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Chapter 1163
Hungry? Why not
vol unteer?
Day 2013
Legi sl ati on
Get Involved!
" To advocate i mproved qual i ty of l i fe and economi c f ai rness that wi l l support the wel l bei ng of Ai r Force enl i sted personnel and thei r f ami l ies. "
Veteran's Day 2013
For Veteran's Day 2013 I volunteered to place ags on the graves of our veterans interred at Camp
Williams Cemetery in Bludale Utah. It was a beautful, crisp, fall morning and tons of other people
from the base where there. There were so many ags to be placed, over 5,000 I think. It was
bitersweet to think of all those men and women who had served their country and whose graves we
now lovingly take care of. I was so proud to be a part of that event. It reminded me of all those who
had served before me. I have a strong love for my country and for those that have served it. I was
happy to do something for them, even though it was a small gesture compared to the things they did for
me in service to their country. I stopped and read several of the headstones, wondering who these
people were and what they were like. It was nice to see that so many other people had volunteered to
place ags that day. It was a prety chilly morning but we were all out there, paying our respects to our
Veterans. Writen by SSgt Emily Milliner
The Air Force Sergeant Association, also known as AFSA; welcomed the public to have dinner at the Wen-
dy's restaurant located at Roy to raise funds for their Annual Division Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. My
family and I were greeted cheerfully by AFSA members asking us how we were doing that evening. I almost
thought I had walked into a restaurant, not a fast food chain! My husband and daughter who is a Wendy's
fan, ordered everything on the menu 2 times and still had room for a frosty. As AFSA members continued
to greet and attend customers that entered the dining facility, they continued to casually talk to us asking
if we needed any drink reflls and taking our empty trays. Now that's service with a smile!

Written by SSgt Ruby Anne Alforque
Hungry? Why Not Volunteer?
Former CSAF Makes BRAC Pitch. Former Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton
Schwartz has urged Congress to support the Adminstrations call for another round of
base realignments and closures (BRAC). A March 11
editorial in Politico by Gen.
Schwartz and William F. Murdy, both leaders of Business Executives for National
Security read, in part, There is no political upside to closing bases. But it is an act of
political courage that at least three previous Congresses have been willing to sustain. The
economy and the country survived; most affected communities prospered. And the U.S.
armed forces continued to be the most formidable military in the history of the planet.
The Pentagon is downsizing many thousands of personnel and hundreds of units of major
equipment. But it needs Congress to let it scale back bases too.
Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative. According to an article in
DefenseNews, in presenting its FY 2015 budget request, the Administration proposed
additional spending of $56 billion as part of what it calls the Opportunity, Growth, and
Security Initiative (OGSI). $26 billion of the amount would go toward Defense
spending to help remedy military readiness problems. However, the White House has
not provided specific details on how it plans to pay for this other than through savings
from commonsense spending reforms and savings from reducing tax benefits for
multimillion dollar retirement accounts.
Senator Introduces Two Bills to Help Veterans. An article in the Navy Times tells us,
New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has introduced two bills to help veterans look for
jobs and start small businesses.
USAF Says Readiness Problems will Last Through 2023, Longer if Sequestration
Continues. According to an article by Federal News Radio, in support of the
Administrations goal of eliminating sequestration cuts to free up federal spending, Air
Force officials say their current projections show it will be 2023 before the service fully
recovers from serious degradations in combat readiness. Officials said those problems
were not caused entirely by sequestration, but the automatic budget cuts dramatically
increased their severity.