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Release thread:


Tested on:
1. Popcorn Hour A-110 with firmware 01-17-091022-15-POP-403-000
2. myiHome 5.2 for Windows
3. YAMJ svn r1206
4. MediaInfo CLI 0.7.25 32 bit

Install notes:
1. Move the "amwyamj291116" folder and its contents to the skins folder of where
YAMJ has been installed to.
2. Either rename "amwyamj291116" to "default" or edit the last line of so that it says amwyamj291116 instead of default. In
my experience, this last line in the tends to change
it back to "default" -- so after changing this line and saving it, I would
make the file READ ONLY. To do this, right click on the file, click
Properties, check Read-only, click Apply, and OK.
3. I would recommend removing all previously generated files
("C:\Program Files\myiHome\webapps\ROOT\feature\myiHome-moviejukebox" for
myiHome users) and regenerating them. For myiHome users, go to Edit >
Preferences > Plugin > Regenerate to regenerate all the files.
4. Remember to put your overscan values back in before regenerating.
5. If you set YAMJ to download Apple trailers, make sure to only set it to
download 1 trailer. This should save you time and bandwidth. Use this line in
the file:

Usage notes:
1. Use the page up/down or directional pad on the remote to navigate the wall.
1a. Press RED or BLUE to scroll through the filter list. Press GREEN or YELLOW
to change the filter type, Alphanumeric or Genre respectively. Press the
TITLE button to apply the selected filter. See the customize notes on how to
change these buttons.
1b. If you are on any other Wall but the default wall (Other_All_1.html), HOME
will take you to that default wall. From that default wall, HOME will take
you to anywhere you want. See the customize notes on how to configure this.
1c. "C" will take you to the Categories page. This can be mapped to a TVID
1d. From any movies index page, "T" will bring you to the TV Shows page. From
any TV shows page, "M" will bring you to the movies page (or any page you
want). The link to "M" can be customized and both can be mapped to TVID
2. Hit enter on a poster to see further movie details.
3. From a detail view of a movie, hit ENTER or PLAY to start the movie.
3a. If a movie has an available trailer, a TRAILER link will show up. Arrow
right or left and hit ENTER on it to play the trailer.
4. From the details view, use the page up/down or directional pad to view the
next or previous movie details.
4a. In the TV details view, press RIGHT/LEFT to see the adjacent episode. Press
UP/DOWN to highlight the "Play All" link. Press PAGE UP/DOWN to see the next
detail page.
4b. Pressing ENTER on an episode will play the playlist starting from that
episode. Pressing PLAY will play only that episode.
5. From the details view, hit the HOME button to get back to the wall.
6. From the wall view, hitting up from the top row will let you use the filter.
7. For movies with multiple parts, press the number of the part to play that
8. If you have companion pages enabled ("extras" in skin-options.xsl), then
hitting left from a movie detail view will take you to those extras, etc.
8a. To view the companion page for TV shows, highlight "Play All", then press

Customize notes:
Images -
1. The skin's html\pictures\ folder contains the background1.jpg which controls
the background image of the wall.
2. glassoverlay5.png is what selects a movie poster in the wall view.
3. In detail view, if you find the poster being too cropped on the bottom and
top of the TV, edit and read the comments in the file where
you change the poster dimensions under "posters.width" and "posters.height".
4. In detail view, if you find the poster being too cropped on the left side by
your TV, you can move it to the right. Edit and read the comments in the
poster.xsl file to to make the proper adjustments.
5. The skin now utilizes fanart. If you don't want to use it, edit the file and look for "" and set it to
false. Note that the fanart will show behind the right gray side of the
details screen where it's a semi-transparent square. The skin will crop the
left and right sides of any fanart to fit this square. So if you're unhappy
with any automatically downloaded fanart, you can download your own. Put it
in the same folder as video file (ex: movie.mkv) and rename it with .fanart
in the filename (ex: movie.fanart.mkv).
6. There are image replacements in the /html/pictures/extras folder.
7. If you're using the UK film rating system (BBFC), in the
/html/pictures/certificates folder, replace the mpaa_pg.png with that in the
/bbfc_pg folder. Similar for FSK and OFLC ratings.
8. For coikenMod, there are 2 images to change in the pictures/coikenmod folder.
9. In the pictures/extras folder, there's template-movie_lines.png and
template-tv_lines.png to use for custom textures.
10. The /html/pictures/diy folder contains font and PSD files to customize
certain images in the skin.

Skin-options.xsl -
1. Set the "number-rating" variable to true to enable the number ratings on the
details page.
2. Change what your filtering buttons are. Look for filter-left, filter-right,
alpha, genre, and filter. See the NMT Wiki on which TVID values are
acceptable here.
3. You can also choose to use a poster overlay for posters in detail view. Look
for posteroverlay and set it to true. The image is located at
/html/pictures/overlay.png if you want to change it.
4. videosource=true will show the video's source. false will show the codec.
primary will show the codec if no source is available. secondary will show
source if no codec is available.
5. The rounded corners (roundedcorners) can be turned off in the Wall view.
6. 'awesome2' and 'list' are now both valid options for roundedcorners. These
are experimental and currently unsupported mods. If you use these, make sure
to pound and unpound the proper lines in the file.
7. You can enable companion pages by setting "extras" or "tv-extras" to 'true'.
8. "Page" and "OutOf" can change what your paging message says.
9. "TVOverlay" adds an overlay to the poster and episode image in the TV detail
10. "ShowLibrary" shows the Library description of a movie near the bottom of of
the movie detail page.
11. "FilterBar" will hide or show the Filter Bar in the Wall view.
12. ListDetails allows you to see more details for the List view; there's year,
rating, and certification.
13. TVLink, MoviesLink, and MoviesURL will let you filter to TV shows or movies
14. WatchBar controls whether or not to show "WATCH" in the Movie Details page,
which also shows "TRAILER" and the MultiPart indicator.
15. RedURL, GreenURL, YellowURL, and BlueURL links the colored buttons in the
details view.
16. NavBar controls whether or not to show the T/M and C in the Wall View.
FilterBar now only controls the a, G, and FilterBar.
17. "tv-banners" and "tv-banners-set" allows you to use banners instead of
thumbnails. The former controls series select, the latter controls season
18. "tv-banners" can now be set to 12 and 14 banners-per-page. Remember to pound
and unpound the proper lines in the
19. You can put your own customizable link in the Categories page. This was
meant to link to the TV standalone jukebox, but this can essentially be used
to get you anywhere. See the skin-options.xsl for CustomLink, URL, and
20. PlotLength allows you to control how many characters of the plot to show.
The default is 750. Turning WatchBar off automatically adds 146. LowList
automatically subtracts 454.
21. coikenMod accommodates smaller posters, a dimmed background, and full-screen
22. dim changes the textures for the movie and TV detail pages to be darker.
23. DirectedBy, WrittenBy, Duration, Starring, PlayAllText allows custom texts.
24. AlignRight right-aligns certain text areas in the skin. This is for right-to
left languages. Sratim users do not need to enable this.
25. VideoOutputOrFPS will show the videooutput when set to output. When set to
fps, the frame rate will be shown.
26. skin-year, skin-yearTV, skin-certification, skin-runtime, and skin-rating
will now work in the Wall view.
27. LowList, when set to true, will provide a TV-style layout for movie details.
2 -
1. Read/edit the file to limit the Wall view to 2 rows
(6 thumbnails per row).
2. custom5150.exitviamenu=../index.htm. From the default Wall view, this
configures where you want HOME to take you.
3. mjb.nbTvThumbnailsPerPage must equal mjb.nbThumbnailsPerPage when tv-banners/
tv-banners-set are set to false. In other words, when it's set to thumbnails.
thumbnails.width and thumbnails.height must still exist. They can both be set
to "1".
4. mjb.homePage can be set to Other_TV Shows_1 for standalone TV jukebox useres.
5. mjb.homePage can be set to indexhome to test out SpeedDial NMT.
6. For Alaska (unsupported), set posters.width=324 and posters.height=480.

1. shift-poster should be filled out based on what you got in the Overscan Tool.
2. coikenMod-shift-poster will help center the poster in coikenMod by shifting
it to the right. maximum value = 495 - posters.width.
3. shift-detail will shift the lower flags in the movie details screen to the
right when using a shift-poster value larger than 485.

Note: After making any changes, make sure to remove all related previously
generated files and rebuild them.

Overscan Notes:
For steps 3 and 4 in the Customize/Images notes, you may find it difficult to
get the correct numbers to fit your particular TV. To help you, use the
Overscan Tool, which may or may not be included in this release. If it's not
included, please see the release thread for the download link. Read the readme
for the Overscan Tool for futher directions, and follow the on-screen directions
when running it.

To do [TD]:
1. Hitting PLAY from the movie wall will play the movie.
2. Time on index
3. Full episode plots with paging.
4. TV Details page layout for movies.
5 "Play" on a TV episode to play the playlist; "Enter" to play the episode.

Known issues [KI]:


Limitations [L]:
1. After a full reboot of the NMT, when first going into this skin, all the
links may temporarily be small yellow squares.
2. Sometimes, a details page will be shift down-right. I think this happens when
the poster is the last thing to load. A simple refresh (Repeat) will fix
reload the page and everything should be adjusted correctly.
3. With fanart, the details page seems to load somewhat slower than if fanart
was disabled. The same for the poster overlay.
4. If you've enabled the poster overlay in detail view, the poster will tile if
it's smaller than posters.width and posters.height in the
5. For the BBFC PG rating, mpaa_pg.png needs to be replaced with that in the
bbfc_pg folder.
6. For FSK 12 and 18 ratings, bbfc_12.png and bbfc_18.png needs to be replaced
with those in the fsk_12__fsk_18 folder.
7. For OFLC G, PG, and R ratings, mpaa_g.png, mpaa_pg.png, and mpaa_r.png needs
to be replaced with those in the oflc_g__oflc_pg__oflc_r folder.
8. For LLink/RAR users, you have to add part02->part99 to your exclude if you
have multipart TV episodes. This is not necessary if you exclusively have
split archive movies with the part# naming convention. This is in your
Libraries XML file.

Nov 16,09 - 2.9.1116 - "UNKNOWNPlot Unknown" episode plots now only say "Plot
Unknown". Added PCM audio codec flag. Added 16 TV logos.
"Play All" for single-episode series works now. Added
videosource primary and secondary. Added VideoOutputOrFPS
to toggle output or fps. 24p video files now show up as
"NTSC". Added banners.width/height=1 when using
thumbnails instead of banners. Linked page number to the
next page for computer browsers. Aligned flags in movie
details for computer browsers. Option to show year,
rating, certificate, and runtime in Wall view. Added
coikenMod-shift-poster to help center posters. Added
shift-detail to help align flags. Removed RightAlign note
for Hebrew/Sratim users. Added part names in Companion.
LowList. Better RAR support (part#.rar) for movies.
Alaska (unsupported). Cut title length. "Home" button in
Categories screen goes back to Wall. dim=true is the new
Oct 24,09 - 2.9.1024 - Force a shift-poster value of 495 when using coikenmod.
Use fanartFile instead. "Play All" in TV page plays first
availbale playlist#.jsp file. playlist#.jsp didn't work
when an episode was missing - works now. img width=
posters.width height=posters.height disabled when either
perspective and/or reflection is true. Convert {} to <>
and right-align when using SratimPlugin. Made TV episode
playlists optional. Added language support for different
fields, added customizable PSD files. Added AlignRight
option. Noted Other_TV Shows_1 for standalone users. When
only 1 episode exists, Play All and that episode plays
that fileURL, no playlist. Separate tv-detail.xsl. Moved
shift-poster to css. Disk images in Companion pages work.
$position of TV ep checks $epnum - details should now be
scrollable past first disk image. 99% XSLT 1.0 compliant.
Noted mjb.nbTvThumbnailsPerPage must equal
mjb.nbThumbnailsPerPage when using thumbs for TV index.
Put SpeedDial NMT in as indexhome. SabishMod.
Oct 13,09 - 2.9.1013 - Downloads jpg banners instead. Season select defaulted to
thumbnails. Noted that any roundedcorners value cannot
coexist with any other. Custom PlotLength. Navigation to
TRAILER works again. coikenMod. Darkened Companion page
table. Fixed table.main to look more correct on PC
browsers. Added TV extras to Companion page.
Noted http://localhost.drives:8883/HARD_DISK/?home=1.
Slight change to currentHomePage. Removed BBFC R18.
Llink/RAR support. Better FSK, BBFC flags. Added OFLC
flags. TV playlists. DIM mod. C-200/Blu-ray support.
Better readme organization.
Sep 29,09 - 2.9.0929 - Included thumbnail resolution in for
standalone TV jukebox users. Unlinked Menu button --
added a note for myiHome users in the
Added more sorting.strip.prefixes. Fixed bug with long TV
episode plots. Linkable colored buttons in Detail pages.
Ellipsis put back in for long plots. Play/Enter for
MultiPart ISOs/IMGs now plays the 1st part. Smaller
popups -- movie title stays static in lower-left. Added
options for 12 and 14 banners-per-page. Added MultiPart
links in Companion page. Added option to hide "WATCH" row
in Movies Detail page. Option to hide T/M and C
separately from a, G, and FilterBar. Put preferred
poster.scanner.SearchPriority in the --
No need to note it in the readme.
Sep 19,09 - 2.9.0919 - Fixed List view for shorter movie names. 1080i flag
should work for all 1080i movies. Added BBFC X rating.
Added UPN TV logo. Added German (FSK) certificates.
Categories TVID should now work when the Filter Bar is
off. Added support for line breaks in NFOs. Alternate
PGUP/PGDN code in Wall view. Built 4x2 Standalone TV
jukebox into the main skin. Added a link directly to TV
Shows ("T"). Also a custom link back to movies ("M").
Sep 09,09 - 2.9.0909 - Option to allow TV shows to come up as banners and
seasons to come up as posters, and vice versa. Option for
2-row popups. Added TV companion page. Added options for
more details in List view. Cut episode plots shorter.
Added 2 more TV logos.
Sep 05,09 - 2.9.0905 - Added option to show Library description for movies.
Added option to show poster/episode overlays in the TV
detail view. Added 7 UK TV logos. Added all UK BBFC movie
certificates. Added option to toggle the Filter Bar.
Added 1080i output flag. Fixed the thumbnail resolution
in the standalone TV jukebox. Minor updates to the
standalone TV jukebox.
Sep 01,09 - 2.9.0901 - Updated to include updated fanart
properties. Minor changes to companion page code. Created
customizeable link in Categories page. NEW TV DETAILS
PAGE. 'awesome' mod is the new default.
Aug 28,09 - 2.9.0828 - Created dummy_banner.jpg for future YAMJ releases. TV
sets now say "TV in the upper left. "Page" and "out of"
are now customizable. Fixed an issue with the banner
popups when there are less than 3 TV show sets/seasons.
Created a standalone TV jukebox for a 4x2 layout. Created
companion pages for all movie detail pages. Created
access to the Categories.html, which is also themed. "TV"
will ONLY show up in the "TV Shows" categories and all TV
show sets.
Aug 26,09 - 2.9.0826 - TV banners option on the Wall view.
Aug 23,09 - 2.9.0823 - custom5150.exitviamenu would break if you had a
different mjb.homePage - fixed this. Added 2 experimental
and unsupported Wall view mods.
Aug 22,09 - 2.9.0822 - videoCodec was accidentally changed to videoSource in
2.9.0821 -- made this toggleable, defaulted to codec.
Made the rounded corners in the Wall view toggleable.
Some graphical enhancements/additions -- some donated
from mhut. Removed any possibility of unrecognized media
details from showing up as these may move other elements.
Aug 21,09 - 2.9.0821 - BDAV single and multi-part files work. Made the filter
list scrollable with remote buttons. HOME from the
default Wall is configurable. Sometimes a poster shift
will push the lower elements, especially the number
rating down -- I removed the parenthases to help stop
this from happening. The wall now wraps around when you
arrow right/left -- this works for both 2 and 3 rows. A
poster overlay is now choosable.
Aug 20,09 - 2.9.0820 - Multi-part supported. Home from the Wall view will now
bring you to where index.html points to. TV episode
titles, video images, and plots will now show by default
when you arrow over an episode number.
Aug 18,09 - 2.9.0818 - Version 2. Rounded thumbnails. Filtered TV shows shows
"TV" on the top-left. 2 rows option in the file. Number of audio track channels.
Writers now show up correctly. TV SHOWS.
Aug 08,09 - 1.9.0808 - Changed the coding that looks for fanart. Removed
poster-width and poster-height from poster.xsl as the
skin now looks for these values in the preferences.xsl.
Made thumbs 1px thinner so there's no more "jitter" when
navigating to the far-right thumb. Cut long plots to 750
Aug 06,09 - 1.9.0806 - Trailers link will show up if available. If a trailer is
available, you can still navigate to the next detail page
using up/down/pgup/pgdn. Boxed sets have been confirmed
to work. Thanks to tuba3d, again, there is now a slash
between writers. However, we've confirmed that movies
with single writers do not show up, and that this is a
YAMJ limitation. Return now goes back to whatever the
previous page, instead of going back to page 1 of the
movie wall.
Aug 04,09 - 1.9.0804 - Thanks to user tuba3d, now only the 1st audio track will
show up for movies that have more than 1. Also, I fixed
the code that will enlarge posters that are too small.
Aug 03,09 - 1.9.0803 - Added filtering and page numbers to the index. Filtering
can also be done by number pad--the codes are the same as
RobinsjExcal's. Changed the overlay when browsing the
wall. Added fanart. Added the ability to easily change
the poster's overscan. Made the movie title smaller so
none of the letters will be rendered incorrectly. Only
the "@" will be incorrectly rendered, but there's a small
chance this character will show up. The smaller font now
allows the title to utilize 2 lines, so longer movie
titles should fit. Cleaned up some graphics. Removed the
the ability to use any poster overlays in details view.
If you're using this skin in conjunction with myiHome,
from the wall view, you can get back to myiHome with the
"Menu" button on the remote. From the details view, the
"Return" button will bring you back to the wall view.
The movie name in the wall view now stays in the lower
Jul 29,09 - 1.9.0729 - 1st release.