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In recent years, the divorce rate keeps increasing which showing us the couple’s relationship is very unstable. Brandi Porter. (2009) report that”
Divorce as a Social Problem”. Keeping the relationship always in a positive direction is never easy but divorce is more than common that it
need to be. People treat divorce as the unique solution to solve the problems. Designing a brand new application which names ’us’ will help
couple to have the closer understanding of their partner in order to reduce the divorce rate.
3.1 Vision
help everyone stay in a better relationship with their partners all over the world.
3.2 Industry Analysis: the mobile application Industry
Industry: the mobile application industry. The mobile application industry Is steadily growing since the development of the smart phones
around the world.
Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: High Because the smartphone owners have many
alternative choices of different relative-couples


applications. ( 2014)
Supplier power: High Supplier power is low because software capable
of creating application is not hard to supply and
easy to learn and use.(sappmaker.2011)
Threat of new entrants: High The threat of the new entrants is high since the
starting capital cost is low,and the required
conditions of entering the industry are low as
well such as time and technology.
Threat of substitutes: low The threat of substitutes is low, although there
are lots of applications exist but not many
applications can provide the same completed and
good functions as we do. (The Gottman Institute.
Rivalry among existing
High Rivalry among existing competitors is high.
Because we can see from the Apple applications


store, there are lots of couple application are able
to download. So the competition is fierce.
(mashable,2012 )
Overall attractiveness of the industry:
The overall attractiveness of the industry is high. Although lots of competitors exist within the industry, but no many companies can provide
the same products as good as we do. Also, the cost of producing this application is not high, we can gain high profit from selling them.
3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
One of the biggest problem in the world is the divorce rate keep increasing. That means the couples are easily having problems. So the
majority of customers who are interested in our application will be couples, they can be married or in a relationship or even when they want to
test the person if suitable for them. Obviously the range is wide, from teenagers to adults; from females to males.
This application can help the couples to understand their partners better, to know what is their partner truly want, to get the deeply meaning
of what their partners’ expressed.
3.4 The Product and Service
This product is providing a platform for couples to more understanding their partner. System automatically asks some essential problem, once
the couple submits the answer, system will secretly swap the answer, then the couple can understand what is deeply in their partner’s mind.
And this product is creating love map, the couples can finish the goal together, once they achieve the goal, they will gain marks. The couple


ranking monthly displays which couple is the best couple. When the couples have difficulties to solve some serious problem, they can use
“asking psychologist” function to seek some professional help.
3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Firstly, we need one software supplier who can help us to develop our application, make it easy and effective to run. Also, we need to keep a
good relationship with every popular application store, like android and Apple store. They are our supplier as well, without these applications
store customers can't be able to download our application, and we will start losing from here. So keep a good relationship with application
store companies is vital for our company. Also, we need some extra partners. Like the whole marketing team, this marketing team can help our
company to plan a strategic plan. Under the help from this marketing team, the popularity of our application will be increased, and then we
can sell our products in a smarter way.
3.6 Strategy: cost leadership
Because we are staying in the mobile application industry, the application which we provide is available to every couple all around the world.
So it is the board market. Therefore, the cost of mobile application is low, so the customers won't like to pay much on this simple application,
and then we will focus on low cost. So for our company the overall strategy is cost leadership.
3.7 Value Chain Activity: market and sell products
The most important value chain activity for this business is market and sell products.


As we known, the competition within the whole mobile application industry is fierce. We need to let more customer gain information about
our application, through strategic marketing plan to keep the current customers and catch more new customers. Make our application gaining
more popularity on android and apple application store, and then customers can directly see our application on the first page of the
application page. If managing this process efficiently and effectively, company’s market shares and profit can increase steadily.
3.8 Business process
3.8.1. MARKET CAMPAI GN MANAGEMENT PROCESS –market campaign management process is essential for our business because this process
can help managers to design the best marketing selling plan for our application. Like how to design an attractive slogan for our product? How
to attract our customers and how to beat other competitors? Since we focus on market and sell the product this value chain activity, we need
to take a bigger place on the whole mobile application industry to increase the sale and revenue for our company.




3.8.2. PRICING PLANNING PROCESS –The pricing planning process is important as well because we need to set up a reasonable and attractive
price for customers to increase the sell. It always is difficult to control the balance between cost and revenue. Through analysing , testing,
implementing and collecting feedback these four steps, this process will help to find out the best price for our product in order to gain the
revenue for companies.





3.9 Functionalities
 Program monitoring and reporting
 Surveys customers, employees and managers.
 Implement the price setting
 Gain information from customers and compare price with competitors.
3.10 Systems

3.10. 1. MARKETING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM –Marketing management system supports the marketing campaign management process and
functionalities at the first place. This system will automate the process and make it runs faster to save time for the company. This system helps
designing the marketing plan for application and collect feedback from customers in order to improve the performance of marketing campaign
to increase the revenue.
3.10. 2. ACCOUNTING SYSTEM –Accounting system is supporting our process and functionalities. it helps to set the price and calculate the lost
and revenue.
3.10. 3. FEEDBACK SUPPORT SYSTEM – This system supports marketing campaign management process and pricing planning process. Building a
good relationship with customers can always gain the first hand information from them. Through this system to know what kind of marketing


advertisement is the more attractive for them and what price for them is the more reasonable and acceptable, and then we can change our
plan to adjust the customers in order to gain the revenue for the company.
3.11. Summary Table: Value Chain to Systems

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information

Market and
1. Marketing
1. Program monitoring and reporting

2. Surveys customers, employees and
Marketing management

Feedback support system
Decision support System

Customer relationship
management system
2. Pricing
1. Implement the price setting

2. Gain information from customers and
compare the price with competitors.
accounting system

feedback support system
Transaction processing

Customer relationship
management system


Based on our company’s vision, through marketing management system , we get to know
what is couple's need and design the best application for them to improve customer
satisfaction. Then we need always to compare with other competitors to find our own short
backgrounds and advantages. Developing our competitive advantages we need to make
sure our applications’ function and quality, it should be useful and no bugs are existing.
Furthermore, always keep the eyes on couple's needs and the trend of the mobile industry
to generate growth of our applications.

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