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I think several things are going on here: he has extreme insecurity because 1)h
e's short and clearly not well built physically, which is one thing serial kille
rs often have in common, they have the minds of alpha males but their small bodi
es make them feel inferior to more well built, stronger men, and this causes the
m to develop an inferiority complex that creates insecurities. Those insecuriti
es in turn create a sense of anger and bitterness which, which is only amplified
by the rejection they experience from many women who aren't attracted to them d
espite their high level of intelligence. This offends them. Because of their h
uge egos and narcissism they assume everyone will love them and be attracted to
them, and when they find out this isn't the case, it wounds their ego, and the o
nly way they can compensate without losing their mind is by plotting revenge, an
d then carrying it out when the time is right. 2)some serial killers lack social
skills, or have social anxiety despite the fact that they have high IQs. This
causes them to be frustrated because they still wanna be liked and be popular, b
ut they struggle in social situations, and this feeds into their insecurity and
resentment towards the men who have complete confidence and are successful with
women because of it. They have this desire to be liked also because most if not
all of them were either abused or just ignored by their parents growing up, so t
hey have an intense but subconscious desire for affirmation and acceptance that
they aren't even aware of. Initially this drives them to extreme lengths to fit
in and be liked by people, as Rodger explains in the video about how he dresses
for the girls. But after years of rejection, their anger builds up, and their
desperation to be liked is overcome by their bitterness and hatred for the peopl
e who've rejected them in favor of other men. However, this case is interesting
and seems different from the cases of many other serial killers. Most grew up
either in poverty or modest backgrounds, and part of their resentment and hate f
or others was a feeling of inferiority, that they weren't as good as the wealthi
er kids they went to school with and had to prove themselves. In Rodger's case,
he grew up in a wealthy area surrounded by rich people. It appears this was th
e cause of his insecurity, because he was around so many beautiful and rich peop
le, yet they rejected him, so this created a strong sense in him that he wasn't
on their level or wasn't as attractive or as interesting as them. The fact that
his dad was a famous movie director in hollywood clearly was the driving force
behind his need for affirmation, since im sure his dad didn't have time for him
growing up. Combine that with the fact that he has a very high IQ and the minds
et of an alpha male, without the looks and physical features to compliment that,
and you have all the ingredients needed to create a serial killer. Fortunately
in this case his disgust for society and his own situation in life was so inten
se that he took his own life, but if this wasn't the case I believe he would've
been one of the most prolific serial killers of our time. Most serial killers d
on't take their own lives because they value themselves too much, and because th
ey believe the people who rejected them deserve to die, not themselves. If I ha
d to guess, I would guess Rodger recently got rejected by a girl he liked, and t
hat pushed him over the edge and he could no longer control this impulse he clea
rly had for a long time. There's always a trigger for a psychopath that makes h
im turn violent, and most often it's the end of a relationship or being rejected
by someone he shows interest in because this stirs up all the unresolved anger
and resentment he has for his parent(s) who likely never loved him and/or abused
him as a child. What turns men like Rodger into serial killers is a deadly
combination of the following things: he has the mind of an alpha male but never
achieves the success with others, particularly women, that alpha males achieve,
for the reasons I described above. But like a true alpha male, he also lacks t
he ability to be introspective and to clearly see his own faults and flaws. His
narcissism, ego, and need for affirmation won't let him, because if he was forc
ed to sit down and become aware of his flaws it would send him into a deep depre
ssion which would result in rage, and end up reinforcing his hate for others who
don't have his flaws and weaknesses. One thing that allows alpha males to be s
o successful in the world is their supreme confidence and drive, but these trait
s come at the expense of self-awareness, which is why most alpha males tend to b
e very rude, brutally honest, and downright mean. They're blinded by their ego
and ambition from seeing their character flaws, and most of the people around th
em throughout their life are afraid to point them out, so they become worse and
worse as they get older since nobody has ever pointed them out to them. This is
why alpha males get so angry and sometimes violent when they fail or are reject
ed by someone, they view every rejection as someone's statement of their inferio
rity instead of viewing it as just someone's preferences causing them to not lik
e them, as normal people would view it. But most alpha males don't turn into se
rial killers because they had some stability in their family growing up, and the
ir combination of physical and mental traits allow their successes in life to ou
tnumber their failures and rejections. It appears the opposite was true with El
liot Rodger. He got rejected one too many times, and eventually his alpha male
ego just couldn't take it anymore, it couldn't handle the cognitive dissonance t
hat came from having the ego and intellect of an alpha male, but the body, socia
l skills, and life circumstances of a beta male. The rejections were hitting to
o close to home, they were fracturing his identity, and as an expert in psychoan
alysis will tell you, when that happens they become a ticking time bomb and it's
only a matter of time before the part of their identity and brain that was keep
ing them sane shrinks into the background and the psychopath emerges ready for r
evenge. He couldn't face the reality that he wasn't who his ego told him he was
, because the evidence was mounting that he was an alpha male trapped in the bod
y of a betal male and with the social skills of a beta male. Each rejection con
firmed this and he could no longer ignore it, but he couldn't face it either. s
o he chose the only other option, he ignored the small voice in his head that to
ld him there was a reason he kept getting rejected by these girls and that he ha
s to face reality and accept who he really is and not try to be someone he isn't
, and he gave into despair. He blocked out the voice of his better self, the la
st remnant of sanity in his mind, and gave into his deepest animal instincts, le
tting his inner psychopath loose. I don't have any pity for him, sure he had ob
stacles in life, but he chose to take the easy way out and not try to overcome t
hem. The scary thing that should give us all pause is how many other guys are o
ut there right now who might be facing similar circumstances and are as isolated
as he was. In this age of social media and the breakdown of the family, we tal
k more than ever, but we're more isolated and truly alone than ever before. In
many parts of the US, particularly big cities and suburbs, there are no communti
ties. People don't even know who their neighbors are and have no connection to
any outside groups. They live their own lives and come and go without anyone ev
en knowing they exist for the most part. In the case of young men who already h
ave identity issues and various forms of mental problems,being left alone with t
heir thoughts is the last thing they need because if that happens long enough th
ose thoughts will consume them. They become separated from reality and without
the feedback of other people, no longer realize how irrational their thoughts ar
e, so they become convinced that everyone else is crazy and they're the rational
ones. So when they're forced to go out into the world and interact with people
and find that reality is very different from the fake reality they created in t
heir minds, it creates a cogntive break that isn't easily repaired, especially n
ot without friends and family to give them perspective, or at least a therapist.
If they're angry enough and have the traits and experiences I've described bef
ore that are common with all serial killers, this will lead them to carry out he
inous acts. That's why I don't believe it's a coincidence that we've seen more
and more mass shootings with every passing decade such as columbine, the virgini
a tech shooting, fort hood, newtown, and more. As technology advances and allow
s us to create our own little worlds more than ever and helps us block out the r
eal world and with it our own problems, and as more marriages end in divorce, wi
th more couples having only one or two kids, we're seeing more of these mass kil
lings. These men simply dont have the social support men from past generations
had. That doesn't justify their behavior, but it does explain it and give it co
ntext. I'm a firm believer in good and evil, and evil will always exist, but wh
en there are more instances of it, it'd be wise for us as a society to take a st
ep back and reflect on what's changed and what's at the root of all this anger a
nd violence, and what we can do to stop it, both individually in our own lives,
and collectively as a society. We have to ask why these school shootings don't
happen in others countries. Sure, they have islamic extremism, but that's an en
tirely different and unrelated issue. Is it because other countries still have
the values and culture we as a country have lost with the age of feminism, indiv
idualism, and loss of religion? Is it because they still have some semblance of
the family structure and community still intact? Is it because their cultures
value people more than materialism and having a successful career, unlike us in
the US? Or is it some combination of all these factors, plus others that I have
n't mentioned? I think at this point the process of asking the question and s
earching for the answer is more important than the answer itself. But we as a c
ountry seem to be so absorbed in our fast paced, sheltered lives, with all our t
echnological devices and entertainment, that we aren't even aware of this proble
m. And even if we were, I don't think most of us would be the slightest bit in
terested in finding the answer. As long as it doesn't affect our personal lives
, it's someone else's problem to deal with. But what we don't realize is it can
affect us whether we think it does or not, because our kids could be the ones i
n the school that gets shot up by the boy who turns into a psychopath, and then
it's too late. That's why it's so pathetic to see politicians focus on guns and
everything else but mental health and larger cultural issues after there's a sc
hool shooting. I guess those issues don't lend themselves to scoring political
points because they transcend politics. But if we want these shootings to stop,
we have to change our society, and changing the laws isn't the way to do it. W
e can't wait for politicians to act, especially when they don't even know what's
wrong in the first place. We have to take the initiative and do what we can in
our own lives to make this country a better place by volunteering, reaching out
to people who are isolated and struggling with issues, and bringing optimism, h
ope, and love into the lives of the people who need it most. That's not the job
of the gov't, that's our job, and it's time we stop looking for our next fix of
entertainment or pleasure and opening our eyes to the silent suffering that's a
ll around us. If we do this we'll be surprised to see how many people are truly
alone and how much of a difference we could make just by acknowledging them, re
aching out to them, and listening to their problems from time to time. If just
half of the country started focusing on others a little more than themselves and
their own needs and desires, I strongly believe these mass shootings would beco
me more and more isolated. I hope we don't have to learn the hard way, but it's
only a matter of time before we find out, cause evil doesn't wait for good men
to wake up to its existence, it will wreak havoc as long as it exists, and as lo
ng as men and women with character and values aren't around to stop it.