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Executive Summary
Warm Hands is an orphanage located in Cairo, Egypt. This orphanage will be led by an educated
local Egyptian with a heart for helping deserted children without homes. In the United States, it
will also be led by both ASWWU and Cairo committee to oversee administration of funds and
daily activities. Warm Hands will have three focuses: rebuilding childrens core foundation on
Jesus Christ, providing a safe haven, and teaching them the basic fundamentals of succeeding in
life. While may be irrelevant, these focuses are these leaders primary interests in helping rebuild
The objectives for Warm hands for the first two years of operation are:
1. To build an orphanage on the edge of Cairo that will house 15 children.
2. To provide a safe haven for orphans.
3. To let the public know that there is a Christian orphanage out to help families that cannot
support their children.
4. To develop a strong relationship with the community.
5. To increase in funds by 5% each year.
The mission of Warm Hands is to build Cairo Egyptian orphans an educated strong Christian
life. The existence of Warms Hands is to fulfill the dire need of orphans by providing a safe
Christian home. By reaching out to orphans and providing a safe Christian home, we believe that
not only will we make a great impact in the community but we will change one life at a time.
Company Summary
Warm Hands is a Cairo Egyptian orphanage providing poor abandoned children a safe Christian
home. Warm Hands is dedicated to building strong relationships with orphans and helping them
build a strong relationship in Jesus Christ.
Company Ownership
Warm Hands is a non-profit organization owned and operated by ASWWU and Cairo
Sustainability committee.
Start-up Summary


Warm Hands will offer services to kids ages 0-16. Our mission is to provide, clothing, education
and health services to the orphans in Egypt as well as upholding their basic human rights, giving
them opportunities and helping them to fulfill their lives potential.

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1. Educational
Warm Hands will provide an education to all children. Our goal is to provide the children with a
solid education. We want them to be able to read and write properly in Arabic as well as English.
Our main focus will be to teach them a trade to ensure that they can stand on their own two
feet when they leave the orphanage. We want them to recognize the value of working, of
creating something to be proud of and receiving remuneration for this work. We will offer a
variety of vocational programs. Some of the Vocational Programs on offer will include, but not
limited to:
- Carpentry
- Farming
- Accounting
- Computer Skills
- Tourism
We eventually will construct a small but varied library. Part of the childrens education will
include frequent visits to the library. Volunteer teachers from around the world will be

2. Food
Making sure that the children have proper nutrition is one of our top priorities. We will provide a
balanced diet and make sure that they are properly fed. Most of the food we provide will be
bought from the local village. Proper nutrition improves the orphans immune system, helps
them fight off disease and helps them focus in school.

3. Housing
Our facility will be able to house children. We will provide rooms that are fully furnished. We
will provide adequate housing and care for babies and toddlers who require more attention.
Originally we will only have one building in the hopes of expanding in the future. The upper
level will be entirely residential, with girls on one side and boys on the other. Younger kids will
sleep in rooms of 10 people while the older children will be accommodated in smaller rooms
with 4 people. We will also provide a living room, washrooms and toilets.

4. Recreational Activities
One of our goals is to make sure the children are extremely active. We want to maintain a strict
educational system but also make sure that they have enough time to exercise and play. We will
encourage friendly competition. Team and adventure activities are an unbeatable way of
developing self-confidence and self-respect. Some of our activities will include sports such as
football, badminton, cricket, etc. We will also provide regular adventures for the older children
like camping trips and hiking.

5. Small Garden

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As part of the childrens daily chores they will also be encouraged to help maintain the garden.
Children starting at the Kindergarten level will be able to help out. This will teach them about
responsibility and routine. We also want to teach them to eat healthier and to appreciate and
become aware of the effect that food has on their bodies. The garden will provide organic fruits,
herbs, and vegetables.

Management Summary

In this Orphanage we will have a checks and balance management in order to ensure that
operations are running smoothly. The orphanage will have a hierarchical management status in
where at the top of the command chain lies ADRA and ASWWU. Both these commanders will
make all the decisions that are best for the orphanage and kids. The orphanage will be operated
by an administrator, administrator assistant, fundraising employee/volunteer/surrogate,
surrogates, and volunteers/teachers/student missionaries.

Administrator His/her responsibilities are overseeing all daily operations; developing a strong
educated staff and organizing the orphanage; manages all inflows and outflows of funds.
Implements a strong ethical standard for all staff; ensures accountability and complies with the
law; engages with ADRA and ASWWU in planning and implementing polices. He/she will
establish a long-term plan for the orphanage. The administrator will work closely with applicable
federal, state and county officials in order to propose governmental actions that could directly or
indirectly affect the operation of the orphanage. He/she will also help with daily activities such
as teaching, cleaning, and with child care.

Administration Assistant The assistant will be in charge of planning the administrations
daily work schedule, answer telephone calls, and help oversee the daily operations. He/she will
translate and schedule out volunteers work; coordinate and maintain records for staff and help set
up any special activities; coordinate meetings and conferences; and support staff in assigned
projects and other duties as assigned.

Fundraising employee/volunteer The responsibility will closely be working with ADRA and
ASWWU to help research better ways in targeting their audience. His/her responsibilities is to
help develop strategies and set goals to hit fundraising targets; help find people to donate funds;
keeping in touch with existing donors and stakeholders; budgeting cash inflows and outflows;
help write grant proposals that attract donating countries; prepare presentations to show primary
data of what the Egyptian economy can contribute. Overseeing events and campaign as well as
helping cooperating with any ADRA and ASWWU ideas they come up with.

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Education leader/volunteer/student missionary/surrogate His/her responsibilities consist of
making sure she has fully mapped out schedules for volunteers who are working with infant,
young children, and teens. For infant she needs to make sure the nursing cares for pre-mature and
high risk infants and toddlers have consistent care with food, love and nurturing for their health.
For both adolescent and teen children, he/she needs to make sure volunteers have some strong
educational background and have the aptitude to teach the children basic education. The most
important part for his/her responsibility is to bring a Christian positive influence to the orphanage
and have a love for children and desire to help.

Volunteer/student missionary/surrogate for infant This volunteer will provide daily nursing
care for pre-mature and high-risk infants and toddlers. They will care, love, and nurture the
infants in order to improve their health. Volunteers will hold the babies, hand feed and bottle
feed babies, change diapers, play with the toddlers, help in the kitchen and do laundry duties.
This volunteer will daily switch places with other volunteers and help surrogates with any work
they need help with.

Volunteer/student missionary/surrogate for adolescent and teen These volunteers will work
with both adolescent and teens. Their duties will focus on teaching them basic education such as
reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.; they will have recreational activities that will allow them to
once again be children; they will also supervise them during recreational activities as well as
play with them. Also, volunteers will help provide a natural and safe environment for children
and help administration with any other special programs or teaching material for the betterment
of the orphans. They will also help surrogates with any tasks they need as well.

Surrogates Warm Hand orphanage will hire two part-time workers as surrogates. Their
responsibilities are to help with child-care, food, cleaning, and with any special projects the
administrator has. Their responsibilities are to basically be housemothers for the children and
more importantly have a fervent love for these orphans when the student missionaries and
volunteers leave.

Our plan is to create a fundraising program that will help Warm Hands with funds
through out the years. With the Help of ASWWU and other organization we will be able to reach
our goal of building a home for the children of Egypt. Other ways we can fundraise is through
corporation, the government of both Egypt and the United States, and grants.

Government giving

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The government of Egypt will help fund 50% of what we need such as supplies, land,
food, waste, and the necessaries. The government will only help if we are doing something good
for Egypt, which is helping kids find a home.
The United States help with grants. They help provide grants to big organizations such as

Corporate and organization giving
Some of the funds that Warm Hands will be receiving will be from business and other
organizations. With these types of help we want to be able to create a wish list for larger amount
donors and expand corporate prospected for grant funding.

Grant giving
There are different organizations that help give grants which is free money to get something
going, With the different grants we can help get the structure up and going and have a start up
fund. Also Warm Hands will know they can rely on some tyoe of money.

One Time giving
The one time giving will be people a one-time donor or people who cannot donate a
whole lot. A example of people in this group will be college students. We want to create a
program where Donors will be able to sponsor a child.

Different groups or people that can donate
Non-profit organizations
Religious organizations
United Nations Development program
Small business
Middle class people
Fund raising Events
Low class people
Small families

Different way to raise funds

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Offering from churches or organizations
El Azher
Big Business
Subway stations
Write letter
Phone calls

Marketing Analysis
Warm Hands is a peaceful home and school for children who are orphans and big need of shelter.
There are about 1.5 million orphans, but only 40,000 of them live on the streets others are
controlled by orphan places. In Egypt, civil society employees say, infants are most frequently
found abandoned in front of hospitals or near police stations. The Ministry of Social Affairs is
left to process and place them in foster families or orphanages. Those who are orphans are
abandoned children, working on the streets, and street families.

"Living on the streets": these kids who live and sleep on the streets without any family
support they always suffer. These kids exposed to abuse, exploitation, and police
violence and are the most vulnerable. The first group we will like to target are the
abandoned children. These kids are left behind at birth or by family. Research says that 9
out of 10 are born then abandoned. There are a lot children who are left this way; they
left to life to be criminals. These kids will turn to be criminals and their life will end very
"Working on the streets": Some of these kids are poor who have no money to support
themselves and their family. They always work all day long just to get enough money for
their family. Those who work on the streets to obtain their single source of revenue but
return to some kind of family unit in the evening. These kids are from a very poor family
who cant be support by the father or relative, so kids go to work and get money for their
"Kids who run away from their family: this happen when kids run away from home.
Sometimes because of their step father/mother or sometimes their family run to a divorce
in their family. They find themselves cant live with their step; therefore, they run away
and live on street. The children who are in a precarious situation and could find
themselves living on the streets.

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Orphans fundraising
Warm Hands Orphan will be covered

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Orphan Fundraising
Government Churchs Mosque Outside Donation

Target Market Segment Strategy
Warm Hands will be the home for everybody who are in need. The Worm hands will be helping
all kind f orphans. We will deal with all kind of orphans, and we will try to give the love and
respect to these kids. We will help them find their way in life. We will teach them all kind of
things that might or could help them in their coming life. We dont want them to become worse.
We will try to approach them through Churches, Mosque, T.V., radios, and Government, police

1. The government force the law by arresting these kids and treat them bad. These kids turn
to be bad, and they become criminals and that effects the government and Country too.
About 44% of these kids are parentless who parents died in an accidents or their family
through them in front of the orphan house or police station. They stay in the orphan house
for a little bite, and they run away because of the mistreating them. Also, about 16% of
the orphans run away because of the mistreating of their family; this happen between step
father/mother. Therefore, we will try to find the good pieces in them that can change their
lives. We will teach them about God and teach them to love each other and care about
each other. We will make sure to help them find their way and path that God has for us.
2. Egyptian are suffering of less work. They dont have enough income. About 30% of
Egyptian sleep with no supper. They have less money. Also, about 50% of Egyptian
dont get any education because of the big number of students in each class or they cant
offered to pay for school, or they need to support their family; therefore, they leave their
school and start to work. Some works under people and some work on the street. These
kids suffer a lot, and life turn them to be criminals. We will offer a good life for these
kids. We will teach these kids to be dependable on themselves by teaching them how to

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write and read Arabic and English, also, we will offer them a career; we will teach them
how to do a task and work hard.
3. About 100% of the orphans dont get a clean food or they dont eat well. They kids
sufferer each moment in their lives; we want to help them. We will offer a free food for
these kids. We will help them to be healthy and strong. We will make them be thankful to
God for the give of being a human been. To be proud of being a life. We will teach them
how to pray before they eat and thank God after they finish.
4. Most of the orphans kids suffer in the winter time; they sleep on the street with no
shelter or cover to help them get over the cold nights. It is very hard seeing these kids
suffer each night of the cold weather. They sleep on floor with no bed or covers. We are
going to build two separate dorms for the kids. We will be accepting boys and girls. We
want to prevent bad things to happen between to the girls and boys; therefore, we will
built separate buildings.

Swat Analysis:
Worm Hands will be the warm hand on the orphans Kids; the house of orphans will be the
heaven for these kids. We will help these kids find to find their path. We will make them be
thankful for everything is around them. We will serve a free meals for them, we will teach them
career, and we will teach them school things. We will teach them language too. We will teach
them to have strength and faith. We will teach them about God and religion. We will offer the
best for these kids; they will have a great opportunity.
Warm Hands we want to build a home for children to call home. This will be a home that they
will be able to run around and have fun. It will be a place for them to eat, sleep, and be loved.
Not only will it be a place for to be but a place where they will be able to experience a Christian
perspective. To build this orphanage, our team would like to get land on the outskirts of Cairo,

Service Business Analyzing
Warm Hands will be the house the kids will be served the best; they will get the best services,
and we will offer the best service for them. We will be a family to them. They will find the
LOVE that they couldnt find in their past life. We will treat them as human not like an animals.
We will keep them away from troubles. Warm Hands will give a great service and reputation to
every kid who is suffering.
Our service is to teaching them how to love and respect others, different language, school is
important to have a better future. Most these kids dont get to school of how expensive it is;
therefore we will offer them a free education as long as they work hard to success. We will teach
them how to work hard, believe and trust in God and themselves too. Also, we will give them
shelter and food.
Our Service will be totally different than any Orphan houses in Egypt. Some orphans houses in
Egypt only offer shelter or only weekly services. But Our Service will be all week long with 360
day a year. We will serve them until they get old enough to keep going or until they graduate
with a degree. We will be part of the Egypt government and education department because we
will be serving all kind of orphans, Christian, Muslims, and None Religion kids.

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We wouldnt get any big issue starting the Warm Hands Orphan house because we will be doing
things to help the orphan kids. Government is willing to help us with school supplies, books,
food, and other things to help these kids.

Strategy and Implementation
Warm Hands seeks to offer excellent services that will strongly build a Christian reputable
orphanage and drastically impact the city of Cairo in order to continue helping abandoned
children. Any marketing or advertising methods will greatly vary in order to reach the
community, churches, government, and more importantly orphans. Door-to-Door advertising
will be used such as going to the government and churches and explaining to them the plan we
intend to do in order to help the orphan ambiance. Creating an online page and using social
networks will be used in order to inform the religious community and the Egyptian government
about the orphanage. Also, creating a link on the website that will accept donations for the
orphanage. Because of the lack of internet usage and access in Cairo, this will mostly be used for
officials who can gain access and Americans who can as well. Word-of-mouth will be another
tool to inform the population about the orphanage and what we intend to do with the orphans.
Lastly, brochures will be used to inform not only the Cairenes but also Americans who feel they
should donate to help this orphanage. These methods are limited because the use of internet will
be limited and because the city isnt technologically developed, old-fashion in-person and going
to community-to-community will be used.
Competitive Edge
Warm Hands competitive edge is widely great: experienced staff, education, well nourishment,
recreational activities, and spirituality.
1. Experienced staff. In Cairo, Egypt there are other orphanages/juvenile centers that help
abandoned, drug selling, and criminal children. But they are filled with inexperienced,
uninterested, inadequate staff who are unsolicitous towards children and more motivated
by their extremely meagre wages. They at times beat them and only teach them a trade
that is easy to learn so they can leave the facility. All over Cairo there are only
orphanages/juvenile centers that do this type of work. Warm hands staff will have
knowledge and teach other staff how to manage and teach children the best way to live a
Christian life. The experienced staff will either have extensive experience with childcare
or have educational background in childcare. More importantly, the experienced staff will
constantly dedicate their time and effort in giving the child a Christ-like love.
2. Education. Cairo, Egypt orphanage/juvenile centers only teach children a simple trade
that will hopefully help them succeed. But Warm Hands will do more than just a trade. At
Warm Hands we will teach basic rhetoric, reading, writing, arithmetic, useful trades, and
spirituality. Warm Hands is dedicated to preparing orphans for the world when they
become of legal age. But more importantly it is dedicated to helping young boys and girls
in becoming thinking Christians for the betterment of their lives.
3. Well-nourishment. In Cairene orphanages/juvenile centers lack of nourishment is
seriously problem because these facilities are mostly filled with children who are
criminals who dont care about life. So staff likewise do the same. Common food to give
to orphans/criminals is rats, rotten food, or many times nothing at all. Orphans suffer

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from malnourishment and it is the primary reason why out of 8 million newborns a year,
80% die. Warm Hands is dedicated in searching for the best ways to help children be well
fed and taken care of. They will be fed meat, vegetables, fruits, and foods fill with
carbohydrates to increase in fat. Warm Hands may not feed every orphan in Cairo, but
the orphans at Warm Hands will be well nourished for the opportunity to live a healthy
4. Recreational activities. In Cairene orphanages/juvenile centers, there is absolutely no
recreational activities for children. Essentially it is all work and no play. At Warm Hands
we will give orphans a time to play with other children, perhaps bond more with the staff,
and play games. Warms Hands is dedicated in allowing orphans to become once again
like children. In their young lives they need some recreational time so they can bond
together and more importantly Warm Hands has the opportunity to see strong Christian
lives built together as brothers and sisters in Christ.
5. Spirituality. In any orphanage in Cairo there is no religion implemented or taught to
abandoned and criminal children. Warm Hands is dedicated to building an ambiance
filled with a Christ-like character. Warm Hands is dedicated to building fundamental
Christian doctrine in orphans who are not or never have been exposed to Christianity as
well as dedicated to answering the call of Christ to proclaim the Gospel and set the
captives free. At Warm Hands, Jesus Christ will be implemented as the foundation for
why the orphanage exists and more importantly implementing Him in our everyday
Sales Strategy
Warm Hands sales strategy is to first and foremost raise and much funds as possible in both
America and Cairo for construction costs, operational costs, furniture, food, and wages. The local
government helps non-profit organizations to get establish by giving them land, paying for
utilities, helping them market their orphanage with the city, and giving them food. Warm Hands
priority is to raise funds for the orphanage before any construction or establishment can be made.
Then, once funds are raised, construction and speaking with the local government and churches
can take place in order to gain awareness and receive help from these establishments.
Sales Forecast
In the early parts of raising funds for the orphanage, 50% will come from both the local
government and churches. Egypt has created a social aid fund and if you are a school or
orphanage they will cover half of the expenses to help these organizations fight poverty. Warm
Hands will receive 30% of its funds from donors such as churches, people, and businesses. The
remaining of the 20% will be from fundraising by hosting events, raising money through student
missionaries, etc. Each year Warm Hands will continue to host more events and increase in
donors to hopefully sustain the entire orphanage without government help or with a modicum of
Warm Hands will achieve several goals within the first 2 years of operation:
1. A concrete curriculum of daily activities, goals for children within a year, and
implementing Christ in the orphanage

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2. Have two completed constructed houses
3. Expeditious cash inflow
4. Breakeven point
5. Profit to better facilities or anything else that could be bettered

SWOT Analysis

Committed Donors
Faith based
Experienced volunteers and employees
The Community
Market analysis not clear
Donors restricted funds
Poor Communication
Diet and life style
Planned giving
Volunteers and employees experience
Giving an education
Overload of kids
Other organization


Committed Donors

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A strength of Warm Hands will be the committed donors. Committed donors are those who
consistently donate Warm hands. These are the people who connect with the orphanage to have a
close relationship with the children.
Having Volunteers will be a great strength for Warm Hands. Warm hands will be able to connect
with Adventist school across the world for students to come and help out and make a difference.
Faith based:
Warm hands is an Adventist based organization. The organization is not there to convert anyone
but to help everyone. We want these children to know the love that God gave us.
Experienced Volunteers and Employees:
Having experienced employee and volunteers will help the organization with a whole lot. These
are the people who know what they are doing and dont need training.

The Community:
With the help of the community this project will be on its feet. The organization will have the
culture and ways of living and it will be a great way for children to interact with other people.


Market analysis not clear
When creating the market plan things can get confusing and slow. We need to be careful on we
market the orphanage so it will offend others.
Donors restricted funds
This is when some donors this that they can take control and try to change things around. If we
do not corporate with our donors then they can stop the donation to Warm Hands
Poor Communication
As an Organization employees may state things wrongly or not communicate correctly. If there
is no communication with the organization then it can cause a lot of problems and conflicts with
If Warm Hands is not diverse enough then problem can arise in the organization. Being different
can open new opportunities from other organizations but being to different can question a lot of

14 | P a g e

Diet and life style
A diet and life can go wrong if a healthy diet and lifestyle is not introduced to the children at the
orphanage. If children dont know how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle then they can become
obese. Being obese can cause medical problems and lead to more expensive.


Planned giving:
Plan giving is a way for donors to be able to donate a head of time and not worry about a it each
time around. Also it will be a way for donors to plan to donate after they had passed away.
Experienced volunteers and employees
Employee and Volunteers will gain experience in helping the organization with a whole lot.
These are the people who know what they are doing and dont need training.
Being in a different country Warms Hands can create relationships and partnerships with
churchs, the government, and the community to help out or be a support.
Warm Hands will help and give these kids an education to learn and succeed in life.

With the help and commitment from our staff and donor we can help expand Warm Hands and
help more children in need.
Donors can help sponsors a child for $20 a month and write to them.

Overload of kids:
There will be a point when Warms Hands will be over full and will not have the space to fit more
The government can take control or take the organization if we do not come up to standards or
they are not happy with what we are doing.

15 | P a g e

Being in a different country one does not always know the safety. In the future there can be
violence going around because of political or religious reasons.
With other organizations in the area we might not get the chance to start Warm Hands or get
committed donors.

Exit Strategy
The owners and operators of Warm Hands will exit this endeavor after they have created a self-
sustainable and flourishing orphanage that could not only support itself but also be able to build
another orphanage near it and sustain it. ASWWUs intention is to pray fervently in order to
continue to help run and sustain this orphanage until they no longer cant or are ready to pass the
responsibility to the student body after them.
In the event the proposed plan is not successful ASWWU will implement necessary measures to
exit the orphanage endeavor with minimal damage to Cairos community and more importantly
to Cairos orphans. The built house will be still remain along with all the equipment but will be
either be sold to ADRA, given to ADRA, if they can sustain it, or sold to locals who can sustain
it or have a strong desire in helping children out. The orphanage can also be turned into a school
if the community is willing to help make it into one or a recreational facility for children as well.
The success of the orphanage will be closely monitored monthly in the first year and quarterly in
subsequent years. ASWWU is well aware that it usually takes new orphanages two to three years
to actually start having enough funds for the orphanage to sustain itself and so during those years
it could operate at a loss. ASWWU will keep this is in mind when they are evaluating the state of
the orphanage and when they make adjustments when possible in order to keep the orphanage
running with a positive cash flow.
Acceptable loss has been determined; if the orphanage exceeds the amount of not able to sustain
itself or compensate the administration or surrogates, ASWWU will begin thinking of
contingency plans that consist of either selling the building/orphanage or giving it to the local
government and allowing them to do what they want with the building.