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J.A.V. CO.
Our simple, yet effective solution of providing software to both smartphones and laptops
that disable the device, but yet still taking photos of any faces it picks up, will discrourage
and provides food for thought to potentiol and current thieves that technology will assist
law enforcement in the prevention and capture of thieves. Our product uses previous
technology of being able to remotely disable devices, but it goes one step further and takes
photos and uploads using wireless or 3/4G data and thats what makes this such an
innovative idea.
3.1 Vision
To provide ergonomic and innovative security solutions to the technology industry to
discourage thievery and protect society.
3.2 Industry Analysis: Technology Security Industry
Industry: Technology security Industry.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High If buyers want to have a secure and stress free
phone they have various other options to choose
from. Since our idea builds on other ideas such as
being able to GPS track your device, buyers can
choose from various apps such as; track my
iphone, GPS Tracking pro, Real time GPS Tracker
and wheres my droid (Victor H, 2012).


Supplier power: High Since software programmers are scarce, they are
expensive to hire and demand a high salary. Since
no one currently in our compnay knows how to
write software, (2014)
suggests that the average software programmers
earns approximately USD$79,000 per year.
Therefore to have a fulltime software
programmer inhouse would be expensive
concluding that supplier power is high.
Threat of new entrants: High Any high tech company would easily be able to
develop software similar to ours in an instant.
Companies such as Google (Android) or Apple
would be able to do this, and incorporate it into
their software without users having to specifically
download a seperate app, they would include it in
an update of the operating system.
Threat of substitutes: High Currently there is security software on IOS
operating systems that enables users to GPS track
their device and lock the device (Apple, 2014)
Called Find My IPhone. This is not to dissimilar
to our idea. This app is easy to access and
download from the App store. There are also
many security apps on the Google play Store that
are easily downloadable. Therfore threats of
substitutes for our product is high.
Rivalry among existing
High When I searched Phone tracking into the
Google play store there are multiple apps


available for download for Android users (Google,
2014). This shows the high number of alternatives
available as well as the competition for market
share of this type of application.
Overall attractiveness of the industry: Due to high buyer power and high threat of
substitutes the overall attractiveness of this industry is low. Due to the high number of
substitutes and large technology company having such large market share, ie Apple, Google
(Android), It would be extremely hard to challenge them technologically, especially with the
high level of technology that our security system requires.
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
John Heggestuen (2013), found that 1 in every 5 people in the world own a smartphone. So
that is approximately 1.5 billion people that own a smartphone. It would be fair to say that
the vast majority of these people have heard of an experience of a lost smartphone or
worse have personally lost their device. This shows the demand for a product like ours.
Consumers want an easy to use, accessable application that can track their device so they
can easily report it to the authorities. However tracking in itself, at times is not enough. If a
theft has occurred it would be unwise to confront the alleged thief.
3.4 The Product and Service
Our products allows users to GPS track, lock and disable their devices from a any device with
an internet connection. A login would be made by the consumer and they can connect their
different device to this account whether they are IPads, Iphones, Imacs, Androids or HTCs.
While the device is locked and disabled from the alleged thief it takes photos using facial
recognition software and uploads it to online servers where the consumer can access these
through their login.
The main difference between our idea and other GPS tracking software is that it takes
photos of any faces it detects. This solves the problem of confronting alleged thieves when


you have already GPS tracked your device. This makes the polices job easy in who to target,
and prosecution even easier.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Key partners for this to be a commercial success would be Apple and Android. If we could
partner with these operating systems there would be no need to design login systems for
the consumer because both The Apple App store and the Google Play store have logins. If
these partnerships were successful there would be no need for the software to be externally
downloadable. It could be already built in to the IOS and/or Android software. These
companies (Apple and Google) are partners because J.A.V. Co would be working with, rather
than for them.
Other suppliers would be the programmers that design and code the software, and the
inputs such as a lost smartphone.
3.6 Strategy: Cost Leadership
Since smartphones are so popular globally, the focus is industry wide. The recent popularity
with smartphones haslead to a massive increase in complimentary goods ranging from
smartphone cases to applications. Our idea is part of this complimentary smartphone
market. Our idea aims to be as low cost to the consumer as possible.
The overall strategy is therefore Cost Leadership.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: Delivery and success of photos taken
The most important value chain activity for this business is Delivery and success of photos
This is what differentiates our product from other substitutes. The ease of use of the
software is important and the ease of photos automatically being uploaded to servers for
users to access.
3.8 Business Processes


3.8.1. DEVICE INFORMATI ON GATHERING PROCESS This process outlines the steps users
take using our software to recover information about both their device and the alleged


Device information gathering process

3.8.2. INFORMATION SENDING PROCESS This is where the information gathered is given to
the Police. Tips and hints would be given to the users while they are logged into their
account on how to do this and what to say to police when giving the information to them.
Information Sending Process


3.9 Functionalities
GPS tracking function
Remote device locking function
Information giving function

3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. GLOBAL POSI TIONING SYSTEM (GPS)- This system is how the devices is tracked and
located. It uses satellite navigation to locate and pinpoint positions of any device that has a
GPS navigation device in it. This will be used when a device has been stolen and the location
of the stolen device is given to users to hand to police to make recovery of devices faster
and easier.
3.10. 2. DEVI CE INFORMATI ON SYSTEM When a user logs onto their account when they have
lost or had their device stolen, they are given information about their device and options.
This information includes the GPS location and any photos it has taken. The options include
are whether the user wants to lock and/or disable the device so it cannot be used.
3.10. 3. TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM If the application is to be downloaded via the
Apple App store, or the Google Play store, There needs to be a Processing system for the
user to pay for the App. Both of these App stores have built in processing systems where
royalties are deposited straight into the neccesary bank accounts. But if a user wants to
download it from the JAV Co website there will neeed to be neccesary credit card payment
systems in place to make it easy for the customer.


3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

1. Device
1. GPS Tracking function

2. Remote device locking function
Programming system Decision support sytem
2. Information
sending Process
1. Information Giving function Information System Executive information


In conclusion our application builds on existing technologies, but provides users with an
easy to use innovative security feature that will benefit society greatly. The knowledge and
understanding that devices are secure will definitely deter potentiol thieves and will reduce
the high number of devices being taken.


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