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Healthy food = Healthier Future

In today’s world lack of nutrition is a very important problem in today. As this problem could lead to
many symptoms such as illness, lack of concentration with physical symptoms including dry skin, thin
hair, cracked nails or even diarrhoea and that’s just a couple of symptoms!
The cause to these
unpleasant symptoms is simple, consuming more sodium and fat to a necessary diet. As stats show
that roughly 90% of Americans consume more sodium than recommended
, since large majority of
foods contain sodium. So how can we prevent this problem from lack of nutrition? By using our new
app where you scan a product and will show you all the nutritional data on that product. It will also
allow you to show what nutrients you lack in and what to consume less of.
Vision: Making it easy for people to know what they eat & helping to create a healthier generation
Industry Analysis: Health & Nutrition Industry
Buyer Power - High, buyer power would be high for this industry as in the health and nutrition
industry there are many other products which relate to this industry such as magazines (e.g. healthy
food guide), internet and many nutritional and health apps
Supplier Power - High, supplier power would be deemed as high as for this industry there are many
people who would be able to supply the needs for this industry such software designers and
Threat of Substitutes - High, the threat of substitutes for nutrition industry is high as already today
there are apps which already record what you eat like SCiO
which tells you exactly what is in your
food by scanning it and sending it to your smart phone by an app. Also you could read health
magazines or go to and visit a nutritionist. There is also that app “scan life” which a barcode scanner
or a QR reader, when scanned a product lets you see the information present of it.

Threat of New Entrants - Low the threat of new entrants would be low as this industry is easy to
enter due to it having low entry barriers since it is not that difficult to enter this industry as the cost
would range from $8000 to $50000 with an additional fee of $1000 to $5000for web services.

Rivalry among Existing Competitors High, the rivalry among competitors would be high as today
there are several apps today which are in the health and nutrition industry such as “Nutrient Guide”

and “Nutritionist”
and these are only a few named here apps as you could look online or go to a
nutritionist for advice.

Customers & their needs
The identified customer group for this app would range from teenagers to adults who are even there
fifties or sixties, basically anyone who wants to eat healthier. As this problem lack of nutritional
substances is a problem which affects a large majority of the known world today. As the customer’s
needs are generally similar to each other this is to stay healthy while consuming all the correct
nutrients, to prevent becoming obese. As stats show that obesity in New Zealand has increased to
30% in 2012/13 for male adults and for females it has increased to 32% in 2012/13.

This app fulfils the customer needs as it lets you record what you eat on daily basis and will present a
graph for you of what nutrients you lacking and what you need less to eat less of for the week or
month really up to their choosing. It will also fulfil customer needs as for example if you are in the
supermarket and wanted to know the nutritional data of the particular product you can just scan the
product label and it will search it for you on the internet presenting to you this list of the nutritional
data of the product.

Suppliers and Partners
Our suppliers would be the internet provider such as Vodafone or Telecom as to access the
nutritional data of a product by scanning the label you would need the internet to access the
nutritional information on that certain product. Another supplier that would be used for our app
would be the outside developers; these developers would design and create the basics of our app.
Partners to us would be supermarkets, such as Nosh, Pak n Save, Countdown etc. As at
supermarkets to see what nutritional data the produce contains you need to scan the label of the
product which will access the nutritional data via the internet. The App Store and Google Play would
also be identified as another partner for us as they would help distribute and sell our app for
customers to download.

The strategy that we would follow for this app would be cost leadership, the reason for this as the
competitive scope for our app would be quite broad as our customers are not in narrow market. The
cost strategy would be a low cost as this app will be free or $1.29 to download from the App store or
Google Play. As cost leadership can be defined as “trying to be all things to all people”.
Since “New
Zealand is placed the second most obese country”
our customers start to realise they need to eat

Value Chain Activity
The value chain is the best way we can create a competitive advantage over our rivals in our
industry. The most important value chain for our app would be technology development as we
believe we “can create a competitive advantage in our industry with it applying MIS (management
information systems) to process to add value.”
Due to our product being an app meaning we
want as many customers as possible to purchase our app so we need to continually update and
develop our app to get more customers satisfied so they can tell their friends or family. As our vision
is to making it easy to record what we eat so by updating this app to make it more users friendly
towards our customers to keep. With our strategy being cost leadership since it has a broad market
and it having a low cost.

Key Business Process
A key business process to our app would be the recording data process. The reason this process is
crucial as one of the purposes for our app is to record what you are consuming and what you need
to cut back and need more of. This process would relevant to our value chain activity of research and
development as there are always ways to make an app easier and convenient for our customers to

Enter in details e.g.
weight, ideal weight
Record what you
consume for the
next week
Calculate and
graphs what you
Are you
consuming right
Suggests what you
need less and more of

Another key business process for our app would be collecting nutritional information process. Which
is when you scan the label of the product and have access to all the nutritional data available, since
our other main purpose is let customers be able to access the nutritional data of a certain product so
when gathering the nutritional data it needs to gather the information automatically when scanned
the app needs to develop in able to process and gather information.

Recording data process
 Creating a graph of what nutrients you consume on a weekly/monthly basis
 Illustrating on what you should cut back and consume more of.
Collecting nutritional information process
 Scanning product to review nutritional information
 Receiving the nutritional data

1. Graphing data systems - this would be a system as from the process recording data process
as when the food is recorded over the next month or week it will then graph what nutrients
you are consuming for customers.

2. Scanning Processing Systems – this system of scanning processing systems adds value to
research and development as to be able to receive and view the nutritional data the product
needs to be scanned so it can access the internet to collect this information.

3. Retrieving information systems – this system adds value as by receiving the nutritional
information of a certain product it will allow customers to make a decision whether to buy it
or not.

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific
Broad information

Research and
data process

1.Creating a graph of
what nutrients you
consume on a
weekly/monthly basis
2. Illustrating on what
you should cut back
and consume more of.

Graphing data
Collaboration work

2. collecting
1. Scanning product to
review information

2. Retrieving nutritional
Processing System


Decisions Support

Decision Support

Overall by creating this app this would help many people who want to be healthy but don’t really
know how which includes a number of us today. This market wouldn’t be that hard to enter into but
the competition is fierce within the industry due to several other apps, health magazines and
nutritionists. With our strategy being cost leadership it anyone who wants to can use this when they

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