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Windows Password Recovery Standard

Top 3 Options to Crack Windows Administrator Password

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Why feel so helplessness when lost or forgot windows administrator password? How
to Crack Windows Administrator password is a hot topic that spreads among the
common computer users. f you!re looking for cracking Windows password as you
have forgotten the windows password" read the reset of this article and find out how
you can #ypass Windows Admin password.
Options : Crack Windows !P administrator password
f you log into a limited account on you target computer" then follow the steps #elow
to crack Windows !P administrator password.
$pen you command prompt.
%ype the command #elow&
cd' windows'system()
mkdir hacktemp
copy logon.scr hacktemp'logon.scr
copy cmd.e*e hacktemp'cmd.e*e
del logon.scr
rename cmd.e*e logon.scr
+ow #asically you have told the windows to #ackup the command program and the
screen saver file" then edited the settings so when the windows loads the screen saver"
you will get an unprotected dos prompt without logging into ,P. $nce this happens"
enter this command&
net user -admin account. password
f the admin account is called /ichelle and you want to reset the password as pass"
then enter this&
net user /ichelle pass
Windows Password Recovery Standard
+ow your administrator account password of /ichelle is pass" 1ust using the hacked
Windows !P administrator password to re#oot your machine and do whatever you
want to do.
PS& 2on!t forget to copy the contents of hacktemp #ack into the
C&'windows'system() directory to cover your tracks
Option ": #ack Windows administrator password $orm Sa$e %ode
Re#oot your computer and go to Safe /ode #y pressing &' #utton #efore the
Windows #oot screen appears.
+ote& f you are using Windows +%03,

press 45 instead.
Select Sa$e %ode on the screen and then press 6nter. 7our computer will start in
Safe /ode.
4ind the icon for Administrator account. f you didn!t change the default settings
of your system" the administrator account should no password protected.
8ogin as admin" press ()S at the prompt asking if you would like to continue
using Safe /ode.
Continue go to start and then click on the control panel. Here you can change any
of user account passwords.
Re#oot your computer and then login with the new hacked windows
administrator password.
Options 3: #ack or Crack Windows Administrator Password usin* Windows
Password Cracker so$tware
7ou need prepare a few things&
A good computer
A relia#le ca#le or 2S8 connection
A #lank C20292 or :S; flash drive
A Windows Password Cracker so$tware
Windows Password Recovery Standard
After you!ve download the setup file of the software" you will need to Create a
password reset C20292 or :S; flash drive that will ena#le you to get past
your current Windows password. %o create this disk you need to&
<. nstall the utility on the computer that you!re 1ust using.
). %ake the C20292 or :S; drive and insert it on an open port on your computer.
(. Run the utility and select the option to #urn the utility to the C20292 or :S;
f you have change the #uild=in administrator password and now forgot it" you will #e
una#le to hack forgotten windows password #y option < and option ). %hen option (
is your #est choice to #ypass the locked out computer" it is the most effective windows
password hacking method on the market. 2on!t take my word for it" why don!t you
have a look for this utility and try to crack windows administrator password #y
yourself" 9isit& Software to crack Windows Administrator password.