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French musicologist, composer, radio producer, artistic director and music critic Alain Feron
was born in Dakar (Senegal). Alain studied composition under Ahmed Essyad. He was a
producer on radio for France-Musique, France Culture, and “Espace 2” Radio Suisse Romande.
He was an artistic director in charge of “Perspective du XXème siècle” at Radio France since
1895 to 1989, he was also responsible for the classical music department at Koka-Media (Paris).

Alain worked as a musicologist, he taught and perform various missions for public, private and
community institutions. He was writing for several revues and dictionaries giving references as
well as a music critic working for Harmonie, Diapason, Monde de la Musique. His music, which
is dodecaphonic but not serialized; atonal but not to the omission of modal coloring, is
definitely based on disappearance of tonal language but achieves this without yielding to
approach or to artistic clique. Through functionalizing all the factors and allocating them
hierarchically in a modular progression, his music endeavors through its composition, to
overtake theories of modernity and to attain this inherently transhistorical decision, the
“eternal, inmovable essence” of the work of art, of which Baudelaire dreamed.

Although he has no religious feeling in music as he is of Protestant origin he has the power to
embrace the fascination of man for the unknown and the desire for spiritual weightlessness
that drives us to turn to the infinite. Alain wanted his music to be meaningful, reflective,
carrying a question, as well as with response across a writing that is intended solely musical.

Alain Feron attempts to track down the very essence of this instrument, the guitar, by
synthesizing its use in many musical applications it through. The first one is called “static” which
is one of the East, modality, monophonic language, the ethnic music, Gregorian chant, Debussy,
Scelsi and spectral music. The second, On the other hand, is called “dynamic”, which is for the
part of speech, counterpoint, polyphony, one of Bach, Beethoven and Schoenberg and Boulez.
The musical fusion by Alain rarely relies on a scientific ethnomusicology substrate. His purpose
is to use both in the same time !

In 1985 he received a Sacem’s prize of Hervé Dugardin. Moreover, in 1989 he became laureate
of the Henry Clew’s foundation. He nevertheless attained a grant by the Vuitton Foundation in
the year 1990 and a new one by the French Ministry of Culture in the year after.

His works has been performed in France, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Japan, and USA.

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