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Roland Park
NEWS! November 13, 2009
Issue #2

7th Grade Newsletter

From Mr. Croson American Education Week:
This is an exciting time of the year for 7th November 16-20, 2009
grade students. A few things for parents
and students to keep in mind as we put the Great Public Schools: A Basic Right
first quarter behind us and tackle the and Our Responsibility
second quarter: First, this report card is
the first of four reports that show student Open House Schedule (school hours)
achievement. Please share, as a family,
what the grades mean, how important Monday – Middle School Parents Gr. 7 & 8
they are and how they are determined. Tuesday – Elementary Parents Gr. 3, 4, 5
Congratulations to our students who have Wednesday – Middle School Parents Gr. 6
earned great grades and just cannot wait and College Awareness Day
to get the report card home, but I also Thursday – K-8 Grandparents Day
want to remind families that a “less than Friday – Elementary parents Gr. K, 1, 2
perfect” report card from the first quarter
is a great indicator to redouble your
efforts and an invitation to make the Greetings from Ms. Fonda
second quarter report card something to
really show off.
Go to the High School
Thank you for all of your efforts. Every Fair!
morning I am thankful for our When: November 21, 2009,
understanding and supportive parents 9:00am-2pm.
when I get to meet with classes of Where: Poly-Western High School
emotionally well prepared and
intellectually engaged young people. The High School Fair is open to
Remember I am here in the 7 t h grade
6th, 7th and 8th grade students.
house office at 410.396.6417 and my
email address is
Please let me know what I can do to make At the High School Fair, students
the 7th grade year your very best year and parents can meet and talk
ever. with representatives from more
than 40 high schools that operate
in Baltimore City Public Schools.
Students can learn about
programs and options available as
well as requirements and
7th Grade Newsletter – Page 2
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Student Service Learning
All students in the state of PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE
DAYS will be held quarterly on the
Maryland must complete 75
MID-QUARTER progress report
hours of Student Service distribution dates. These days are
Learning (SSL) in order to student early-release days
graduate from high school. We (11:45AM), and begin at 1:00 PM
urge you to complete this in on Fridays: 10/9, 12/18, 3/5, 5/7.
middle school, because life
gets much busier in high ROUTINE TEACHER/TEAM
school! All service projects CONFERENCES: Teachers are
must be PRE-APPROVED by available for conferences on Tuesdays
your school counselor (Ms. and/or Thursdays by appointment.
Fonda). Important Reminder!
Call Ms. Jones in the 7th grade office to

THIS YEAR you are earning the grades that

will be used for your HIGH SCHOOL
SEVENTH grade and the first quarter only
of 8th grade are used for computing your
and keep this in mind EVERY DAY of 7th
Contact Info & Websites grade!! If you wait until 8th grade, it will
Mr. Matthew Croson, Asst. Principal be TOO LATE!! Ms. Fonda, your school counselor, will share more information
Ms. Janet Fonda, School Counselor about this with you in class meetings very
Ms. Laura Kinsey, Counselors’ Asst. soon. The entire 7th grade staff wants you to earn the BEST POSSIBLE GRADES this year so that you can earn entrance into
the high school of YOUR CHOICE!
Team A (7-35, 36, 37, 38) website: High School Open Houses
RPEMS Student/Parent/Teacher directory:
Most high schools in BCPS host open houses for 7th and 8th grade students
to visit and see their school in
person. For a schedule of open
houses, visit the BCPS website at and
look under the heading, “What You
Need to Know.”