LCB – TTC – Methods2 Learning Teaching; Scrivener, Jim; Heinemann Observation Task: Stolen Goods

Class Observation #7 LCB. Novem ber, 14th Class: Level III ...... No. of learners: 14… … … … Age of learners: 20/40-year-olds Length of lesson: 40 m inutes ...................... Level: Pre-Interm ediate O bserver: Yohana Solis ........................... . eacher observed: AdA ...... T

STO LEN GO OD S As you observe the lesson, note down several things that you would like to 'steal' from this teacher and the lesson in order to m ake them part of your own teaching. This m ay include personal qualities, teaching skills and techniques, activities, classroom atm osphere, etc. Include notes to help you rem em ber any im portant details. You m ay also want to record hy you felt good about the stolen goods. Finally, choose som ething w you feel you would like to give this teacher in return for your m any thefts. Aim s of the lesson: Recognition of the use of Present Perfect for experiences

• Stolen item 1: Eliciting techniques • Description of the item : teacher elicited exam ples and m eaning of Present The

perfect. The students had been introduced to the topic the previous class and they had had the assignm ent of finding instances of Present perfect in songs’ lyrics. I stole this because: You m ake use of excellent involving techniques to m ake the students participate in class. You go on asking them to m ake them participates of their own learning. Making them find their own exam ples turns the hom ework in a m eaningful activity.

• Stolen item 2: Class m anagem ent, pairs w ork • Description of the item : The teacher told them to work in pairs to look for •

exam ples and to pay attention to the m eaning of the sentences. Then, she m onitored the pairs. I stole this because: You have good control over the class so as to get them to work in their interpersonal skills. Considering it was a Saturday m orning, they w ere willing to m ove seats to interact w ith others and you encouraged them to do so.

• Stolen item 3: “Dealing w ith the unexpected” technique • Description of the item : The teacher had planned a listening com prehension

activity and the CD player was not working. I stole this because: You m ade a great use of the resources, you read (together w ith m e) the dialogue so that the students could carry out the activity. You could m odify the activity for the students to profit from the experience.

• Stolen item :4Patience • Description of the item : hen the students were working in pairs, the teacher W •

w ent group by group explaining the rule and m eaning of Present Perfect for those who were absent the previous class. I stole this because: were patient enough to explain the sam e in four different You ways. There w ere several students absent and you took the tim e to explain the topic to each of them . 

• Stolen item 5: Use of the whiteboard • Description of the item : hen brainstorm ing exam ples, the teacher used the W •

whiteboard for writing on the exam ples and highlighting the tenses. I stole this because: You did a clear checklist of exam ples and the tenses. It is great for those system atic students that need structured inform ation and for those visual students that need to see the inform ation written down in order to process it better.

• I’d like to give you: e advice on tim ing the activities som • I think you’d like this because: when we are not sure how m uch tim e to

devote to an activity, it is great to rearrange the instructions. W hen you m ade your students get together in pairs to find out 3 exam ples of present perfect, it took them alm ost 30 m inutes. I would have given them 15 m inutes to find as m any exam ples as possible. I believe they could have profited m ore from the group discussion and your explanation of the exam ples than from their pair work.

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