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Thank you for registering with Zerodha - The Free Trade Zone.

Please read the following carefully ensuring that you send us the necessary documents as required:
2 copies of your PAN card. 1.
2 copies of your address proof. Acceptable documents include the latest copies of your passport, ration card, driving license(with the validity sheet), electricity
bill, telephone invoice (only BSNL), bank passbook (with photo on the first page), bank statement (If an e-copy then attested with the seal and signature of the
bank manager).
2 Passport sized color photographs to be pasted on the form and signed across. 3.
2 cheques: One cancelled cheque leaf (if your name is not on the cheque, please submit one month's bank statement along with it).One cheque for Rs 600
favoring Zerodha.
In case you want to trade in the derivatives segment, then please submit the most recent copy of any 1 of the following documents in addition to the above
mentioned items. a) Income tax returns b) Form 16 c)Demat holding statement with another depositary participant d) 6-month bank statement e) Salary slip/pay
In-Person Verification: The Exchange requires us to perform in-person verification, so you have to either be available on a webcam or send us your picture (face)
with your PAN card clearly visible. You could send this as a soft copy or post it along with your documents.
Signatures: Places where signatures are required have all been numbered: (Trading Form: F1 to F29). In addition, signatures are required at the following places:
Page 1 (not numbered) on the Zerodha form - PRICING PLAN. 1.
Please make sure you paste a photo and then sign on F3. 2.
For 'F6' there are 3 options, decide which ones you want and sign appropriately. 3.
**Self Declaration (sign this ONLY if applicable). 4.
(Demat Form: F1 to F19). Please sign in all the places that have been numbered. Please make sure you paste a photo and then sign on F5.
If you want to open only a trading account with us, print pages 1-29.
If you want to open trading and demat accounts with us, print and send us all pages.
*All documents have to be self attested - sign on all the photocopies.
Join us on and
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Registered Address: Zerodha, 175/176 2nd floor, Bannergatta Road, Bilekhalli, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka, India
Corporate Office: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Tower B # 21-06, Singapore 238874
For any complaints email at complaints @ Please ensure you carefully read the risk Disclosure Document as prescribed by SEBI
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