Bridget Franz

 Global Warming increased its power and
 Started off as a tropical cyclone that obtained
energy from warm ocean waters
 Winds up to 175 mph reached New Orleans
 The storm surge was 20 ft (6 meters) high
 Governor Rick Perry-created an emergency
disaster and conditions relief for the people of
 Ray Nagin-Mayor of New Orleans during
Hurricane Katrina, later accused of accepting
bribes while rebuilding the city
 Kathy Blanco-Governor of Louisiana, oversaw
the evacuation of 93% of people in the New
Orleans area
 President George Bush-Declared a state of
emergency two days before hurricane landfall,
allowed FEMA to begin staging relief supplies
 705 people are still missing as of today from
Hurricane Katrina
 It was the 3
strongest hurricane to ever
make landfall in the United States
 1,836 people died, both of which were from
Louisiana and Mississippi
 There was $81 billion dollars worth of
property damage, but including economics
the debt increased to $150 billion dollars
 80% of New Orleans was left underwater,
some places up to 20 feet underwater
 The hurricane effected over 15 million people
in different ways such as economics,
displacement, and even gas prices
 Many people who were displaced came to
Houston or different parts of Texas
 The hurricane effected 19% of oil production,
destroying 113 offshore oil and gas platforms
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 “The huge storm, packing 160 mph winds, is expected to hit the northern
Gulf Coast in the next nine hours and make landfall as a Category 4 or 5
hurricane Monday morning.The National Hurricane Center reports that
conditions are already deteriorating along the central and northeastern
coast. (Watch video to see the worst case scenario)New Orleans Mayor
Ray Nagin declared a state of emergency Sunday and ordered a
mandatory evacuation of the city. (Watch video of mayor's
announcement)"This is a threat that we've never faced before," Nagin said.
"If we galvanize and gather around each other, I'm sure we will get through
this."He exempted essential federal, state, and local personnel; emergency
and utility workers; transit workers; media; hotel workers; and patrons
from the evacuation order.About 1.3 million people live in New Orleans
and its suburbs, and many began evacuating before sunrise. (Watch video
to see who's staying and who's leaving)Nagin estimated that nearly 1
million people had fled the city and its surrounding parishes by Sunday

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 Nearly 1 million people evacuated
the New Orleans area before the
hurricane and between 20,000 and
25,000 people took shelter in the
Louisiana Superdome
 Only three Category 5 hurricanes
have every made landfall in the
United States, Hurricane Katrina
was one of them
 The hurricane impacted an area of
90,000 square miles