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Missing Girls in the State of Florida

This list is composed of girls under the age of 18 who have been abducted or who
are the victims of an unsolved homicide. This is a data sheet of unsolved crimes.
Cases in which an arrest has been made are not listed. Children who have been
abducted by a non-custodial parent are not included in this particular list. This list is
a work in progress and will be updated as additional information is found.

12-29-69, age 9, Peggy Rahn, missing from Pompano Beach, FL. Disappeared while
walking to the beach with a friend -
12-29-69, age 8, Wendy Brown Stevenson, missing from Pompano Beach, FL.
Disappeared while walking to the beach with a friend -
09-14-70, age 6, Paulette Landerville, missing from her mobile home in Auburndale,
FL. Her body was found floating in a phosphate pit about nine miles away (between
Lakeland and Auburndale). She had been raped and murdered:
05-24-71, age 13, Brenda Riley, disappeared from Merritt Island, FL while walking in
the vicinity of a convenience store to buy a gift for her sister. Her body was found
three days later in an overgrown field several blocks from her residence, off Catalina
Isle Drive in Merritt Island:
08-07-71, age 14, Gina Marie Justi, missing from Hillsborough County where she was
reported as a runaway. Her body was found in an orange grove in Pinellas County:
02-28-72 - age 13, Debora Sue Lowe, Pompano Beach, FL. Disappeared while
walking to school. Serial killer Gerald Schaefer has been considered as a POI in the
case. Sadly, Debora’s disappearance was not taken seriously by authorities when it
occurred, as they felt she was a runaway. This family has never stopped looking:
9-22-72 - age 13, Gail Lorraine Joiner, missing from Thonotosassa, FL while walking
her pet racoon after school. Neither she nor her pet have been found. She was
barefoot when she left her home for the walk. -
07-21-74 - age 9, Jean Marie Schoen, missing from Springfield, FL. Disappeared
while walking to the store -
08-01-74 - Annette Anderson, age 11, and Mylette Anderson, age 6, missing from
Oceanway, FL. They disappeared from their home.
09-3-74 - age 12, Theresa Amando Alsanto, missing from Marathon, FL. Disappeared
while seeing a movie with a friend -
09-27-74 - Virginia Helm, age 12, missing from Jacksonville, FL. Disappeared while
walking to the store -
10-12-74 - Rebecca Anne Green, age 12, missing from Fairfield, FL. She disappeared
walking back from the store. Her remains were found a month later -
06-10-75 - age 12, Susan Basile, missing from Port Orange, FL - Gerald Stano
confessed to murdering her but authorities did not find her body. Stano is believed
to have fabricated at least some of his confessions.
07-22-76 - age 12, Dorothy Delilah Scofield, missing from Ocala, FL -
06-21-77 – age 16, Angela Ramsey. Disappeared from Deland, Fl. She had
evidently hitched rides to Florida in order to visit friends:
08-02-78 – age 15, Debra Rizzo, Clearwater, FL. Disappeared on her way home
from a local mental health clinic. Her body was found in a wooded area East of the
1200 Block of Bell Drive, (area of Belcher Rd. and Harn Blvd.), Clearwater, FL. She had
been missing for two weeks:
10-31-81 – age 13, Tina Marie Janose, abducted overnight from her home in
Wahneta, FL. Her body was found early the next morning under the Mt. Olive
Overpass. She had been sexually assaulted, strangled, and thrown from the
02-06-82 – age 14, Robin Jones was last seen when friends dropped her off after
skating at her home (5940 Jason Ave in South Orange County). She was discovered
a few hours later, stabbed to death, with a fire deliberately set to try to obscure her
11-15-82 - age 7, Jennifer Sofia Marteliz, missing from Tampa, FL. Disappeared on
her way home from school -
12-06-82 - age 9, Maribel Oquendo-Carrero, missing from Homestead, FL -
disappeared while walking to the store -
4-15-83 - age 5, Alicia Escobido, missing from Miami, FL. Disappeared from an
apartment complex laundromat -
04-25-83 – age 14, Vicki Wills, disappeared while waiting on her schoolbus in
Orlando, FL. Her body was found six months later in a field off of Sunflower Trail in
East Orange County (about 10 miles from her home):
10-04-83 – age 14, Rose Haney, disappeared from Oldsmar, FL – she was reported
as a runaway. Her body was found four days later in a wooded area near Fairfield
Ave. and State St in Oldsmar, FL:
04-17-84 – age 16, Cheryl Ann Windsor, disappeared from Merritt Island, FL. UK
circumstances, but her mother reported her missing. Her body was found on 05-01-
84 floating in a creek North of Barge Canal:
5-27-84 - age 8, Marjorie Christina Luna, missing from Greenacres City, FL.
Disappeared while walking home from the store. Her body was found 12 days later -
06-18-85 – age 6, Regina Mae Armstrong, abducted from an apartment complex in
Orlando, FL. She was abducted in front of her sister. Three years later, her remains
were found about fifteen miles away, at a construction site in Oviedo, Florida:
11-27-85 - age 12, Martha Jean Lambert, missing from Elkton, FL. Disappeared from
the front of her home -
07-26-86 – age 15, Melissa Snowden, disappeared from the intersection of Woodville
Hwy & Hwy 267 while walking to the store (in Wakulla County). Her body was found
hours later in Jefferson County, in a rural area off of Hwy 59 near Wacissa:
09-21-87 – age 15, Jennifer Ann Weldon, disappeared from Lakeland, FL, walking
home from a friend’s house. Her body was found on 10-02-87 near Bowling Green
Rd, Fort Meade, FL. Death row inmate James Duckett is a POI in the case:
02-1-90 - age 13, Andrea D'Anne Durham, missing from Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Disappeared from her home -
03-17-90 – age 14, Rachel K. Hurley, missing from Jupiter FL. Disappeared while
walking along the beach to Carlin Park to meet her mother. Found a few months
later in a clump of Palmettos in Carlin Park:
10-00-91 - age 13, Christina Evans, missing from Tampa, FL. Was reported missing
in Oct '91 and it was assumed she was a runaway. On 06-10-92, her murdered body
was found in a field on Dale Mabry Hwy and Ballast Point Blvd -
02-16-93 - age 12, Jennifer Odom, missing from Dade City, FL, disappeared after
the bus dropped her off after school. Her body was found a week later -
03-30-93 - age 13, Jennifer Rae Perry, missing from Marathon, FL. Disappeared after
an argument with her mother. Although she was a habitual runaway, she's been
missing since '93 and there has been at least one other disappearance in Marathon -
07-11-93 - age 10, Andrea Gail Parsons, missing from Port Salerno, FL. Disappeared
walking from a store -;
04-25-94 – age 15, Laralee Spear, abducted from Deland, FL. Disappeared walking
home from school. Her body was found ninety minutes later in a secluded area
behind a burned out house. She had been shot several times:
08-22-94 – age 5, Amanda “Mandy” Doughtery, missing from North Lauderdale, FL.
Parents last saw her in her bed at 11pm. At 6am the next day they found the front
door open and Amanda gone. Her body was found in Palm County four days later.
There was trauma and a wire wrapped around her neck. No sign of sexual assault:
05-08-95 – age 14, Kristy Degg, missing from her home in Sarasota, FL.
Disappeared overnight. Her body was found in a shallow grave three weeks later.
Her mother’s live-in bf, Richard Lee Walker, was a sex offender and was suspected in
her death. He committed suicide while in prison for molesting another child:
01-28-02 – age 12, Uma Sewpersaud, missing from Orlando, FL. Disappeared right
after school:
Marissa Elan Karp aka Shorty – age 17, disappeared from Pompano Beach, FL.
Found murdered and dumped in a canal adjacent to 1-75 at the 52 mile marker in
Collier County, Naples, FL:
10-07-02 – age 3, Pilar Rodriguez, missing from Punta Gorda, FL. Father said the
child disappeared with her sitter – but questions remain as she has never been
03-20-03 – age 15, Consuela Barelo, missing from Deland, FL, circumstances
04-29-03 – Tabitha Tucker, age 15, missing from Jacksonville, FL, circumstances
07-02-03, age 14, Hayley Huffman, disappeared from Plant City, FL. Last seen in
the company of an adult Hispanic male:
11-07-03 – age 13, Jacquelyn Abrego, missing from Hendry County, FL. No other
details known:
06-15-04, age 15, Griselda Avelar, Missing from Lake Worth, FL, no other details
10-07-04 – age 15, Misdade Cleophat, Missing from Miami, FL, circumstances of her
disappearance are unknown:
05-28-06 - age 3, Jewel Mahavia Strong, missing from Panama City Beach, FL. She
disappeared while at the beach with her parents. It is assumed that she drowned -
02-10-09 – age 5, Haleigh Cummings, disappeared from her home in Satsuma, FL
some time between the hours of 10pm – 3am. The back door was reportedly found
standing open:
09-15-09 – age 13, Joann Bien-Aime,disappeared from Orange County, FL. Has
been known to frequent Texas Avenue:
10-19-09 – age 7, Somer Thompson, disappeared from Orange Park, FL while
walking home from school. Her remains were found two days later in a landfill in
Georgia (in trash that had been transported from her neighborhood):