*Lyric verses*
Milos Bjelic Miljak

************************************************************ *ATLANTIS * Yes, I swear, by this poem and by the witness of distant Andromeda, that Plato is confirmed: the Atlantis had existed and thereafter it disappeared in the depths of an ocean.

And that its last Lyrists, before they perished, in unison, had entrusted their very last song to shooting stars, to breezy winds and to the ocean waves. Let us listen together sonorous murmur of their verses, while they are still drowning into the foamy waters spread all over Atlantis ruins. ************************************************************

*ANDROMEDA* Once in a boat all alone during the night without moonlight I saw the Andromeda a shiny neighbour in all its splendour. And I gathered billions there of sparkling stars all knitted into the clusters mirroring ours, the Milky Way’s. Foreboding that, in Andromeda, there are unknown planets, silvery moons, unseen red sunsets, melting into a nameless ocean. And for a moment, a foolish thought, just as a wink:

perhaps above there in Andromeda on an unknown sea somebody’s dreaming about us here on Earth, while leaning on the mast of a sailing boat? All just a chimera. And yet, it’s wonderful just to dream about it: a sea in Andromeda, a boat with a steersman sailing with a breeze. Feels good to dream about Andromeda in the night without moonlight, as it is good to have a sister. Or just a sweetheart.

************************************************************ *STARDUST SAND* They say that in the Universe there are star clusters more numerous than grains in a beach sand. I took a handful letting it to the wind to disperse the grain of stardust over the sea waves.

El Greco: Vision of the Apocalipsis

*APOCALIPSIS * From a sandy hill embraced two of us, naked, watching as the sun downs in ocean waters.

Fiery red the clouds are shining on the horizon. Shivering while as melting copper enormous sun ball sinks in the distant waves. Fearing not to drown for ever in the dark sunset. Apocalipsis But two of us still here by the darkness hidden and by the linen of shining stars protected.

*WE ARE ALL SAILORS ...* We are all sailors of our lives carried by the waves of destiny in search of bonanza but often lost in the storm. Sailors of our dreams looking for a safe harbour for a lighted window a love still unlived or just a glimpse of an unknown passerby survived in our memory. Fragile built we are and yet willing to swim upstream the current, weakling, but able to defy the mighties, to provoke unrest, amidst the guardians. Worms among giants we are, but still are daring to bravely attack the Dragon of the Universe with our bare hands. Prisoners, to sing a freedom chant.

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