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English 103 Multimedia Project Rubric

Inadequate Exceptional
Dimension 0-2 points 3-5 points 6-8 points Score
Concept Originality Provides little or no evidence of Concept supports design task; Concept effectively addresses the
Ability to define problems, new thought, inventiveness or demonstrates some new thought, design task; extends others’
explore various creativity. inventiveness or creativity. approaches in inventive ways; may
possibilities, and show significant evidence of
develop unique originality and inventiveness.

Aesthetic Quality Visuals are either too simplistic or Visual elements relate to content. Skillful handling of design
Sensitivity to the principles cluttered and busy. Graphic effects Graphical elements reinforce elements creates unique and
of design and successful fail to support the message and content and are functional. effective style. Visual elements
fulfillment of project hamper communication of content; and content reinforce each other.
criteria. graphics are gratuitous. Concept Design strategy supports
fails to support design task. message. Overall, an effective and
functionally sound design.
Presentation Poor craftsmanship given available Acceptable craftsmanship. No Clear effort to achieve high
Display of technical skill, technologies. For multimedia, no obvious easily correctable errors. production values and to use
ability to follow directions, attempt to manipulate timing, flow, For multi-media projects, production techniques to enhance
craftsmanship. transitions, for effect. Production elementary efforts to control product. Craftsmanship or
errors not addressed. Project fails timing, flow, transitions. Project presentation may approach
to address assignment production fulfills assignment criteria. professional quality. Project goes
criteria. beyond assignment criteria.
Rhetorical Theory Limited or no attention provided to Rhetorical theories considered and Extensively relying on rhetorical
Inclusion of course rhetorical theory in design or incorporated. Author may have theory, the core message is
concepts, including but not production. overlooked persuasive carefully constructed and
limited to persona, possibilities. articulated. An audience is
appeals, and canon. explicitly identified. The needs of
the rhetorical situation are
considered. A technology is
selected and leveraged such that
is appropriate to the audience and
message. The author establishes
their ethos explicitly.

General Comments:

[Acknowledgement (remove this bracketed section before distribution): Dickie Selfe, whose sample rubric posted to served as the basis for this effort].