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Furniture / Floor Plan
Not to Scale
Note: Gray poche indicates new construction
According to statistics from the Census
Bureau, by 2050, 88.5 million Americans
will be 65 or older; more than double the
current population in that age bracket.
Simple and inconspicuous design choices
such as a pedestal table allow for a wheel
chair to roll directly up to the edge of the
A restricted palette of silvery beige and
white lend elegance while more casual
plastics take center stage.
Window coverings are simple, easily
cleaned, and easy to operate.
Dining / Breakfast Room
Universal &
A darker achromatic warm charcoal establishes an evening and sleeping environment for
the client. The bed was custom designed for two specic purposes; 1) to t the clients
height requirements for sitting on the mattress and 2) to allow for the clients cherished
standard poodles to sleep under the bed as was their custom.
The design was future-proofed to span a lifetime both aesthetically and technologically.
All interior doors, except for the caregivers suite, were expanded to accommodate a
wheel chair or scooter and wiring was planned for internet and media advancements.
Master Bedroom
Achromatic &
Master Bathroom / Exercise Area
Urbane &
The doorway into the master bath was
moved to allow for better bed placement in
MBR and doorway was widened for acces-
sibility. Existing raised tub was removed
and replaced with an area for exercise
equipment. Shower and toilet area allow
for wheelchair and/or caregiver maneuver-
ability. Color selection utilizes white ma-
terials and nishes with subtle pink ceiling
for enhancement of skin tone. Chamfered
counter top corners increase safety.
Progressive &
The existing island was removed for mobil-
ity with a walker, scooter, or wheelchair.
Base cabinets were tted with generous
drawers to access deep into the cabinet.
Heavy-duty glides were specied to ac-
commodate storage of pots and pans.
Even dishes and glassware may be stored
in lower cabinets. The cased opening
between living room and kitchen was
widened for accessibility. Lighting was de-
signed and specied to increase visibility.
Current &
The designers simplied the details, resulting in a sophisticated, crisp, and welcoming
environment. The color palette emphasized complementary hues of blues and oranges,
resulting in a vibrant, active setting. The caregivers suite was designed to accommodate
future television watching and computing capabilities, personal paperwork and desk
tasks, as well as a potential short-term area for entertaining a guest. A full bath is located
between the sitting area and sleeping quarters.
Caregiver Sitting Room
Color choices are aimed at creating an
environment conducive to active aging.
The amount and placement of each hue
was carefully considered in creating a dy-
namic and invigorating interior character.
A balance of warm and cool hues were
utilized and emphasized large areas of bold
color contrasts. Orange/coral is placed in
combination with various blue hues with
dierent degrees of value and chroma
throughout the residence. This establishes
cohesion without monotony.
Caregiver Bedroom
Project Room
The exterior view out the windows along
the opposite wall is in line with the decidu-
ous treetops. Even during the winter, this
room connects the inhabitant with nature.
This room was designed to accommodate
the clients various hobbies, musical activi-
ties and collections.
Connection &
Living Room

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