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Cashew Nut Processing manual – the basics

Cashew Nut
- Sun drying
- Storage
Quality Control
- Moisture test
- Nut Count
- Nut-Out Turn
Roasng Cooling
The Steps
- Cleaning
- Roasng
- Cooling
Shelling, !rying,
- !rying
- Peeling
Cashew is highly appreciated in a large number of countries and cultures. In
Mozambique, the Maconde tribe refer to it as the “e!il"s Nut#. It is offered at
wedding ceremonies as a to$en of fertility and is considered by many to ha!e
aphrodisiac properties. %he cashew nut world production in &''' was estimated at
& million tones of nuts ( in)shell, with an o!erall estimated !alue e*ceeding +, &
$rading and
- Si&e
- Sha'e
- Color
Cashew Nut Processing
Ste' )
Sun Drying and
*t the Producer +e,el
Raw Cashew Nuts are
sun dried -or se,eral
days.The Raw Cashew
Nut is stored in either
gunny or sisal bags.
Passages should be
%e't in order to
guarantee ,enlaon.
ST/P 0
Before Processing
The 1uality o- the raw
cashew nut is
determined by three
%ey tests be-ore
'rocessing2 Moisture
test, Nut Count Test
and Nut turn-out. The
%ernels are also graded
according to their si&e
ST/P 3
Cleaning, Roastng
The raw nuts are sie,ed
by hand using mesh
sie,e.*4er that The
raw cashew nut are
roasted -or
a''ro5imately 36
minutes and le4 to cool
-or )0 – )7 hours.
ST/P 8
Hygiene Practces
$ood 9ygienic :
'racces shall be
res'ected through the
whole 'rocessing
%he cashew industry ran$s third in the world production of edible nuts. %he ma-or
e*porters of cashew in the world are India and .razil with /'0 and 120
respecti!ely of the world mar$et share. %he ma-or cashew nut importers are the
+nited ,tates 34405, the Netherlands 32'05, 6ermany 32705, 8apan 3405 and the
+9 3405. Cashew $ernels are ran$ed as either the second or third most e*pensi!e
nut traded in the +,. %he retail prices in the +, range between +, : ( &1 per
;e-ore the mar%et
To people or! together at each shelling "achine#
The <rst cuts the nuts and the second 'erson o'ens them by a 'in se'arang the %ernel -rom the shell. !aily
'roducon is about 36 %gs 'er team.
The ra !ernels are put in alu"inu" perforated trays and then put in an electric $ stea" drying "achine for three hours
at a constant te"perature of %& deg# C# The moisture content o- the raw %ernel is reduced -rom => to 3> to 're,ent natural
'anual peeling is done (y gentle ru((ing ith fngers or (y use of special peeling !nife) ith this operaton *&+*, !g of
!ernels can (e peeled per day#
There are ,- specifc grades of cashe nut !ernels o(tained fro" peeling#The "a.or or! is to select the !ernels according
to si/e, shape color and count# 0nce the !ernels ha1e (een graded, and a2er going through fnal 3uality control) they are
pac!ed in pouches of ,4 l(s$**#56 !g net eight# The pouches are 1acuu"+pac!ed to e7tract air and car(on dio7ide) then,
nitrogen gas is in.ected in and the pouch is auto"atcally sealed#The fnal process pre1ents the product deterioraton and
e7tends the storage $ shelf life of the !ernel up to 4 years if the pouch is not punctured#
$rading and Pac%ing
Cashew Products
Raw Cashew Nuts
The ra cashe nut is the "ain
co""ercial product of the
Cashe Tree, though yields of
cashe apple are eight to ten
t"es the eight of the ra
Cashew ?ernels
8t is est"ated that 9&: of
cashe !ernels are consu"ed
in the for" of snac!s hile the
re"aining 6&: are included in
Cashew Nut Shell +i1uid
The li3uid inside the shell
represent *4: of the gross
eight and has so"e a;ract1e
"edicinal and industrial uses#
The li3uid is one of the natural
resin that is highly heat
resistant and is used in (ra!ing
syste"s and in paint
%hree main cashew products are traded on the international mar$et; these are
<aw Nuts, Cashew 9ernels and Cashew Nut ,hell =iquid 3CN,=5. > ?ourth
product, the Cashew >pple is generally processed and consumed locally.