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Marketing Department (including credit billing, commercial department, billing)

I. Organization and Functions

1. We need to know in detail
a) Organization and functioning of billing department
b) Organization and functioning of commercial department
c) Organization and functioning of marketing department
2. Are there definite roles for each individual staff in these departments? Job roles/ job titles
should be clear.
3. Are there dual roles for the staff?
4. Are the job responsibilities specified in writing?
5. Do they function as a team / separate team / under team leader / supervisor?
6. What is the staff mix? How many with MBA degree, with finance back ground, etc.
7. Why commercial department is named so? What specific role it has?
II. Activities
1. How do they organize daily activities?
2. Do they have a roster of duties?
3. Do they have a plan and calendar of duties individual wise?
4. Is there a forecast calendar of activities drawn regularly for the coming month?
5. Conduct of medical camps
a) In house department camps
b) Corporate camps
c) Urban slums health camps
d) Residential complex camps
e) Special camps like in exhibition, etc.
f) Event based camps like world AIDS day, etc.
g) Is there a schedule for these camps?
h) Are there SOPs on organising such camps?
i) Maintenance of records regarding these camps
j) How many camps on an average per month?
k) What is the outcome of these camps (tracking)
l) How do they budget the camps?
m) How is the tracking of referral cases?
n) Social media engagement
6. Do they have details of the corporates? Employee mix, family mix, etc.
7. Is there an allotment of corporates / TPAs to specific executives?
III. Productivity
1. Do they have target fixation for department? For individuals? In terms of patients? In terms
of revenue?
2. Do they have yearly targets or monthly targets?
3. Are the targets individual based?
4. Do they have internal reviews? What is the procedure and periodicity? Is there a checklist
for such reviews?
IV. Assessment and Appraisal
1. How do they review performance of individuals and department as a whole? Are there
parameters for assessment?
2. What is the process of review? Is it done annually or periodically?
3. Who does the review?
V. Attrition issues
1. Is there frequent change of staff either due to exit or any other reason?
2. What is the attrition rate?
VI. Issues and Suggestions
1. Are there any issues effecting the departmental functioning and productivity? List them.
2. Suggestions offered by the department to rectify the above problems and improve
Study objective
1. To study the functioning of department / sub departments
2. To identify need for interventions, if any for improving performance and productivity.
3. To examine feasibility for an integrated approach towards billing, credit billing, commercial
and marketing departments or delink them for better functioning and for increasing