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and encircle the letter of your ans!er.
Philippine Musicality
"ilipinos are !orld#reno!ned for their musicality. $he "ilipinos% great a&ility
to sing is no! proven in the international scene. 'ut not only is the (hilippines )no!n
for its talented singers. $his country is home to several uniue and ama*ing musical
instruments+ as !ell.
,ne such instrument is the Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan. $his musical instrument
is the only one of its )ind in the !orld. .t is made up mostly of &am&oo. $his &am&oo
organ stands tall !ith / meters in height. .t has 011 tu&es+ 023 of !hich are made of
$he construction of this masterpiece !as no easy tas). 4 priest named "r.
Diego 5era de la 6irgen del 5armen+ a native of Spain+ !or)ed on &uilding it !ith the
help of the people of Las (i-as. 7e &egan his !or) in 898:. .t too) them 9 years to
finish the organ in 89;2. $his musical instrument is no! 892 years.
$he 'am&oo ,rgan is very significant in the cultural and historical heritage of
the "ilipinos. $hat is !hy the National Museum of the (hilippines declared it as a
<National 5ultural $reasure.= .t is something all "ilipinos can &e proud of.

Grade 6
No. of !ords: 80/
SY 2012-2013
Phil-IRI Form 1 - Pretest

8. 7o! long did it ta)e to &uild the Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan?
a. 9 years
&. 0 years
c. 82 years
d. 8@ years

;. Aho made the plan to &uild the Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan?
a. "ather Diego del 5armen
&. "ather Diego de 6era
c. the people of Spain
d. the people of Las (i-as

B. Ahat !as declared <National 5ultural $reasure=?
a. $he (hilippine 'am&oo ,rgan
&. $he (hilippine ,rgan
c. $he Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan
d. $he Las (i-as ,rgan

2. 4ccording to the passage+ !hy can the "ilipino people &e proud of the 'am&oo organ?
a. .t is famous in the !hole !orld.
&. .t is made only &y the "ilipino people.
c. .t is the only &am&oo organ in the !orld.
d. .t is the only &am&oo organ in the (hilippines.

/. .s the Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan the only uniue musical instrument in the country?
a. Ces
&. No
c. May&e
d. $he selection does not say.

:. Ahy !as the Las (i-as 'am&oo ,rgan declared as a national treasure?

a. .t is made &y a Spanish priest.
&. .t is mostly made up of &am&oo.
c. .t says a lot a&out our people and culture.
d. .t is already very old and needs a lot of care.

SY 2012-2013
@. Ahich of the follo!ing could you do to &est promote the Las (i-as 'am&oo organ?

a. Sending a post card of it to friends here and a&road
&. Reading a lot of articles a&out it
c. $a)ing pictures of it and putting them in a photo al&um
d. (laying a song using the organ

9. .f you !ere the careta)er of the (hilippine 'am&oo ,rgan+ !hich of the follo!ing !ould
you do to ta)e care of it?
a. Loc) it in a room so it !ill not &e stolen.
&. 7ave it chec)ed regularly to ma)e sure it has the proper tune.
c. .nvite "ilipinos and foreigners to see the national treasure.
d. 5onduct a regular singing competition !here it !ould &e used.

SY 2012-2013

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