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LAT 2301 Section 001

A Second Course in Latin I
Fall 2012

Basic Information

1. Instructor: Ms. Amy Dickenson Office: FL 004, Cubicle 7


Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:15PM, Tuesday 12:30-1:45PM, and by appointment.

2. Course Description

►This course will be conducted primarily in English with readings in Latin.

TTU Catalog Description: Review, selected readings from standard authors.

3. Expected Learning Outcomes & Their Assessments

a) Students will build their knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar through reading and writing
exercises. Students will be able to read and translate a wide variety of Latin texts in both prose and
poetry. Students will learn basic facts about ancient Roman history and culture.

Assessment: homework/class preparation, regular quizzes, a midterm, and one 150-minute final

b) Students will acquire and retain a vocabulary of 2000 words.

Assessment: homework/class preparation, regular quizzes, a midterm, and one 150-minute final

4. Prerequisites: LAT 1501 and 1502; or LAT 1507.

5. Class Meeting Time & Location: Class meets MWF, 10:00-10:50 a.m. in the Foreign Language
Building, Room 115.

6. Text(s) & Other Materials/Supplies

Required Materials (available in local bookstores):

1. Lingua Latina: Pars II: Roma Aeterna
ISBN: 978-8799701681

In addition, you will be responsible for the content of any supplemental materials provided by the
instructor, which may include:

• Grammar handouts: The content of grammar handouts may be tested on quizzes and tests.

• Vocabulary handouts: The content of vocabulary handouts may be tested on quizzes and tests.

Course Requirements & Policies

7. Course Requirements

• Always bring the required materials to class.

• All homework assignments must be completed in advance of class.

• Lest you miss any messages pertaining to this course and/or your performance in this course, please
check your ttu-e-mail account at least once per day.

• If you miss more than 10 minutes of class, you will be counted as absent.

• It is your responsibility to contact the instructor about material missed and to make up the material

• Verifiable documentation (= a doctor’s note) will be needed for excusing an absence due to illness.

• Accumulating more than 7 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade in the course.

• To obtain an excused absence for attending a funeral, the Department of CMLL requests specific
evidence of your relationship to the deceased. The Department of CMLL excuses an absence for
attending a funeral only if you are a member of the family of the deceased.

• Regular quizzes cannot be made up if missed, except in the event of an excused absence.

• In addition to frequent quizzes, you will take a midterm and a final exam. No test can be made up,
except in the event of an excused absence. The final exam will be given on Tuesday, December 11

8. Grading Policies
A+: 100>98; A: 98>93; A-: 93>90; B+: 90>88; B: 88>83; B-: 83>80; C+: 80>78; C: 78>73; C-:
73>70; D+: 70>68; D: 68>63; D-: 63>60; F: <60.

The overall grade will be calculated as follows:

Participation/Attendance: 30%
Quizzes: 40%
Midterm: 15%
Final: 15%

There will be no extra credit options in this course.

9. Class Attendance & Preparation
See the policy regarding attendance in the Course Requirements section (Section 7) above.

• Reasonable excuses for missing class:

• Illness: as stated above, verifiable documentation will be needed for absences due to illness.

• Absence Due to Religious Observance: A student may be excused from attending classes or
other required activities, including examinations, for the observance of a religious holy day, including
travel for that purpose. A student whose absence is excused for this purpose may not be
penalized for that absence and shall be allowed to take an examination or complete
an assignment from which the student is excused.

• Absence Due to University Approved Trips: Department chairpersons, directors, or others
responsible for a student representing the university on officially approved trips should notify the
student’s instructors of the departure and return schedules in advance of the trip. The instructor so
notified must not penalize the student, although the student is responsible for material missed.
Students absent because of university business must be given the same privileges as
other students (e.g., if other students are given the choice of dropping one of four
tests, then students with excused absences must be given the same privilege).

► Regular attendance, prompt arrival, preparation for, and participation in class are expected. I will
give you a participation/attendance grade at the end of each class. This will be done on a two-point
scale. If you are absent, you get a 0. If you are present but unprepared, you get a 1. If you are
present and fully prepared, you get a 2. At the end of the semester I will add up your total points and
divide by the total possible points (= 2 x the total number of classes), and this percentage will be used
to calculate your participation/attendance portion of your semester grade.

10. Preparation
The Bulletin of Texas Tech states that students are expected to spend approximately two hours in
preparation for each hour of lecture.

11. Participation in Class
Please be prepared to participate actively in class. This is important for your progress in learning
Latin. Failure to have the homework done will adversely affect your class-preparation grade.

12. Make-up Policy
No make-ups are allowed except for excused absences. Excused absences require appropriate
documentation; make-ups must be arranged at least 2 days in advance.

13. Civility in the Classroom
Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to
learning. Students are also expected to respect and uphold the TTU Code of Student Conduct at all

Help maintain a positive learning environment by arriving on time, turning off cellular phones and
beepers before arriving in class, and avoiding distracting behaviors. Any student whose behavior
disturbs our learning environment may be asked to leave.

For more details, please see the official TTU public information on the Code of Student Conduct,
found at

14. Student Use of Personal Technology
The use of a notebook computer or similar electronic or digital device in class is subject to the
approval of the instructor. No personal electronic device should be used during quizzes,
examinations or other testing or assessment situations without the authorization of the instructor.
Authorized devices meant to be adaptive or assistive in nature, and which are incorporated as part of a
documented disability or medical condition, are exempt from this policy.

15. Students with Disabilities
Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet the
course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary
arrangements. Students should present appropriate verification from Student Disability Services
during the instructor’s office hours. Please note: instructors are not allowed to provide classroom
accommodations to a student until appropriate verification from Student Disability Services has been
provided. For additional information, you may contact the Student Disability Services office in 335
West Hall or 806-742-2405.

16. Academic Honesty
It is the aim of the faculty of Texas Tech University to foster a spirit of complete honesty and a high
standard of integrity. The attempt of students to present as their own any work that they have not
honestly performed is regarded by the faculty and administration as a serious offense and renders the
offenders liable to serious consequences, possibly suspension.

“Scholastic dishonesty” includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, falsifying
academic records, misrepresenting facts, and any act designed to give unfair academic advantage to
the student (such as, but not limited to, submission of essentially the same written assignment for two
courses without the prior permission of the instructor) or the attempt to commit such an act.

17. Schedule
Please consult the Course Calendar for course schedule and all assignments.