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Sadat M.

Many claim that warfare is a primordial human instinct whilst others argue that humans are not
inherently violent. Can war ever be justified? For example, if the American Civil War had not
occurred, would slavery have been abolished? Conversely, did Mahatma Gandhi’s form of civil
disobedience non-violently not lead to India’s independence from British rule while inspiring
movements for civil rights worldwide?
Juxtapose the aforementioned statements and you are left with one of the greatest conundrums of
our time. Does throwing all of a country’s economic , scientific, and other capabilities, while making
no distinction between military and civilian resources really do justice to the ramifications of war,
which could range from deaths of innocent people to the cost of having to build a war-ruined
economy/state all over again? If war really is necessary, then it is indubitably a necessary evil
according to me.
Earth is not perfect and there will always be people who are incapable of reason and hell-bent on
enforcing their views and opinions on others. A very crude analogy would be to imagine an assailant
waving a gun or knife at your face, and asking for your belongings. However hard you try to make
him/her understand, death or serious injury is written in your fate. In such a case, would you comply
or try defending yourself when you see an opportunity to?
On a national scale, if foreign invaders enter a country would you expect it’s leaders to sit back and
continue trying to reason as their citizens are being killed? I feel that war is a natural and necessary
side-effect of conflict. The key here is to try to avoid conflict. We live in a dynamic society in the 21

century and we ought to come together as people and not representatives of each country when
skirmishes arise and try our best to wage peace non-violently while still possible.
To conclude, we as humans should try our best to avoid conflicts from arising, but when there is a
seemingly insurmountable impasse to progress warfare could be the only answer. Yes, war is a
necessary evil.
To quote John Foster Dulles, “The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war
the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a
righteous and dynamic faith.”