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Indiana Jon?
Who am I?...
Or, Batman Bilal begins?
I Look at
Objects & Associations

[finding tangible & intangible
Consumption patterns]

I ask the same questions, over several iterations
the Socratic elenchus.
Background to my Research
Wilson, J.A.J. (2013), Why culture matters in marketing and where?, The Marketeers, June, Indonesia: MarkPlus Inc., pp.78-84.
Overlapping petals of Culture
Venn diagram
Wilson, J.A.J. (2012), Islamic Leadership: Bedouins in the Boardroom and profiting from Prophethood Lessons from John Adair, TMC Academic Journal, Vol.6 Iss.2, pp.48-62.
Muslim geographies
1.8 billion Muslims globally
52.5% are under 24 years old
Muslim youth account for 11% of the worlds population
The Middle East has seen a 78%
growth in brand value, based
on high demand for Islamic
banking products and
[2010 The BrandFinance Global 500]
It has been suggested that Muslims represent the 3
important billion consumers behind the billion Chinese and
the billion Indians that marketers are looking to attract.
Interestingly, India has the 3
largest number of Muslims in
the world at 161 million and China has a longer legacy of
Islamic heritage, with some of the oldest mosques and close
companions of the Prophet Muhammad buried there
2001 it was BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

more recently CIVETS (Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa)
and MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey)

Its clear that economies with large Muslim populations are growing in
And its happening outside of the Muslim world too
The New Black
In vogue ber-cool and chic?
East and West Occidentalism and Orientalism?
Rooted in Ethnicity and Race?
Dark clouds and trouble?

The New Black ?
An emerging Emo Dual Cool of
If Halal is the new normal

then it has to be more than a logo
and more than meat & money
Image taken from Ninjabi Sue
Wilson, J.A.J. (2013), The Halal Value System, 9
World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), October, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Malaysia.
Wilson, J.A.J. & Liu, J. (2011), The Challenges of Islamic Branding: navigating Emotions and Halal, Journal of Islamic Marketing, Vol.2 Iss.1, pp.28-42.
Wilson, J.A.J. & Hollensen, S. (2013), Assessing the implications on performance when aligning Customer Lifetime Value Calculations with religious faith groups and AfterLifetime Values,
International Journal of Business Performance Management, Vol.14 No.1, pp.67-94.
Brands are the meaning Creators,
language Shapers,
and game Changers
joining branding messages and meaning,
across territories and boundaries
Brand Islam is here
But it shouldnt be about creating Aliens & Ambassadors
Its about Authenticity, Balance & Communication
The Human Transactional Exchange
Human Cultural Experience Equation =
[(How I see myself) + (How I am seen)] [(How they see themselves) + (How I see them)]
[(Internal Me) + (External Me)] [(Internal Them) + (External Them)]
Transactional exchange
Horizontal: free exchange, +ve outcomes
Horizontal: free exchange, -ve outcomes
Asymmetric: +ve (dominant), -ve (harmful)
Jonathan A.J. Wilson (2012) PhD Thesis: The Brand, Culture & Stakeholder-based Brand Management phenomenon: An International Delphi Study.
Wilson, J.A.J. (2013), I-Marketing 3.0, The Marketeers, September, Indonesia: MarkPlus Inc., pp.80-83.
Being me means we reciprocate in order to differentiate
Wilson, J.A.J. (2011), New-School Brand Creation and Creativity lessons from Hip-Hop and the Global Branded Generation, Journal of Brand Management, Vol.19 Issue 2, Oct/Nov, pp.91-111.
Macro view
Or put another way
Practice what you Preach
Give - and you will receive
Up Close
The Bigger picture
Thanks (^_^)
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