A child by the name os Andrew Renzo examines the world around him after a tragic incident in his school

. He was hospitalized and comotos for several weeks before he came to, awaking in a furious panic. The event that placed him and several other of his peers from his science class, tests his mind, and his courage. The world he comes to see is a grey one; one where the gods run free upon the Earth. After his waking he is advised to regualry see a theripist, in order to uncover the truths behind what the doctors cannot; what really happened.



Unifying Filmic Devices


Act II Title: Middle Act I Title: End Middle Point Act III Title: Begining

Andrew finds himself downtown to the Super Titan. Escaping death many times At this point the viewer has no real idea whats going on, aside from objects flying arond trying to hit the Supers. A car comes flying in nearly hitting Andrew.

Flasback: Andrew arrives at his 1st visit to the thepepists office, and we see the normal introductions and basic 1st timers stuff. We dont know why hes there. But we come to know something tragic happened recently and we know where it goes.

Andrew’s glimpse into the past ends as Titan and he begin their decent from the heavans. Andrew thinks about the moments previous to this and remembers an old joke his grandpa used to tell him. He begins to laugh as he falls from the high sky. this puzzels Titan, and worries him.

Flashback: After keepig his journal like his theripst told him to, he starts to uncover some questions that have been puzzeling him. He explores to topics of Super’s and their needs or desire to save the world. He logs every Super event he seens on the nightly news and asks the question that begins it all

Flashback: Flashback: As Andrew starts to unravel the truth to his theripst, he travels back to the moment in science class where his powers started to unravel. Having been kept tightly stored away in his mind, they emerge with brilliant colors, hospitalizing several of his peer. Comtosing him.

Andrew stands to fight whatever moster might be after them destroying the city. He things uneils its self to be a nothing physic trying to use her powers to reach andrew and all supers, in order to destroy them. Titan unveils his fear of Andrew, and then gets riupped apart by Merideth.

Flashback: Andrew meets on his weekly visit to the theripist office a man by the name of Mac, who turns out to be no-one other than Titan, the Super. Titan becomes Andrew mentor and begins to teach him how to to control his emotions hus power

In the final stage of this peice Andrew uncovers the true amount of his power. Being illy taught his decision and only means to defeat Merideth is to take form the world everything is means to be human, until he decided their ready and deserving.

The most abundant of the themes in Pseudoname is as follows: In this world we must decide something, to feel Love for thine enemy, or Hate. But be it wise to follow these rules for if you feel nothing, you fail to live. Emotions are life and give humans a meaning to travel on their journeys from day-today. Life without emotions make humans machines, no depth or purpose.


The first turning point that motivates the story is the discovery of Andrew’s fasination with Supers and their motivation of their generious deeds. He documents their actions he observes from the nightly news and brings the journal to his theripst, where they uncover the truth.

Turning Point

Many turns happen; Merideth unveils his true identity. Mac dies after telling Andrew he fears him because of his powers. But the one to undo them all, is we get to see what really happened to Andrew that placed him in a coma. After seeing his powers in action we deduce their range, huge.

Turning Point

At the climax we see the real selves to everything. Meridth has arrived and reveals his true indentity as Andrew’s first love, Nathan. We find out what not only happened to Andew that day but Nathan aswell. By channeling his emotions towards Nathan, Andrew funneled the emotions from all of his peers within a certian disrtance. This drove Nathan mad and he seeks revenge.