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AA Degree Course Development Plan

A. Objectives:

Course inventory must be sufficient to:
 Satisfy breadth requirements
 Satisfy 60-credit AA minimum (i.e., at least 20 lower division courses)
 Provide some curricular choice so that program is not prescribed

B. Evaluation of current course inventory:

BREADTH REQUIREMENTS with current existing blended inventory (24 credits required)

Humanities (9 credits required from 3 different areas)

[0 = no lower division courses in this subject area]

Philosophy (0)

Natural Sciences (6 credits required)

(ESCU 111, FSNU 200)

Social Sciences (9 credits required from 3 different areas)

U 293)

C. Course development plan

1. The following blended course will require the development of an online version:
SOCU 293: Introduction to Social Work (will be redeveloped in 2012-13 as part of BSW)
2. The following online courses will require the development of a blended version (11 courses x $750 = $8250):
ARTU 261: Renaissance to Modern Art
ENGU 220: Introduction to Shakespeare
FSNU 201: International Nutrition: The World Food Crisis
HISU 101: United States History Survey I
HISU 103: United States History Survey II
HISU 105: The Rise of World Civilizations I
HUMU 200: Women’s Realities
MUSU 101: Introduction to Music
MUSU 222: Musical Cultures of the World
POSU 110: Introduction to American Politics
POSU 240: Introduction to Law
3. The following new courses will be developed in blended and online versions (10 courses x $3750 = $37,500;
one of the courses below is already in 2011-12 pipeline and not included in this cost calculation):
BIOU 1XX: Introduction to Biology (for nonmajors; no lab)
ENGU 2XX: Writing for the 21
Century (in 2011-12 pipeline)
HUMU 2XX: Media and the Humanities (Digital Humanities)
LBSU 1XX: Liberal Arts Foundation (required core class)
LBSU 1XX: Student Success Skills (required core class; similar to LBSU 115)
LBSU 2XX: Education and Culture
PHLU 104: Introduction to Ethics
RELU 1XX: Eastern Religions
SOCU 102: Cultural Anthropology
SPNU 101: Spanish I
SPNU 102: Spanish II

D. Evaluation of course inventory after implementation of development plan
(all classes shown below except for ESCU will be available in both blended and online format):

BREADTH REQUIREMENTS after implementation of course development plan (24 credits required)

Humanities (9 credits from 3 different areas)


(LBSU 2XX: Education and Culture)
Philosophy (PHLU 104: Introduction to Ethics)

Natural Sciences (6 credits)

(ESCU 101/online, ESCU 111/blended, FSNU 200, FSNU 201, BIOU 1XX: Introduction to Biology)

Social Sciences (9 credits from 3 different areas)



(PSYU 101, PSYU 201)
U 101; SOCU 102; SOCU 293)