partly due to emergency actions.= Unexpected
After goods have been manufactured, route sheets and operation layouts should not be
collected back.= False
In case of centralised inspection, inspection rooms generally become bottleneck and cause
delay in taking action regarding rejection or rework.=True
MRP is based on the concept of inventory demand which is of following type=Dependent and
independentAny premise in which persons are employed for purpose of making any product/s is
Components of Production Management include=Capacity Planning , Job Design , Production
PlanningWhich of the following is the criteria for the percentage defectives in the zone of the
indecision?= Lots having the percentage defective more than AQL but less than LPTD
Which of the following are examples of addition during recording for method study?= Brazing
, Welding , Riveting
The easiest way to bring the delayed job within the promised delivery time by using extra shift
or weekly holiday is ________.=Overtime working
An Ideal OC curve is ________ shaped curve that accpets all the lots with quality equal to or
better than AQL .= Rectangular
Which of the following causes can be responsible for derailing the production schedule in a
factory?=Errors in drawings , Delay in receipt of material from vendor , Excessive absenteeism
Which of the following situations demand the economic consideration while selecting a job for
method study?= Unorderly movement of men and materials , Excessive process defectives , Too
many suggestions received for improvement from a department or section
During set up of X bar-R control chart, control limts should be practically revised from time to
time as additional data is accumulated.= True
Which of the following are the basic requirements of quality standard?
The ________ is the defect level for which lots are regarded as bad lots.
Floor inspection delays the identification of faults which can not be rectified immediately
before large lots are spoiled.=False
Cent percent inspection is required on WIP prior to the key, critical or costly operation.=True
The document which incorporates details of process planning for a job is called=Route Sheet
Repetitive movements between work stations which are difficult to be traced on string
diagrams can be conveniently shown on flow diagrams.
Which of the following is the most popular technique for Project Production?=PERT & CPM
Technique of Value Engineering can be effectively employed in design of a product to=To
meet the intended function at lowest cost
What can be the worst effect due to excessive vibration?

What is the relation between duration of an activity and length of an arrow?
What is the nature of the sampling plan for critical defects?
The ________ is the maintenance work initiated on a result of knowledge of the condition of
an item from routine or continuous checking.=Condition monitoring
An activity can share the same tail event and same head event with any other activity.= False
The ________ must ensure that the product satisfy the functional requirements of it's usage.=
Quality of design
Which of the following are examples of pure materials?
The ________ are the definitions of the measurable as well as nonmeasurable characteristics
of the product.=Specifications
Site factors for plant location include= Suitability of land
The ________ is the probability that a good lot will be rejected by the sampling
plan.=Producer's risk
Which of the following are important considerations concerningactivity times?=Activity time
should be obtained from the person responsible for the completion of an activity , Activity time
must be independent of any influence which the preceding or succeeding activity may have on it.
, Activity time may assume that just the normal quantity of resources required to carry out the
activity are available.
Which of the following are assignable cause?= Large varaitions in hardness of material , Tool
wear , Errors insetting
What is the reason of excessive friction between parts?= Improper or lack of lubrication
Which kind of labour force is required in case of Jobbing Production?= Highly Skilled
What is the location of lower control limit in the X bar-R control chart? 3 standard deviations
below central line
Which photographic technique is used to record path of motionsof the members of the body
during method study? Cyclograph
The term ________ emplies the foregone profit due to inability of company to produce.=
Opportunity cost
Process Sheets for parts in batch production are not maintained as standard process sheet=
In case of an OC curve, the risk of rejecting a good quality lot may vary between ________.=
0.01 to 10%
Objective of Work Study is to improve Productivity= True
Which of the following are activities of corrective maintenance?= Overhauling , Emergency
repairs , Modifications and improvements
Inspection Order can be a verbal order=Correct Answer True
Which kind of defect can be called as minor defect?
Correct Answer Which does not reduce the usability of the product for itsintended use
Capacity decisions have a direct influence on performance ofproduction system in respect of
________=Correct Answer Delivery performance

Which of the following is not the characteristic of ProjectProduction? Correct Answer
Continuous flow of material , Highly mechanised material handling , Virtually zero
manufacturing cycle time
Which of the following policies is advisable in case of low product variety and large
volumes?Correct Answer Low Skilled Labour & Special Purpose Machines
Major contributors in the development of Control Charts,Sampling plan are Correct Answer F
H Dodge , H G Roming , Walter Schewhart
Scale model used for layout analysis have following advantages Correct Answer Nontechnical
person finds it easy to comprehend , Ovehead facilities can be shown , Models can be shifted
A network can have more than one starting event but completion event must be only
one.Correct Answer False
Since value of p can never be positive, hence" if LCLp works out to be positive, it is taken as
zero."=Correct Answer False
Fixed position layout is adopted when=Correct Answer product is very heavy involving
assembly of large number of parts
OC curve of ideal sampling plan suggests that all lots less than 3% defectives have the
probability of acceptance of ________.= One
What is the reason of fluctuations, if the control chart evaluates that the process is in a state of
statistical control?=Correct Answer Random variability
Operation process charts though indicates the sequence of events but do not show
movements.=Correct Answer True
Which kind of gauge consists of electrical contacts operating a series of colloured signal lamps
which indicate whether the dimension is correct, oversize or undersize?=Correct Answer
Multiple gauging
Which of the following are the objectives of a good maintenance system?Correct Answer
Minimisation of wear and tear of machines , Ensuring maximum plant availability , Elimination
of unsafe conditions
What are the advantages of templates over diagrams?=Correct Answer Can be conveniently
moved on the graph paper , Less laborious , Saves time
Inadequate production capacity ultimately leads to=Correct Answer Poor Customer Service
Inherent Safety' is one of the principle of good layout. In context of layout, this can be
achieved by the following=Correct Answer Clear gangway, location of material and material
handling system
What do you understand by the inspection conducted on all nonreworkable jobs prior to their
movement to the scrap yard?=Correct Answer Salvage inspection
Which are major benefits of identifying the critical path?=Correct Answer It helps to identify
the set of activities and events which arecritical and as such must be carefully controlled and
monitored ,It identifies activities to be given preference in allocation of resources. , It helps to
exercise "control by exception".
An ________ history card is the record of all repairs,replacements and engineering changes
carried out in the equipment during it's period of service.=Correct Answer Equipment history

In an organization there may not be a formal PPC department if=Correct Answer Work is
highly repetitive in nature , Planning activities are performed by the line staff , Number of
workmen is not very
Lubrication survey should never be done for a new machine.=Correct Answer False
Which are three different bases to establish an activity time?=Correct Answer Past experience
, Judgement , Historical data
Information received = Taking dictation,Change in physical characteristic= Punching,Addition
= Assembly,Consumption of physical effort= Lifting
Community Facilities = Educational facility,Proximity to market = Fragile product,Industrial
and labour = Productivity of labour,Legislation and taxation = Licenses
How many of the following are types of specification?=Correct Answer Material
specifications , Dimensional specifications ,Performance specifications
In case of forward pass computation, the earliest event time of a plain event equals the earliest
event time of the preceding event plus duration of activity emanating from the preceding
event.=Correct Answer True
What are the advantages of three dimensional models?=Correct Answer Even non-technical
person can use it , Overhead facilities can be shown , Can be shifted easily and quickly
Quality control determines what, when, and how much to inspect while inspection actually
conducts examination of goods.=Correct Answer True
Following are some of the Principles of Management advocated by F W Taylor=Correct
Answer Selection of best worker for each particular task , Division of work between worker and
management , Training and development of the workmen
It pays in the long run to inform the customer regarding expected delays in the
deliveries.=Correct Answer True
Fixation of inventory level =Reorder level ,Symptom of ill planned purchasing = Over
ordering,Factor influencing material planning = Lead time,Net requirement of material under
MRP =Stock on hand
Which of the following are steps to identify the critical path in a small network?=Correct
Answer Compare the durations of all paths to identify the longest path. , Sum up the durations of
activities along each path. , Enumerate all paths in the network and list down activities on each
In case of an OC curve, the risk of rejecting a good quality lot may vary between
________.=Correct Answer 0.01 to 10%
Tool breakage has got nearly zero chances in case of eventual breakdown.=Correct Answer
Which are the three types of float?=Correct Answer Total float , Independent float , Free float
Which of the following are major inputs to scheduling?=Correct Answer Overlapping of
operations , Effective Capacity per work centre , Performance standards
Any premise in which persons are employed for purpose of making any product/s is
called=Correct Answer Factory
The ________ is the maximum percentage defective that for the purpose of sampling
inspection can be considered satisfactory as a process average.=Correct Answer Acceptable
How to calculate activity cost slope?=Correct Answer Activity cost slope = ( Crash cost -
Normal cost ) / (Normal time - Crash time )

Which of the following are minimum requirement for a good quality of design?=Correct
Answer Resonable cost , Resonable procurement time , Resonable manufacturing time
In case of control chart, large smaples such as n=15 or 20 are used if the process standard
deviation is small.=Correct Answer False
Production control work is ________ in case of floor inspection as compared with the
centralised inspection.=Correct Answer easier
Production Planning includes =Correct Answer Predetermination of manufacturing
How does the control chart of statistical quality control helps the operating
personnel?=Correct Answer Identify the presence of an assignable cause before it develops
What do you understand by the metallergical aspects of product which forms the vital part of
engineering function?=Correct Answer Material specifications
Which of the following is a cause of plant breakdown?=Correct Answer Overloading of
Dust gets mixed with lubricants, forms an abrasive substance and causes pre-mature failure of
machinery.=Correct Answer True
Which of the following activities are used while recording for method study?=Correct Answer
Delay , Operation , Inspection
In case of centralised inspection, inspection rooms generally become bottleneck and cause
delay in taking action regarding rejection or rework.=Correct Answer True
The ________ advocates maintenance procedures whereby the condition of the plant is
constantly watched through systematic inspection to unearth unhealthy conditions and preventive
=Correct Answer Preventive Maintenance
The problems of congestion, bottlenecks and backtracking can not be visualized by using
templates and models.=Correct Answer False
Which varaible is taken along the abscissa or X axis?=Correct Answer Time
Delay in completion of projects result in unwelcome additions to the fixed manufacturing
expenses.=Correct Answer True
Taxes / duties levied is one of the important determinant for location decision as taxes/duties
substantially influence =Correct Answer Product cost
What are the uses of failure statistics analysis?=Correct Answer To forecast the defect , To
identify causes of major repetative failures , To quantify the frequency of preventive inspection
Shop order is one of the subsidiary order=Correct Answer
The component produced on completely automatic machinesmay be subjected to sampling
inspection while parts produced on semi-automatic and completely manual operated machines
require cent percent inspection.=Correct Answer True
Which of the following factors play important role while selecting or rejecting a particular site
from legislation and taxation point of view?=Correct Answer Labour laws , Building codes ,
Policies regarding issue of licences
Which of the following aspects are essential to ensure qualityof purchased items?=Correct
Answer Defining right quality for the job , Vendor performance evaluation , Making sure that
suppliers understand the requirements
Which of the following concepts must be understood for the achievement of quality?=Correct
Answer Quality of conformance , Purpose of product , Quality of design

Following are some of the factors considered for evaluation of alternative layouts=Correct
Answer Flow of Material , Equipment utilization , Ease of supervision
Toung =Sweet,Eye = Crack,Nose = Burnout,Ear = Impact
Which are the subtasks of the maintenance phase of the method study?=Correct Answer
Monitoring and control , Performance appraisal ,Audit on savings
Which of the following are characteristics of an operating characteristics curve?=Correct
Answer Producer risk , Consumer Risk , Acceptable Quality Level
The ________ breakdowns usually cost more, partly due to damage done to the adjustment
components and partly due to emergency actions.= Correct Answer Unexpected
Why stores issue order should not be issued as soon as it is prepared?=Correct Answer
Material may or may not be available at the time of preparation
Plant layout facilitates processing of products in most effective manner through the
following=Correct Answer Shortest possible distance , Shortest processing time ,Minimum
After goods have been manufactured, route sheets and operation layouts should not be
collected back.=Correct Answer False
Process planning is the process of =Correct Answer establishing shortest and most economic
path of production
The process of changing inputs into outputs thereby adding some value to entity can be
defined as=Correct Answer Operation
The ________ is specified to indicate the maximum permissible variability in the dimensions
product or parts.=Correct Answer Tolerance
Goods after final inspection should accompany ________to enable dispatch department to
identify and draw correct reference. =Correct Answer Forwarding note
The ________ includes preventive maintenance activities whose needs are identified through
inspection which requires stoppage of machines.=Correct Answer Shutdown Maintenance
A load chart specifies the work to be carried out by each person of company during shift
hours.=Correct Answer False
Under MRP system for common items order for procurement is placed based on requirement
for each product=Correct Answer False
What do you understand by the extent the products manufactured conforms to the laid down
design?=Correct Answer Quality of conformance
The ________ is necessary when the job requires detailed of one or more of the job
characteristics with the help of special equipment which is not available at the producing
company.=Correct Answer Inspection order
Which of the following are the basic requirements of quality standard?=Correct Answer
Deifinite , Undesrstandable , Economically viableI
n case of forward pass computation, the earliest event time of the first event is zero.=Correct
Answer True
Which kind of possible defectives can be reduced due to first off inspection?=Correct Answer
Due to mistakes in reading blue prints , Due to errors in tooling , Due to wrong machine set up
A sampling plan which perfectly discriminates will have vertical OC curve.=Correct Answer
Which of the following is a part of preparing manufacturing order set as a primary function of
dispatching?=Correct Answer Operational layouts , Move orders , Pre-filled stores issue orders

Specifications is the basic tool of inspection.=Correct Answer True
Forcasting requirement for indirect material =Past consumption analysistechnique ,Inventory
control by classification = ABC Analysis,Structure of the product = BOM,Material Planning for
dependent demand=MRP
The document raised by PPC which authorises different functions to take action as per
instruction is called=Correct Answer Work Order
Who prepares the daily production report?=Correct Answer Shop Supervisor
A lot declared rejected in sampling inspection should not be inspected 100% in any
case.=Correct Answer False
How is the probability of acceptance in case of Acceptable Quality Level (AQL )?=Correct
Answer Very high
Which are the different methods of recording actual progress of work?=Correct Answer
Display boards , Progress cards , Network updating
The dispatching function is of very importance in flow and mass production units.=Correct
Answer False
Proper care and storage is not an essential part of a well planned lubrication system.=Correct
Answer False
The ________ pertain to the climatic conditions which the component , product or material
should withstand.=Correct Answer Environmental specifications
Which of the following are examples of addition during recording for method study?=Correct
Answer Brazing , Welding , Riveting
An Ideal OC curve is ________ shaped curve that accpets all the lots with quality equal to or
better than AQL .=Correct Answer Rectangular
Which of the following causes can be responsible for derailing the production schedule in a
factory?=Correct Answer Errors in drawings , Delay in receipt of material from vendor ,
Repetitive movements between work stations which are difficult to be traced on string
diagrams can be conveniently shown on flow diagrams.=Correct Answer False
Technique of Value Engineering can be effectively employed in design of a product
to=Correct Answer To meet the intended function at lowest cost
Which of the following techniques is used by industrial engineering department to obtain the
utilisation index?=Correct Answer Work Sampling Studies
Which of the following cases can be referred as operation in method study recording?=Correct
Answer Change in physical characteristic , Consumption of physical effort , Change in chemical
An activity can share the same tail event and same head event with any other activity.=Correct
Answer False
The ________ must ensure that the product satisfy the functional requirements of it's
usage.=Correct Answer Quality of design
Which of the following defects can be observed during preventive inspection by using human
senses?=Correct Answer Deviation from normal sound , Excessive Vibration , Leakage of a gas
Independent float either affects the float of preceding activities or that of succeeding
activities.=Correct Answer False
Lack of material planning results in the following =Correct Answer Over ordering , under
ordering , stockouts

F W Taylor devised a system for classifying motions into basic divisions called
Therbligs=Correct Answer False
Work study is also called ________ study=Correct Answer Time and Motion
Factor Analysis =Method to evaluate layouts ,Minimization of production delays=Objective of
good layout,Maximum visibility = Principles of good layout,Scale model =Layout analysis
Following is one of the techniques used for Material Planning for high value material=Correct
Answer MRP
What do you understand by totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that
bears on it's ability to satisfy the customer?=Correct Answer Quality
One of the sophisticated operations research techniques used in material planning is=Correct
Answer Dynamic programming
Product layout is employed for manufacturing following products=Correct Answer
Which of the following situations demand the technical consideration while selecting a job for
method study?=Correct Answer Jobs having inconsistent quality , Operations inviting frequent
requests from supervisors for relaxation in allowed time because of variations in materials and
tool performance , Jobs in which too many man-hours are spend in checking and rechecking
Quality control determines what, when, and how much to inspect while inspection actually
conducts examination of goods.=Correct Answer True
All activities must not be tied up into the network= Correct Answer False
Which of the following may be the objectives of project crashing?=Correct Answer To
achieve uniformity in requirement of resources , To complete the project in the least possible
time , To reduce project cost below it's normal cost
What is indicated by the hugging points lying close to mean of the process in X bar-R- control
chart?=Correct Answer Biases in measurements , Recording done without actual measurements ,
Improper selection of samples
Material Requirement Planning is very useful in following situations=Correct Answer Long
Lead time for procurement , Several levels of assemblies in product , Long manufacturing cycle
C ent percent inspection is often more practical and economical than sampling
inspection.=Correct Answer False
Both, preventive and breakdown maintenance work must be assigned to the same
team.=Correct Answer False
Following is one of the tasks of Production Control =Correct Answer Actual issue of forms
and documents
Process Engineer does not get sufficient time for designing tooling for most economic
production run when=Correct Answer Delivery time is less
Which of the following products should be produced by using mass production?=Correct
Answer Refrigerator , Tyre for automobile , Television Set
What is the specific name for the Gantt chart when it shows at a glance the scheduling of
various operations involved in a job?= Correct Answer Job Schedule
A set of activities to keep an equipment in the specified condition is called as
________.=Correct Answer Maintenance
What do you mean by lowest possible direct cost required to complete an activity within it's
crashed time?=Correct Answer Crash cost

Which of the following factors decide the choice between the cent percent and sampling
inspection?=Correct Answer Nature of inspection , Natural tolerance versus design tolerance ,
Vendor's quality rating
Which of the following are examples of attributes?=Correct Answer Cracks , Burrs , Texture
In mass/batch production organizations where goods are produced for stocking, Work Order is
raised on the basis of=Correct Answer Sales Programme
Fixed Position Layout =Project Layout ,Product Layout =Line Layout,Process Layout
=Functional Layout ,Combined Layout= Mixed Layout
What do you understand by the measurement of work to establish allowed time for a job for
the defined method?=Correct Answer Work measurement
Which are the distinct functions of scientific quality control?=Correct Answer Acceptance
function , Preventive function , Assurance function
Interruption for machine utilisation = Preventivemaintenance,Input for scheduling
=Overlapping of operations Technique of scheduling =Critical Path Analysis,Scheduling
Breakdown of machines, absenteeism of worker does not dislocate the manufacturing activity
in process layout=Correct Answer True
Since value of c can never be negativee, hence" if LCLp works out to be negative, it is taken
as zero."=Correct Answer True
An ideal OC curve is never possible only with cent percent inspection.=Correct Answer False
Table lubrication =Weekly ,Draining and refilling of oil reserviors of plunger pump =
Yearly,Parts lubricated with oil nipple =Daily,Tools and slideways= two to three times a day
The operator should not stop production if first piece is not approved by the inspector.=Correct
Answer False
For p-chart, the central line of fraction defectives is determined by average percentage
defectives.=Correct Answer True
Expediting function is concerned with following activities =Correct Answer Progress chasing
to identify delays which may hold up production , Communicating possible delays in delivery
date commitment to sales department , Devising cures to keep rate of production in line with
When should operator or supervisor is supposed to sign the perforated route sheet?=Correct
Answer After completion of operation
What are the benefits of reconditioning?=Correct Answer Eliminates problems and frequent
breakdowns ,Increases life of an equipment , It helps to plan requirement of replacement
The plotting of activities - critical, non-critical and dummy activities- is strictly according to
their precedence relationship.=Correct Answer True
Following is not a function of PPC=Correct Answer Product Planning
Which of the following three methods used to select the qualified supplier?=Correct Answer
By vendor plant surveys , By reputation , By experience
The ________ is the watch dog which ensures that every element of production and activities
which could affect the quality of end product are regulated to the extent desirable.=Correct
Answer Quality control
Pessimistic time= b ,Expected time = Te,Optimistic time =a ,Most likely time = m
One of the characterstic of layout is about the flow of material / personnel. In a good layout
the flow should be=Correct Answer Unidirectional

Operation Layout generally contains following information =Correct Answer Part Sketch ,
Standard Time , Jigs and fixtures
What do you mean by the graphical representation of the project which is composed as series
of connected arrows and circles to describe the interrelationship of the activities
involved?=Correct Answer Network
Where does the SPC exercises the control to prevent the occurances of defectives?=Correct
Answer On manufacturing process
In Gantt Chart, the horizontal lines devide vertical lines into sections which represents either
operations or work centres.=Correct Answer True
Floor inspection promotes tendency of machines to drift out of limits and produce
defectives.=Correct Answer False
Which are the different methods to record details of the existing method during method
study=Correct Answer Charts , Diagrams , Templates or models
Gross requirement of products is determined on the basis of =Correct Answer Both forecast
and pending orders
Which method of critical path determination begins with the end event and moves backward to
the start event of the project network?=Correct Answer Backward pass computation
Complexity and difficulty of Planning is influenced by types of layout=Correct Answer True
For p-chart, p bar is the ratio of total number of units inspected to the total number of units
defectives.=Correct Answer False
What is represented by an arrow in a network?=Correct Answer Activity
MRP utilises the following information=Correct Answer Master production schedule , Product
structure , Lead time for procurement/manufacturing
Which is the ideal place to write a description of an activity in a network?=Correct Answer
Above the arrow
systematic maintenance system can completely eliminate the wear and tear of
machines.=Correct Answer False
Which of the following are types of non-destructive testing?=Correct Answer Visual Testing ,
Eddy current , Magnetic flow detectors
Providing flexibility in plant layout means=Correct Answer Layout can be changed without
much cost if required
Which of the following are scheduling techniques?=Correct Answer Critical Path Analysis ,
Index Method , Johnson's two machine algorithm
A network should be progression of activities always moving forward.=Correct Answer True
Order preparation process for products manufatured to order requires following
documents=Correct Answer Sales Order , Work order , Shop order
What do you understand by the selection of the job for the method study on the basis of money
saving potential of the job? =Correct Answer Economic consideration
Production Planning is a centralised activity which includes functions such as
________=Correct Answer Scheduling
Which is the ideal place to inspect jigs and fixtures in a mass manufacturing unit?=Correct
Answer Separate inspection room
How to reveal the capability of the sampling plan to discriminate between good lots and bad
lots?=Correct Answer Operating characteristics curve ( OC )

It would not affect the project completion time if non-critical activities take little loner time
than planned.=Correct Answer True
Which features should be covered by the specifications of materials while defining the
qualitative equirement?=Correct Answer Material composition , Dimensions , Any heat
treatment if required
Which of the following are types of sampling plan?=Correct Answer Single sampling plan ,
Double sampling plan , Multiple sampling plan
Which of the following are ideal situations for the preventive inspection?=Correct Answer
Weekly off and holidays , Non-production hours ,Stand-up equipment
What do you mean by the chart on which the major activities and entry points of materials are
recorded to have graphic view of operationsand inspections involved in the process?=Correct
Answer Operation process chart
As a general rule, the number of tail event of an activity is more than that of it's head
event.=Correct Answer False
What is the base for considering activity time as single time estimate or three time
estimate?=Correct Answer Level of uncertainty
Which of the following cases can be treated as delay duringrecording of method
study?=Correct Answer Operators awaiting instructions from supervisor ,Worker waiting for his
turn at tools stores , Jobs awaiting at the machines for their turn
Inspection order is must even for simple jobs which can be inspected by shop inspector with
the tooling available on shop.=Correct Answer False
Which of the following technique is event oriented ?=Correct Answer Project Evaluation &
Review Technique
What is the meaning of " Product features" according to J.M.Juran?=Correct Answer Quality
of design
Crash cost of an activity = Cc,Normal time of an activity = Tn,Crash time of activity =
Tc,Normal cost of an activity = Cn
What are uses of diagrams in method study?=Correct Answer Study different plant layouts and
select the most optimum one , Study the extent of traffic over the different routes of the plant ,
Identify the extent of backtracking, cross traffic and obstacles encountered during the movement
of material.
Route Sheet generally contains following information=Correct Answer Material Specification
, Sequence of operation , Skill of Labour
Cellular layout is based on the concept of Group Technology=Correct Answer True
Which are the advantages of suburban location? =Correct Answer Avaialability of adequate
land at lower cost , Both skilled and unskilled labour can be available , Plant expansion is easier
due to less or no restriction for building and construction
As a general rule, a site five times the actual plant size is considered minimum for parking,
access facilities and future expansion.=Correct Answer True
Site selection should also take into account topography and soil structure of the land.=Correct
Answer True Which manufacturing method is ideal for the use of air gauges as inspection
device?=Correct Answer Mass
Kanban system is essentially a computer based system for production scheduling and
control=Correct Answer False

In case of X bar, if the process is not under control indicated by some points falling outside the
control limits, such points outside the control limits are eliminated and new trial control limits
for the remaining points are computed.=Correct Answer True
Out of two basic criteria for the selection of a manufacturing method, one is, it must be able to
meet the specifications of final product and the other is, it must be=Correct Answer Cost
effective method
Which are the major types of defects?=Correct Answer Minor , Major , Critical
Which are the sources of information to update the progresscard daily?=Correct Answer
Detachable ticket , Daily production report , Job Card
In case of Batch Production which kind of labour is expected?=Correct Answer Skilled in one
specific Manufacturing Process
Feasibility of time schedule requires that an activity be scheduled before any of it's
predecessors are scheduled.=Correct Answer False
Which kind of relationship exists between those activities which can be carried out
simultaneously and both activities require definite time to finish?=Correct Answer Concurrent
One major difference between CPM and PERT is the former's adaptability for the projects
where high degree of uncertainty prevails and activity times during performance are expected to
vary considerably for certain activities.=Correct Answer False
Even in a small set up wherein maintenance of a machine is looked after by a mechanic cum
worker, he should report directly to the person responsible for the manufacturing
operations.=Correct Answer True
Plant Layout decisions are considered to be=Correct Answer Strategic
What are the uses of the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer of a
machine?=Correct Answer It gives instructions regarding installation and operation of the
equipment , It contains note on common troubles with causes and remedies for troubleshooting ,
It enlists points, frequency and type of lubrication
Which of the following situations demand that the human consideration should be given
preference over other considerations?=Correct Answer Inconsistent earnings where the earnings
are tied to output , Poor morale evidenced by petty or trivial complaints , Repeated cases of
accidents and health hazards
When to inspect = Stages of inspection,What to inspect = Specification,How to inspect
=Inspection devices, How much to inspect =inspection Sampling orcent percent inspection
How the concept of float is helpful to planners?=Correct Answer To decide priorities in
allocation of resources , To minimize the requirement of resources , To prevent peaks and
valleys in requirement of resources
Following are some of the factors which influence process planning=Correct Answer Order
Quantity , Process capability of machine , Delivery Dates
Availability of training schools, colleges and management institutes reduces the company's
internal training needs.=Correct Answer True
Material Planning is an integral part of =Correct Answer Production Planning
The ________ is one of the best known statistical relationship regarding process
control.=Correct Answer Normal distribution
In case of two handed process chart, inspection symbol is used when check by touch or feel is
involved.=Correct Answer True

Which are reason due to which the progress of work is rarely in line with it's plan?=Correct
Answer Absenteeism , Machine breakdowns , Substandard performance against prefixed
production standards
Which rule is used for numbering of events?=Correct Answer Fulkerson's Rule
What does the points falling outside the control limits indicate?=Correct Answer Presence of
assignable causes
A good plant layout helps in=Correct Answer Reducing handling costs
Principle underlying the Moving Average mrthod is that future demand shall be ________ past
demand.=Correct Answer Average of
The ratio of output to input of a production system is commonly known as=Correct Answer
Which phase of method study is concerned with analyzing the facts critically, generating
alternatives which form the basis for selection and development of improved methods?=Correct
Answer Critical examination
The wage payable to the workman is calculated by ________ the quantity produced by him by
the specified rate per piece, in the straight piece rate method.=Correct Answer Multiplying
We can say that ________ occurs when there is a distinct change in the physical or chemical
characteristic of an object. =Correct Answer Operation
There is no need for progressing when the customers do the follow-up on their own to know
the status of their jobs.=Correct Answer False
In case of two handed process chart, the simultaneous activities of both hands are recorded
opposite to each other on the chart. =Correct Answer True
Material control function of PPC is concerned with =Correct Answer Preparation of material
Which of the following are examples of specifications?=Correct Answer Commercial
standards , Assembly and testing instructions ,Bill of material
The design of any layout is governed by large number of factors and the best layout is
expected to ________ all these factors.=Correct Answer Optimise
How should a dummy activity be represented in a network?=Correct Answer By dotted line
Activities comprising of a project are of two types, deterministic and ________.=Correct
Answer Variable
A ________ is another form of subcontracting.=Correct Answer Hiring capacity
Which of the following possibilities can be explored by using flow process chart?=Correct
Answer Eliminating the operations or combining the operations with another , Reducing the
distance traveled bythe workmen or materials , Avoiding the waiting time and thereby reduce
production losses
The event numbers as far as possible reflect the logical relationships of the activities.=Correct
Answer true
A properly designed sampling plan can control sampling errors and completely eliminate
them.=Correct Answer False
A ________helps to avoid crowding of jobs at a particular machine by change of route of
some of the jobs or by diverting work to other machine.=Correct Answer Control
Which are the general principles underlying probability aspects of project planning?=Correct
Answer Statistically three time estimate of an activity conform to Beta distribution . ,Expected
time divides the area under the curve into two equal parts. , Expected time of an activity is

located at one third of the distance between "m" and mid-range { (a+b)/2 } away from the most
likely time.
Bottom compartment of controlboard=Bunch of work orders arranged in a sequence in which
they are to be processed., Control board =Pictorial view of machine loading activity,Top
compartment of control board =Work order of item currently being worked on the
machine,Middle compartment of control board= Work order of item to be processed next on the
Which is the right time to prepare stores issue order? =Correct Answer When route sheet is
The control chart for number of defectives is more convenient to make than control chart for
fraction defectives sincethe fugure of number of defectives units can be directly taken from the
inspection report. =Correct Answer True
How much time does the dummy activity take?=Correct Answer Zero Time
What does tail of an arrow represent?=Correct Answer Start of an activity
The ________ is the probability that a bad lot will be accepted by the sampling plan.=Correct
Answer Consumer's risk
Which of the following are the most suitable cases where we can use CPA as effective
technique of scheduling? =Correct Answer Overhauling of a CNC machine , Purchase and
installation of a newly imported special purpose machine , Design, production and testing
ofprototype of a fighter aircraft.
The steeper the OC curve, the better is the discrimination between good and bad lots.=Correct
Answer True
Which are the different types of flow process charts used for method study?=Correct Answer
Equipment type , Man type , Material type
Use of accurate measuring instruments and better supervision for inspectors is not possible in
case of floor inspection as compared to centralized inspection system.=Correct Answer True
Process Planning is concerned with decisions regarding requirement of machines and
manpower for meeting customer demand =Correct Answer False
All activities lying on the non-critical paths must have total float and free float.=Correct
Answer False
Which of the following method can be adopted to overcome the problem of rushing up a job
for it's timely completion? =Correct Answer Use of optimum speeds and feeds , Subcontracting ,
Job splitting
Which of the following data is unnecessary for scheduling process?=Correct Answer Cost
breakup of products
Which of the following are the major steps of making of the X bar-R control chart? Correct
Answer Collection of data , Claculation of mean,range,grand average and mean range Set up
control chart for average and calculate control limits of range chart
What are the benefits of inspection and quality control?=Correct Answer Adequate
maintenance of quality , Ensures parts are within specified limits of accuracy , Gives economy in
production through reduction of defective work
What do you mean by design modifications made to reduce time and effort required in
carrying out maintenance work ?=Correct Answer Design-in Maintenance
Which of the following technique makes three time estimates for each activity? =Correct
Answer Project Evaluation & Review Technique

Which three of the following are causes of continuous upward pattern of Xbar-R control
chart?=Correct Answer Wear of tool , Abnormal rise in temperature , Accumulation of dirt
Inspection should be conducted on all incoming materials, semifinished items, bought out
components, subcontract items prior to any operation, assembly.=Correct Answer True
What do you understand by the quality specified by the designer on behalf the
ustomer?=Correct Answer Quality of design
Maintenance function must be decentralised apart from a size of a manufacturing organisation
for it's better functioning. =Correct Answer False
Which method is used to trace especially those movements which are too fast for human eye
to pursue? =Correct Answer Cyclegraph
Template = Two dimensional cutouts,REL chart = Degree of closeness,Flow diagram
=Tracing movements ,Travel chart =Distance and frequency of movements
Which information is recorded in an equipment card? =Correct Answer Date of
commissioning , Equipment specifications , Name and address of manufacturer
Inspection should be avoided prior to long run of a manufacturing stage as it becomes
duplication of work and cost. =Correct Answer False
Plant Layout is concerned with optimum arrangement of the following =Correct Answer
Storage space , Machines , Material Handling Equipment
What is the location of upper control limit in the X bar-R control chart?=Correct Answer 3
standard deviations above central line
While numbering as per Fulkerson's rule, arrows emerging from the initial event are deleted so
as to create one or more initial events. =Correct Answer True
Which characteristics are verified in cent percent sampling? =Correct Answer All important
Features of Cellular layout are=Correct Answer It is a type of mixed layout , Uses concept of
Group Technology , Facilities are grouped in to cells
Which of the following factors affect the quality control function? =Correct Answer Quality of
workmanship , Production aids , Manufacturing facilities
Where does the central line is located in case of p-chart? =Correct Answer at p bar
The product layout has following disadvantage=Correct Answer Layout is not flexible
OC curve of ideal sampling plan suggests that all lots less than 3% defectives have the
probability of acceptance of ________. =Correct Answer one
What do you understand by the difference between the specification limits within which
manufacturing process is expected to produce?=Correct Answer Design tolerance
Fixed cost is lower in case of continuous production than intermittent production.=Correct
Answer False
Technique which can help an organization to reduce inventory is called=Correct Answer MRP
Temperature of motor =Body,Exhaust gas = Smell,Air leakage = Listen, Corrosion = Watch
What is the meaning of surplus material in context with stores issue order? = Correct Answer
Materials issued are not fully consumed
Cent percent inspection is often more practical and economical than sampling
inspection.=Correct Answer False
Sample sizes for the construction of p-chart are typically larger that for Xbar-R-
charts.=Correct Answer True

What is the basic philosophy of statistical process control?=Correct Answer Prevention is
better than cure
Which of the following cases indicates change in physical characteristic?=Correct Answer
Turning , Grinding , Drilling
What do you mean by the verification of object against predetermined standards of quality or
quantity or both?=Correct Answer Inspection
How non-critical activities are shown in the time chart during project scheduling?=Correct
Answer Thin lines
Every network does not necessarily have a critical path.=Correct Answer False
Scrap allowance is added to net requirement of material while ordering for material =Correct
Answer True
The ________ is the process of withdrawing the equipment from the production line,
dismantling it unitwise, visualising defects, effecting adjustments, replacing worn-out parts and
finally building it up to get desired accuracies.=Correct Answer Reconditioning
Flow process charts do record movements as well as visual pictures.=Correct Answer False
Which of the following are examples of consumption of physical effort during recording for
method study?=Correct Answer Bending , Positioning , Unloading
Which three of the following options can be used to reduce the duration of activity during
project crashing?=Correct Answer Allocating more manpower and machines than originally
planned for. , Working additional shifts or overtime. , Awarding work to vendors who charge
extra but expedite deliveries.
Which is the next stage to the inspection based quality control in the historical development of
quality management. =Correct Answer Quality
Sampling inspection is best suited when cost of inspection is much higher than the loss arising
from the acceptance of a defective part.=Correct Answer True
Which element of a network represents a task which has got a definite beginning and definite
end?=Correct Answer Activity
Following are the commonly used factors considered for evaluation of layout in factor analysis
method =Correct Answer Flow of material , Equipment utilization , Working condition
A good maintenance system is not a luxary but a ________.=Correct Answer Necessity
Which portion of the perforated route sheet should be signed by the operator or
supervisor?=Correct Answer Lower portion
Scale model Layout analysis Modelling approach to layouts=Factor Analysis
Theoretical capacity equals number of normal working hours of that machine.=Correct
Answer True
Which are the basic requirements of the " Quality of Design "?=Correct Answer Identification
of right product , Selection of appropriate features , Ensure that product renders satisfactory
service to customer
Skill of labour force in a product type layout is usually higher than in the process type of
layout =Correct Answer False
Diversified labour is adequately available in rural area as compared to urban area.=Correct
Answer False
In case of backward pass computation, the latest event time of the end event equals to the
earliest event time minus duration of that activity.=Correct Answer False

Suburban location provides the compromise netween rural and urban locations.=Correct
Answer True
Which time is determined by the backward pass computation method of determination of
critical path ?=Correct Answer Latest allowable time for each event
Which kind of preventive inspection detects some maintenance related characteristics by
making use of human senses, when equipment is in operation?=Correct Answer Extrernal
How dummy activities are shown in the time chart during project scheduling?=Correct
Answer Vertical lines
Which utilities are considered as infrastructural requirements?=Correct Answer Disposal of
waste , Power , Water
What do you understand by the timeframe for the maintenance needs of the
equipment?=Correct Answer Maintenance inspection schedule
Gross requirement of finished product is determined on the basis of following=Correct
Answer Forecasted sales , Pending sales order , Management decision to stock
The OC curve is based on the assumption that if the lot is large in comparison to the sample,
the probabilities of the OC curve will follow a poisson distribution.=Correct Answer False
Scheduling of interrelated activities of small projects with consideration of uncertainty of
duration of activities. = Critical Path Analysis,Two machines & processing time depends on
sequence of job loading= Johnson's Two Machine Algorithm,Sufficient orders and resonable
choice of machines= Index Method,Time relationship between when a product is required and
when it can be made available=Critical Ratio Scheduling
Shape od an OC curve is a function of sample size and the acceptance number.=Correct
Answer True
Which of the following can be subtypes of corrective maintenance?=Correct Answer
Shutdown Maintenance , Design-out Maintenance , Design-in Maintenance
For p-chart, "Inspection by variables" is much faster than "Inspection by attributes"=Correct
Answer False
Cent percent inspection is a must if the inspection is of destructive nature.=Correct Answer
What do you understand by PERT ? =Correct Answer Project Evaluation & Review
Originating process of raw material influence Process Planning =Correct Answer True
A network should employ only those dummy activities which are absolutely
necessary.=Correct Answer True
While making X bar-R-chart, values of X bar and R are recoded samplewise either on the
extreme right of the individual measurements on the data sheet or in a separate sheet.=Correct
Answer True
Even if any activity on the critical path is delayed, project completes on the scheduled
time.=Correct Answer False
Which is the alternative way of indicating the load other than numerical way, in case of Gantt
chart ?=Correct Answer Graphical approach
Which of the following cases indicated that the operation has occurred?=Correct Answer
Movement of components to assembly section , Raw material movement , A worker's trip to
grinder to sharpen the tools

Product layout is suitable when =Correct Answer Products have reasonable stable demand
which of the following charts are used for the recording of data during the method
study?=Correct Answer Operation process chart , Multiple activity chart , Flow process chart
Need for change in layout can occur due to following reason =Correct Answer introduction of
new product
What do you mean by a single event which represents the joint completion of more than one
activities? =Correct Answer Merge event
How industry has responded to the fact of existence of inherent variability of the
manufacturing process?=Correct Answer Inclusion of certain tolerance on the basic dimensions
in the drawing
Which are the three distinct parts of the chart?=Correct Answer Summary , Introduction ,
Latest finishing date is the latest event time of the tail event.=Correct Answer False
Why graphical method of recording is preferred over the descriptive method during method
study?=Correct Answer It segregates effective part form ineffective parts , It reduces effort
involved in writing , Critical examinations easier and more effective
Which are the subfactors of community facilities or social infrastructure? =Correct Answer
Accomodation , Educational , Entertainment
How to claculate the producer risk in the OC Curve?=Correct Answer Probability that a good
lot will be rejected by the sampling
Operation Process Chart provides information on time and distances =Correct Answer False
Expediting action is necessary if the delays and interruptions are abnormal and hence any
subsequent delay is bound to extend the promised delivery date.=Correct Answer True
Function concerned with fixation of time allowed to qualified worker for a job is called
________.=Correct Answer Work Measurement
Root cause of most of the breakdowns is failure of the lubrication system.=Correct Answer
What are the benefits of overhauling?=Correct Answer It increases useful life of an equipment
and it's parts, Advance planning allows to attend equipment without disturbing the production
programme , Advance planning allows to prepare and keep ready the list of replacement spares
It is not necessary to know spare time available on the non-critical path to allow a little delay
for noncritical activity.=Correct Answer False
Two welknown timing methods are cumulative method and ________.=Correct Answer Fly
back method
How many types of charts are used for the purpose of method study?=Correct Answer Four
Sampling inspection suffice to check the work of line inspectors and stage inspectors.=Correct
Answer True
Where the ignorance towards the degradation of machine leads to?=Correct Answer Eventual
The ________ is a set of tools and techniques by which products are made to comply with the
specifications at minimum cost to the firm.=Correct Answer Quality control system
A ________ is another typical chart which is used to recordfrequency of movements between
work centers.=Correct Answer Travel chart
Cent percent inspection does not mean inspection of component for 100% quality
characteristics.=Correct Answer True

Any incentive scheme must achieve the ________ of the organisation.=Correct Answer
Document raised by Sales department for goods manufactured to stock is called=Correct
Answer Shipment order
Three time estimates are transformed into expected time before using it into a
network.=Correct Answer True
What do you mean by planned corrective manitenance which provides an opportunity to
undertake design modifications in the equipment to eliminate or reduce frequency of
breakdowns.=Correct Answer Design-out Maintenance
For p-chart, fraction defective units in each sample is calculated by dividing number of
defectives by the number of pieces in the sample. =Correct Answer True
What is the name of the document on which details of the process are recorded by the symbols
and charting conventions?=Correct Answer=Chart
Which kind of inspection is followed in case of process layout?=Correct Answer
Recording of movement is not necessary in case of method study in any form.=Correct
Answer False
Which kind of natural delays and interruptions are considered during estimation of activity
time?=Correct Answer Shop efficiency , Breakdowns , Absenteeism
Grouping of machines gives a lot of flexibility in loading and scheduling =Correct Answer
Which are the first three steps of Critical Path Analysis technique?=Correct Answer Activity
relationships , Activity identification , Network construction
What do you understand by the critical analysis of existing jobs to develop easier and effective
method?=Correct Answer Method study
What do you understand by identification of defects in materials, components, machining
processes or men to fix responsibility of defectives, thereby preventing or minimising occurance
of defectives?=Correct Answer Preventive function
What do you mean by the selection of the job for the method study on the basis of
manufacturing difficulties?=Correct Answer Technical consideration
Which are the distinguished features of TQM ?=Correct Answer Covers all kinds of industries
, Gradual removal of interdepartmental barriers , Continuous improvement
What do you understand by the properties which are difficult to measure quantitatively but
usually measured by the comarision and then classification into acceptable or
unacceptable?=Correct Answer Attributes
Which of the following factors related to the labour and wages are considered while deciding
the plant location?=Correct Answer Prevailing wage pattern , Productivity of labour , Industrial
Quality can not be inspected into a product, it must be manufactured into it by the
supplier.=Correct Answer
The earliest start time of an activity equals earliest time for the event from which activity
arrow originates.=Correct Answer True
Which are the factors on which the structure of the transportation cost depends?=Correct
Answer Average distance of shipment , Characteristics of the commodity , Medium of shipment

Management often fails to realize the importance of efficient layout due to following
reason=Correct Answer losses resulting from poor layout are not directly shown in the financial
Process layout is also called line layout=Correct Answer False
Which of the following observations are expected from the preventive maintenance
person?=Correct Answer Wrong allignments , Overheating defects , Excessive play
Job life is one of the factors that influence Process Planning=Correct Answer True
Labour turnover rate is higher in case of rural area as compared to urban area.=Correct
Answer False
Number of defectives chart = np-chart,Range chart -R chart ,Fraction defective chart =p-
chart,Defects chart = c-chart
Which of the following information is available in summary of part in a chart during methods
study?=Correct Answer Frequency of each symbol , Total time for each symbol , Total distance
travelled by the object
Which of the following activities can become a part of a preventive maintenance
system?=Correct Answer Condition monitoring , Planned Lubrication , Preventive inspection
In case of two handed process chart, storage symbol is used when either hand is used as grip or
vice to hold an object.=Correct Answer True
Which of the following industries justify the use of move order?=Correct Answer Power plant
, Steel plant , Heavy machinery manufacturing
Which document is used for returning the surplus material?=Correct Answer Stores Return
A good layout makes effective use of space. Utilization of space for a department like Stores
can be measured by=Correct Answer Proportion of Cubic volume space utilized
What do you mean by the study of repetitive short cycle operations which involve quick hand /
feet motions?=Correct Answer Micromotion study
Which is the most popular scientific tool for project planning?=Correct Answer Critical path
Planned lubrication is said to be the nervous system of the equipment.=Correct Answer True
Since recording by descriptive method has it's limitations, it is not recommended for use in
method study.=Correct Answer True
Which are the different situations in which the process capability studies of the various
process are likely to fit?=Correct Answer Process variability is just adequate , Good process
variability but bad process
One of the following is not a gross material=Correct Answer cotton
Limit gauges are not useful when it is necessary to measure the exact amount of
variation.=Correct Answer True
Which are different ways to show critical path in a network?=Correct Answer Thick Line ,
Red Line , Double Line
Provision of drainage facilities is important for the following type of industry =Correct
Answer Chemical Process
How does motion economy prove useful in mass production?=Correct Answer It improves
work bench layout and evolve logical sequence of assembly of parts
In case of backward pass computation method, the latest event time represents the atest
occurrence time of the event.=Correct Answer True

In a control chart, as a general rule, time interval should be inversely proportional to the
average frequency of out of control conditions.=Correct Answer False
What is expected from stores department after they receive the stores issue order from
dispatcher?=Correct Answer Keep material ready for issue to shop when authorized
Which are the three basic types of control chart by attribute?=Correct Answer p-chart , c-chart
, np-chart
Which of the following symbols are used in flow process chart but not used in operation
process chart?=Correct Answer Storage , Delay , Transport
Which of the following are illustrations of inspection?=Correct Answer Physical count of
incoming material against the quantity mentioned in delivery challan , A dimensional check with
measuring instrument , Visual check of burrs and finish
Breakdown is inversly proportional to the investment in W.I.P.=Correct Answer False
Which of the following schedules are recommended to prepare and follow as a part of
preventive maintenance system?=Correct Answer Preventive inspection schedule , Cleaning and
upkeep schedule , Lubrication schedule
What is the basic minimum requirement for those who are responsible for the quality of
design?=Correct Answer In depth knowledge about alternative materials and manufacturing
processes , access to latest technology and production process adopted by industries in the
developed market , Continuous effort in product development
Regular lubrication with carefully selected lubricants is an essential factor in themaintenance
of high grade machine tools working under continuous load.=Correct Answer True
Following is not an input information for Process Planning=Correct Answer Inventory level
Data from Process Sheet can be used to =Correct Answer Prepare load and schedule charts
Which kind of inspection is followed in case of product layout?=Correct Answer Pilot
Dispatching function is not a part of Production Planning =Correct Answer True
Which of the following variables which operate periodically are the reasons for the cyclic
pattern depicting peaks and valleys during Xbar-R control chart?=Correct Answer Wornout
positions , Fatigue , Roller eccentricity
Plant location decisions concern following type of organizations=Correct Answer
Manufacturing and service organizations
Craft = Facilities Planning,Work Sampling =Machine utilization,Gantt Chart = Production
Scheduling,Emerson Efficiency Plan = Wage Payment
What do you understand by inspection conducted on all jobs received back from a customer as
defectives?=Correct Answer Appraisal inspection
What does the additional cost incurred to reduce the duration of an activity by one unit of time
represent?=Correct Answer Activity cost slope
What do you mean by the preventive maintenance by using five human senses?=Correct
Answer Preventive inspection
What is indicated by the erratic pattern points falling above and below the control limits in the
Xbar-R-control chart?=Correct Answer Defects in materials , Poorly trained operators , Frequent
adjustments of machines
Which kind of preventive inspection detects some defects in moving parts, internal cracks, and
others , when machine is under preplanned shutdown?=Correct Answer Internal inspection

Why method study should precede work measurement?=Correct Answer Time for a job can be
accessed accurately only after standardizing the method
Which of the following processes or activities are denoted by using symbols while recording
in method study?=Correct Answer Transport , Delay , Storage
Which is the zone beyond LTPD in case of Oc curve of a general plan?=Correct Answer Zone
of rejection
An activity should represent an operation or set of operations which can be performed using a
particular kind of equipment or a special skill.=Correct Answer True
Which chart sets out the sequence of flow of work of a product, or any part of it through the
section or department or a factory by recording the eventsunder review using appropriate
symbols?=Correct Answer Flow process chart
In exponential smoothing method,for a stable demand pattern and better smoothing effect,
value of fraction( Alpha) selected is =Correct Answer 0.05 to 0.10
short cycle job should be studied for macroscopic motions.=Correct Answer False
Which industry out of the following industries require maximum consideration for safety
factor while selecting plant location?=Correct Answer Nuclear power plant
How to exercise control over quality?=Correct Answer Periodical analysis of inspecting
reports to establish causes of rejections , Preperation of quality standard and specifications ,
Exercising control over inputs
Any proposed change must not be intimated to workers in advance.=Correct Answer False
One of the external factors influencing Material Planning is =Correct Answer Price trends
Only skilled worker can use the fixed limit gauge.=Correct Answer False
Which of the following are typical examples of limit gauges?=Correct Answer Snap gauge ,
Plug gauge , Ring gauge
If the firm has adopted elaborate planned maintenance system, there is no chance of any
unplanned maintenance work.=Correct Answer False
Which varaible is taken along the ordinate or Y axis?=Correct Answer Quality
In case of X bar-R charts,it is ensured that the assignable causes are detected before the
tolerances are violated,upper and lower statistical limits are worked out andinserted into a
chart.=Correct Answer True
What do you mean by CPM?=Correct Answer Critical Path
Who has introduced the useful concept of control chart in 1931?=Correct Answer Walter
Which of the following are uses of the lubricants?=Correct Answer Retard rate of wear and
tear of moving parts , Protect parts from moisture and dust ,Keep temperature of bearings within
allowable limits
Process type layout is suitable when=Correct Answer there is wide variation in processing
time of operations
Breakdown of a machine is normally accompanied by added machine setup cost such as
resetting of jobs or change of jobs.=Correct Answer True
Which of the following are examples of gross materials?=Correct Answer Timber , Iron ore ,
Sugar cane
Mixed layouts are generally used in case of product is to be produced in different sizes/types:
contains too many components=Correct Answer True

Inspection should be conducted prior to an operaion, after whose completion no rework
whatsoever is possible.=Correct Answer True
MRP software generates time periodwise requiremetn of subassemblies=Correct Answer True
The decisions which are relate to daily decisions like leave records etc.which are mundane in
nature & highly routined & can be done at a junior level are=Correct Answer operational
Strategic management is concerned with=Correct Answer long- range planning
Mass media includes=Correct Answer radio, TV, internet etc.
What is Statistical Quality Control(SQC)=Correct Answer Identifies quality and productivity
from a production process , Identifies impact of any change on performance , Instantly spots
malfunctions and show where they occur
ETOP stands for ________.=Correct Answer environmental threat & opportunity profile
The various areas covered by social responsibility are=Correct Answer Inner Circle ,
Intermediate circle , Outer Circle
________ is the drive to achieve beyond one's expectations=Correct Answer Motivation
They enact the formal role of reviewing and screening executive decisions in the light of their
environmental, business and organisational implications=Correct Answer Board of director
HR implementation involues a series of action programme like production,estimation of raw
materials, labour & machine hours.=Correct Answer False
The decisions which are applied to structured or routine problems are=Correct Answer
programmed decisions
CAP related to internal appraisal of firm stands for=Correct Answer competitive advantage
Factors to be considered in political- legal environmental scanning are=Correct Answer govt.
policies, stability, philosophy of govt. , legal system, implementation,infrastructure , import-
Denominator management=Correct Answer cost reduction
Counterfeiter copy but with a difference that can be seen.=Correct Answer False
The actual performance deviates positively over the budgeted performanve.This is an
indication of superior performance=Correct Answer True
Strategic management is mainly the responsibility of =Correct Answer Top Management
Value chain analysis is an effective tool for ________.=Correct Answer internal analysis
This strategic posture invests sufficiently to stay in the race but avoids premature
commitments=Correct Answer Reserve the right to play
________ and greater accountability replace formal control.=Correct Answer Self-discipline
Macro environment has got immediate impact on business.=Correct Answer False
Three important managerial qualities required for the effective strategic management=Correct
Answer Conceptual, human & intellectual skills , Decision making ability , Vision
Scheduling is a part of strategic management.=Correct Answer False
evolution as given and then react to the opportunities the market offers=Correct Answer
Attack strategies are=Correct Answer frontal attack , flank attack , encirclement attack
Merger takes place=Correct Answer between a buyer and a seller , to avail tax concessions , to
increase growthrates

Principles to manage strategic alliances are=Correct Answer clarity in strategy &
responsibilities , blending cultures , provide for an exit strategy
________ identifies the impact of any change on performance=Correct Answer Statistical
quality control
The Hallmarks for self-regulation are=Correct Answer Trust & fairness , Changed
Management , Integrity & thoughtfulness
Ballast business = Fit well but low opportunities,Gap analysis =Difference between desired
and projected performance,Corporate parenting = Managing SBU's by a corporate,Heartland
business = Give the highest priority
Standards of performance act as the benchmark against which the actual performance is
compared.=Correct Answer True
Change in company's strategy gives rise to problems necessitating a new structure to be
made=Correct Answer True
Modern Accounting uses ________ as a unit of measure =Correct Answer Time
Corporate strategy ensures=Correct Answer fit between the firm and its environment
Divestiture is opposed to diversification.=Correct Answer False
It is the process of analyzing, dividing and arranging work or activities into manageable
portion for individuals, sections & departments=Correct Answer departmentation
Factors to be considered while deciding candidates for divestiture are =Correct Answer taxes ,
availability of buyers , market reaction
________ is a modern plant consisting of modules centered around a stage in the production
process=Correct Answer Flotilla concept
An unhealthy portfolio has=Correct Answer More dogs , Few stars
Strategic intent=Correct Answer obsession with an organization , ambitions in proportion to
their existing resources & capabilities , what the organization strives for.
The actual performance matches the budgeted performance. This is a realistic
situation.=Correct Answer False
________ should have the ability to develop a visionto see patterns into the future.=Correct
Answer Leaders
Financial environment is concerned with=Correct Answer demand & supply of money, capital
The control process requires the following types of information=Correct Answer Planned
performance , Variances , Reasons
Strategic evaluation determines the effectiveness of ________=Correct Answer Strategy
Various phases of Growth are=Correct Answer Creativity , Delegation , Co-ordination
Staffing function applies to all company levels irrespective of levels of hierarchy =Correct
Answer True
The reasons for acquisition are =Correct Answer=Increased market power , Increased
diversification , Increased speed to market
Titan going into setting their won retail outlets- this is ________ integration.=Correct Answer
vertical ( forward )
Delay in ________ measurement defeats the purpose of evaluation.=Correct Answer Time
Bajaj started manufacturing of sunny is an example of ________.=Correct Answer
concentration strategy

A Large-scale community development project was funded to enable farmers to use local
resources effectively by =Correct Answer Asian Paints
It concentrates on organisation design and work flow= Correct Answer Flotilla
It is the process of selecting people for company positions and developing skills and abilities
for assignments in the company =Correct Answer Staffing
A hardware manufacture enters into software is an example of ________integration.=Correct
Answer vertical ( forward )
This strategic posture invests sufficiently to stay in the race but avoids pre-mature
commitments=Correct Answer Reserve the right to play
supplier & technological environment is concerned with =Correct Answer quality & no. of
suppliers , logistics , raw material , trends and rate of change of technology
Labour satisfaction may result in unethical behaviour as anger.= Correct Answer False
Reciprocal responsibility means equal blames and credit.=Correct Answer False
Excelling in one market guarantees success in a new. =Correct Answer False
Empower people through great software anytime , any place, on any device'-
Microsoft=Correct Answer visionHow does 'structure' reduce external uncertainity arising out of
human behavior
A Company's strategy=Correct AnswerVital ingredient in determinig it's future , Yields
growth, profits etc , may result in disaster if inappropriate
Three C's affecting today's companies are customer, competition & change =Correct Answer
Control should involve________ amount of information.=Correct Answer Minimum
An approach that strives to follow ethical principles and percepts is =Correct Answer Moral
Limitations of Traditional cost accounting are=Correct Answer Assumes factory as an isolated
entity , It measures only the cost of producing
Business is rated on which dimensions= Correct Answer Market attractiveness , Business
Like roots of a tree, ________of organization is hidden from direct view. =Correct Answer
core competence
Factors leading to personnel capability are________.=Correct Answer IR, OB
All policies are 'statements'=Correct Answer False
W in SWOT stands for=Correct Answer inherent inadequacy of organization
The process of forecasting an organization's future demands for and supply of right type of
people in right number is=Correct Answer Man-power planning
Comparative analysis is = historical analysis,Benchmarking is = competitive analysis,Michael
Hammer & James Chapy =Reengineering,GDP stands for = gross domestic product
Organizational models are=Correct Answer multinational model , international model , global
organizational model
It enables the strategists to take corrective action at the right time =Correct Answer Premise
The aim in stability strategies is-=Correct Answer move slowly & surely
Business ethics is how personal norms do not apply to activities & goals of a commercial
firm.=Correct Answer False

________ support managers by keeping track of the elementary activities & transactions of the
organization such as sales, receipts, raw materials etc.= Operational level systems
General Electric Matrix is divided into how many cells= 9
The component produced on completely automatic machines may be subjected to sampling
inspection while parts produced on semi-automatic and completely manual operated machines
require cent percent inspection.= Correct Answer true