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2014/5/24 -NO.

Russia -China veto contrary to Justice, Al-Jarba
Al-Waer truce held
Opposition takes
over five military
Reconciliation to
be held in Capital`s
southern districts
Successful visit
to Paris, Jamous
Antakia Meeting to
hinder SAA advance
Page NO.2 The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (487) 2014/5/24
Antakia Meeting to hinder SAA advance
Al-Waer truce held
ISIL, al-Nusra to clash
Reconciliation to be
held in Capital`s south-
ern districts
An urgent meeting compris-
ing French, American, Brit-
ish, Saudi and Qatari intel-
ligence offcials is expected
be held next week in An-
takya city in Turkey, sourc-
es said. The meeting is in-
tended to discuss the options
available to face recent ad-
vances of Syrian Arab Army
in the north through break-
ing out new fronts to hinder
advance in Aleppo`s east-
ern districts, establishing a
new defense line in Aleppo
countryside, increasing the
level of armament to help
opposition in facing Syrian
Authorities representing
warring parties in Al-Waer
have made it to a 72-hour
ceasefre in the opposition-
held district to act as a pre-
liminary step toward a full
reconciliation to copy the
one held earlier in the old
city of Homs.
Fierce clashes erupted be-
tween al-Nusra Front and
ISIL fghters as they pre-
pare to storm into al-Sha-
A large-scale reconcili-
ation is expected to be
held in al-Qadam and al-
Assali districts in Damas-
cus northern countryside,
Lebanese newspaper “al-
Akbaar” wrote. The source
explained that the recon-
ciliations state on settling
the situations of gunmen,
releasing and exchang-
ing arrested and abducted
people. In addition, Syrian
government will authorize
local gunmen to manage
the districts affairs and ex-
pel extremist fghters. The
agreement will be imple-
mented gradually on a step-
by-step basis.
Arab Army attacks in north.
Opposition sources said that
Turkey wants to enhance a
strong defense line in Alep-
po countryside, thus pre-
venting the advance of SAA
towards the adjacent areas
with Turkey.
heil town in Deir Ezzor
countryside. In return, Jab-
hat al-Nusra fghters en-
hanced their forces around
the town through digging
tunnels, mobilizing troops
and setting up explisives at
the town entrance. Clashes
between the two parties also
took place in al-Abass and
Page NO.3
The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 (487) 2014/5/24
FSA regains Tal Om Horan
Opposition besieges
army HQ
Russia -China veto contrary to Justice, Al-Jarba
Successful visit to Paris, Jamous
Opposition takes over
fve military check-
FSA regained Tal Om Horan,
the strategic hill near Nawa
in Daraa countryside, as it
pounded Syrian Arab Army
(SAA) gatherings in the hill
at the range of Tassil town in
Daraa western countryside.On
the other hand, SAA threat-
ened people of Nawa and
Jasem districts through leaf-
lets dropped from warplanes.
“What did you beneft from
FSA has tightened its siege on
air force intelligence branch
in Aleppo, controlling many
buildings near artillery battal-
ion in al-Zahraa. FSA carried
out military operations against
Syrian Arab Army in Central
prison of Aleppo surround-
ings, killing scores.
Syria`s opposition coalition
head Ahmad al-Jarba de-
nounced Russia-China veto
against a UNSC draft resolu-
tion on referral of Syrian fle
General Secretary of Syr-
ian opposition coalition Ba-
dar Jamous revealed a French
pledge to provide special mili-
tary aids to opposition fght-
ers. In his interview with the
Saudi newspaper “Okaz”, Ja-
mous explained that France
president Francois Hollande
promised them to ensure
qualitative weapons to oppo-
sition; including anti-aircraft
and armors. “We made a strict
guarantee to keep these weap-
In Hama countryside, oppo-
sition fghters took over fve
military checkpoints along-
side Batidi and Haish villages
in order to dominate the inter-
national highway from Aleppo
to Homs northern countryside.
destroying SAA facilities
built to repel the Zionist en-
emy and defend our territories
and nation?We appeal you to
submit your arms and return to
the state, Syrian people have
the ability to forgive every
misleading person.”, the leaf-
let wrote The warning gave
opposition fghters 10-hour
ultimatum to turn themselves
in or face death.It is expected
that Syrian Arab Army will
extend its military operations,
breaking up opposition fght-
ers’ power in these districts.
to the international Criminal
Court. “Russia and china veto
against the French resolution
draft is contrary to justice and
it gives Syrian government
and extremists’ an extra time
and justifcation to kill”, al-
Jarba said in a statement. He
appealed Russia and China
to stop supporting the Syrian
government and disabling in-
ternational efforts to achieve
justice in Syria.
ons away from extremists”,
He added. Jamous considered
the coalition delegation’s visit
headed by Ahmad al-Jarba to
Paris as a “successful one”
due to securing the qualitative
weapons to Free Army.