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Guide to Resolving Drive Problems

IMPORTANT: Also, ensure that you include the letters ADI some!here in the
title o" any bridge cases that are raised "or ADI#GRA$ drive %roblems & !e
need this in order to %rovide stats "or management meetings !ith the %eo%le
"rom ADI' The bridge cases raised "or drive on any o" the Netbac(u% master
or media servers )e*ce%t "or the + PR, bo*es & caam-,, lsam-, and cdam-, "or
!hich !e handle the callout. M$/T go directly to 0TPOP/ !ho arrange
callout regardless o" !hich site is a""ected'
2 commands will tell you whether a tape is stuck in a drive:
ipcscs0 $ vmoprcmd
DRI'E "#(#!"
Drv #ype )ontrol !ser *a+el R'"N E'"N Ready ,r-En+l- Re.Id
0 hcart2 DO0N1T2M / No / /
0 hcart2 #*1 root 2es 2IP234 2IP234 2es 2es 0
(DDI#I%N(* DRI'E "#(#!"
Drv DriveName 1ultihost (ssi5ned )omment
0 Drive0 No / (utomated Noti6ication
0 Drive0 No ipcscs0
(s you can see7 drive inde8 9Drv: 0 is ;D%,N< as 6ar as Net=ackup is concerned7
this means that no tape mountin5 will occur until it is ;!P<-
#here is a tape in drive inde8 0 > 2IP234 9R'"N is the internal la+el7 E'"N is the
e8ternal la+el o6 the cart7 always re6er to the e8ternal id:-
#he )ontrol column will indicate whether you are dealin5 with an (DI)?GR(!
li+rary 9#*1: or an I=1 li+rary 9#*@:- I6 you ever see ('R under this column7 then
immediate attention is re.uired7 as the li+rary has dropped into pause mode and no
drives will +e availa+le 6or +ackups-
#he second command to veri6y the status o6 the drives is dependant on whether it is an
I=1 li+rary or an (DI)?GR(! li+rary:
I=1 > use mtli+ >l ?dev?lmcp0 >.* / the output is too detailed to copy into this
document7 however7 the 6irst couple o6 lines should look like this:
Library Data:
operational state..........Automated Operational State
I6 the li+rary is not workin57 it will state 3Intervention Required4 alon5side
operational state.
(DI)?GR(! > use dasadmin commands-
ipcscs0 $ dasadmin ld ipcscs0
listd 6or client: ipcscs0 success6ul
drive: DRI'E2A amu drive: 2A st: !P type: N sysid: client: ipcscs0 volser: 2IP234 cleanin5 0
cleanBcount: 04
drive: DRI'E2C amu drive: 2C st: !P type: N sysid: client: ipcscs0 volser: ,IP20D cleanin5 0
unt: 4
)ompare the output a+ove with the output 6rom the 'moprcmd command and you
will see that +oth 2IP234 and ,IP20D are mounted ;physically< > as dasadmin
interro5ates the li+rary directly- "o in order to 5et a true picture7 it is usually +est to
trust the output 6rom this command-
(s such7 you will see that ,IP20D is mounted in drive 2C accordin5 to dasadmin7 +ut
not accordin5 to vmoprcmd7 there6ore there is an o+vious pro+lem with this tape-
#his is the most common pro+lem > a tape that is known to dasadmin +ut not known
to vmoprcmd- !sually this means that the tape has +ecome stuck on the spooler and
will need to +e dismounted-
#he 6irst command to try is:
dasadmin dismount >t A4E0 AAA123 9tape id:
#he >t A4E0 synta8 is necessary where the de6ault tape type is anythin5 +ut A4E07 so
it<s use6ul to 5et into the ha+it o6 usin5 it-
I6 the tape had mana5ed to rewind itsel6 +e6ore it +ecame stuck7 then this command
will work7 otherwise you will have to arran5e 6or en5ineer callout to +e made7 a
messa5e such as ;the drive did not eFect a volume< will eventually +e returned-
I6 the dasadmin dismount command does not work7 you could contact the onsite %ps
team and ask them to power cycle the drive at 6ault-
In the event o6 a re.uired callout7 it is recommended to put in as much in6ormation as
possi+le re5ardin5 the li+rary and drive num+er- Gor identi6yin5 the li+rary7 use the
Net=ackup Interactive Reportin5 pa5e at http:??+yadsm0A-nat-+t-com and search
thou5h li+rary in6ormation7 this hi5hli5hts each li+rary and the servers that it supports-
2ou should already know the o66endin5 drive +y the output 6rom the dasadmin ld
T%con"ig command
This command sho!s the drives on the system'
5 t%con"ig &d
Inde* DriveName DrivePath Ty%e /hared /tatus
66666 666666666 6666666666 6666 666666 666666
- T2MDrive7 #dev#rmt#8+cbn hcart No $P
T2M)9. DA/ Drive Name:DRI;<7
8 T2MDrive88 #dev#rmt#8cbn hcart No $P
T2M)9. DA/ Drive Name:DRI;<88
, I=MDrive87 #dev#rmt#>cbn hcart, No $P
T2?)8. I=M Device Name:--+>7-<8A8@
+ Drive- #dev#rmt#-cbn @mm No $P
T2M),. DA/ Drive Name:DRI;<777
9 I=MDrive,- #dev#rmt#@cbn hcart, No $P
T2?)8. I=M Device Name:--+>7-<8A87
urrently de"ined robotics are:
T2?)8. library name : +979b,
volume database host : i%adsm-8
T2M),. DA/ server : amu,,
volume database host : i%adsm-8
T2M)9. DA/ server : amu,
volume database host : i%adsm-8
#ape stuck in a drive 6ollow the 6ollowin5 commands
9as root:
mt >6 $pathname ?dev?rmt? 96rom tpcon6i5 >d:& status
H mt /6 ?dev?rmt?Ic+n status
?dev?rmt?Ic+n: Device +usy
I6 the tape is stuck you need to unload it
H mt /6 ?dev?rmt?Ic+n rewo66l
I6 this does not work powecycle the drive +y the site ops N%#E 1!"# N%# =E (N
*#% DRI'E
I6 this does not work call out en5ineer to 6i8 drive
offline, rewoffl
Rewind the tape and, if appropriate, take the drive
unit off-line by unloading the tape. It cycles
through all four tapes.
rint status infor!ation about the tape unit.
=elow is a list o6 use6ul commands 6or identi6yin5 drive pro+lems:
vmo%rcmd > shows what tapes are in use +y +ackups 9this is how Net=ackup sees the
dasadmin ld hostname > show what tapes are mounted and should (*,(2" +e
cross/re6erenced with vmoprcmd-
dasadmin dismount &t +>7- ABC1! > will dismount any tape that has +een
dasadmin eAect &c &t +>7- ABC1! <-8 > will eFect a tae 6rom the li+rary 9this will
N%# dismount a tape 6rom a drive7 it will simply take the tape 6rom it<s slot in the silo
9li+rary: and will place it in the ;eFect area< 6rom which the relevant media 5roup can
retrieve the tape- Note that you must al!ays use the &c "lag !ith this command,
this clears the slot "or use by another ta%e'
dasadmin insert I-8 > will take all tapes 6rom the ;input hopper< and insert them into
6ree slots in the silo 9li+rary:
mtlib &l #dev#lmc%- &B2 > will show the status o6 an I=1 li+rary- Note that drive
6ailures are relatively in6re.uent on the I=1 li+raries7 which is why we have ;skirted<
around the commands 6or it-
mtlib &l #dev#lmc%- &B &; &; ABC1! > will display the status o6 a tape known to
the I=1 li+rary
,e also have access to the ro+test 6unction7 which 5ives you sole control o6 the ro+ot
which is why it must +e used with care > while ever you are in ro+test no 6urther tape
mountin5 can +e done-
2ou can use ro+test to dismount tapes7 check 6or mounted tapes7 5enerally everythin5
that you can do 6rom the command line7 however7 you have more privile5es-
#o enter ro+test7 simply type robtest 6rom the command line7 this will 5ive you a
prompt7 listin5 all the availa+le ro+ot types 9i-e- #*107 this is use6ul i6 you are unsure
as to what li+raries a server is connected to:-
#he main commands used with ro+test are:
li+stat > shows the status o6 the li+rary
drstat > shows all o6 the drives and what is presently mounted
cancel $re.uestBid& / )ancel server re.uest
client $newBclientBname& / Print client status or chan5e D(" client name
dm $volser& / Dismount volser
eFect $area& $vol& J$vol&K / EFect volsers in ran5e to eFect area
6 $drivenum& / Gorce dismount 9")"I unload may +e re.uired:
list / Print outstandin5 re.uests
init / InitialiLe the D(" ()I li+rary
insert $area& $type& / Insert volsers 6rom insert area
inventory / Inventory 9audit: the (1*
m $volser& $drivenum& / 1ount volser
.uery J$volser&K J$volser&K / Print volsers in ran5e
types / Print list o6 media types
version / Print so6tware versions
view $volser& / Print volser data+ase entry
(lways remem+er to lo5out o6 ro+test cleanly otherwise it will have an e66ect on