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Sac City’s Journal of Politics and Opinion


1. whoever did this...has ALOT of time on their hands and should figure out how to use their time better. Anonymous

Sac County Engineer’s report for November 10, 2009

“Fella” from Garner (sort of) interested in buying Early Mansion

Council Tables Award of WWTP Contract
Snyder and Associates representative Darin Jacobs appeared before the Sac City Council on November 9, 2009 to discuss with them the bids that were received for rebuilding the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Sac City Iowa. Four bids were received from Oakview, Woodruff, Ericksen and Story. Erickson construction turned in the low bid at $5,349,000.00, which was about a half million less than Mr. Jacobs had estimated the low bid would be. In the bid tab loer right you can see the itemized estimates from Snyder and Associates in the column entitled “Engineer’s Estimate” The highest bid came from Oakview who bid, $5,683,000.00. ALUMINUM DOMES Also in the bid tab, (above) is an item entitled “Aluminum Geodesic Dome”. This is a set of two geodesic domes that will go over the clarifiers behind the main building. On the recommendation of Mr. Jacobs, the council seemed to be leaning towards approving the construction of this optional item. According to Mr. Jacobs, it will cut down in the cost of maintenance, both in man-hours (Chipping ice off, constantly re-greasing equipment, etc.) and material. He also claims that it will slow the degeneration of the equipment that is otherwise exposed to the elements.

city employees to maintain the clarifiers during the winter months. This optional item has an estimated cost of $160,000 and members of the city council did not ask if the extra expense would be cancelled out by the long run savings in maintenance and equipment costs. Near the beginning of the discussion, Mr. Jacobs told the gathered members of the City Council that, due to administrative rules attached to it, the $900,000 Community Development Block Grant will not be available if the contractor is hired before the CDBG is in place… and the CDBG is not in place. Because of this, action on awarding the bid will remain suspended pending receipt of the CDBG grant money.

Councilman Bill Brenny asked Mr. Jacobs if any of Though not heated, the domes do retain the heat of the water somewhat and will make it easier for the companies other than the lowest bidder stood out as being significantly better than the others and worth the extra few hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Jacobs answered saying that Story Construction stands out in this crowd, but that all of the companies are competent and can do the work. Sac City Administrator Adam Ledford reminded those assembled that state law requires the city to approve the lowest competent bidder. On item 8 in the document is a bid for the sidewalk. As you can see, Erickson bid was about 1/3 of that of the rest of the companies. The best guess is that they thought they were bidding per foot, instead of yard. According to Mr. Jacobs, Erickson is locked in at that lower price, and the city can choose to hold them to it. He did suggest that the company may come to request that the city give them the correct amount. Also attached to this project is a sewer repair to help stave off some of the infiltration of rainwater into the system. The total combined cost of the waste water projects is estimated to be 7.2 million. Minus the 2 million in stimulus money and 900 thousand in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money, the total amount of money the City will have to come up with either through a State Revolving loan or in cash is 4.3 million.

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November 16, 2009 Issue 74


According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 35 year old Darren Lee Ehrp is of 2115 Cory Ave, Schaller IA 51053 is accused of a class D felony.

…In other Sac County Supervisors news
The votes for city council were canvassed and there were no changes detected from the initial count on election night. The supervisors certified the votes. According to Sac County Auditor Jim Dowling, the Sac County Condemnation Compensation Commission which presides over county eminent domain proceedings is still short at least two appointments and needs to be taken care of soon. Chuck Zimmerman tendered his resignation from the County as a custodian. Kevin Kitt has been hired to replace him effective December 1 , 2009. Mr. Kitt is currently a custodian at Loring Hospital

PROGRAMING NOTE: There will be no hard copy of put out in the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend. is edited by Curtis Bloes

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November 16, 2009 Issue 74

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According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 32 year old Thomas Edward Rush of 1603 Ross St. Apt 1, Sioux City IA is accused of a serious misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

This person was issued tickets for several other things related to this incident. Those tickets were for the following: failure to comply with the order of a peace officer. Fail to yield to emergency vehicle, X3 Reckless driving, X3 Fail to maintain control

Sac City Council takes the next step establishing a City Health Officer
Section 145.03 of the Sac City Code indicates that if the Sac City Zoning Officer encounters a home in which the living conditions are unsuitable for human habitation, he is to contact the City Health Officer who will then decide if the ordinance should be enforced. Sac City does not at this time have a City Health Officer. Terry Duffy, Sac City’s Zoning Officer appeared before the Sac City Council on November 9, 2009 to discuss with them the need for making this appointment. According to Mr. Duffy, “We come close to using [a city health officer] a while back.” According to Mr. Duffy, the council either needs to appoint a City Health Officer, or change the wording of the ordinance so that a Health Officer is not required. City Administrator Adam Ledford told the council that after speaking with a couple of entities, Loring Hospital seems to be the most willing candidate for providing this service. Their question to him was whether the City Health Officer needed to be a medical doctor. They were interesting in knowing if a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner would be adequate. According to Mr. Ledford, the League of Cities guidance was that it be a person with a medical background, preferably an M.D. The service the Health Officer will be expected to provide is as an expert opinion in the case of litigation. The City Council agreed that it would behoove them to call on the highest licensed capable person to fulfill that role, but that a nurse practitioner working under the license of an M.D. might do the trick. The likely scenario is that in those rare circumstances that the city needs to call on the services of a Health Officer. They directed the City Administrator to act under that guidance when working with the hospital in procuring the services of a City Health Officer.
Page 03 November 16, 2009 Issue 74


Courthouse furlough dates announced The Sac County Courthouse… indeed every courthouse in Iowa will be closed on the following dates: • Friday, December 4 • Thursday, December 24 • Thursday, December 31 • Friday, January 15 • Monday, February 15 • Friday, March 12 • Friday, March 26 • Friday, April 2 • Friday, May 28 • Friday, June 18 (tHE December dates have been dubbed, “Ho, Ho, Ho”)

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

November 16, 2009 Issue 74

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…in other Sac City Council News.
The Sac City Depot, Inc. dba Sac City Depot was awarded a Class “B” beer permit with Sunday sales. An Iowa Class “b” beer permit allows commercial establishments to sell beer for on premises consumption. It also allows carryout sales of beer and wine coolers in original unopened containers.

him about putting soil in the Sac County landfill. Mr. Ledford turned that request over to Sac County Supervisors Dean Stock, who communicated back that land filling contaminated Sunwise soil in the Sac County Landfill was “Unlikely to occur”. Mr. Hansen said that to the contrary, he had heard that some of the contaminated Sunwise soil has already shown up in the Landfill.

Sac City Council Call to Order The November 9, 2009 Sac City Council meeting came to order with the following members present: Bill Brenny, Jim Frederick, and Gary Hansen. Also in attendance were Mayor Barb Powell, City Administrator Adam Ledford, and City Clerk Sandy Tellinghuisen, and Officer Jansma of the Sac City Police Department. Councilmen Jim Johnston and Brian Muska were absent, no reason given. Darin Jacob of Snyder and Associates was on hand to make a presentation, and there were two media. The agenda, claims, and minutes of the October 26, 2009 Meeting were approved unanimously with the unusual addition of Mr. Frederick’s comment suggesting that the claims were in order.

The Planning and Zoning Board has recommended Mr. Ledford said that he would check with the to the council that they vacate the alley running through the McKeever property (see full story, issue E.P.A. and confirm whether that was the case. The Planning and Zoning board is planning on 71) holding training on December 2, 2009 at 6:30 PM. The ordinance establishing a new zoning map for Sac City, Iowa passed its second reading without comment. The third and final reading will be on November 23, 2009 at the Sac City Council meeting. This ordinance was heavily contested and took nearly two years to see completion. Ultimately, nearly all of the original changes proposed by the Sac City planning and Zoning Board were thrown out in favor of less restrictive zoning rules. Gary Hansen returned from the latest Sac County Landfill Commission meeting to ask City Administrator Adam Ledford who is land filling contaminated Sunwise soil. According to Mr. Ledford, the E.P.A. contacted
Mr. Ledford announced that two picnic table from the park were stolen. The pre-bid meeting for the sewer project took place on November 12, 2009 The Northwest Iowa League of Cities will meet in Sac City in January, 2010. Sac City Mayor Barb Powell is apparently going to be the president of that organization as of January, 2010. According to Gary Hansen, she was the only nomination. The financing committee of the Sac City Council, (Barb Powell, Jim Johnston, and Jim Frederick,) will meet sometime shortly after November 23, 2009 to work on the capital improvement budget.


According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 41 year old Sharla Kay Hulsey of 204 South 8th St., Sac City IA is accused of a simple misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

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November 16, 2009 Issue 74


Sahrah Brown Arvide Abertnathy Miss Adelaide Nathan Detroit Sky Masterson Nicely-Nicely Johnson Benny Southstreet Harry the Horse Angie The Ox Big Julie Lt. Brannigan General Matilda B.Cartwright Waiter Mission Band: Agatha Martha Calvin Hot Box Masters of Ceremonies Gamblers: Bobby Peterson Brayton Grote Adam Haukap Mission Girls: Terilyn Corbin Sydney Murillo Toyna Ramsey Dancers: Katie Lamaak Miriah Gregg Sydney Phillips Britney Anderson Haley Wilhelm Kaitlin Bass

Abby Hesnard Kent Irwin Abbie Wells Justin Schramm Damon Hudson Jon Moldovan CeDric Smith Derek Pothof Marcus Stoltenberg Cade Herrig Cameron Youll Chrystal Olerich Tyrei Lofton Melodie Beeber Stephanie Beeber Brad Pickhinke Phii Bedel

The hottest Gamblers are in town and depending on Nathan Detroit to set up this week's "Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York". The only problem is he needs $1,000 to get the place he wants to hold it in. To get the money he bets fellow gambler Sky Masterson $1,000 that he can't take Sgt Sarah Brown, head of the neighborhood Save-A-Soul mission, to Havana. On top of that Nathan is dealing with his own doll, Miss Adelaide. (fiancee for 14 years), who wants him to marry her. Guys and Dolls was performed by the East Sac County High Drama and Choir Departments on November 13th and 14th at the Middle School Auditorium
To see photos of the performance, please turn the page


Tickets Felicia Loghry Derek Potthoff Larissa Coats Tabitha Vauble Brianna Martin Amanda Green

Make Up Sydney Murillo Kim Giese Cheyene Robertson Sierra Werkmeister Brianna England Alex Roth Set Melodie Beeber Tyrei Lofton Steph Beeber Rachel Linder Jennifer Munger Brittney Anderson Haley Wilhelm Aaronn Timm Amber Haberi

Costumes Toyna Ramsey DanJelle Obman . Phil Bedel Cameron Youll Terilyn Corbin Lights Adam Haukup Brayton Grote Stacie Meister Brandon Dlersen Dacory Daisy Advertising Aly Phillips Bta'd Pickhinke Abbie Wells Sydney Phillips Chelsea Loxterkamp Haley Hines

Programs Rebecca Baumhover, Marcus Stoltenberg Jessica Greve Kristina Mooney Cade Herrig Mike Mogensen

Director: Choreography: Accompanist:

Chris Frisbie Katie Lamaak and Miriah Gregg Sue Mein


According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 49 year old Keith Allan Babcock of 2881 290th St., Sac City IA has been accused of a Serious Misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

November 16, 2009 Issue 74

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There are 90 + photos of the East Sac County High School production of Guys and Dolls at All photos on this page by Curtis Bloes

Marie Long, age 90, of Sac City, Iowa, died Saturday, October 31, 2009, at Blackhawk Life Care Center in Lake View, Iowa. Born November 30, 1918, in Sac County, Iowa, Marie Lucille Long was the daughter of Forest and Ida (Kyle) Head. She grew up and received her education in the Early area. On November 9, 1933, Marie was united in marriage to LaVern "Tom" Long at Elk Point, South Dakota. The couple was blessed with four children, Don, Bev, Sandy, and Ron. Marie was a member of the First Christian Church of Sac City. She was a member of the Saddle Club. Her hobbies included cooking, gardening, knitting, canning, dancing, and playing cards. She especially appreciated time spent with her family and friends and loved having coffee every Saturday with her daughters. Survivors include her children, Don (Barb) Long of Buena Vista, CO, Bev (Ken) Vauble of Sac City, Sandy (Wally) Lott of Jolley, and Ron (Paula) Long of Sac City; a foster son, Bob Abbott of Garland, TX; 12 grandchildren; 19 greatgrandchildren; and 11 great-great-grandchildren. Marie was preceded in death by her husband Tom in 1976; her parents; a grandson, Don Long, Jr.; a sister, Permelia (Pam) Brennan; and a niece, Patty Brennan. Barbara Kay Bruscher, 69, of Arthur, died Sunday, November 8, 2009, at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, IA. Barbara was born October 12, 1940, in Ida Grove, IA, the daughter of Fred and Dorothy (Coalter) Johnson. She married Ronald Flogstad on August 2, 1959, in Ida Grove, IA. To that union, five children were born. After the dissolution of that marriage, Barbara went on to find love again in David R. Bruscher and they were married in Las Vegas on October 12, 1994. David preceded Barbara in death in February 2002. Barb started nurses training when she was 40 years old. She said it was very difficult being a mother and father while trying to study after being out of school for 25 years. She had 3 children graduate high school and one start kindergarten while in nurses training. She graduated in 1984 and started working at Loring Hospital in Sac City, IA, retiring in 2007, after 23 years of service.

November 3, 2009 - October 31, 2009 Sac City, IA

Marie Long

Barbara K. Bruscher
October 12, 1940 - November 08, 2009 Arthur, IA

She enjoyed boating, gardening, fishing, making wooden decorations with Dave, the Christmas holiday, and spur of the moment get-togethers with family and friends. She will be dearly missed by all those that knew and loved her. Those left to cherish her memory include: one son Rod (Audrey) Flogstad of Holstein; three daughters: Diane Jones of Schuyler, NE, Susan Flogstad of Arthur, and Michelle (Terrance) Bush of La Porte City; eight grandchildren: Nathan and Jamie Jones, Gabe Glienke, Dakota and Searra Flogstad, Bradley Flogstad, Jasmyn and Jaidyn Bush; one brother, Ron (Marsha) Johnson of Canton, SD; one sister Jane (Lee) Krusenstjerna; three sisters-in-law: Elaine Johnson of Sac City, IA, Arda Lee (Phil) Neddermeyer of Denison, IA, Claudia (Carrol) Olson of Odebolt, IA; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Preceded in death by her mother and stepfather Dorothy and Oliver Lund; her father Fred Johnson; her husband Dave; one son Larry Flogstad; and brother, Roger Johnson. Elaine Raasch, age 93, of Odebolt, Iowa, passed from this life to life eternal on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, at Horn Memorial Hospital in Ida Grove, Iowa. Elaine Vivian Raasch, daughter of Edward B. and Catherine (Currie) Dannenberg, was born December 10, 1915, in Richland Township, Odebolt, Iowa. She was a teacher, home-maker, and active in church and the community. On May 14, 1939, she married Elwin Raasch, and they lived on a farm north of Odebolt. They had two children, Bonnie and James. In 1980, they moved into their home in Odebolt which Elaine designed. Elwin died of cancer in 1988. Elaine was baptized and confirmed in the Methodist faith, where she served in many capacities including president of United Methodist Women and Circle chairman. Her greatest devotion was in the education department where she was its chairman, church school superintendent, and long-time Sunday school teacher. Much of her lifetime Elaine was involved in the music of her church. She helped to establish the Howard Activity Center for handicapped adults in Sac City. She helped to acquire and make ready the building to be used, and was an active board member for several years as well as being chairman of the board for one term. Elaine was a charter member of the Odebolt Women's Club and was its first president. The well being of family and friends was an important part of her life. Remembering her are her daughter, Bonnie Mason and husband Gerald of Boca Raton, FL; her son, James Raasch and fiancée Bijette Gebron of Delray Beach, FL; a sister-in-law, Mavis Dannenberg of Atlantic; a brother-in-law, Howard Peterson of Alta; and several nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. She saw the passing of her husband; her parents; her husband's parents, Henry and Josephine Raasch; three sisters, Lois Linden, Helen Noyd, and Ruth Boney; a brother, Robert Dannenberg; three sisters-in-law, Lilly Dannenberg, Elizabeth Raasch and Caroline Peterson; four brothers-in-law, Donald Erwin, Willard Linden, Almer Noyd, and Wayne Raasch; and a nephew, Roger Peterson.

December 10, 1915 - November 10, 2009 Odebolt, IA

Elaine Raasch

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November 16, 2009 Issue 74

Jean Van Sickle, age 81, of Sac City, Iowa, passed away on Friday, November 13, 2009, at Park View Rehabilitation Center in Sac City. Born on April 22, 1928, in Irwin, Iowa, the daughter of John and Mary (Saunders) Vrana, Jean grew up in Manilla, Iowa, where she graduated from Manilla High School. She completed her education, graduating from Fort Dodge Community College, Morningside College in Sioux City and Buena Vista College in Storm Lake. On May 27, 1946, Jean was united in marriage to Charles Henry Van Sickle at the Presbyterian Church in Manilla where she was baptized as an infant. Jean was a loving and devoted wife and mother. She worked as a librarian and her love of books and reading showed in her dedication to promoting children’s education. She retired in 1982 from the library. Jean continued good works through her involvement with the Henderson Settlement-Community Works in 1982, Past Matrons, joined the Peace Corps from 1982-1985, and mission work in Frakes, Kentucky. She was a member of Wa-Tan-Ye and Eastern Star in Sac City and an active member of the United Methodist Church, U.M.W., and served as a Certified Lay Speaker. She was honored with special recognition from the United Methodist Women. Her family was always her highest priority, they enjoyed lots of vacation and camping memories, and she always made time for her grandkids. Jean loved angels and had collected many through the years. She also had green thumb “Ites”, as she could make any plant beautiful. Jean will be deeply missed by all those who knew and loved her. Those remaining to cherish her memory include her husband, Charles; son Oral Edward Van Sickle and wife Connie of Sac City; daughters: Patricia Elaine Wilson of Adel and Allyn Anne Gerdes and husband Gene of Lake View; grandchildren: Tami (Chuck) Rondeau, Shawn (Kim) Wilson, Stacie Gerdes and Kelli Gerdes, Bryan Van Sickle, Douglas (Rebecca) Houser and Michael (Misty) Houser, Sheila Van Sickle, and Diana Brown; her great-grandchildren: Christian and Gabby Houser, Zack, Kyle and Blake Houser, Devin Wilmott, Christopher and Paige Brown, Lillian Van Sickle, and Madison and Dylan Pate; her brother John Edward Vrana of Kirksville, MO; sister-in-law Irene Vrana of Denison, IA; and many nieces, nephews, extended family members and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, John and Mary Vrana; parents-in-law Clifford and Irene Van Sickle; sister Jo Ann Berry; brothers: Harold and Howard Vrana; and son-in-law Mike Wilson.

April 22, 1928 - November 13, 2009 Sac City, Iowa

Jean Van Sickle


According to documents obtained from the Sac Conty Courthouse, 16 year old Joseph Lee Karstens of 1022 North Carroll St. Carroll IA is accused of a Class C Felony.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

November 16, 2009 Issue 74

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According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 18 year old Gavin Micheal Galbraith is accussed of a simple misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.


According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 18 year old Gavin Micheal Galbraith is accussed of a serious misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

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November 16, 2009 Issue 74


According to documents obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, 58 year old Arnold Dean Ripley Jr. of 515 Leonard St., Sac City IA is accused of a Serious misdemeanor.

CRIME All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty. The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice. These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.

Sac City, FAA spend $1,179.61 at the airport The Sac City Council voted on November 9, 2009 to pay the following bill from Snyder and Associates in the amount of $1,179.61. The Federal Aviation Administration picked up $1,121.00 of the bill, and taxpayers paid $58, 61. So far this year, the city has committed $20,350.04 taxpayer dollars to the airport for projects. (this is not counting claims and payroll) November 16, 2009 Issue 74 Page 12

The pigs that walk like men
Without discussion, the city council approved the claims on November 9, 2009. SEE CLAIMS OPPOSITE PAGE I’ve written that same thing for the last 30 months. The Sac City Council, unlike other boards who have tight budgets in town, refuses to publically examine the sometimes questionable spending submitted to them. In my continuing series where I more closely examine Sac City claims, I found out that the city is buying clothes for city employees. Not coveralls and normal work gear like boots and gloves, and not in the normal way that employers buy their employees clothes by giving them, you know… a paycheck. When moving to approve the claims, Mr. Frederick said, “I reviewed the claims this afternoon, they all looked in order.” At least the people who trust Mr. Frederick are assured. Mr. Hansen and Mr. Brenny didn’t even talk, other than to vote “yes”… and I know for sure that there are instances when council members are looking at the claims register for the first time a mere two minutes before the vote. I have them admitting it on video. For the record, three “ticks” on the above list represent 16 separate pages of data. This cannot be reviewed in depth in a couple of minutes… certainly some of it needs explaining. I could make an entire full time website just chasing down and explaining it all. Following are the receipts for clothes that the Sac City Council spent taxpayer money buying for one of (or more) of the office employees: SEE RECEIPTS OPPOSITE PAGE I don’t have the expense voucher for the receipt on the left yet. Feel free to call the city office yourself (712 662 7593) to find out what’s up. If you get a satisfactory answer before I do, drop me a line letting me know what you find. It may be that there is some sort of strange contract stipulation that allows for this. This employee makes 20 bucks an hour AND gets free clothes. I wonder what other back door compensation the office employees receive that we never hear about just because our City Council is either too trusting or too lazy to follow up on. The City Council could have taken the opportunity to clear this up when Mayor Powell asked them if there were any items on the
Page 13

By Curtis Bloes

what’s really going on at these boards. All we hear from them is a quick one or two sentence summary that typically covers projects. In some cases, this is appropriate, but in some If you would like to see an example of a board cases it is not adequate. A committee report is willing to really dig into the financials to find a report, not the casual chat that our city council engages in with a wink and a nudge. out what’s going on with the money they are approving, check out a Kid’s World ExecuPerhaps the reality is that somebody finally tive board meeting, or even an Anti-East Sac needs to be brave enough to say it like it is and County School Board of Directors meeting. propose two-year terms, or term limits. Sure, Granted, they have different motives, (Kid’s it’d be a pain, but that seems to be about how World is concerned and wants to help the director figure out how to get through the loom- long it takes for the typical Sac City Council ing financial disaster, as opposed to the AESC member to become... maybe corrupted is too board which just wants to play “gotcha” ), but strong a term… let’s say they become complacent. Let’s say that it seems to become easier in the end, the financials are picked through for them to just go with the flow and not make with a fine tooth comb. waves. New blood every two years would Employees under the governance of those two solve this problem. Barring that, term limits would be the next best solution. boards know they are being watched. How long would the director of Kid’s World get away with charging hundreds of dollars, (per Whatever happens, some step needs to be taken until we get City Council members who month!) for mileage? How long would she take their elected positions seriously. be able to spend thousands of dollars, (per month!) attending conferences without telling As it is, control of the city council in the off her board what she did or what she learned years is in the hands of the city employees from them? and their 182 extended family members and friends. It’s heartening to see that grip on our There are a couple of pretty serious issues throats loosened a little in this last election. either upcoming or being ignored by the Sac It’s a real testament to Mr. Frohardt’s popuCity Council. larity that he was able to overcome the city employee voting bloc and steal enough votes 1. The council will not address the abuse of away from the incumbent that was a guaranpower issue alleged by Chris Batz. It seems teed yes vote for whatever raises the employfairly obvious that a decision was made in private, probably in illegal meetings held via ees want every year. email, or some similar manner that they would Councilmen Muska, Brenny, and Frederick not conduct an investigation themselves, nor seem to be more honest then the people that advise law enforcement with respect to what preceded them, and if it’s true that they will they know. It certainly is curious that Ms. not be running again it’s scary to contemplate Batz resigned one month after she spoke of which of Shirley Phillip’s dipsh*t puppets are this topic during a public meeting to the Sac Community Center Executive Board of Direc- going to run to replace them and what they’ll do with our tax money. tors. claims that they wanted to discuss or to have clarified. Instead they chose to blow it off for the sake of getting through the meeting faster. 2. Will there be raises for the city employees in a year when everybody else is cutting? Who will be shocked if this happens? 3. Attendance is dismal. Has Brian Muska (sort of) quit the council again? Does anyone even remember what Jim Johnston, (whom didn’t show up for the first council meeting after his re-election,) looks like? It would be nice if in the next two years before they leave the City Council, these three focused on establishing a regular public accounting of all money spent… like the school does, like Kid’s world does, Like the Fair Board, like the Community Center, etc, etc. It’s their job, and they are not doing it.

"Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The 4. With the exception of Jim Johnston, the city council members are generally attending creatures outside looked from pig to man, and the boards on which they are supposed to sit… from man to pig, and from pig to man again; The problem is we never get an update about but already it was impossible to say which was which." George Orwell, Animal Farm
November 16, 2009 Issue 74

Claims approved on November 9, 2009 by the Sac City Council

November 16, 2009 Issue 74

Page 14

FAIL TO MAINTAIN SAFETY BELTS Robin Kruckenberg, Sac City IA Tyson Ray Viet, Lake View IA Riley Joseph Millis, Des Moines IA MAX. HOURS OF SERVICE VIOLATION Nicholas Dean Freitag, Allison IA FAILURE TO SECURE CHILD Timothy M. Drapak, Darien IL Shannan Lyn Bragg, Schaller IA Nicholas James Grein, Lakefield MN MAX. GROSS WEIGHT VIOLATION Nicholas Dean Freitag, Allison IA Donall Raymond Edward Williams, Denver CO 6-10 OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Jeffrey J. Hazaleus, Bucyrus KS Michael Lee Taylor, Shenandoah IA Beth Ann Quirk, Odebolt IA Marcia Jean Ortner, Auburn IA Johana Elifelet Riley, Alta IA Matthew Allen Grussing, Platte SD Mark T. Bogart, Bailey CO Nicholas Miles Petersen, Ida Grove IA Angela J. Downs, Lincoln NE Carlos M. Workman, Fox Lake IL Gary Luvern Snyder, Alta IA David James Currie, Odebolt IA Efrain Vega Patino, Storm Lake IA Megan Marie Daws, Battle Creek IA Cody Jay Lafave,Sioux City IA

All People in this list have been found or have pled guilty to these charges on or between the dates of November 5, 2009 and november 11, 2009

VIOLATION- FINANCIAL LIABILITY COVERAGE Shannan Lyn Bragg, Schaller IA William Wesley Calvert, Kansas City MO Johana Elifelet Riley, Alta IA

FAILURE TO HAVE VALID LICENSE/ PERMIT WHILE OP Stanley Allen Mortensen II, Wall Lake IA FAIL TO CARRY REGISTRATION CARD John Victor Javner, Hardwick MN FAIL TO OBEY STOP OR YIELD SIGN Brandon Lee Nielsen, Newell IA FAIL TO MAINTAIN REGISTRATION PLATE Brian David Geerdes, Denison IA FAILURE TO DIM Jose Osvaldo Perez-Garcia, Perry IA FAIL TO HAVE A VALID DL Jason L. Potts, Defiance IA 1-5 OVER IN A 35 MPH ZONE Kenneth Laverne Kanellis, Cedar Rapids IA 6-10 OVER IN A 35 MPH ZONE Patricia Ann Pietig, Carroll IA 6-10 OVER IN A 25 MPH ZPONE Jorge Luis Salinas, Early IA

1-5 OVER IN 55 MPH ZONE Dillon Douglas Waters, Nemaha IA Michael A. Bachman, Carroll IA FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH SAFETY REG.RULES Todd Lewis Beatty, Hoopeston IL Robert A. Blasey, Bellevue NE Gary Lee Gray, Dothan AL Vladimir Goncharuk, Camas WA Michael Jackson, Milwaukee WI FAIL TO MAINTAIN CONTROL Steven R. Moeller, Lake View IA 11-15 OVER IN A 55 MPH ZONE Travis Don Hegwood, Des Moines IA Thomas Martin Horstman, Battle Creek IA Tadd Jacob Barber, Spring TX

SMALL CLAIMS 11/05/09 to 11/11/09

Civil Cases

SCSC014008 DEFENDANT: Steven Lynch, Wall Lake IA PLAINTIFF: Capital One Bank, ANA DISMISSED W/O PREJUDICE SCSC014014 DEFENDANT: Brian L. Freese, Wall Lake IA PLAINTIFF: City of Wall Lake Restitution, Wall Lake IA JUDGEMENT FOR PLAINTIFF: $927.80 + $135.70 costs SCSC014022 DEFENDANT: Michelle Green, Lake View IA PLAINTIFF: Midland Funding LLC, ANA. JUDGEMENT FOR PLAINTIFF: $710..71 + $113.70 costs SCSC014023 DEFENDANT: Heather Houseman, Sac City IA PLAINTIFF: Carroll Dental Clinic, Carroll IA PLAINTIFF: Lynn Curry and Carroll Dental Clinic, ANA PLAINTIFF: Lynn D. Curry, Carroll IA JUDGEMENT FOR PLAINTIFF: $611.5 + $107.10 costs CASES FILED SCSC014051 DEFENDANT: Chance C. Sweeden, Odebolt IA PLAINTIFF: TFRG LLC, ANA DATE FILED: November 5, 2009 SCSC014052 DEFENDANT: Brent A. Kreft, Sac City IA PLAINTIFF: Unifund CCR Partners, ANA, DATE FILED: November 5, 2009 SCSC014053 DEFENDANT: Joshua Suhr, Schaller IA PLAINTIFF: BMSI Credit Services, Sioux City IA DATE FILED: November 9, 2009

These are the events that were acted upon on or between the dates of November 5, 2009 and November 11, 2009. No guilt or innocence has been established except in those cases where it is specifically indicated to the contrary.

Case Number prefixes DR = Domestic Relations LA = Law EQ = Equity CV = Other Civil

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