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Lindsey Winter

Teaching Philosophy
Many elements are necessary in order to obtain a successful classroom. Of the most
important are effective teaching strategies, positive behavior management, and parental
involvement. Since there are different types of learners, teachers should instruct using visual,
auditory, and kinesthetic lessons. Positive and respectful behavior management should be
maintained in the classroom. Teachers should also understand the importance of parental
A classroom is made up of individual children with individual learning styles. Because
of this, teachers should use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic means of teaching. Not only will
this method reach each child, but also provides three opportunities for the class to grasp a
concept. This takes both dedication and organization. Teachers should utilize large group, small
group, and individual opportunities for learning as well. Also important is to understand that the
process is more important than the product. This is especially important with younger children.
Teachers who utilize positive behavior management often find that discipline is not the
major issue it can be. At the beginning of the year, teachers can have the children help establish
the classroom rules. Teachers should only involve themselves in a conflict when necessary.
Often times, children can and should work issues out among themselves. This is effective in
building problem solving skills and self-esteem. Positive behavior should be pointed out as well
as negative behavior. Discipline should also be used as a learning opportunity for children. One
of the most effective forms of positive behavior management is for the teacher to be a good role
model for the class. Teachers should be punctual, polite, a good listener, and maintain a positive
attitude among many other things.
Finding ways to bridge the gap between the classroom and the child’s home is essential.
There are many ways a teacher can reach this goal. A classroom website can keep parents
connected and keep children from becoming a “go between” for school and home. Regular
newsletters help keep parents updated. Teachers can establish an open door policy for parents.
Parent/teacher conferences provide opportunities to confidentially discuss issues. Parents can be
promoted to help out on field trips or special events. Teachers should also be careful not to only
contact parents about negative issues. When engaged with parents, teachers should always be
articulate and professional.
Teaching is a very satisfying profession when the right philosophies are implemented.
Learning is the main objective in the classroom. For successful learning to occur, all learning
types should be taken into account. Discipline is inevitable in every classroom. Positive,
respectful behavior management should always be implemented. Parents are also a key factor in
a successful classroom. Communication and parent involvement should be a priority in every
classroom as well. Teachers can look forward to a long and happy career with the right