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Galaxies meet

The Hubble Space Telescope takes pictures of space. One picture is really great. It shows
a galaxy. The galaxy moves through a group of galaxies. The cluster rips the galaxy
apart. This happens very far from Earth.
The telescope takes very complicated pictures. Experts study them. It takes them years.
The telescope started to take pictures in !!".
#ifficult words$ rip apart %break into pieces&' far %many kilometres away&' Earth %our
Children saved from a car
( woman is ill. She drives a car. Her three children are in the car. The woman drives the
car into the sea. This happens in )lorida.
*eople see what+s happening. They hurry to the car. They try to open the doors' but they
cannot do it. They get in the boot of the car. The children are moved out of the car.
,obody is in-ured seriously' but the family still goes to hospital. *eople move the car
from the ocean.
#ifficult worl.ds$ hurry %move /uickly&' boot %space at the back of a car&' in-ured %have
problems with the body&.
Animal in an ear
This story is about a woman from Taiwan. She is 01 years old' and she cannot hear well.
She must use a hearing aid.
She puts the hearing aid on a table. There is some fruit on the table' too. ( larva lives in
the fruit. It gets out of the fruit. It gets on the hearing aid.
The woman takes the hearing aid. She puts it in her ear. The larva gets in her ear. The
woman+s ear is in pain. She goes to hospital. #octors see the larva. They put the larva
away. The woman is fine now.
#ifficult words$ hearing aid %small thing which help people to hear better&' larva %baby
fly&' pain %very bad feeling&.
Train almost hits a woman
This happens in the ,etherlands. There are some people at a level crossing. They want
to get to the other side.
The barriers begin to close. They run across the tracks. They are safe. ( woman wants
to do this' too. She thinks that she has time' but she does not.
She gets on the tracks. She sees that a train is coming. She -umps back. She is lucky. The
train does not hit her. She is fine.
#ifficult words$ level crossing %place where a railway and a road touch&' barrier %ob-ect
which stops you before the railway&' track %two rails for trains to move on&.
Girl saves her father
(n (merican man has an accident. He is in the garden. He is cutting a tree with his
He looks away for a second' and he cuts his arm. He loses blood. He sits down and tries
to stop the blood. His daughter is with him. The man has a phone' but he cannot use it.
His daughter helps him. She calls for help.
(n ambulance comes and helps him. His arm will be fine in six to eight months.
#ifficult words$ machete %big heavy knife&' blood %important red li/uid in the body&'
ambulance %car that takes people to the doctor&.
Leopard in a hospital
This story is from India. ( leopard comes into a hospital. It in-ures a photographer.
*eople start to panic. Soldiers are called.
*eople are scared. ( market is closed. There are no people in the streets. The schools are
closed. *eople wait for new information. They want to know if they can open the market
Things like this are normal in India. The big cat+s habitat is getting smaller. The animals
move into cities sometimes.
#ifficult words$ in-ure %attack and make problems with the body&' market %place where
you can buy things&' big cat %large cat that can hurt or kill people&' habitat %place where
it lives&.
Money underground
( couple from 3alifornia is lucky. They walk their dog. They see something. It is a metal
They take it and open it. They see that it is full of gold coins. The coins are old. They are
from the !th century. They find more coins. ,ow they have '0"" gold coins. The coins
are worth 4" million.
5e don+t know who buried the coins. The couple will sell the coins on the Internet.
#ifficult words$ couple %two people&' worth %have price in money&' bury %put under the

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