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DND Category

Registration Form

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DND Category registration Form

1. Company Name : _____________________________________

2. Company registration Number (CIN) : _____________________________________

3. Contact Person

4. Official Email ID

5. Contact Number

6. Registered Office Address

7. Address for Communication

: _____________________________________

: _____________________________________

: Landline: ______________________
Mobile: __________________

: _____________________________________

: _____________________________________

8. DND Category Option : Transactional route Category Promotional route

9. Sender ID (if chosen Transactional : ___________________
Route in point 8. Six Digit alphabetic)

10. If Category promotional route is : 1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/Credit Cards
chosen in point 8, please select the 2. Real Estate
category; else ignore this field 3. Education
4. Health
5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
6. Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT
7. Tourism & Leisure

11. Existing ID : ______________________________

12. New ID : ______________________________

13. Justification: ______________________________________________________________

For M/s___________________

Authorized Signatory

For office use only

S. No. :- ________________ Date of receipt of Application: - ________________

Name of the customer: - ______________________________

Existing account: - ____________________________

Non-DND Account Approval: - YES / NO

Signature Final Approval
Business Head

User account Details: - ______________________________

Created By: - ___________________________ Account Manager