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Have you ever got annoyed when you cannot find a place to park your car but you rush to
do something very important? This is quite a common situation happening in the CBDs of
many big cities around the world, including London,Sydney,Shanghai,HongKong, and so
on.Though this problem has not yet appeared to be very serious and obivious in Auckland
CBD; however,as the city develops and the population increases, “difficulties in parking” can
gradually become a more and more important issue for Auckland.We have identified a
solution which builds up an electronic system that helps drivers know where they can park
their cars prior to their arrivals by sending detailed locational information to pleple’s smart
phones or other smart devices, so that people can save plenty of time without being anxious
or worried whereas less traffic congestion and less traffic pollution will be incurred on a
3.1 Vision
To effctively wipe out the trouble of “having difficulties in find a car park in CBDs” for people
in big cities all around the world.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Software and Inforamation(SaaS) Industry
Industry: Software and Information (SaaS) Indusry. We have created a software that
supports a central electronic system for all users.This system can help drivers to identify
their potential car parks before their arrivals in CBDs through sending message to people’s
smart devices.Therfore, less time will be spent on looking for car parks.


Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High
Customers can have many choices in
software industry. Nowadays the buyers
possess a vast amount of bargaining
power almost in all industries due to the
intensifying level of competition. There
are several big global players in software
industry such as IBM, Microsoft and SAP,
as well as, many other small local
companies that compete with us in direct
and indirect ways. Many of these
companies offer the customers to cover
the switching costs and this fact further
increases the customer bargaining power.
Supplier power: Low
The supplier bargaining power is low, due
to the fact that information technology
industry in general, and software segment
is particular is highly competitive and a
large number of companies and suppliers
operate in this industry (Dudovskiy,2012).
Threat of new entrants: High
The threat of new entrants to the software
industry can be described as high. This is
because the amount of financial resources
required for entering the industry are not
significant (Dudovskiy,2012).
Threat of substitutes: low
The threat of substitute products and
services is low because the range of direct


and indirect substitution for a service
offered by a company that includes
business intelligence, data warehousing,
insurance and a wide range of software
applications is very limited.
Rivalry among existing
There are many rivals for our company.
Global rivals include IBM, Microsoft and
SAP, and there are also many local
companies of smaller sizes competing with
us with varying degree of efficiency.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: Overall attractiveness of the industry is moderate.
There are high buyers’ power,high threat of new entrants and high rivalry among existing
competitors, while supplier power and threat of substitutes can be low in the software
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
Our targeted customers are peolple who often need to park their cars in CBDs but do not
have a fixed car park.These people can include students,office workers who are new to work
in CBDs,or people who often run affairs in CBDs,etc. Often, they are urgent in the demand of
finding a place to park their cars,or they will be late for work or delay the work.
3.4 The Product and Service
Our product is a software that provides service to customers by sending them mappable
information of car parks which are available for the drivers before they arrive destinations in
CBDs. People just connect to our service when they have needs to park cars several minutes


prior to their arrivals and they can receive the detailed parking information through smart
devices, like iPones or iPads.There may be serveral options on the map,but we will also
indicate which is the nearest one.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
The examples of ou suppliers are difficult to identified in this case.However,we can say that
manufacurer of sensors and other software companies are suppliers of our business.
Our partners can include the government and parking companies.With the support of the
government,like help prompt our business and allow us to install sensors at most of parking
areas.Our solution will only work effectively when all car parks are armed with sensors and a
large scale of people are involved in our system. In addition, parking companies will be our
partner,because we also need to install sensors on the parking areas controlled by parking
3.6 Strategy: cost leadership
Our competitive scope is broad market and our cost strategy is low cost.First of all,as our
vision states,we aim to wipe out the problem of “difficult to find a car park”. This difficulty
exists almost in every big cities for thousands of people, we want popularize our product to
all people who have this trouble. So our competitive scope is broad market.In addition,our
primary aim is to solve the problem,so we want to make it affordable to everyone.We use
low cost strategy so that more people can access to our product and sevice.We have a
prepayment plan which will function like data plan in telecommunication industry.
Ultimately, our strategy is Cost leadership.
3.7 Value Chain Activit y: Deliver the service
One of the most important value chains of our company is to deliver the service to our
customers. Valued is added when customer received our service, find a place to park the car
and get satisfied. As our vision states, we are aiming to eliminate the trouble of “difficult to
find a car park in CBDs” all over the world. We use “cost leadership” strategy to make our
service affordable so that more people can access to our service. People need to finish
registration first and then they will be recognised as one of our members by the central
information system. When they need to park their cars, they just get connected with central


system through their smart devices and the central system will keep track of them until they
have found a car park. Our service has therefore delivered and value has added then.

3.8 Business Processes:
3.8.1. CUSTOMER REGI STERING PROCESS – Since we collect fees based on a prepayment
system, like data plan for mobile phone. Customers can register in our company through the
Internet or come to our general office. Once people have successfully register and prepaid a
certain amount of money for a least 3 months will be recognised as a member of our
company can access our service. Our system will serve all of our members within their term
of validity.




3.8.2. REQUEST PROCESSI NG PROCESS - A person who intend to park his or her car
somewhere in the CBD can send requests to us a few minutes before his or her arrival
through any smart devices. Each car park in the CBD will be armed with a sensor that tells
the central electronic system whether it is available or not. When we receive the customer’s
request, the central electronic system will search for all possible car parks near the point
according to the information each car park has sent and we will highlight the best option for
the driver on a map. Then the message will be sent back to the driver showing on the smart
device’s screen. Also, the information is not static; only if the driver’s smart device keeps
connected to us, the system will continuously renew the information and send the newest
available car parks. Our system will follow the track of the driver until he or she has found
the car park.




3.9 Functionalities
 To collect customer information
 To recognise who are prepaid customer so that we can provide them with
service accurately
 To deliver the service to the customer by processing their request and
sending them back the map inforamtion.
 To receive and process information sent from each sensor from each car

3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. CUSTOMER I DENTIFYING SYSTEM – The customer identifying system will check
whether a person is our member and whether the person is within the term of vadility of his
or her prepayment, therefore the system can decide whether to deliver the service or not.
Throrugh this system, we can make sure that our charge for service is in order ,so that we
can provide better service for our customers.
3.10. 2PARKING INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM –The parking inforamtion processing
system is a crucial system in our business. This system both collects message sent from all
sensors at car parks and proccesses the information all the time. In this way,whether each
car park is available or not will be recognised by the system.So when there is a parking
request,the request analysing system will collect information from this systemto get car
park availability. This functional system can help us to solve parking problem more
efficiently and more effectively.
3.10. 3. REQUEST ANALYSI NG SYSTEM –Request analysing system is where we really get
touch with our customers. The customer sends his or her parking request and identify the
destination to us,the system will analyse it and collect information from parking
inforamtion proccessing system to check the availablity of appropriate car parks, then


relevant available points will be shown on a map and sent back to the driver.This system is
crtical to solve the problem and to serve our vision.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

Deliver the
1. Customer
1. Collect customer information.

2. Recognise who is our customer has prepaid.
Customer registering system

Customer identifying system
Customer relationship
management System

Transaction processing
2. Request
1. Receive and analyse information of
customer requests.

2. Deliever service to customers by getting
connected with them and proving them with
parking information.
Request analysing system

Parking inforamtion
proceesing system
Decision making system


Our company is aiming to elimiating the trouble of “difficult to find a car park
in CBDs”,which is a more and more serious problem in many big cities around
the world. Since our business in the software and Information(SaaS) industry,
we address the problem with the use of IS.We set up a central electronic
system which can both receive the information sent from each car park and
the request by customers.It deals with all this inforamtion at the sasme time
and send back the car park information to the drivers accurately in time to
ensure that people can find a parking place easily without wating much of
time. So that people will be satisfied and many other problems such as traffic
congestion and pollution will be addressed as well.Therefore, value is added.

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