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CubFlyer CA 18 

Basic Workshop Tools Requirements 
Classic Aviation Designs Ltd – Hamilton, New Zealand – 

Essential to building this project is solid and sturdy construction tables. These comprise of: 2x 2.4m x 1.2m
30mm custom wood tops joined together to form one large table measuring 4.8m x 1.2m. These sheets are
screwed to a sturdy framework with legs that are constructed of 4x2 timber with a secondary shelf
underneath the main table top to store timber, steel, tools etc. this also adds weight to hold the table down
and keep them sturdy. This table must be constructed to form a level, flat surface.

Q- Do you have access to these materials to build this table.

To ascertain an understanding of how much input is required from Classic Aviation Designs Ltd (CADL)
please send photos of your workshop with dimensions of work area plus a list of what machine tools your
shop currently has in stock. The items that are required to construct this project are as follows:

- Sturdy 12” cast iron table saw (bench saw). This is used to rip down the rough sawn timber stock
into their finished sizes. This saw is a very important item, you require it to perform repeated
accurate cutting. I do not recommend using cheaply made bench saws as they tend to cut
inaccurately and wander of line when cutting large timber stock.

- Cross cut draw saw used to trim all timber to size.

- Bandsaw used for cutting out plywood pieces and timber blocks. The bandsaw is also used to rip
down the laminates from the rough stock timber for the leading and trailing ends of the tail planes.

- Buzzer/Planer used to dress the rough sawn timber stock prior to cutting it out on the table top saw.

- Router used to shape leading edges to tail planes. Best if mounted to a table for ease of operation.

- Thicknesser/Planer. Once the timber has been cut to size with the table top saw you will use the
thicknesser to gauge it to its finished profile size.

- 3/8 Electric/Battery Drill used throughout the project screwing construction blocks to the table.

- Vacuum Pump required to laminate quite a few of the surfaces of the aircraft in vacuum bags.

- An assortment of hand tools, e.g. hammer, spirit level, plum bob, handsaw, etc.

CubFlyer CA 18 
Basic Workshop Tools Requirements 
Classic Aviation Designs Ltd – Hamilton, New Zealand – 

Cross Cut Draw Saw 12” Table Saw

Buzzer/Planer   Ryobi 230mm Thicknesser/Planer
    Small Hand Tools             Vacuum Pump