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Summer Training Report

Training Undertaken at
Bikaji group
An overview to the
Consumption Pattern of Bhujia in Bikaner city
Sumitted in partia! fu!fi!!ment for the
Award of degree of
"aster of usiness Administration

Sumitted y #$
%sha!i &arsh
Sumitted to#$
"iss Anupriya Sharma
"BA Part 'rd (ect)"BA *ept)

Theoretical study combined with practical knowledge makes the learning
meaningful and enables the individuals to develop self-confidence. Often
repeated but correctly said that one cannot learn to swim without diving in the
water and so the MBA curriculum has been designed to provide to the future
managers ample practical exposure of the business world.
The summer training is a compulsory part for the fulfillment of the MBA
degree course helps the student to gain knowledge about various aspect of the
industry! emphasi"ing on the development of skills analy"ing and interpreting
practical problems through application of theory concepts and techni#ues of
The beginning of bhu$ia industry in Binkaer dates back to %&&' A( and
since then the industry has bloomed into full-fledged industry providing the
people of )a$asthan ample employment.
At present there are *+, units manufacturing bhu$ia in Bikaner district and
nearby areas. Out of these only half a do"en units in Bikaner are leaders o this
industry! in the sense that they are prominent names and have created
awareness in the market these have more investment in plant machinery
production! employment and turnover. Bika$i! -aldiram! Bikharam! chandmal!
Agarwal! Bishanlal! Bishanlal and Biknaer bhu$ia Bhandar are most prominent
brands in Bikaner.

I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude whole hearted thanks
to management faculty of Marudhar engineering college Bikaner for providing the
project work I am greatly indebted to .for guiding & helping
me whenever I had any difficulty in my work. I wish to special thanks Miss.
.for guiding & helping me in my work.
I also acknowledge my thanks to ..Bikaner for providing
valuable support & guidance. !inally I acknowledge my thanks to all my dear friends
who have helped & support me directly or indirectly for preparing this project report.
" #

.hivdeep industries /td. 0s a pioneer in Bikaner bhu$ia industry in more
than one field. 0t is one of the foremost companies to earn international repute.
The products offered by the company are of good #uality and taste. The product
range offered to customers is #uite extensive. There are around 1, varieties of
Bhu$ia and namkeens! and more than five different flavors of papad and potato
chips! The company adds a new product item to its list every %2 to %& months
and thus keeps with the competitive market. The products are packaged
hygienically untouched by hands! by high-tech! fully automatic machines. The
packets are bright and attractive and look modern thus appeal to the customer.
The prices of the product are administered that is set by the management.
3ompany provides prices on point of origin price policy.
The distribution channels of the company are strong and extensive. The
company employs agents as well as dealers for distribution. There are more than
,44 dealers presently working for the company. The company maintains good
relations with its dealers and agents.
The company promotes is products through active advertising in print and
broadcast media! it sponsors programs on regional television network and
advertisements of Bika$i products can be seen on different channels as well. The
company also goes for event marketing and has sponsored and organi"ed many
function and events.

Project Profi!e
.) %1TRO*UCT%O1
Introduction $o Industry
Introduction to company
%rgani&ation 'hart
Material )e*uirement (lanning
(ackaging +ection
Introduction $o Marketing Mix
+) PRO2/CT PRO0%(/
$itle of )esearch
%bjective of )esearch
+cope of )esearch
+ignificance of )esearch
') R/S/ARC& "/T&O*O(O34
$ype of )esearch
(ilot +urvey
!inal +chedule
+ampling -esign
.. 0ACTS 5 0%1*%13S A1* %1T/RPR/TAT%O1
/. S6OT A1A(4S%S


7) CO1C(US%O1S


Today Bikaner is identified for tasty! mouth watering snacks Bhu$ia!
papads! 5amkeens! which have titillated the plates of many a number of royal
)a$put families through the age.
The bhu$ia industry has origination dated back to %&&'A(! when mahara$a
shri dungar singh$i was manufactured as a special variety and was called
6(75A) .-A-0 B-7809 This was served to the royal guests with time!
manufacturing bhu$ia became livelihood of many inhabitants of the district. .ince
the district was drought prone district with only salty well water available for
drinking! there was little scope in farming and agriculture. And thus Bhu$ia
production gained momentum and a bid Bhu$ia prepared in this area has special
ingredient of moth :/entil; grown in this area and the different special taste can
be attributed to salty well water available only in )a$asthan.
At present there are about *+, units producing Bhu$ia in Bikaner district
and nearby areas of shri (ungargarh! 3huru! 5agpur! and .ri <angangar. Out of
these only a few have proper plant and well planned production system! the rest
are small and cottage type industries.
The raw materials re#uired for industry are lentils! edible oil and
condiments. =hile lentil is grown in western )a$sathan i.e. in districts of barmer!
$aisalmer! Bikaner! churu! ngaur and 8odhpur. The edible oil :groundnut; is
procured from Bikaner or from neighbouring state of <u$rat. The condiments are

purchased from south 0ndia! directly or through dealers in (elhi. The raw material
is thus abundant and easily available to industry.
The ma$or Bhu$ia consuming mkt. 0n )a$sthan followed by >un$ab and
-aryana. 7ttar pradesh! =est Bengal and assam to are not far behind!
)a$asthan consumes about 14? of the total produce annually and rest of the
'4? is consumed by other states and with time the awareness and interest in
Bikaneri Bhu$ia has grown and spread all over the country and around the world
)ecently export of Bhu$ia and namkeen from Bikaner has also gained
momentum. The export of Bhu$ia has potential to grow much more! it only
re#uires awareness on the part of manufacturer about the export prospects of the
item! export producers! documentation and packaging.
The whole Bhu$ia industry is divided into two sectors.
:a; 7norganised :b; Organised
The unorgani"ed sector consists of over '4? of the total Bhu$ia industry.
These units are. @lourishing in the district because of high demand of the product
and easy availability of raw material and also low setting up costs. The
unorgani"ed sector also includes small business and small-owners selling the
snacks and sweets. Almost every second household in the city has women and
girls making papads. The ma$or portion of this sector is inside the 6walled city9 of
Bikaner and <angasaher area. An estimated number of &,4 burners are used in
this unorgani"ed sector and around &4 to %44 kgs. Of Bhu$ia per day which
amounts to an annual production of +,!444 to 14!444 tons. This sector though

unorgani"ed and traditional! still poses a threat to the modern organi"ed sector!
as a larges segment of Bikaner9s population is still price conscious and the price
of the product unbranded Bhu$ia of 6Ahulli Bhu$ia9 in local $argon is around 14?
less than the branded and packaged Bhu$ia.The organi"ed sector is the rest 14?
of the Bhu$ia industry. The ma$or players are Bika$i! Bhikharam chandmal!
-aldiram! 3houdhary @ood products swad industries >vt. 6Bes9 and Mr. 5amkeen
and many more. 6Bika$i9 in Bikaner is ma$or company in the branded Bhu$ia
market. Another emerging name in this sector is of Bhikaram. 3handmal9s
sunsine food products. Bhikharam chandmal has opted up a big showroom in
Bikaner and has started distributing the products in some other states too. The
companies of this sector have to face a tough competition given by multinational
like lehar 5amkeens and from 7ncle 3hips. The companies of Bikaner Bhu$ia
0ndustry mainly use print media for advertising only Bika$i has used the
broadcasting media for advertising.
These companies themselves face enough competition from each other
and soon will have to start employing other marketing strategies if they want to
survive in this competitive market of Bhu$ia.The present distribution channel of
the product is mainly direct selling and employing sales force like sales
representative and sales officers who extensively travel to book order for this
respective companies besides this 1 units have appointed dealers throughout the
country to market their products.
The unit adopting direct selling can think of marketing the item through
dealership! which will help in enhancing the sales.This industry is reported to be

facing a lot of problems in regard to finance! electricity! taxation structure and
entry of multi-nationals in the field.
5estled in the thar (esert! the city of Bikaner is situated in northern )a$asthan.
.hivdeep 0ndustries /td. =as started in %C&2! with its lead office in Bikaner. The
company soon became a large manufacturing unit under the guidance of Mr.
.hivratan Agarwal and Mrs. .ushila Agarwal.
The company commenced business in the city central market. All
raw material from grains! oils and massalas to dry fruits! flour! vegetable oil and
condiment are selected and purchased from amongst in order to impact to their
purity and prime position! 0n fact! a different section is devoted to this aspect of
the manufacturing process.
All Bika$i snacks are made untouched by human hand! on fully
automated machines in the most ultra-modern factory in )a$asthan.A separate
packaging unit has been set up to pack the product in a clinically hygienic
Bika$i snacks are the talk of the town in almost the whole of 0ndia! they are
already setting tongues talking in the middle east! part of Africa! 7.A! 7A and
Durope.The company was rewarded with the 5ational awards for industrial!
excellence in %CC+ E the first company to receive such an award in the category
of food products.
Bika$i group of companies has three units under its umbrellaF and
besides food products! it is doing well in service sector also as in -otel Basant
vihar palace! catering to the up market crowd and established as one of the best
hotels in Bikaner.
The three units under Bika$i group of companies are shivdeep 0ndustries /imited!
shivdeep @ood products >vt. /td. And Bika$i food products /td. .hivdeep

0ndustries /td. >roduces Bhu$ia! papad and sweets! shivdeep food products pvt.
/td. >roduces potato clips and Bhu$ia 5amkeens! sweets )asgulla gulab$amun.
The new unit of Bika$i food private /Td. -as started producing
6Tourist Mineral water9 a few years back only. The same management looks after
all three units. The grown curve of organi"ation is a positive on Bika$i is also
planning to launch 6 tea very soon. 0t has the potential and plans for future
expansion ad diversification..hivdeep industries limited is brainchild of Mr. .hiv
)atan Agarwal and Mrs. .ushila Agarwal. .he has looked after and nurtured the
company to its present position. And her talents and skills have been recogni"ed
and appreciated through out of the state. .he was awarded presidents Award for
=omen entrepreneur in %CC' and she is the first =oman in state of )a$asthan to
have won such a prestigious award.
The company was rewarded with national Award for
industrial excellence in %CC+ the first company to receive such an award in the
category of food products. Mr. .hiv ratran Agarwal himself had been recipient of
many an award for humanitarianism and contribution to the upliftment of the
industry and its people..hivdeep industries limited is situated in Bichwal
industrial area! Bikaner. A uni#ue feature of the company is that there is one
company profile and therefore there is no $ob profile as such.
Although there are department like finance! productions and
marketing but there is an informal structure where the manger finance can look
into production and marketing if the need arises.The company is a reputed one
and its products come with a brand name 6Bika$i9 the company is the only one!
which provides wide variety of snacks and savories.
The company has a well-knit distribution system in 0ndia. 0t
also exports its products to countries like Australia! 8apan .ingapore and Durope
too. The company9s export sales are about +? of their total sales turnover which
is around *4 crores. The company is always trying to cater to the ever-increasing
demand for more and more variety in namkeens by launching new flavors and
new types of mixtures every now and then. .ome new ones are mastkin and
tanatan.The company takes proper care of its workers and employees and they

feel privileged to work with such a reputed firm. The company provides training to
the workers on the $ob.
There are about %+44 workersGemployees in the
company. They are provided with all the basic amenities a company should
provide with! like group insurance for all the workers! medical aids! mess! etc!
The company provides its employees with bonus! festival offers and likewise
from time to time. They are also provided with leave encashment scheme.
The production takes place on a large scale. To provide its
customers with thebest #uality and taste of Bhu$ia! The company has a well
established #uality control lab. Dvery day the first lot is checked and then other
lots are made! if the first one is fine.
There are usually no complaints for the #uality of the products. To meet the rising
demand the company has installed many automatic machines and even installed
high tech. >ackaging imchines procured from flex and digipack. The machines
used for production are checked on a regular basis and are replaced or repaired
as and when re#uired.
The raw material :/entils! edible oil! spices and condiments;
are procured from Bikaner and if re#uited edible oil is also purchased from surat
and other cities in <u$rat.Bika$i has emerged as one of the finest names in Bhu$ia
industry its traditional market consists of 5orthern 0ndia! especially states of
)a$asthan >un$ab! -aryana! <u$rat! Bengal and assam. And in nutshell it can be
said that in a short period of fifteen years the company has made its position
strong and is presence inveterate in the Bhu$ia industry.


Managing dire!"r
#S$i% Ra!an Agar&a'(
S)*er%i+"r #1(
#Mr- G-.- Dai/a(
#Mr- M-C0 C$"*ra(
#Mr- S)1$ani(
#Mr- G-.- Dai/a(
S)*er%i+"r #2( S)*er%i+"r #3( S)*er%i+"r #4(
5"r1er+ 5"r1er+ 5"r1er+ 5"r1er+

>roduction and operation management are concerned itself with the conversion
of input outputs using physical resources so as to provide the desired utility
utilities of farm! place possession or state or a combination there of to the
customer while meeting the other organi"ational ob$ectives of effectiveness
efficiently and adaptability.
Se'e!i"n Cri!eri"n 6"r ."a!i"n:--
.ince Bhu$ia industry and Bikaner are considered to be complementary to each
other there fore choice for location of this high tech. >lant in Bikaner is obvious.
Many companies have tried to open this Bhu$ia industry in other parts of 0ndia but
are not successful reason may be due to climatic condition. The factors! =hich
influenced the dsion to open it in Biknaer! areH-
1-A%ai'a7i'i!/ "6 ra& ,a!eria':--
.ince the basic raw material re#uited in this Bhu$ia is IlentilJ =hich is abundantly
available in Bikaner rather it is one of the strength that this IlentilJ is grown in and
around Bikaner and due to abundant supply it is cheaply available and priced at
around %144-%,44 )s. >er #uintal.
2- A%ai'a7i'i!/ "6 'and:--
.ince Bikaner is industrially a poor city land is no problem to start an enterprise

3-A%ai'a7i'i!/ "6 &"r1er+:--
.ince %44 years this industry has grown to many folds and the no of
persons employed are growing day by day and thus skilled labour for Bhu$ia
production are easily available here and this company also inducts people from
west Bengal and bihar which are cheaply available in every part of county so it is
also an advantage for this industry in Bikaner.
4- A%ai'a7i'i!/ "6 &a!er:--
0t is a miracle done in desert by presence of 0ndira <handhi nehar pariyo$na. 5ow
due to the availability of water it has given opportunities for many entrepreneurs
to convert their dreams into reality at this place.
8-C'i,a!i "ndi!i"n:--
This is considered to be a ma$or factor. Many people have tried to make Bhu$ia in
other part of 0ndia but were literally failed against this taste of Bikaner Bhu$ia! so
this is also one of the ma$or reasons to establish it in Bikaner.
Ca*ai!/ ,anage,en!:
3apacity management is very important for achieving the organi"ational
ob$ectives of efficiency! customer service and overall effectiveness.
0n shivdeep maximum capacity is +4 tones per day and utili"ation is also
%44? because they are working in full demand condition.

5"r1ing +$i6!+:
They are working on the basis of single shift but can ad$ust on double shift if
needed for skilled labour thee shift starts at *.44 am to %+.44 noon and thereafter
Bhu$ia is treated and packed for general staff shift start form C.44am from 2.44

Ra& Ma!eria':
The raw material re#uired for th industry are lentil! edible oil and condiments!
while lentil is grown in western )a$asthan in the districts of barmer! $aisalmer!
Bkianer! 3huru! 5agpur! 8odhpur! where no irrigation facility is available. Ddible
oil specially groundnut oil is available locally as well as procured from the
neighboring stat of gu$rat. 3ondiment : spices; are procured from south 0ndia
directly or through dealer located in (elhi. Therefore is reported by industry that
there is not scarcity of r#w material re#uired for manufacture of Bhu$ia. 0t is also
pbserved during the study that the farmers in the drought prone are do not find
difficulty in marketing their product as it is purchased by the manufactures of
Bikaner Bhu$ia.
The company consumes other consumable items like polythene bags procured
from flex industries 5oida and corrugated boxes for packaging from <aurav
packaging! Bikaner for domestic as well as external market.
0nventory ManagementH--.ince producgtion is on continuous basis so they have
to make an inventory for smooth operation of the organi"ation for this purpose
they maintain an inventory only for raw material for %, days.

>rocurementH--/entil is procured form local market on the basis of lowest price
available about which the people in organi"ation care fully wath hes the
fluctuation in price and depending upon certain calculation they proucure this
basic raw material from local market at the lest price.
>rocurement of oil :ground nut; is done from anand dairy which is
supplying it at a cost of )s.,,4G- tin and they established a plant for its
refinement and only after double refining it! the oil is sent to the shop through
pumps from container and received in shop through taps.
As far as finished goods i.e. package of Bhu$ia concerned! they didn9t
make inventories of it and dispatched it on same day. >rocurement of packaging
which is one of the best technologies available in this industry are from flex
industry 5oida and digipack of -yderabad! Aeracane for )osgulla packaging is
from Bombay.
De,and F"rea+!i"n:--
As such no technical tools are applied for demand forecastion but they produce it
on the order basis and since enough order are available with them they ate in
profitable situation.
%,Ag. Bhu$ia :one IpawaJ;
%*Ag. Besan
%G+Ag. .pices
%G+Ag. Oil
%,Ag. Moth
%G+Ag. .pices
,,4gm. Oil

3hana flour
Ddible oil
.alt and
@irst of all lentil is grinded and besan is taken out from grinder and this besan is
kept in dry form in the container near worker and spices are mixed in it. As and
when worker re#uire the material for Bhui$ia they take besan and kept at the
same place and use it for Bhu$ia.
This production is manual and therofor Bhu$ia exploits extensive llabour as such
because of the typical that facor. Though a machine has also been ried to
produce Bhu$ia but was re$ected because it wat unable to deliver the same taste
after Bhu$ia is manufactured! it is carried to the packaging section.
<roundnut oil is used for frying Bhu$ia! which is exclusively procured from IAnand
dairyJ because they produce it with consistent and good #uality. This oil is tiltered
twice so as to ensute the best #uality of oil available for trying Bhu$ia.
The oil is stored in tank and supplied to the shop through pipes and tap is
provided in shop centrally located and as retuned workers take it with the help of
oil containers.
Material handling is not a much complicated process here but it has its role here!
as it carries Bhu$ia from furnace to the mixture where Bhu$ia is mixed with
IdankoliJ which is larger in si"e then Bhu$ia and is produced in a semi automatic

machine in a separate room. The advantage of this IdankoliJ that it soaks the
extra oil from Bhu$ia and also acts as a preservator for keeping Bhu$ia in that
pack upto 2 months even.
A total of ,2 furnaces are provided there in two section! +* in one section and 1+
in other. Only one skilled worker is re#uired on one furnace.One of the typical
re#uiement in this plant is that due to inventory policy of finished Bhu$ia! to Aeep
small! it emphasi"es on productions and packaging on same day that9s why
Bhu$ia is produced from *.44 am to %+.44 noon and thereafter treatment of Bhu$ia
is done which ensure about the moisture removal from Bhu$ia in packaging and
then it is packed.
The uni#ueness of this plant was its high technology packaging section. @irst of
all this section! Bhu$ia from its production place is stacked and treated for sucking
its hot gased and thus after two hours of treatmen Bhu$ia cools down and
assures! that no moisture is left there in Bhu$ia which is very essential from the
view point preserving it for long time.
Machines are fully automatic and procured from digipack -yderabad and flex
industries! 5oda which is ad$ustable according to weight re#uired for pack. After
receiving packs of different types it is packed again in cartons depending upon
the lot and all these cartons are then stacked and handed over to sates
department for their dispatch.
The pouch and foils are procured from flex industry 5oida and cartons are
procured from <aurav packaging which is also supplying corrugated
sheets.Dlectronic weighing maching is also employed there on which workers are
regularly weighing the pack and all those packs ate re$ected which weight are
less than desire and Bhu$ia is again utili"ed.A great care is then during the

packing as nitrogen gas is a used for making those foils sterile as it is essential to
avoid food poisoning.To maintain the #uality standard which is one of the
ob$ectives of this organi"ation and since climatic conditions installed a gtass
cabin around this highly sensitive packaging machine.
.ince the company is engaged in continuous production activities so
failure of machine9s or breakdown is bound to occur. Though the high tech
machine for packing do not pose problem of maintenance as such! but certain
other machines such a pumps! motors! boilers etc. have breakdown due to
bearing failures! belt snapping! transformer also re#uire regular overhauling.
3ompany is following the policy of maintenance after breakdown.

>lant layout is the relative allocation of ade#uate spaces at the appropriate
places for work e#uipment for working men! material! and other supporting
activities. The basic theme behind the arrangement of work areas is to produce
the product economically and to provide a safe and good working environment
for worker. .hivdeep industries ltd! plant layout is instrumental in
accomplishment of following ob$ective. 0ndustry has proper and efficient
utili"ation of moor space! economies in materials facilitate manufacturing process
and handling of semi finished and finished products.
0ndustry layout has careful planning to avoid fre#uent changes in layout!
which may result in under increase in cost of production and provide ade#uate
safely to workers from accidents.

The marketing mix is a strategic combination of four elements vi""! the
organi"ations products! prices! distribution! and promotion. All of these variables
are closely interrelated! and appropriate marketing mix that will achieve a firm9s
marketing goals in the target market! is vital for the success of the firm.

4 P;+:--
A- Pr"d)!
<- Prie
C- P'ae
D- Pr","!i"n
A- Pr"d)!
The first element of the marketing mix is the product. >roduct is also one
of the essential component of marketing mix in respect to which managers are
re#uired to take crucial decisions in a company. 0t can be defined as a bundle of
utilities consisting of various products features and accompanying services. The
bundle of utilities is composed of those physical and psychological attributes that
the buyer receives when he buys the product. 0t means that a product is not only
a tangible entity but intangible services and psychological attributes such as
images! the brand name! etc.! are also and integral part of the product.
A product thus can be understood as anything that can be offered to
market for attention! ac#uisition! use or consumption that might sausly a want or
need. >roducts that are marketed include physical goods :ex. Automobiles!

furniture;! services : ex. -otels! beauty parlours;! persons :ex. @ilmstars and
sportspersons;! places :ex. (ubai! .ingapore.; organi"ation : 0ndian institute of
management!! Ahmedabad or various open universities! etc.; and ideas :ex. .afe
driving keep your city clean! etc.;
.ome analogous K..
>roduct- mix also referred as product portfolio! it is the composite of
products offered for sale by a firm or a business unit.
>roduct line it is a group of closely related products! which are able to
satisfy a class of need! to be used together or to be sold to same consumer
groups! or to be moved through the same distribution channels.
>roduct item product item is a specific version of a product that has a
separate name of designation in the seller9s list.
These can understood in a better way by #uoting an example of Bika$i
group of companies. Mineral water! ethnic snacks :Bika$i namkeens; ! sweets
and potato chips are the company9s product-mix its sweets are a product line and
<O/MATO/ )asgulla is product item.
The company has a product lines of Bhu$ia! papad Bhu$ia namkeens and
potato chips and sweets.
Bhu$ia is sold under the brand name Bika$i which evokes the mage of the
grandiose and splendor of the land for golden desert! )a$asthan The image of
the brand in market is very good and it ensures best of #uality and taste.

<i1a=i <$)=ia a%ai'a7'e in %ari")+ +i>e+:--
5ame of product
=eight of pouch
:0n grams;
B0AA80 B-780A *44
B0AA80 B-780A +44
B0AA80 B-780A %44
B0AA80 B-780A *4
B0AA80 B-780A +4
>roduct is also sold under the brand name of Bika$i but has several varieties! the
maximum provided by any company in Bikaner.
5ame of product
=eight of pouch
:0n grams;
Baat-cheet *44
Baat-cheet %444
(il khush *44
Aas pass:light masala; *44
Aas paas :masala; *44
Afla tun *44

Bika$i sweets are very popular all over the country. Bika$i has not entered the
sweets market on the whole! i.e. it produces only selected sweets which are
packed in the factory itself. Aeeping in mind the demand of bikaner rasgullas! the
sweets areH
5ame of product
=eight of pouch
Bika$i <olmatol :)asgulla; canGTin %Ag.
Bika$i <olmatol $ar %.+,4Ag.
Bika$i gol-m-gol %Ag.
.adabal soan papadi %Ag.
.adabal soan papadi +,4<m.

The variety provided in 5amkeens is wide. The company constantly searches for
new opportunities that compliments its current strengths and marketing activities.
>roducts are made keeping in mind the consumers taste and choice. The
company launched palanhar specially keeping in mind. 5avrtra season when
most of the people go in fast. 0t has been made specially to cater that market and
it has been accepted and welcomed by the consumers. The unit launched
producing Bhu$ia namkeen is shivdeep foods products pvt. 0t has also launched
potato chips branded as krash recently.
5ame of product
=eight of pouch
:0n grams;
Tana Bana *44!+44!%44
.ab kuch *44!+44!%44
8hat-pat *44!+44!%44
<oldy *44!+44!%44
<up-shup *44!+44!%44
-ul-chul *44!+44!%44
3han$or-<aram +44!%44
Auch kuch *44!+44!%44
8ordar +44!%44
Tana tan *44!+44!%44



Bika$i Bhu$ia %+ x % Ag. :+.+ /bs.;
Bika$i Bhu$ia 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Bika$i Bhu$ia 14 x *44 gm. :%* O".;
Tana-Bana :Ahatta Mittha; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Tana-Bana :Ahatta Mittha; 14 x *44 gm. :%* O".;
.ub-Auch :5avrattan; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
.ub-Auch :5avrattan; 14 x *44 gm. :%* O".;
<oldy :Moong (al; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Mel-8ol :Bhu$ia with Boondi; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
<up-.hup :Tasty; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
-ul-3hal :3hana (al; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
3hana 8or <aram 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Tana-Tan :Aloo Bhu$ia; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Tana-Tan :Aloo Bhu$ia; 14 x *44 gm. :%* O".;
Lordar :3ornflakes; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Lordar :3ornflakes; 14 x *44 gm. :%* O".;
Auch-Auch :All in One; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Mastkeen :3ornflakes with (ry @ruits; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Ahas-3hees :Aashmiri Mixture; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
3hatak :3hiwda with (ry @ruits; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
>anchrattan :Badam /achha; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
.amosa 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Mathri 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
.weetkin :Aachori; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
(il-Ahush :>apad; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
Baat-3heet :>apad; 24 x +44 gm. :' O".;
<ol-Matol :)asgulla; %+ x % Ag. :+.+ /bs.;
<ol-m-<ol :<ulab$amun; %+ x % Ag. :+.+ /bs.;
.oan >apdi ,4 x +44 gm. :' O".;
.oan >apdi +4 x ,44 gm. :%'., O".;

<- Prie:
>rice is the amount of money andGor other items with unhly needed to
ac#uire a productF where utility is an attribute that has the potential to sassy.
Thus price may involve more than money while price is the value ratio of
perceived benefits to price or incurred costs; of product attributes impressed in
monetary term pricing is the function of determining product value in monetary
terms by the marketing management of the company before to the target
consumers for sale.
>rice is the only element of marketing mix that produces revenue! all other
produce cost. >rice is conceptually determined in all competitive situation by two
sets of forces! namely! cost and demand! cost is internal to company and largely
controllable whereas demand is external to the company! and although not
controllable! is sub$ect to the influence of various marketing actions. 0n setting the
price of a product! the company should follow a six-step procedureH-
o @irstly! company should establish its marketing ob$ectives.
o .econd! it should determine the demand schedule! which shows probable
#uantities! purchased per period at different price levels.
o Third! company should look towards their own costs! expenditure.

o @ourth! it should select its pricing strategy! i.e. market up target return!
perceived value etc.
o .ixth! it should set its product9s price.
The final price should conform to the company9s pricing policies and it should
be in consideration to the dealers9s acceptance and it should be the best-suited
price in the environment.
0nspire of the increased role of non-price factors in the modern marketing
process! price remains a critical element and is especially challenging in market9s
characteri"ed by mono or oligopoly structure. The company has not adopted any
special pricing as such. According to the assistant marketing manager! the price
of the product is not envisaged as in the theory of pricing but is administered by
the company9s management. The price can hence be defined as the price
resulting from managerial decisions and maintained as the posted price at which
the company sells the product. The product prices of shivdeep industries pvt. /td.
Are fixed for a period of time and do not change fre#uently and are not sub$ect to
negotiation. The pricing for the company is cost plus i.e. the prices are set ny
adding a margin to the cost.
The company provides prices on point of origin price policy i.e. it considers
the transportation cost as an important pricing factor on account of wide
geographical distances between producing and consuming centers. The
company #uotes ex-factory price and makes no allowance for transportation cost
involved in moving the products from rectory to point to consumption : if with in
the city of Bikaner;. But for outstation deliveries! company #uotes prices-@.O.).
Bikaner! i.e. price inclusive of cartageGmovement cost involved in moving the
products from factory to the railway stationGtransport agency.
The insurance! all duties and taxes :as applicable at the time of dispatch;
are charged extra. @or placing the orders with the company the distributors have
to till a proper structured 6order from9 and have to place a large amount of
security :about )s. %4!444G-; and advance payment with the company. Only
demand drafts are entertained by the company.

C- Di+!ri7)!i"n
(istribution or marketing channel includes various activities the company
undertakes to make the product accessible and available to target customer. 0t
may also be defined as Ia pathway composed of intermediaries! also called
middleman! who perform such function as needed to ensure smooth and
se#uential flow of goods and services from manufacturing ends to the consuming
ends in order to achieve marketing ob$ective of a company.
There are basically two types of distribution channels inteur--- and
5on-integrated channels are also referred to as indiviauausuc or convent
market cannels. 0n such a market channel the trim and intermediaries come
together for a short run and otherwise work autonomously. These are again or
two typesH-
(irect E Manufacturer consumers
0ndirect - Manufacturer Middieman 3onsumers
0ntegrated channels on the other hand are the ones in which channel
components participate in co-ordinated manner. These may be hori"ontal or
vertical. Mertical distribution channels are protessionally managed and centrally
programmed networks! pre engineered to achieve operation economies. These
may be administered contractual or corporate. -ori"ontal channel may be

detined as as alignment of two or more companies to $ointly exploit a marketing
opportunity either by themselves or by creating a third entity.
The company has a strong distribution channel it ensured taster
movement or flow of products to the consuming center and ensures easily
accessibility of the products to the consumer. The company has innerited the
distrbution channels from its sister concern haldiram! so it KK.wide spread and
the relation with the distributors are #uite good. The coverage is more in
northern 0ndia states of >un$ab! -aryana! (ehli! 7ttar pradesh! Bihar! =est
Bengal! and Assam and a rew more!
The company has different channel levels for its distribution presently
there are three levers.
@irst level dcontains only on intermediary :i.e. the retailer.; the company is
working with this level for the local market where it has to compete with other
local brands and unbranded Bhu$ia and 5amkeens.
.econd level is composed of two intermediaries such as wholesaie
retailer. The company is working with this channel for domestic market. The
wholesalers which are appointed by the company are given the authority to sell
the products to retailers and directly to consumers also.
Third level channel contains three intermediaries such as stockist semi
wholesalers. )etailers. The company is working with this channel level for us

Appointment of (istributorsH 0t necessary for the successful operations of a
company! that it appoints a reputed and loyal distributors. The company should
place its products at the right place! at the right time! and
.tate 5o. of dealers
Andhara pradesh ,
Assam % or + in every big city
Bihar % or + in every big city
3handigarh %
(elhi *
<u$rat &-%4
<oa %
-aryana %,-+4
-imachal pradesh %
8ammu and Aashmir %
Aerela %
Madhya pradesh ,-2
Maharashtra ,-2

Orissa %
>un$ab %,
)a$asthan 1-* in every city
Tamil nadu +
7ttar pradesh % .uper stockist
The company has a well-knit distribution network overseas too.
There are around %,-+4 dealers throughout the world in countries like.

%. 7.A +. 7...A.
1. Austialia *. 8apan
,. .ingapore 2. <ulf countries
The company has centrali"ed distribution system. The company deals with all its
appointed dealersGdistributors directly. Besides these! company also has agents
working for it! these agents contact the sub dealers and dealers for the company.
Thus the company has parallel distribution system! that is dealers and agents!
both working for it. The company does not have its own transportation system.
Transportation takes through local transport companies to the distributors located
in different parts of 0ndia. The company is using billing system for dealers. The
company is importing the products through sea route from the mambai port.
D- *r","!i"n

>romotion is that element in an organisation9s marketing mix which serves to
inform! persuate and remind the market of a product andG or the organi"ation
selling it! in hopes of influencing the recipients fellings! beliefs! or behaviour. .o
basically promotion is an attempt to influence.
There are five forms of promotion.
>ersonal selling
.ales promotion
>ublic relations
Per+"na' +e''ing:--
>ersonal selling is the direct presentation of a product to a prospective customer
by a representative of the organi"ation selling it.evidently!a well-trained and
competitive spirited salesmans can be an effective communication medium.his
knowledge about the product!the degree of his familiarity with the
customer!whether he is handling a new customer or an stablished customer!the
degree of his involvement in the company he is representing!the level of his
motivation and his own conviction about the #uality and performance standards
of the product will be the determining factors in his role as a communicator.the
purpose of personal selling is to bring the right products into contact with the right

customers!and to make certain that ownership transfers take place. This is the
most expensive of all promotion forms.
Advertising is impersonal mass communication that the sponsor has paid for and
in which the sponsor is clearly identified. Advertising can be a cost effective way
to disseminate message!whether to build a brand performance or to educate developing on advertising programe marketing managers must always
start by identifying the target market and buyer motives.then they can make the

8;M :-
Mi++i"n:--what are the advertising ob$ectivesN
M"ne/:--how much can b spentN
Me++age:--what message should be spentN
Media:--what media should be usedN
Mea+)re,en!:--how should the results be evaluatedN
The most familiar forms of advertising are found in the broadcast and print
media.any others are like-motions pictures!posters and leaflets!symbols and
logos!vediotapes!audio visual materials and so on.
Sa'e+ *r","!i"n:--
sales promotions methods aim to capture the market and increase the sales is an important instrument in marketing to lubricate the marketing a days sales promotions is a necessary tool to boost the
broader sense!it is not expenditureFit is an investment!as it pays rich
aims in creating demand..ales promotion is demand- stimulation activity
desigened to supplement advertising and facilitate personal selling. .ome
examples are premiums and gifts!contests!fair and trade shows!free
trail!games!lotteries!coupons!tie-lines! samples etc.
P)7'i re'a!i"n+:--
0n simple terms >ublic relations can be define as Ibuilding good relations with the
companies various publics by obtaining favorable publicity!building up a good
corporate image!aand handling or heading off unfavourables rumors!stories and
events. encompasses a wide variety of communication ettorts to contribute to
generally favorable attitudes and opinion towards and organtsation and its
products.most firms in today9s environment are not only concernd to
customers!suppliers and dealers but also concerned about the effect of their
actions on people outside their target markets.
>ublicity is a special form of public relations that involves news stories about and
organi"ation or its products! and like advertising! it involves an impersonal
massage that reaches amass audience through media but unlike advertising it is
no paid form.

Bika$i <roup of companies has always offerd for active advertising. The
company has used broadcast :T.M. )adio; and print : 5ews papers! Maganines!
etc.; media for advertising. The company also follows event
use adverting on national level channels like star plus!sony!"ee t.v and so on.the
tie-line for this is very intresting.
0n ra$asthan company mostly use direct marketing!personel selling and so use talentad salesmans for personal selling they help in increase
selling of various bika$i products.0n Bikaner city competition is very high in bhu$ia bika$i use all marketing promotion mix for serviving in this market and
caputure more part in Bikaner city.
Bika$i work as a traditonal system so they use traditional pictures in her
packaging like women and man wear ra$asthani dresses like man wear turban
and women wear odhani and so on. pacaking is very colour helps in
increasing sales in )ural areas.
T" <$)=ia ind)+!r/:-
o This report can be used by any Bhu$ia company for knowing the
consumption pattern of Bhu$ia in Biknaer city.
o This report gives comprehensive information about consumer

T" ",*an/:-
:a; The research helps the company to critically analy"e themselves so as to
improve in respective K
T" Re+earener:-
:a; The study is significant for the researcher because it fulfill the
re#uirement for the degree of M.B.A.
:b; The study helped the researcher to put her theoretical knowledge in to
:c; .tudy gave the practical insight into the Bhu$ia industry.
T" O!$er+:-

:a; The reader would be benefited by understanding the consumption pattern
of Bhu$ia in Bikaner city.
:b; )eaders! who wish to conduct a similar study in shivdeep industries pvt.
/td. =ill be benefited by the study.

T/*e "6 Re+ear$:
a; )esearch design H (escriptive )esearch
b; (ata type H >rimary as well as secondary data
c; )esearch 0nstrument H .tructured schedule
d; 3ontact method H personal interview
e; Method of data collection H survey
A schedule was prepared consisting of fifteen #uestions. The survey was done at
sadul-gan$! in Biknaer city )espondents answered most of the #uestions but
certain #uestions were unanswered for pilot survey and certain new #uestions
were also generated! , respondents were taken for plot survey.

@inal schedule was restructure after omitting the #uestions! which were
not answered during the pilot survey and few #uestions were added which came
during the pilot survey. The final schedule was easy to understand and easy to
answer by the respondents to fulfil the ob$ectives of the research.
.ampling techni#ue H 3onvenience sampling
.ampling unit H 3onsumers of Bhu$ia in Biknaer city
.ample si"e H +44
Though tried to take altmost care! to make the research work exhaustive! still the
researcher could not rule the presence of few unintentional and unavoidable
flows in the research-
%; The sampling error! that appeared due to the kind of sampling
techni#ue adopted.
+; The research is related to Bikaner city 0t cannot be generali"ed.
1; The research is based on personal interview so there may be
chance of biasness.
*; /imited experience of the researcher in the field of research
may have led to some error.

1- Ouestion was asked to find most preferred brand of Bhu$ia in Bikaner city.
Brand 5o. of )espondents
Bika$i '4
Bhikharam chandmal 24
Agarwal +4
Babulal Bishanlal %4
-aldiram *4
Total +44
M"+! *re6erred <rand "6 <$)=ia in <i1aner i!/

The most preferred brand of Bhu$ia is Bika$i which is consumed by 1,? people
least preferred brand of Bhu$ia is Babulal bishanlal which is consumed by only
,? people.
2- Ouestion was asked to know that how much Bhu$ia is consumed in a month.
Ouantity 5o. of respondents
PQ+kg %%4
+kg-1kg ,4
1kg-*kg 14
RQ*kg %4
9)an!i!/ "6 <$)=ia "n+),ed in A ,"n!$

More than ,,? respondents consume Bhu$ia up to + kg only ,? respondents
were found whose consumption of Bhu$ia is more than * kg. The reason of this
difference is family si"e.
3- Ouestion was asked to know that consumption of Bhu$ia increases or
decreases during festive season.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes +44
5o 4
C$ange in "n+),*!i"n "6 <$)=ia D)ring Fe+!i%e Sea+"n

All respondents responded that their consumption of Bhu$ia increases
during festive season.
4- Ouestion was asked to know that in how much #uantity consumption of
Bhu$ia increases during festive season.
0ncrement in consumption 5o. of )espondents
+,? +4
,4? C4
%44? *4
More than %44? ,4
EInrea+e in <$)=ia d)ring 6e+!i%e +ea+"n
More than

%4? respondents responded that their consumption of Bhu$ia increases by +, ?
*, ? respondents responded that their consumption of Bhu$ia increases by ,4
8- Ouestion was asked to know that consumption of Bhu$ia gets affected due to
the availability of others mixtures or not.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes &&
5o %%+
A66e! "n "n+),*!i"n "6 <$)=ia d)e !" a%ai'a7i'i!/ "6 "!$er
**? ,2?

In!er*re!a!i"n :
,2? responses were found that their consumption of Bhu$ia doesn9t get
affected due to the availability of other mixtures! i.e. other mixtures are available
however they consume same #uantity. But **? respondents that their
consumption of Bhu$ia gets affected due to the availability of other mixtures.
@- Ouestion was asked to know that in how much #uantity. 3onsumption of Bhu$ia
gets affected due to the availability of other mixture.
(ecreases in consumption 5o. of )espondents
+,? &4
,4? '2
',? **
E Derea+e in <$)=ia "n+),*!i"n
% + 1
*4? 1&? ++?

Out of &4 responses! *4? respondents responded that their consumption of
Bhu$ia decreases by +,? due to the availability of other mixtures ++ ?
respondents responded that their consumption of Bhu$ia decreases by ',?.
F- Ouestion was asked to know that respondents prefer single brand or other
brand9s Bhu$ia also.
5o. of Brands used 5o. of )espondents
.ingle %24
Multi Brands *4
Preference for sing!e rand or mu!ti$rands

&4 ? respondents responded that they prefer single brand -oweve some
of them have tried other brand9s Bhu$ia but they didn9t prefer that forever. +4 ?
respondents responded that they prefer multi-brands.
G- Ouestion was asked to know that respondents are satisfied with prices of
Bhu8ia or not.
.atisfaction 5o. of )espondents
.atisfied %%%
7nsatisfied &C
Sa!i+6a!i"n "r Di++a!i+6a!i"n &i!$ *rie+
,,? *,?

,, ? respondents responded that they are satisfied with prices because
they are getting best #uality. .o in front of #uality taste! there is no meaning to
compare with prices. )emaining respondents were found dissatisfied with prices
of Bhu$ia.
H- Ouestion was asked to know that consumers know the #uality and prices of
other brand9s Bhu$ia or not.
Awareness about brands 5o. of )espondents
=ell known with other brand Bhu$ia +44
7nknown with other brand Bhu$ia 4
<rand A&arene++
Anown with others
7nknown with other

All respondents are aware with other brands. Dither respondent prefers
single brand or multi-brands! however they know #uality and prices of other
brand9s Bhu$ia because of their friends and relatives who consume other brands.
1I- Ouestion was asked to know that have they purchased other brand9s Bhu$ia
or not.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes %1*
5o 22
P)r$a+e "6 "!$er 7rand <$)=ia
2' ? respondents responded that they have purchased other brand9s Bhu$ia.
.ome of them who prefer single brand also purchased other brand9s Bhu$ia for

changing the taste. =hile 11 ? respondents did not purchase other brand9s
1I- Ouestion was asked to know that is there any difference between other
brand9s Bhu$ia and their preferred Bhu$ia regarding price or #uality or both.
>erception About other Brands 5o. of )espondents
>rice 2,
Ouality '4
Both price #uality ,+
5o %1
C$ange In Di66eren! <rand+ O6 <)=ia

1* ? respondents responded that there is difference in #uality in their preferred
Bhu$ia and other9s Bhu$ia 11 ? respondents told that there is difference in price
+2 ? respondents responded that there is change in both prices and #uality in
their preferred Bhu$ia and other brand9Fs Bhu$ia.
12- Ouestion was asked to know that have they noticed any deterioration
regarding #uality! packaging or in other aspect.

Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes +4
5o %&4
An/ de!eri"ra!i"n In an/ a+*e!
Only %4 ? respondents were found who had deterioration regarding #uality. Most
of these respondents were in that category who prefer Ikhuli Bhu$ia.
%1. Ouestion was asked to know that did they make any compliant about the

Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes 4
5o +4
C",*'ain A7")! de!eri"ra!i"n
Out of +4 respondents! no one made any complain about deterioration. 0t9s
reason was not found by researcher.
14- Ouestion was asked to know that if prices of their : respondents; preferred
brand of Bhu$ia increase! then would they like to switch over.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents
Bes 24

5o %+4
(ecrease in consumption +4
C$ane+ "6 +&i!$ "%er !" "!$er <rand
(ecrease in
24 ? responses were found that if prices of their preferred Bhu$ia increase! they
would not switch over. =hile 14 ? respondents were agree to switch over %4?
respondents responded that they would like to decrease the consumption if
prices of their preferred Bhu$ia increase.
18- Ouestion was asked to know that scheme Imail-$olJ announced by bika$i was
profitable for consumers or not.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents

Bes ,
5o '
(id9t try %&&
C$anee+ "6 +&i!$ "%er !" "!$er <rand
C1 ? respondents didn9t try this scheme 1 ? respondents replied that they won
the pri"e! so scheme was profitable for them while others didn9t tell it profitable.
1@- Ouestion were asked to know that is they9re any difference in prices of Bhu$ia
in various occasions.
Opinion 5o. of )espondents

Bes 4
5o +44
Di66erene in *rie+ "6 <$)=ia in %ari")+ Oa+i"n+
All respondents responded that prices of Bhu$ia don9t increase in various
occasions. >rices of Bhu$ia increase when prices of lentil! oil or other raw
material merest.

:a; .trong positioning of brand name H The brnad Bika$i is considered as the
best from Bikaner because company got the momentum of an early start
0t is pioneer in the Bikaner Bhu$ia industry.
:b; Ouality of product H The #uality of product is uni#ue it is strength of
:c; >ackagingH >ackaging offered by the company is appreciated by market
and great care is taken during the packing as nitrogen gas is used for
making those foils sterile! as it is essential to avoid food poisoning.
:d; =ide range variety of productsH There are around 1, varieties of Bhu$ia
5amkeens more the , different flavors of papad potato chips offered
by the company.
:e; .trong distribution networkH The strong distribution network good terms
with the distributors is a good asset to company.
The weakness of the company lies in the fact that the management of the
company is running in an old fashioned and traditional way. The company does
not have a good $ob profile for the employees it does not have a proper public
relations department or even a sales force. There is only one outlet in which
direct selling is there. The market coverage of the company does not include
down south states of 0ndia. 0n past it did not opt for a proper market research to
find out customer9s preferences and interests.

There are enormous opportunities with the company to diversity and
expand or moderni"e. The company can opt for a proper sates department! and
a sales force to enhance its sales and expand the market coverage. Market
abroad have not been fully exploited so it can go for more exports. A market
research department would help company to go for better and new varieties of
product items. A proper $ob profile for the company would increase the
productivity of the company. The company can open more of its outlets and go
for direct selling. 0t has thus got the potential to grow more and become a bigger
and better organi"ation.
There are a lot of threats for the company! not only the bigger players like
lehar! yes and Mr. 5amkeen pose a threat but also snack shops of Bikaner are
among the competitors of the company. The substitutes of Bhu$ia like samosa!
papad! Biskut etc. are also a threat to the company. The multinationals and
larger companies have huge capital base and have worldwide recognition! their
management and way of working is modern and efficient. They have huge
budgets for advertising and sales promotion.
The Bikaner city is traditionally known as of Bhu$ia! it is because of fact
that Bhu$ia9s origin from this plach. The tasty )a$asthani food can never be
completed without Bhu$ia! which is actually a namkeen prepared with the
strength of arm.

The most preferred brand of Bhu$ia in Bikaner city is Bika$i! which is
consumed by 1* ? people.
(unning festive season! consumption of Bhu$ia increases even more
then %44?.
0f other mixture is available then consumption of Bhu$ia for ,2 ?
respondents doesn9t get affected while for others! consumption decreases.
Only +4 ? respondents prefer multi-brands while &4 ? are brand loyal.
.ome of them have purchased other brands also! but for changing the
,, ? respondents are satisfied with prices of Bhu$ia while others are not.
The persons who are unsatisfied with the prices! nowever some of them
don9t want to switch over to other brand due to the laste and #uality . And
some of them :unsatisfend; will decrease the consumption but they will
not switch over brand )emaining will switch over to other brand.
All person know the #uality and prices of other brandTs Bhu$ia from their
friends who consume other brandTs Bhu$ia irrespective of the fact that
they themselves purchase of not . The shows that Bhu$ia industry is
affected by word of mouth publicity

All respondents responded that prices of Bhu$ia donTt increase in various
occasions! it increases when prices of raw material increase.

+4? respondents found deterioration regarding #uality !but they didnTt
make any complain against this .-owever company should take a note of
C1? respondents did not try scheme TMail- 8ol9 announced by Bika$i. The
respondents who consume Bika$i also didnTt try this scheme. Because the
persons who wanted to take trial for this scheme they had to wait at least
for one and half E hour due to long #ueue .To attract more people towards
such shemes more outlets must be opened.

)espondents told papad ! Mixture. .amosa ! (aal! Biscuit as substitute of
Bhu$ia . while 1%? respondents responded that there is no subustitute of
Bhu$ia .


AA S)r%e/ On T$e C"n+),*!i"n *a!!ern O6 <$)=ia In <i1aner
Ci!/ C
5ameH AgeH
.exH Address:
O% =hich brand of bhu$ia do you purchaseNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
O+ -ow Much #uantity of bhu$ia do you purchase in a month N 11111111
O1.(oes your consumption of bhu$ia increases during festive season N BesG5o
O*.0f Bes them by how much #uantity UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
O,.(ose your consumption of bhu$ia get affected due to the availability of other
mixtures N BesG5o
O2. 0f Bes them by how much #uantyUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
O'. (o you prefer single brand or other brandTs also NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
O&. Are you satisfled with prices of bhu$iaN BesG5o
OC. (o you know Ouality brand of bhu$iaN BesG5o
O%4 -ave you purchased other brand of bhu$iaN BesG5o
O%% 0s there any difference between other brand Ts yourTs preferred bhu$ia. BesG5o
O%+. -ave you noticed any deterilon regarding Ouality9 >ackaging or in other aspect
0n your preferrend bhui$a. N BesG5o
O%1. 0f Bes! them did you make any complain about this N BesG5o

O%*. 0f price of your preferred brand increases! then would you like to changeN BesG5o
O%,. =as the scheme Mail U 8ol! announced by Bika$i profitable for you.N BesG5O
O%2. 0s there any difference in prices of bhu$ia on various occasionsN BesG5o
O%'. =hat are the various substitiutes of bhu$ia! you have ever triedN

C",*an/ *r"6i'e
Business Type Dxporter! Manufactacture
>rimary 3ompetitive Advantages Traditional taste at the best Branding
.ales Molume Above %4 crores
5o of .taff %44
Bear of Dstablishment %C&'
5o of production /ines *
Dxport Markets =orld =ide
ODM .ervice >roduction 5o
Monthly >roduction 3apacity As per re#uirement
>roduct )ange Bhu$iya . 5amkeem! .weats! >apad.
.ohan >apri and )asgulla.


In!erna' Re*"r!+ "6 <i1a=i Gr")*
MagaJine+: :%; *9ps of marketing
:+; Business world
5e7+i!e "6 ",*an/
E>!erna' +)r%e/