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Plant Taxonomy

-classification of plants
Carl von Linne-Father of Taxonomy
!cientific name-consists of a 'en(s an) specie classification
Division -phyta *mycota
Class -ae *eae *mycetes
Or)er -ales
Family *aceae
Taxon+taxa is referre) to each 'ro(p in any system f classification re'ar)less of ran,
!pecie-lo-est level of classification
-as a 'ro(p containin' all the in)ivi)(als of a partic(lar ,in) of plant an)
excl()in' those that are )ifferent.
!ystems of Classification
"rtificial Classification-classification -hich is /ase) (pon ar/itrary criteria -itho(t
re'ar)s for evol(tionary relationships an) emphasi0e) )ifferences s(ch as 'eneral 'ro-th
form1 flo-er color1 leaf shape an) type of /ar,
Nat(ral Classification- is the complete opposite of artificial classification
-classification is -ith re'ar)s to the 'eneral 'ro-th form1 flo-er color1 leaf shape
an) type of /ar,
Types of #epro)(ction in Plants
"sex(al #epro)(ction
-type of repro)(ction -hich is accomplishe) /y cell )ivision an) 'ro-th1 an) no
f(sion of protoplasts 2'ametes3 occ(r
a.3 e'etative repro)(ction
-Involves only the or)inary process of cell )ivision an) 'ro-th1 no special form
cells /ein' pro)(ce).
-pro)(ction of r(nners in stra-/erry plants1 spro(tin' of t(/ers an) corms
Fission- )ivision of a (nicell(lar or'anism into t-o ne- (nicell(lar or'anisms of
approximately e4(al si0e
-exhi/ite) /y /acteria
5())in'-is the pro)(ction of a locali0e) o(t-ar) /(l'in' of the cell -all1 -hich
receives cytoplasm from the parent cell an) /ecomes constricte) at the /ase
-the n(cle(s of the parent cell )ivi)es /y mitosis an) one of the )a('hter
n(clei moves into the /().
/.3 !pore formation
-type of asex(al repro)(ction in -hich are spore pro)(ce)1 speciali0e)
repro)(ctive cells or 'ro(ps of cells capa/le of themselves of pro)(cin' ne- plants /y
cell )ivision an) 'ro-th
-0oospores1 motile spores /y hair li,e appen)a'es
-sporan'i(ms are str(ct(res -hich contain spores
!ex(al #epro)(ction
The f(sion of t-o protoplast follo-e) /y the f(sion of their n(clei ,no-n as the
process of syn'amy. The chromosomes1 no- t-ice the ori'inal n(m/er in the
The s(/se4(ent separation of the t-o sets of chromosomes1 each -ith the ori'inal
n(m/er 2haploi)31 into separate cells calle) meiospores
Cell )ivision an) 'ro-th1 -hich may occ(r entirely /et-een syn'amy an)
Iso'amy-f(sion of 'ametes that are str(ct(rally ali,e
6etero'amy- f(sion of 'ametes those are not str(ct(rally ali,e